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Hens and Chicks
June 5, 2023

In the beginning of April, I purchased the 6-pcs of hens and chicks. I planted them the next day, fresh soil, watered well, etc.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote to your company to ask your professional advice on what must I do to help these little guys along. They are looking all droopy and brown in some places. As of today, some 3 to 4 weeks later, I haven’t gotten any kind of answer from you. Looks like you could help me revive a product I purchased from you.

I would certainly appreciate an answer in what I could do for these plants.

They do not honor their guarantee.
June 4, 2023

I ordered the oso rose from Robertas garden late last summer.  The first plant was not addressed correctly (no apt number) and the post office returned to sender.  It took so long to get a replacement I didn't get it until October.  It became cold and the plant died before becoming established.

They promised me a new plant in the spring, and I started calling them after our last freeze.  First call April 17.  They told me it would take two weeks to mail.

I called every two weeks or so and was told each time it was being prepared for mailing.  Two months later.  . By June, I gave up. They lied to me and never intended to replace it.  Their excuses were varied and colorful.  Among them:  death in the family for the one who helped me (how do you complain after that?)  Apparently no one else could help me.  The order was not in the system.  Every time I called I had to reestablish the order.

I spent much time on this.  I would never order from them again even though the species of rose seemed outstanding.  I will have to find it elsewhere.


Beth R

Do not buy, do not be fooled, don't waste your money!!!!
February 28, 2023
I just read most of the reviews regarding ROBERTA's and I'm glad to find out I'm not the only on who's mad, angry, frustrated and like most, NEVER AGAIN!!!!! I am surprised that QVC continues to do business with them.....

Begonias and Veggies
September 15, 2022
Very disappointed in your plants. I ordered from QVC your jumbo begonias still waiting to see the flowers. The pods received were so small. I planted them in May. Also I ordered your award winning patio veggies. They were terrible and disappointing. The tomatoes were sour, the eggplants had so many seeds and the cucumbers were so small, were inedible. I did take care of them with water and plant food. so sorry to tell you this information in this review.

Jason is a very rude person!
July 26, 2022

First, I want to say the man I spoke to named Jason, is the rudest person I have ever had the displeasure of speaking to in my life!

I received a replacement plant for the desert rose plant. It was packaged so poorly that the trunk was damaged during shipping. There was a soft spot where the cardboard pieces were tightly placed I guess to hold the dirt in? Half the dirt came out anyway.

When I called and spoke to Jason he admitted once the trunk gets soft it won't make it. Also, the only other packaging to support the plant was a long stick and some packing paper that was just wrapped around the plant. NO SUPPORT FOR THIS PLANT AT ALL.

Since they don't offer refunds he refused to replace this plant! I asked if I could send photos, which I did. He replied what in the world is wrong with this plant the foliage is healthy, and added thank you for understanding but we won't replace the plant it's healthy.

I told him to look at the trunk, it was soft and by this time the whole trunk was soft the leaves were yellowing and falling off. I sent more pics showing how it currently looks. Have not heard back. I will NEVER purchase another plant from Robertas and highly recommend no one else does either!!!

Poor condition on arrival
June 1, 2022
I see the beautiful plants on QVC and I order them. More often than not, they arrive in poor condition and are either dying or don’t grow. Try to use Plant replacement form on Roberta’s site but it won’t authenticate. They ask for SKU, but there is no SKU on a replacement order. Very frustrating.

Air plants
May 17, 2022

I ordered air plants in driftwood from QVC. Much smaller and less variety than featured. Received in late March and followed directions. Only have one plant worth anything left. Very disappointed.

Barbara Davis

Plantation, Florida 33324

Not happy with what Roberta's been sending out
May 13, 2022

I would give 0 stars if I could. I put up with bad half dead, tiny plants , bad packaging for the last 3 years or so from ordering from QVC.

As of today the plants I ordered, planted, took really good care of i have nothing to show for what was supposed to be perennials.

Stupid me, again I ordered a lot of plants from Roberta's and what really ticked me off this year was I ordered the 8 piece roselily on the first day QVC had them on.

Well today I received only 4 bulbs out of 8 ,called and was told they don't have any more to replace what I didn't receive.

This is the last time they will get my money. I have been seeing better and healthy plants for the same price I was paying for the crappie plants Roberta's been sending me. After this year that's it.

Worst Customer Servicer Anywhere
April 26, 2022

Roberta's has the worst customer service. Try calling them today I tried every hour on the hour and let the phone ring for 15 minutes no answer. The mail box says press 0 to leave a message in the general mail box but when you press 0 it says it's invalid. I tried emailing but it wouldn't allow me to submit my email I tried completing the form but that wouldn't even go through. If there was a -* that's the overall rating I would give them.

Poor Packaging choice by Roberta's for shipping plants
March 29, 2022

I just received an order of some plants that I placed thru QVC. I was shocked at the condition in which the plants arrived. The packaging that Roberta's decided to send the plants in was awful.

The soil came out from most of the plants and the plants were starving for attention when they arrived. I don't know if they will be resuscitated but I watered them and left them outside my patio door hoping the day will breathe life back into them.

Shame on Roberta's for selecting packaging that is less than adequate to get plants to their destination.

CeciliaJohnsen May 13, 2022

I know how you feel, I spent around $1,000.00 on plants on QVC this year. Most of that was from Roberta's.

I have never received good packaging on plants that arrive at our houses. Mine so far are very small, geraniums thin and leggy, some plants dry and dead, I am still waiting for more of my orders.

I ordered the 8 piece roselillly on the very first show this year and today I received only 4 bulbs out of the 8.

I will never ever order from Roberta's again. I seen better plants from Walmart and Menards for the same price I paid from Roberta's.

False advertising as far as I'm concerned.

Infected plants
August 5, 2021

It took a very long time to receive the fig (Cicago Hardy) trees I ordered. Original order placed 03/12/2021. Finally shipped on 04/15/2021. Seemed like a long time to ship when the zone I live in was in season.

I ordered 2. I got 2 but one of them was about half the size of the other. Both seemed healthy when they arrived and were packed well. But over the past couple of months I’ve discovered they are infected with leaf rust fungus. Been fighting it for a couple in months, trying to keep it from spreading and getting any worse. I’ve changed the soil of the pots they are in 2 times. This last time I made sure it was fresh soil from a brand new bag and brand new cleaned and sanitized pots. I’ve tried using Neem oil to control the infections but it do ids not seem to help.

But I continue to be fight this fungus. Nothing I’ve had in the past has had this issue and I don’t know where else it could have come from. It had to be on the plants when they arrived. Not happy with the fungus condition of the plants not a fan of fighting the fungus every day and to keep. it away from other plants. Any soil these plants have previously been in has been destroyed.

Bad business to send out infected plants.

Total disappointment in this shipments quality.

Sent bad plants twice!
August 16, 2020
Ordered day lilies and when they grow its like cornstalks are growing! Never saw anything like it! Very poor QVC customer service regarding refunds, they direct to Roberta’s and they just want to keep sending more plants....NEVER AGAIN!

Sent wrong color order
April 11, 2019

On 3/12/17 I ordered hyped up Red Chinese Tree Peony bare root. This is first year it has grown enough to bloom. It’s white NOT RED. Called Robertas and they will not do anything except want to send me a replacement for $15 shipping AND STILL CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT IT WILL BE RED.

Called QVC where I ordered it from and they will not do anything either.

Ground Cover Roses
August 15, 2014
I get so excited in late winter when QVC starts showing spring flowers. Two years ago I ordered the ground cover roses. I had a rock bed with red roses & made a munched area in front of that to plant the ground cover yellow roses. So excited to see the result. The ground cover from Roberta' s garden was nothing more than a mini rose. A replacement was sent this year but they are not a ground cover, spindly & ugly. Also, received day lilies a few years back that were not as advertised. They were replaced & l was happy with the last shipment but I plan to take up the roses that ARE DEFINITELY NOT GROUND COVER ROSES. AND I HAVE NO PLANS TO ORDER FLOWERS FROM QVC ROBERTA'S GARDENS AGAIN!!

MadelineC Hyatt February 19, 2020

Today the 4th generation salesman said you can have pansies blooming for 5 months. I've yet to see that here in NY zone 5. Very disappointing that QVC is selling over priced plants.

MaryRyan August 05, 2021

One of the few things that survived the 2 weeks of sun zero weather in oklahoma this past winter was a single purple Pansy! It was purchased locally not via Mail order. But that survived when nothing else did. In lost crape Myrtles, and a dozen other plants but this single Pansy survived! She bloomed and blossomed all Spring! Only in the past few weeks with the higher temperatures has she lost her blooms and foliage. But earlier this week I found another bloom!!! Who knows she’s just might make it through this summer and into Fall!

So the point it’s, with the right plants you can have 3-5 months or more of Pansy Beauty.

CynthiaConfora April 22, 2022

I have spring and flourish essential micronutrients. Which I don't see a difference. Do you have this product from Roberta's and has it worked for you.