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independent equities trader
August 2, 2018
I love this software, it has enabled me to stay home and trade my accounts for 15 years. the beauty is in the simplicity. I use other tools and trading rooms, but the software is a major factor in my decision making.

Worthless Crap
November 6, 2013
If you're a millionaire, then it's not too bad to spend a little to use it as a "tool", but I don't see it as a worthy investment. I got the same trending charts on Yahoo finance as in wizetrade. A good investor always looks at the companies' fundamentals before investing, as Warren Buffet does. This is worthless. Buy mutual funds, play it safe. Stay away from day trading, aka gambling.

It is a tool to follow the nature of the market-All about Buyers and Sellers
September 25, 2013
I have been using and offering training on wizetrade for almost 8 years, having worked with 100's of new and experienced traders who hadn't accomplished the success they wanted. Wizetrade is trend recognition software, but not all stocks have a clear trend but they do have a clear range or channel that they move. It is understanding that movement and how to anticipate the next move not only in the market but in ourselves that defines the experience. It is like buying a set of mechanics tools, you still need to learn what to do next. Aloha.

Robert December 13, 2013

If you still offer training, could you contact me at [email protected] It's an email I use in case of spam, but as soon as I know it's you, I can give my real one.



Roanoke, VA

September 3, 2013

I got 4xme in 2004. It is great TREND ANALYSIS SOFTWARE! It will NOT allow for precise entry and exist. That one has to do on their own using standard technical analysis. I don't need it anymore as I have become proficient in other methodologies but it is a great trend analysis tool. Nothing more.

The company is composed of a bunch of crooks that lie and up-sell you and charge you a 100 bucks a month for the feed and lie to you about getting free lifetime upgrades.etc. If you can hold your nose about the 100 usd per month fee then use it. Its worth even the high price.

billy March 02, 2020

as soon as i stopped paying for the t v broadcasting they dropped me yea right 22 hundred is a 1 time payment

No training at all!!
August 27, 2013

The biggest shortafll of Wizetrade is that they sell you a software for

$ 3000.00 without proper followup. Unfortunately, I am one of their victims. After I purchased the software (in 2008)I was left alone to learn what to do. Luckyly I got out of it in time and cut my losses.

I am thankfull for the reviews as they helped me make up my mind not to sign up for monthly feed.

What a waste of money
July 3, 2013

I bought this worthless software. I spent hours going pursuant to the green, red lights. I experienced a net loss on my trades and never even earned back the money I paid to Wizetrade.

They made is sign so simple - just follow the lights! Can you imagine Warren Buffett sitting before his computer and executing his trades per Wizetrade's signals. Ha-Ha! (Of course the laugh is on my and my stupidity)

Worst POS Ever
May 28, 2013
They are great at lying and deceiving people into giving them $3000. They feed on people's addiction to money and have them believe BS. I was on of their victims.

January 6, 2013
What you have read above is true. This is a scam, or a fly by nite company. I purchaced thier product for a few thousand, and had to purchace a monthly data feed also and still they wanted me to purchace other products all when i did not quite understand what to do or how to do it. stay away tell all of your friends!!!

October 24, 2012
I used Wizetrade after buying it from a seminar I attended in Toronto for $3000. The first thing I did was try to recover my investment. I then set reasonable goals for getting in and making money from it. There were days that I got out early and the market closed strong. Had I stayed in I would have made much more money. I don't cry about what I lost. I made money while I was in. The money I made from using the software allowed me to pay for my house, buy a cottage in Northern Ontario and renovate it to my standards. I don't understand people who dismiss this software, but then I didn't trade with them. Once you get in it's up to you to determine your own trading strategy. If you get "greedy" or think it's a "get rich quick" strategy you'll be disappointed.

Bill W March 09, 2013

I have been studying trading for about 6 years. I have made only a few live trades. However, I have paper traded successfully with the software. As has been said in other comments, you have to learn how to use the software and develop a knowledge for trading. Just following red and green lights without really learning the software is dangerous. The software in the hands of a trader who will study and learn the system is a powerful tool.

June 27, 2012

March 15, 2012

I have used the WizeTrade software for over seven years and thus far have a 99% success rate and have done hundreds of trades! The software does provide good information, but knowledge and having a trading strategy is a must.

My opinion is that those who give the program a low score would not succeed with any software help. They should not trade!

I am not, nor have ever been employed by the organization nor has my opinion be soclicited.

December 9, 2011

guppy moving averages will give you the same analysis with a volume bar for free with different trading software its just another tool in your golf bag, be careful no one can predict the market or a stock, its follow the leader or who thinks he is the leader and get out before anyone else does

does wizetrade work yeah its alright, but it doesn't replace long term knowledge of how the markets work

November 8, 2011

This is a trend following system that suggests signals based on a "pull back and go" trigger.

Worthless at best. Lots of window dressing--no substance.

August 28, 2011

Do not waist your money on this product. I have been trading for the last 15 years and Wizetrade is an absolute worst trading Black Box platform i have ever bought. What you get with Wizetrade you can get for free virtually with any brokerage account you open. It is a double smoothed Exponential Moving Average over the volume, for Forex they don't even use the volume, if you do not know what this means run - run as fast as you can before you lose. You need a good trade management strategy that will properly size you position as well as solid exit strategy, that will not let you run deep into the loses and allow you take timely profits, which Wizetrade simply don't have. Besides this tool is absolutely useless in a choppy market and it's a recipe for disaster.

One more piece of advice good platform is never for sale - just remember that, if it works the owner does not need to sell it, as most seasoned traders know after a while you have got to adjust your system if large number of users use it – it starts to fail so you have to be constantly on the lookout.

Hope this helps.

August 27, 2011

I have 4x madeeasy and never use it and haven't for years. I didn't do well with it when I did use it, but it does work; meaning the software plots the market as it's programmed to do, but likely not any better than any other indicator that comes standard on most free platforms and charting packages. As an example, set up a standard MACD and stretch it to take up the whole screen... blocking out the price action. Many times it's very much the same or similar as the wizetrade/4xmadeeasy programs plus it's free. And you get to use all the tools available if you wish. The buying and selling "pressure" and "millions of calculations a second" is complete bull. It use to and may still run on an eSignal feed. There's no magic information in the feed that everyone else doesn't have. Ask eSignal. Each interval in every time frame has the same information as a candle stick or bar chart. There really is no other information as volume in the traditional sense is not provided in spot forex and should be the same as you would get in stocks.

However, you may be someone that the software does speak to. A small percentage of people seem to do well with it; some very well. They should have accurate figures by now on percentage of successful users but I doubt they'll provide them. If the percentage was high, they'd be using it in their marketing you can be sure.

However, here's the kicker; even if you do well with it, it is still extremely expensive to run. From a business perspective you're putting yourself that much further behind the eight ball by starting out with higher expenses. I know of more than a few people that did do well with the software but weened themselves off of it because they eventually learned how to trade better with conventional charting and consequently brought their expenses down that much more.

If I could, I would run my 4x madeeasy now to compare it to what I'm reading on my charts, but I can't because I'd have to pay them for the privilege... even though I was told I had updates for life. Bait & switch...it's a way of life for some.

July 22, 2011
Waste of money! Listen to the Webinars and lose every time I try one of their pop n drop strategies. I'm in desperate need of getting my 10"s of thousands lost. Product is worthless!!!

Aaron September 03, 2013

What did you spend 10K on? the software used to be only 3K!

June 23, 2011
Everyone on here is a liar, if you are posting shining reviews they are probably fake and if you are bashing the program you are just angry because you lost $.

May 24, 2011
I would rate their product from Good to Excellent. Although be very careful about spending your $$ for the "Coaching Sessions" they offer. For me, the Coaching was a joke. The coaches didn't call in on the set schedules, would rush through the course and move on. When I inquired about being dissatisfied and getting a refund, they had every excuse in the book. I never got the Coaching, nor did I ever get a refund. I hope they enjoyed my $$!

John C January 17, 2013

On coaching, webinars are now the way to go which in many sites are free or of little cost. I attended a Wizetrade live on site 3 day fest. I was disappointed because much of what I heard was already told to me via the morning edge. Private coaching would be the way to go for experienced traders

May 6, 2011
DO NOT GIVE WIZETRADE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER!! I did and it was a HUGE mistake. Even after that credit card expired they continued to charge the new card after I denied them permission to do so and they refuse to refund.

March 28, 2011
Like many have said before this software is built on moving averages. Moving averages are FREE but wizetrade and 4xmadeeasy cost 4k each! Do you really want to pay 4k for something that is free? Unfortunately I bought this program when I was 20 years old, thank god I traded small before I realized Wizetrade is worthless. I love these fake reviews talking about how easy it is to make money with wizetrade if you just take your time. Do you really want to spend 4k on trading software when you can learn about trading for free and learn much more than wizetrade could ever teach you? Everything you need to learn to trade is FREE remember that and you will save yourself and your pocket book a lot of pain.