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Eclipse Ripoff
March 30, 2024

Booked a car in Austin, TX on Feb 10, 2024 to attend a family get-together to watch the eclipse. The rental was to begin April 5th and end April 8th for $409.44. We made our airline reservations and thought we were all set. On March 29th Turo send me an email indicating they had debited my credit card the $409.44. No problem, except that on March 30th they sent another email indicating the car owner cancelled. Searched Turo for a replacement and discovered similar cars are going to $790 per day!

Gee, I wonder if that's why the car owner cancelled our contract??? Obviously I will not use Turo again.

A Disappointing Experience with Turo - Caution for Hosts
January 3, 2024

As a Turo host, I had hoped for a positive experience, but I am compelled to share my extremely disheartening ordeal. I listed my 2023 MDX, a decision I now deeply regret due to the events that unfolded.

The nightmare began when my vehicle was stolen by a Turo guest. The shock and stress of this incident were further compounded by Turo's response. Despite the clear-cut case of theft and damage, Turo refused to reimburse me for the damages sustained by my vehicle. This lack of support from Turo was not only surprising but deeply concerning, as it contradicts the trust and security they claim to provide to their hosts.

Due to the extensive damages, my car was no longer viable for use and had to be returned to the dealership. This situation led to the additional financial burden of making a down payment for a new car, an expense I was not prepared for and one that I believe could have been avoided if Turo had taken appropriate responsibility.

This experience has left me with a profound sense of disappointment and frustration. It's alarming how the policies and protections Turo advertises fell short in my case. I urge potential hosts to consider this experience as a cautionary tale. The risks involved, and the lack of adequate support from Turo in extreme situations like mine, make it a gamble that I would not recommend.

In conclusion, while the concept of Turo is innovative and promising, my experience has shown that when things go wrong, you might find yourself in a vulnerable position with little to no support from Turo. Please think twice before listing your vehicle, as the cost and stress of such an incident can be significant.

Awful company.
September 25, 2023
Awful company. Closed my account for no reason, refuses to tell me why, and took nearly a week to even get to that point after assuring me that they'd get back to me within 24 hours. They have inadequate staffing and rely on easily abused automated systems, so I was already a bit wary due to the sheer volume of horror stories I heard but I tried it anyways. The first time went smoothly so I assumed maybe my fears weren't justified, but then they went and did something even more gratuitously scummy than I had been afraid of. Congrats, you managed to sink lower than even my meager expectations and ruin my birthday plans in the process. Avoid them at all costs, look for a local alternative or pony up for budget/enterprise (which actually ended up being cheaper).

Terrible Company!
June 21, 2023
Rented a car from Turo and it was stolen, I went to file a police report and found out the person who listed the car is not the owner so I was not able to file a report without the legal owners consent. The car was found but had damages. Still unable to file a report because I don't know who the legal owner of the car is. Turo has been horrible throughout the whole ordeal now they are trying to charge me for the damages instead of going through the insurance.

Turo is a scam. Once they get your credit car they will keep it and charge at will without asking you
June 5, 2023

I was scammed. the host claimed I scratched the car. I didn't. it had pet hair matted into the carpet when I rented it. Turo charged me $257 "pet penalty" I don't have a pet.

They have no info on their website about a no pet policy or a pet penalty. In fact I understand that if you have a pet you can pay a $40 pet fee when you rent.

March 13, 2023

I signed up for an account with Turo and now I find out someone is using it and added a credit card to it. When I tried to contact Turo, all I can talk to is a robot. This is a site ripe for rip offs. Don't use it!

January 2, 2023

Do not use Turo they will charge you $150.00 for a cleaning. The car owner said they had to clean dog hair out of the car and charged $150.00 to clean it. There was no dog in the car!

FY January 02, 2023

I Agree!!!!

Large fees
December 6, 2022
This is a total scam and Turo does not protect guests at all. My renter did not sent the tolls notice till it was too late and I had to pay a penalty for it. And every transaction has a fee! Just stay with renting companies since Turo is charging too much.

Don't trust them at checkin
November 26, 2022

Scam scam scam...Bad company who cheats people for fictitious cleaning fee.

MrzP November 27, 2022

I agree it is a big scam! This was my first time renting a vehicle from Turo and last time. They fraudently charged my credit card for smoking fees and I nor anyone ever smoked in the vehicle. It looks as if the host may have taken pictures of some debris from under the car mats but I returned the car cleaner than what is what when it was delivered to me. Fraud, fraud, fraud!

Can not be trusted
November 8, 2022

I got Scammed on Turo. They charged $287 for smoking violation when I did not smoke and there was no proof. The owner framed me for doing something and the company won't investigate. BS company. Do not trust them, better off paying a few extra bucks at the airport rentals...

July 20, 2022

Turo is great if you are a guest but if you are a host it's awful. You don't get reimbursed for your fuel when guests don't feel up. Turo also takes your money and gives you the hardest time getting it back. It's insane how you can call and speak with a representative about anything else except reimbursement. This company is a total rip off for people using the site to make money. You will end up paying Turo more than you'll make.

LB July 22, 2022

I find the above review interesting because as a new customer--i felt I was not treated well by turo--and the host is now getting ugly too.

I bought the "protection plan" as advised by my brother--I was in a bind and needed a car fast and really did not have time to research-lesson learned slow down and read the fine print.

The protection plan I was told on the phone had a 3,000.00 deductible--when I looked on the site/app it said 2,000.00 deductible. So already we are off to a bad start with the company lying to me and not creating trust. I got a stone chip on the way to work. They now want me to give them 500.00 up front and then they will get quotes and reimburse me what they owe me or charge me what I owe...

I was not born yesterday and know that a stone chip does not cost 500.00 to fix--so I am refusing to pay and after reading reviews about how hard it is to get a refund from them--I am start to refuse. I offered the host that I would pay the damage--pay for a stone chip and not a windshield replacement as they are trying to charge me for.

I did not find turo cheap either and the car I got was nothing special--damaged with rust, peeling cheap tint job and not the cleanest for a rental. I could never in good conscience recommend them to anyone.

I rented this car last minute when mine broke down and i needed to get to work as a nurse--looking like it will cost me more then I made--great lesson learned. Never make a purchase in haste...slow down and let other people pick up. Don't trust a business you know nothing about.

They are very polite to me now as they are trying to swindle me--and I know passive aggressive behavior when I see it. My insurance company advised me they do not cover damage to a car I rent from a private individual so that puts you in a position to buy their lame protection plan aka insurance.

LB July 22, 2022

excuse the typo above--should say I was smart not to pay them the 500.00 they are demanding after seeing they are slow to refund-- I will hold to my standards and boundaries--and only pay a reasonable amount to the owner for the damage done--I am done with turo--they will never get another dime of my business/money.

Great Communication
July 8, 2022
Ben & Victoria Sullivan were the perfect hosts. Rented their car in Honolulu. They were quick to respond with any questions and extremely accommodating with all concerns. I'd definitely rent with them again.

sKumbanad December 01, 2023

Horrible Service from Turo and HostI noticed that the car's inside leather seat ripped off a little. I already took the picture. after my trip, the host charged me lots of money. it is horrible and reported to Turo. they did not respond at all. i am suggesting don't take Turo. your money will loose .

Horrible Service from Turo
June 20, 2022
Horrible company. Don't use them as they don't care. They delivered the vehicle to the wrong airport and I had to spend $100 to get to the airport. When I finally got to the location, it only had 1/4 tank of gas. Vehicle broke down twice. Waited three hours for service. Turo sucks, don't, I repeat, don't trust them.

fees, fees, fees, weeks and months after the rental
May 17, 2022

The renters get a low percentage of the rental and try to make it up with bogus fees after you return the rental. I got a $50 cleaning fee for a wrapper lying in the floor.

Turo declined it and agreed with me on the dispute and then turned around 3 days later and charged me without discussion. You are better off with a rental agency.

Collect money then cancel the rental
May 4, 2022

WOW, this was a VERY VERY BAD experience. Rented the SUV, put the full fees on my CC, and within minutes it showed on the top right of the page it was canceled and at the same time, I checked my bank account and bingo, the charge was still pending and when I called the bank it had already been paid to the people.

CAUTION.... don't use this company unless you want major headaches, on and how they collect deposits is very hokee also, I won't even go there, anyhow, 3 hours wasted.. just rent from the BIG boys, I like the concept like AirBnB( which has worked like clockwork) but TURO, forget it.

Rent- great. Host- TURO is awful
April 29, 2022

If you are looking to rent, I would highly recommend. If you’re looking to host… I would be cautious. As a host l, I can tell you most of us do a good job, we work hard and we will bend over backward to make sure our customers are taken care of. Prices are fair and we do what we can.

TURO the company on the other hand is a joke. They lost your car and make you jump through the most arbitrary hoops imaginable. They are making a stupid amount of money thanks to the rental shortage, yet they won’t take a phone call to get to the bottom of a problem.

I never write reviews, especially not a negative one that I sank my life savings into because I needed an income. But holy cow, I’ve been hung up on the few times I’ve made it through.

Currently a car is unlisted because the pictures of a Mini Cooper is “off road” I live on an island, it is parked in a grassy parking lot. They won’t accept that after I hired a professional photographer to shoot the pictures.

They are unhelpful and completely overwhelmed. They have all the resources they could need to run a successful company based on the percentage they take but they do not.

It’s sad and frustrating because I really want the concept of allowing locals in an area to prosper rather than the large conglomerates but here we are.

Nicolle July 20, 2022

You are absolutely right. I too am a host on Turo and I've invested in several vehicles to make money on this platform. You can call and speak to anyone until you have a problem. I had over 1200 deducted from my earnings and now having to go through a live chat to get to the bottom which I was on chat with for over 4 hours.

Runaway. They Don't Understand Their Responsibilities...
April 19, 2022

Runaway from this company. There is a trap for you. They don't take care of their responsibilities. I am a 1st and last time user of their services!

Avoid Turo at all costs
March 17, 2022

Just had a car cancelled at literally the last minute, had to be on the phone with four different customer service people (one with a terrible connection and a literal rooster crowing in the background) for forty five minutes to get money back. The last one chided me for being upset.

Not sure what kind of training they provide but the customer service is worse than Comcast. Never again. It's worth paying a little more for a real rental car.

Unlawful charges
February 22, 2022

My experience with Turo is awful. They sent an email after we rented that we smoked in the vehicle, which none of us smoke and won't respond to any emails and they charge your credit card without any confirmation.

Do NOT use TURO!! You're responsible for damage for 24 hours AFTER vehicle is returned.
November 16, 2021

I rarely write reviews, but we made a mistake using Turo and want to warn others!!! You have no recourse if the vehicle is damaged within 24 hours after you return it to the owner.

We returned our vehicle and 23 hours later the car owner submitted a claim that there was a crack in the windshield. We washed the car before returning and I wiped the windshield and there was no crack. When we met at the airport we both walked around the car and confirmed all was good.

Later, they sent "a" picture of a minor crack, but there's no proof its the same car or that it wasn't completed AFTER we returned THE VEHICLE! It was so unfair I started looking through my travel videos & pics and I even found a video of the mountains where I spanned the windshield as we drove to the airport. There was no crack on the windshield. We sent in the video and no response.

As others mentioned, they are very difficult to reach after the first initial discovery. We felt very taken advantage of and they had little to no burden of proof on their side.

I've rented a ton of cars from reputable agencies and never had an issue. Don't use Turo.