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One and Done Workout:  A Detailed Look

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  July 12, 2023

The One and Done Workout is 14-day exercise program from Svelte Training headed by personal trainer Meredith Shirk.

Shirk claims that her methods can get you fit in just seven minutes a day, reducing the amount of time you spend working out. 

How Does it Work?

Meredith Shirk argues that heavy, or even moderate, exercise may cause additional inflammation and stress in the body, making it harder to stay in shape in the long term. 

As an alternative, she has created the 'One and Done Workout' method as a series of body-weight exercises that require no special equipment and no prior experience.

The exercises are known as Sprint Interval Training Workouts. They involve 20 seconds of intensive exercise and then a minute of active rest.

You alternate your workouts until you reach seven minutes - and that time includes your warm-up and cool-down.

In this process, your temperature stays a little higher than normal, and your lungs, hearts, and other organs work harder as they try to recover energy from the workout.

The claim is that you release fat-burning hormones for up to forty-hours later.  The program, modeled after Shirk’s in-person training programs, is fourteen days long and offered entirely online.

When you purchase the program, you get high-definition videos showing you how to do the exercise combinations every day. 

You can complete the program numerous times, and it doesn’t involve strict dietary restrictions.

One and Done Workout Review

This program claims to be backed by research from the American Heart Association, the American Stroke Association, the Norwegian University of Science, and even Time Magazine.

Time Magazine, in fact, published a study in April of 2016 claiming that interval workouts are ideal for people at all fitness levels.

One and Done has plenty of positive 7 minute workout reviews, both via YouTube and from other blogger’s pages. 

They claim that One and Done is an easy, logical way to fit in a workout no matter where you are or what your current fitness level may be.

Some people claim that they could learn these same exercises through free videos, but the difference with One and Done is that it teaches you to do the exercises properly so that you don’t injure yourself while working out.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Reviews for the One and Done Program and Svelte Training as a company are mixed.  The primary reason for this is the sometimes unclear purchase process.  

While many people claim that they enjoyed the video training and were able to reach many of their fitness goals, those who experienced surprise billing charges and enrollment in unwanted additional services tell a different story.

While the cost of the program is $29 there are points in the checkout process where you may be asked to sign up for their extra programs, such as the Fat Loss Accelerator Guide.

At the time of this review the checkbox was un-clicked meaning that you shouldn’t be charged for this program unless you deliberately click it.

However, many of the negative reviews found online claimed that this was not the case for them, that these choices were premade, so maybe the company has updated their checkout process in response to the slew of complaints.

At the time of this review Svelte Media, the parent company for One and Done, has a 1.59/5 rating with the BBB.  They also have a 2.5/5 rating with another leading review site, as well as the negative reviews that can be found here.

Again, the bulk of these reviews deal with the billing/checkout process and not the actual workouts.  

On another positive note if you come across these reviews you will see that most are accompanied by a reply from a Svelte customer service representative.  

So despite what many claim as an aggressive sales strategy it does seem that the company tries to reach out to unhappy customers and offer them some solutions for resolving their issues.

Customer Service

You can email Svelte Media LLC at [email protected] or reach them by phone at (317) 662-2322.  The address listed on their website is 319 Clematis, Suite 1004 West Palm Beach, FL 33401. 

The program comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee.  


Cost & Price Plans

The 'One and Done Workout' program costs $29.

For this price, you get 14 days of follow-along S.I.T. workout combinations, along with detailed demonstration videos and an exercise combination manual pdf.

For an added bonus, you also receive a ten-day keto restart meal plan, and 101 detoxifying red and green smoothie recipes.

Competitors and Alternatives

One and Done certainly isn’t the only program claiming to show results in only seven minutes of exercise. There are many free or inexpensive options that claim to get the same results in minimal amounts of time.

For example, the Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout App is a customizable, well-rounded app that is entirely free. It offers twelve different thirty-second exercises, with five seconds of rest in between.

This is designed for both beginners and athletes, and syncs with your iPhone. You receive guidance on all of the exercises along the way.

Wahoo 7 Minute Workouts is another popular app. This app, however, doesn’t show you how to do exercises, which could increase your risk of injury. 

If you want to learn how to do the exercises or log your workouts, you have to pay extra fees.

Finally, Yoga Wake Up is another popular app alternative, but as the name implies, it’s not designed to get you sweating or wheezing.

This app can still improve your overall fitness, but it does have a fee (just $5.99 per month) and does not claim to boost fat loss. It is simply designed to improve overall wellness.

The Bottom Line

In addition to the negative reviews posted on consumer rating websites, if you try to Google for customer reviews you’ll be met with a plethora of promotional affiliate sites with a similar article espousing the benefits of the program.  

These types of postings push down actual customer reviews and are usually part of PR campaigns to clean up a company’s image.

This is not necessarily a condemnation of the program but something to be aware of.  

With the amount of published negative reviews out there it’s hard to recommend this program outright, however the workouts themselves may be of value to certain people.

If you’re someone who would benefit from guided video workouts and enjoy the accountability that comes with paying for a program, as long as you carefully sign up for just the services that you want, you may have a positive experience with One and Done.  

Just be sure that you read the terms for the program.

If you have any experience with Svelte Training’s One and Done Workout, please leave your reviews below.

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One and Done Workout Customer Reviews

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SVELTE training workour program
October 12, 2023

I signed up for the one and done program thinking what a deal for only $29.00. I then realized a few moths later that my credit card was being charged $52.00 a month for a workout program I never authorized.

When i called I was told it was an email that was sent giving 7 days to cancel that particular subscription. I never received nor did I agree to the program but I was stuck with the bill anyways, It was a total disappointments and I would not recommend them to anyone. They need to be turned into the better business bureau.

October 10, 2023

This is not a legit service. Received pdfs but no videos of exercises. Do not use this.

Big scam
October 9, 2023

Do not waste your money. Big scam. They send you a whole range of pdfs that are incompatable with android phone and not an exercise video in sight. Bloody shameful that Mere is free to rip people off.

June 12, 2023

Zero stars!! NEGATIVE RATING even! Because of their deceitfulness.

I initially signed up but wasn't too pleased with what they were offering- too many additional charges for what was being advertised as per fine print so within 48 hours I submitted my refund request.

They straight faced lied to me that they were processing my refund numerous times. Even furnishing bogus reference numbers which no bank or credit card company could trace.

2 months later, I discover they told VISA that they were not refunding me, yet all along they have been stringing me along claiming they have refunded me and it should be in my account within 5-10 working days!

This is very dishonest and downright disgusting, fraudulent behaviour.

Refuse to refund
May 11, 2023

I would like to inform everyone about this e-shop scam site.

As many others have already said, this company is not trustworthy ... bought the initial $29 package , ( never got anything for it ) and offered a free 7 day trial and after the 7 days they debited my credit card another $49! Their email stated if you didn't activate the extra program there would be no further charges but there was.

I messaged their support many times and only after the fourth email in which I said I'd be taking further action if they didn't reply. They did reply to me and have said they will not be able to refund the money...Very unethical business, just don't go there. Get a program from a more transparent company.

I have already notified my bank and the USA office authorized for fraud matters.

DorothyFrisco May 16, 2023

Thank you for your review. I do think the approach is good. However, she is doing herself a disservice if she's delegating the business side. Reviews are in, now it's a choice.

Don’t waste your money
May 6, 2023

If you think you’re getting some kind of package in the mail..,think again. It’s all digital. Waste of money. Go on youtube and watch workouts from others for free.

Don't Do It! Scam. That "one time $29 will become a monthly $49 credit card charge that you can never stop
April 16, 2023

Scam. Scam. Scam. Don't do it! You Think you are spending $29.00 one time and they put a $49.00 monthly recurring charge you cannot stop.

You can't go online (though they say you can). Even after you call, they will not stop. They have to send you an email (like the fine print scam that gets this rip off started).

Don't do it. Stay away from them. Definitely don't give them your credit card info.


February 2, 2023

It's a SCAM. And violating returns policy. They fraudulently charged me and still waiting for my money back.

CuriousKristi February 09, 2023

I'm contemplating purchasing the S.I.T training/One

CuriousKristi February 09, 2023

OMG- I wrote a very long question to the reviewer above me out of curiosity as to why she felt it was a scam? Was it the add ons @ check out, it not working for you, or not being able to do the exercises. I explained that I am 46 yo nurse going thru menopause which is like having your own private island in the middle of hell. But I also have a rare autoimmune disease classified as a vasculitis( anywhere blood flows) as well as having a Hypermobility disorder which is known as Ehlers- Danlos Type III( there are MANY types). Almost 20% of the population r hypermobile & don't realize or don't understand( go to the ED & perform the Beighton Test on yourself just to see if you r hypermobile- it does NOT mean you have the Ehlers Danlos part- that's the part that causes lots of issues as connective tissue holds ALL a your joints n place, as well as all your organs.... I've had approx 5 surgeries thus far to repair prolapsed causes a lot of difficulty exercising. Before it got severe, around the age of 28 I exercised obsessively. I didn't have an oz of fat on my body- M-Th I biked for 7 fast miles, then shifted to a jog or power walk to cool down, then an hr of aerobics & lastly a 15 minute ab workout daily- I had 3 I would mix and match. Then F- Sun I worked on a very busy hospital floor for 12 hr shifts which often turned into 14+ hrs- many days we didn't even have time to go to the restroom. True story. So when I got sick at around 31-32 I was placed on steroids 100mgs/daily. That's a MASSIVE dose- I gained >100lbs in 3months & even though I'm finally down to 2.5mgs/day unless I'm flaring, the weight gain left my petite 5'0" frame w/ hanging skin. I can't hide it or fix it. It grosses me out so badly I can't look in a mirror. I long to exercise again but the slightest exertion send me to bed for a day to weeks. So this program of 1 minute of high intensity, 2 to cool down... that's something I could do. I've seen mixed reviews everywhere. I fell for Vince- the muscled monkey hanging by 1 arm saying you don't need to spend hour after hour in the gym on the elliptical, the treadmill, lifting weights, or doing cardio- nope, he had the key to quicker workouts but his real find was his calorie burners while your work and sleep. I bought the pills. But then I get smoothie cups- you need to make "MY smoothies" then it was a barrage of supplements- you HAVE TO take this 1 or this 1 won't work & this one makes that one work 3x's better... sooo I looked VShred and Vince on the Better Business Bureau(BBB). I should've done it BEFORE I bought it. These exercises really feel like something I can do & my hip not have to be reduced from popping out of joint( would you believe as tween I would stand n church at altar call & pop my hips n & out of joint ( & no doc ever thought that might be a tad bit 'off' my thumb touching the back of my wrist... riiight) I just want to loose the gross belly flab compliments of steroids...I think I can do 7-10 minutes. And all I'm out is $29. But respectfully.....I'd love to hear your reason for having a bad experience.

Trickery and deception
November 22, 2022

These people actually just told me that they filled my prescription so would I please take down the review.

This company has no shame whatsoever.


Update. Had a call telling me that my provider was able to send my prescription. Mind you this was a ploy to beg me to take down my review.

So not only did she not tell me where it was sent. When it was sent and when I can get it. Because it was not true. This company has no Shane. They will lie and deceive to just get you to be appeased for another short period. I don't give a darn about my prescription I want a refund. A FULL REFUND. not only did they not send it in what ever that means. But they can’t because they can’t issue prescriptions anymore.



Do not fall for it. They are also under investigation for unfair business practices. They are being sued for many things. They aren’t even paying their contractors or care providers.

So please DO YOUR RESEARCH. check out Forbes, BBB, Dept of Drug Enforcement Agency, there are many smaller districts across the country too many to mention.

Be DONE with DONE.

Don't buy Svelte
November 20, 2022

This business is a sham, they say they offer a 60 day money back guarantee they don't they continued to take my money even though I cancelled the program after 3 days. don't buy this program.

Check this out for a workout program that this 71 year old overweight out of shape woman can do!
November 5, 2022

I love love love this program! I am in my early 70's and can do most of the workouts without problems and I am admitedly out of shape. They also have meals and a diet plan. They also have Smoothie recipes. I opted for most everything. In my second month and gaining strength and slimming down.

I am feeling great! Through these sessions she encourages you if you can't do a portion, do what you can and keep it moving. She also has suggested modifications for those with disabilities.

Do not fall for their lies! Total SCAM!
August 2, 2022
I have been charged an extra 199$ for a service I haven’t opted for and a price I have never agreed to pay. Now I am struggling to get my money back! So far this looks like a scam to me as the support team are not telling me clearly that they will refund the money!

Love the movement but not the messaging.
June 28, 2022

I'm reasonably active but all the working from home lately means I can spend a whole day or more sitting and then not feel motivated to exercise, even though I know I will feel better and gain energy if I do. I love love love these short video workouts because "it's only ten minutes" - I don't even change into workout clothes - so it overcomes the inertia and any excuses my brain might come up with. These movements are simple and feel good. I've continued to use them.

Unfortunately I unsubscribed from all emails from Svelte training because the messaging was aggressively "slimming" focused, and pushing to upsell me to products and services for that which I don't want or need. I just want movement that feels good and is good for my body! So my review is quite mixed - the one and done workout itself is great, the other stuff not so much.

Read the fine print
May 1, 2022

I purchased the $29 program over a month ago but actually did not have to since you can get all the same through YouTube. That said, the instruction to day the exercises properly to achieve max results is very good. I will agree with many reviewers comments on the $49 charge for the extended program. I read through the umpteen emails they pelt you with very carefully to avoid being roped into something inadvertently. Read the fine print, folks. I nearly allowed them to charge for that extended program BUT I sent them a message to discontinue the program prior to the 10 day window. They responded back to my message & I was not charge. Read the fine print, folks.

I notice many of you indicated that you use debit. Just my personal finance advice….That’s a dicey thing to do these days unless you have a great fraud protection system in place. I only use credit. Granted, that’s not an assured to avoid fraudulent charges. I know the younger gen live by debit but hopefully you closely monitor the cash flow. I’m old fashion, I only use debit locally and never outside my usual stores and 30 mile radius. HEY! use a travel rewards credit card to gain those airline travel points and take your new Svelte body to show off on the beach somewhere warm. Im just saying….READ THE FINE PRINT

L May 10, 2022

Where did you find the exercises on YouTube? I'd love to do it that way!

CuriousKristi February 09, 2023

Me to!!! But I have seen other people saying you can see the exercises online but what you don't see is her explaining like what it's for and how to do it safely ( & I have an autoimmune ds along with a connective tissue disorder characterized by joint hypermobility- so for me, I need to know I'm getting it right)... if someone finds all that, I'm in!!!

They steal your money font be duped by them
March 14, 2022
Terrible company, payed a one off payment and they have continued to take payments every month. I have only just noticed this, it's criminal they should not be allowed to get away with this.

Sneaky and underhanded
October 31, 2021
Got scammed as well. Paid one time subscription of $29 thinking it was a one time payment only to notice $49 being debited from my account. Very dishonest and deceitful, sneaky and underhanded!!

LisaMellor March 01, 2022

I did also! What a joke!

Great Workouts, easy to do and easy to stick with
February 19, 2021
I ordered the $29 One and Done workout, like an adult, I read the fine print and did not sign up for any subscriptions. I am very happy with the workouts, the website, and the overall program. I think the follow up emails offering additional products and services are a bit excessive, but nobody forces me to read them or click on the offers and they are easy to delete from my inbox. I would definitely purchase again and have recommended the product to several of my friends.

SamantaAnriquez September 26, 2022

Many "adults" do not have the time to review the fine print thoroughly; even if they do, they may get scammed if there are pre-filled small boxes. If an app profits this way and makes people look for extra charges, it seems highly unethical. You shouldn't be expecting that an exercise app from someone that is supposed to care for your health would be trying to charge you any chance they can. The honest adult thing would be not to do this first.

NOT legit
January 18, 2021

I was shocked to see that Sveltetrain had made an unauthorized debit on my account after the initial $29.00 payment. I did not knowingly authorize this payment and now realize I am the victim of a scam. I used a debit account which I do for internet purchases because it has limited funds.

Sveltetrain attempted twice to take funds (my bank told me) before they succeeded when there was enough in the account to cover it. I have had nothing by email from them letting me know the first 2 attempts failed. No statements, no purchase info on my login . Beware the fine print or steer clear of this company.

Surprise monthly subscription of $49!!!
January 7, 2021

LOTS of extras offered after you buy the initial One n Done $29 program, which is a one time only fee, making it confusing and tiring to be clicking all of those "no thanks" and it makes it feel like a SCAM!

During all of those extra offerings, apparently there is one tiny box in the end that if you do not UNCLICK it, you are signed up for another service with a monthly charge of $49!!!!! I do not recall the tiny box that needed to be unclicked, that is what customer service told me.

I only noticed that charge on credit card 8 months after the initial withdrawal. I never once used that subscription service, that should be enough of a sign that I never meant to have it. I never received invoices or communications of the monthly charge.

I called them but they won't care about my loss. They refused to fully refund me. If they can see in the system that you never once used that subscription service, they should be understanding that you did not mean to sign up for that, and therefore you should be refunded for the almost $400!!!!

So frustrating when the company is this sneaky to push unwanted additional services.

DianaPhillips July 23, 2021

The same thing happened to me. I disputed the charge with my bank and was refunded. It is a shame this company uses the sneaky fine print to get more money out of subscribers.

SCAM! No ethics or integrity.
October 20, 2020

Do not buy!

Apparently there is a small box that you don't see at the time of purchasing the 'One and Done' program which then means you have a week trial and then after that $49 will come out of your account every month. Day light robbery.

I wasn't given any written confirmation of this, nor was I sent invoices for any of the payments and it was only in reconciling my accounts that I saw these charges.

I called to query the 7 months (!!!) of payments and was told that the "system" wont allow the refund of the payments (even though I did not agree to them nor have I received anything in writing) and that they were going above and beyond by giving me the 60 day of refund.

I wouldn't recommend this program at all.

It is not out to help people but a money making scam that is deceptive and has no ethics or integrity.

MartineLyons November 19, 2020

Total scam... they rip you off and before you know it they have stripped you of your money...then they spam you everyday for the privilege.

Barbara Ford November 29, 2020

Thank you so much for writing a review as it has saved me from making the same mistake!!

Glad I looked at the reviews first before joining, something that everyone should do.

MaureenMcMullen December 19, 2020

Thanks for your reviews. I wasted time watching the video and she almost had me paying the $29.00 which I thought would be the only charge. Then I read the reviews about the $49 monthly charge after 14 days. You all saved me money!!

sean taylor December 20, 2020

This is such an unfair review. you didnt pay attention to what you were doing and then when they did what your own negligence indicated you were okay with you are asking them to give you back money beyond the 60 day period when they tell you they will refund. So at what point do you take personal responsibility for not checking what you are doing or not checking your bank statement monthly. You said small box that you dont mean a checkbox that you didnt pay attention to lol

CarpenterCarpenter January 03, 2021

You find it funny? The review is very honest and fair! It's all a big SCAM. Please do not fall into the same trap as all the others. Do not purchase anything from these people.

CarpenterCarpenter January 03, 2021

It is a total SCAM. Nothing unfair about any of the reviews on this page. Endless emails trying to get them to put it right. But they like pointing the finger at the customer instead of learning from all the bad reviews....everybody is falling into the same trap again and again without even realizing. Very dishonest. It all a big SCAM!!!!

I can't seem to understand why Meredith Shirk would sink so low. All her credibility is gone down the drain. Helps you with your health but steels your money! And has other people communicating and doing the dirty work for her. Nothing LOL about that Sean.

GlaukiaCavalcanti January 07, 2021

SCAM, I agree. When you buy the $29 program, which is a one time only fee, you are signed up for another service with a monthly charge of $49!!!!! I only noticed that charge on credit card 8 months after the initial withdrawal. I never once used that subscription service, that should be enough of a sign that I never meant to have it. I never received invoices of communications of the monthly charge. I called them but won't care. They refused to fully refund me. If they can see in the system that you never used that subscription service, they should be understanding that you did not mean to sign up for that, and therefore you should be refunded for the almost $400!!!!

TammyVenema February 19, 2021

How does it take 8 months to notice a monthly charge? I signed up for this program, paid the initial $29 fee, paid attention to what I was doing, because I am an adult and have been very happy with the workouts, the communication and the interactive site.