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Based on 5 Reviews is a website that describes themselves as “The Online Mega Store,” an online retailer that will always provide their customers with “the top brands at the mos
Based on 0 Reviews is a daily deals website which says that they offer " the products you want, need, and know, at a far greater discount than you'll find anywhere else," through their
Based on 4 Reviews is a website that specializes in providing their customers with daily deals, which are items that are sold at deep discounts for a short period of twenty-four hours. o
5miles App
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5miles App, found online at, is a new mobile application and digital marketplace that says their goal is to help create “the best experience for local buying and selling
800 Buy Kwik
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800 Buy Kwik, found online at, is a company that promises they will buy your home from you regardless of what condition it is in, your reason for selling it, or the residentia
Based on 2 Reviews is a website that acts as a digital marketplace where customers can find all kinds of books, including books that are new, used, rare, or out-of-print, as well as cheap textbook
Albany Distributing
Based on 19 Reviews

This "company" will take your money, claiming to have the lowest wholesale dropship prices. They call your membership fee a "deposit" so it is not refundable. They don&
Based on 5 Reviews, one of the many websites of the Alibaba Group, claims that they make it easy for anyone to buy or sell anything online, from anywhere in the world. The Alibaba Group was
Based on 0 Reviews describes themselves as “a vibrant marketplace” which focuses its energy on the three fastest growing areas of worldwide media, which are listed as online sales, text
Based on 0 Reviews is a new online marketplace where you can purchase all of your common household goods, from paper towels and toilet paper to cleansers, and anything else you might need. Ali

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