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CAUTION: Mercari, Inc. e-commerce
April 25, 2024

Be very careful with the Mercari platform itself when buying or selling.

The company’s A.I. Bot scans ads and transactions for activity that could be ‘construed’ as a violation thus prohibited conduct.

The system will then simply shut-down your account and attempt to freeze your funds.

- Escalating the situation to a human/customer service has no bearing or influence at all.

- It almost seems like this is one of Mercari’s revenue streams is to shut-down account and keep your funds.

I highly recommend using other well known and trustworthy platforms instead.

You can’t contact anyone if something isn’t delivered
December 16, 2023
The worst site I have ever ordered from. You can’t contact any one. I tried to contact the seller and had to get a code which never came. Gave me a tracking number but never mailed. I went on a site called Reddit which would not allow me to post anything.

December 3, 2023
Tried to order a Lego set and price was good. I completed everything down to my home address which their website insisted was an “0pps” and couldn’t be verified. The address was correct but couldn’t find a work around. Ordered elsewhere. Two stars is for price

Seller Beware! Never use Mercari!
January 13, 2023

Wow! A buyer claimed in a review that my item arrived late. I have tracking that proves the item arrived early. Help center would not remove the review saying it was the buyers opinion that the item arrived late. Even though I could prove it wasn't true with tracking.

They said they couldn't remove it but would have the higher ups look at it. Then they changed their name to peach claiming to be a supervisor. All the previous messages were then sent by peach though. Incredibly Ridiculous!

Terrible Company Like Yelp That Control Reviews
October 3, 2022

They control reviews for the all mighty dollar...Had a seller cancel my cd order because he didn't have the cd after 3 weeks and Mercari won't let you do reviews on uncompleted orders. But I paid up front so I did make the purchase. Never again will I use Mercari!

Horrible customer service
July 31, 2022

Don’t bother trying to buy/sell on this site. Use eBay. The customer service to resolve problems absolutely sucks - especially when you are due a refund. Expect delaying tactics and kicking the can down the road to west you down.

Not their problem, it is yours
July 28, 2022

This place has the worst customer service. They will not even allow you to contact a buyer to solve an issue with an item or refund them after any review is given. As a seller you should always be able to try and fix any issues customers have. I pride myself in excellent customer service. Stay away and use any other platform but not Mercari.

Judy December 16, 2023

You can’t contact a seller either. You can’t contact anyone. It says contact but doesn’t take you to anyway to contact. To contact seller a code was needed, but the code never came. Never again!

Don’t use it.
July 15, 2022
Don’t use this app.

Notify your credit card company if legitimate return request is denied
May 8, 2022
Bought a photo scanner that turned out to be defective. It produced streaky scans. I notified Mercari the day the scanner arrived and even provided copies of streaky scans. Mercari denied my return saying the seller had met its obligations. I have now notified my credit card company of the problem and expect to get a refund from them.

Warning before you buy! Ask about odors
October 30, 2020

I purchased a handbag on the site, after careful review of the pictures that I believed was a good buy. It never occurred to me that I should have asked the seller "Marisas Closet" if the bag had an odor, which is the case with this purchase. The seller should have been forthright in providing that detail in the description.

This is a deceptive business practice. The handbag arrived smelling of mold as soon as the box was opened. No visible mold spores were seen, but during this time of a deadly COVID-19 virus. I am very concerned for my health (being over 65 years of age) for not only the smell/odor coming from the handbag, but could I be exposed to mold (if that is what the smell is from).

Mold can lead to symptoms such as stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes, or skin and may include fever and shortness of breath and not to rule out fungal infection. The smell after opening the bag was so strong that the fumes filled my house. I have since moved it to the garage.

To add to my dissatisfaction is the cavalier response from your customer service representative Ashley who wrote ...According to Mercari’s return policy, we can not approve a return for odors or smells because this is not something we can verify with photographic proof.

Who would sell something that even has an odor or has been exposed to a damp and/or moldy environment? Ashely went on to say in her response that I could relist it in the marketplace...really!!!! Who would do that in all good conscience.

As a consumer, I feel that I was not only scammed by Mercari and its seller Marisa, they may have put my health in jeopardy with this purchase. Where is the seller's ethics in all of this? Never heard back from the seller "Marisas Closet".

Horrible site for buyers
September 22, 2020

I purchased a pair of top quality sheets but to my surprise they were the worst. I've tried for three days to get help. It's impossible. I've tried to contact the seller which is impossible. Never again. I waisted good money for trash.

Elisabeth Flowers

They sold my Birkenstock shoes, I was never paid by MERCARI
August 19, 2020

They will not reset my password so I can rate the buyer. So this means I don't get paid. Do not use this for selling your products> scammm! They made money off of me!

ElisabethFlowers September 22, 2020

Mercari is the worst. They don't protect their buyers.

Trying to return a defective item is impossible.

Liz Flowers

It's a scam! Without a doubt
June 19, 2020

I purchased a used Wii Nintendo Gaming console listed as in good shape and working. However, after receiving the unit and hooking everything up I discovered it did not read my game disk, no matter what disk I used. The optical pickup laser in the CD drive was burned out and useless.

I then filed for a return and said it wasn't illegible for return. That's absurd! The thing was defective! Keep your money and stay away from this fraudulent website. They care nothing for you as a buyer! I wasted $65 on this good for nothing business. There should be class action lawsuit against them to shut them down permanently!

ElisabethFlowers September 22, 2020

Buyers beware. Mercari doesn't back their customers. I will never shop this site again.

Liz Flowers

Mercari holding 2630.70 hostage
April 2, 2020

I've had an issue with my account starting about 3 days ago, 03/30/20. I've been "Randomly" selected to have my identity verified. Originally I was told to update my name ssn and other info but after that, it seems I must provide my passport etc. I've tried to upload my docs for over a day and I'm having an issue with the app taking it. I've received no response after being told to reach out for help if I had problems doing so. Still nothing.

I also received an email a few hours ago saying my money will be retained unless I verify my identity through the app. Is there another way to verify this? If not, I guess I have no recourse and Mercari will in fact close my account with my proceeds. Seems this has happened to many people using their platform.

**update** they reached out and told me the only way to have my account back was to upload the documents thru their app. I again tried to see if there was some other alternative, another way to upload, fax , email but there isn't. They refused to give me another option although I've done nothing wrong. With the climate of the country the way it's in now due to covid-19 , this greedy company doesn't care about the families that depend on extra income from this platform.

They've made money from my sales and they were able to keep their 10% each sale but I get stiffed with nothing because my phone can't send my documents thru their app powered by jumio. They want all of this personal info from you but what happens if someone hacks this company like what was done to Equifax? What about target? But these people want all of this personal info and people are still desperate enough to do this to make the extra money to survive like me.

Truly a pitiful company who's only bottom line is to take your money. Close to 3k stolen from this company. I wasn't doing anything illegal , I had no reason to hurry and rush the money to some account to avoid something like this happening. I'm a normal person trying to make a dollar.

Thanks Mercari for destroying a small entrepreneur's dream on providing a little extra income during this covid-19 crisis. You guys really helped me a lot. 

ElisabethFlowers September 22, 2020

Beware!! This site doesn't care about their buyers or sellers. Caution!!!!!

Stay far away from Marcari
March 17, 2020

I've used the for 4 years. Then I started account for sister. They closed account and taking my super hard work of $370. I spent $280 in products plus 18 hours of work. Sister said this was lame and bailed. I went to go buy something I really wanted for Christmas my account was gone after 6 months not in use. I've also been emailing them and all I get is Sorry!

I also had a buyer return wrong outfit they gave them money back and I lost $165.

They don't have customers support that's good. I've had 400 sales and 5 stars

They lost one of the good ones.

Don't fall for this app thing Don't sell at fair prices. You end up just giving it away to get it out. Lame

ElisabethFlowers September 22, 2020

Mercari has a terrible rating with customers. I wish I'd never shopped here. A total rip off. Run while you can!

February 27, 2020

Would give a zero if it were possible to do so. There is absolutely no customer service with Mercari. Sure, they have a number that you can call (if you can actually find their number, which they hide), but it will connect you to someone in the Philippines, and you will wait at least 45-60 minutes before speaking to a human being.

When you do speak to a human being, they are absolutely no help and simply advise you that they will open up a support ticket and have someone contact you via email. There is no possible way to speak to an actual human being who will help. If you are a seller, Mercari will on 99% of the occasions allow a buyer to return an item for virtually no reason.

And, Trying to verify your identity through Mercari is like winning the lottery. I have yet to speak with an individual who successfully verified their identity on the first try. And, if you don’t verify your identity, Mercari will suspend your account until you do so, but there is no way to get in touch with anyone at Mercari to get help.

This result is that Mercari will not you to have any access to any money in your account. This happened to me when, surprise, surprise, I had $4000 in my account. It has been over 2 weeks, and Mercari is still holding my money because they claim that they can’t verify my identity. It’s utter nonsense and complete BS. I swear it is Mercari’s way of holding onto your funds so that they can make interest off it.

And, when you transfer funds to your bank account, you would think, in today’s day and age, that the money would appear in your bank account in 1 to 2 days. Not with Mercari. They take over a week to transfer money to your bank account, leading me to believe that Mercari is making a ton of money in interest by holding onto your money during the “transfer period.” I think any consumer protection division of any attorney generals office across United States should look into this because Mercari must be making huge money off the interest with the money that they’re holding indefinitely.

This is the worst site ever. If you care about making money, don’t fall for their games and stay away from their site.

Junking NFlipping March 17, 2020

Did you get your money? I never did!

Mercari app
January 30, 2020
SCAM - you can’t talk to live person - they take your license - I tried deactivating my account they won’t let me . It’s scary they ask to scan your license etc....

Counterfeit Apple products
January 19, 2020

I purchased a set of apple AirPods 2nd generation for my daughter for Christmas. They did come sealed and everything looked ok but we were having firmware issues so we had the Apple store look at them only to find out that they are counterfeit

. They are really good counterfeits according to apple but none the less they are counterfeit.

I went on the site and the seller is gone. He had sold numerous of these and now all the sales are deleted.

Of course Mercari says that the sale was final after three days and they can’t do anything. Horrible that they will allow people to sell counterfeit products and won’t even try to correct the issue. Hopefully apple files a lawsuit against Mercari. They have my AirPods as proof and I have the proof Mercari sold the items.

Mercari even went as far as to tell me to re-list the counterfeit item if I didn’t want it any more.

Mercari is a BIG LIE!!!!!!!!
November 15, 2019
Mercari stole my money for half a year and never answered customer calls. They won't let you know which item you sold has problems but suspended your account. They are thieves.

BrendaWashington January 30, 2020

They won't get back to me - what's most concerning is they have both my passport ,and license - fake people on the "live" chat . Omg I literally said I had gas to see what the resolve would be- the response was , " I'm sorry , did we resolve your issue?" Are you kidding me - the number on line is a scam too - they hang up after asking you to hold

Junking NFlipping March 17, 2020

Same thing happened to me! Lost $400

Fake App
June 3, 2018
Please don’t buy or sell anything from here. It’s a fraud.

Sheesh March 26, 2019

I can't even buy products because their website is shot. I suspect some techie set the thing up in a half-assed manner, and didn't bother to make sure that it works before going live. After reading bunch of reviews, I'm so glad that I haven't gone thru with the purchase. What a nightmare!

Junking NFlipping March 17, 2020

Stay away from Mercari!

Things don't sell well. Now I'm understanding why.

ElisabethFlowers September 22, 2020

Fraud! Do not shop at Mercari. The worst place to lose all your money. You'll never get help from this company or the sellers.