Review Guidelines

Tips for writing a great review.
  • Describe your personal experience in a concise and detailed manner. Ask yourself "Would this review be useful to me if I was trying to find reviews on a certain product or service.
  • If your review is lengthy, use multiple paragraphs instead of writing one giant block of text. Text with paragraphs of 2-4 sentences are usually easiest to read.
  • After you've written your review, re-check it for spelling and grammatical errors. Reviews that are written properly are much more effective.
Things to avoid in your review.

Your review may be removed if it contains the following:

  • Profanity, personal attacks, hate speech, or is generally offensive.
  • Numerous spelling and grammatical errors or excessive use of caps lock.
  • Contains promotional material or shows conflict of interest.
  • Lacks relevance or does not offer information based on first-hand experience.