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GOLO Weight Loss, found online at Golo.com, is a weight loss product that promises users a way to reverse their insulin resistance, a health condition which they claim is responsible for many people’s weight gain. 

How Does GOLO Weight Loss Work?

Insulin is one of the most important hormones in your body and directly affects metabolism, weight gain, aging, and your overall health. Insulin resistance has been believed to cause premature aging and increased metabolic age. 

According to Golo.com there are over 100 studies supporting the safety and efficacy of the GOLO Release dietary supplement. 

Additionally, they claim that studies have shown that those people taking the GOLO release pills "lost significantly more weight, inches around their waists and lowered their health risk markers" to a greater extent than those subjects taking a placebo.  

However, the company website only contains links to the PDFs of these studies so it is unclear if these studies have been peer reviewed or accepted by any respected scientific publications.

Ingredients and Side Effects

Unlike many other many other weight loss drugs, the GOLO insulin resistance supplement does not rely on caffeine and stimulants.

Instead, GOLO states it's release pills are and all-natural plant-based formula containing containing 7 plant-based ingredients and 3 minerals.

The website claims GOLO Release is "made in the USA in an FDA certified facility".  However, the FDA  states it does not “approve” laboratories or manufacturers of dietary supplements. [ 1 ]

So while a GOLO facility may have been inspected by the FDA, the claim that it is FDA certified seems misleading.

The ingredients used by this product include: Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium, Rhodiola Extract, Inositol, Berberine Extract, Gardenia Extract, Banaba Leaf Extract, Salaretin, Apple Extract, Vegetable Cellulose, Rice Fiber, Stearate, Silica.

Cost & Price Plans

The GOLO Weight Loss program comes with the ‘The GOLO for Life Plan’ eBook and the GOLO website membership when you purchase a bottle of GOLO Release for $49.95 (discounts for larger orders) with free shipping included.

Refund Policy

Golo.com states that their Release Dietary Supplement comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, and customers who are not satisfied with their purchase can return it for a full refund within 60 days.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact a representative with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 1-800-730-4656, by email at [email protected], or by filling out the contact form at Golo.com

GOLO Customer Reviews & Complaints

At this time it appears as though there are mixed reviews for this product outside of the reviews on the company’s own website.

Additionally, many of the positive reviews that are available for GOLO are from partners and affiliate websites, which makes it difficult to assess the degree of bias included in each review.

Amongst the negative customer reviews complaints claim that the Release Pills have done nothing to help with weight loss and in some cases people have put on weight following the GOLO protocols.

Some believe that any weight loss on the program is strictly attributed to the aggressive caloric restrictions they recommend, and that their diet plan is nothing unique, echoing basic healthy guidelines that most people are already familiar with. 

Others reported having negative side effects to the pills such as Acid Reflux or diarrhea.

On the other hand, proponents of GOLO, who have experienced success with the product, claim that the naysayers did not take the correct dosage or did not follow the program correctly.  

Ultimately, it’s very difficult to judge diet programs based on anecdotal evidence as everyone’s weight loss journey is unique and what works for some may have opposite results in others.

This is why it’s important to consult a professional before undergoing any kind of supplement regimen especially if you may have had negative reactions to herbal/weight loss products in the past.

Does GOLO Really Help With Weight Loss?

While GOLO is based on sound principles of addressing insulin spikes and managing your metabolism, it’s difficult to fully recommend this program.  

While any Diet that promotes whole foods instead of processed and encourages exercise is going to have at least some results it’s unclear how effective the GOLO Release Supplement is.

In the studies commissioned by GOLO to prove its efficacy the participants who showed positive results were taking the supplement in conjunction with an exercise and Diet plan, making it hard to narrow down exactly how big of a role Release played in their success.

Further, while GOLO may help you reach your desired weight goal and maintain lower blood sugar levels it’s still a calorie restricted diet.

So unless you commit to lifelong behavioral changes it may be an unsustainable long term solution especially if you include the cost of the supplement.

If you have any experience with GOLO.com or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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GOLO.com Customer Reviews

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Gastric Distress
September 27, 2022
Followed their plan to the "tee". Didn't lose any weight...just 6 weeks of gastric distress. Scam...don't buy!

Do Not Buy Golo!
September 26, 2022

Once I received my order I began program. I keep track of my weight each day. I walk 1.5 miles each day, I also go to water aerobics at the YMCA 3 x per week. I monitored my food intake as the program requires that I do.

After 45 days I went ahead and ordered another 60 days worth even though I had not lost any weight. at 75 days or so of taking the GOLO I still have not had ANY weight loss. I called customer service for a refund. They of course advised me that ONLY my initial order was eligible for a refund and since that was past 60 days I would not get a refund.

I can't say the effects this may have on other people but it did NOT work for me at all. I would have to advise people considering weight loss options to look elsewhere for help. While the product has not appeared to be harmful to me yet it certainly has not been helpful in any way.

I will be reporting my findings to my Doctor at the next appointment. I will also be leaving reviews according to my experience!

Shard03 September 28, 2022

I too tried this program for a few months of faithful diet and exercise. When I could see it wasn’t being noticeably effective over just following good diet and exercise I decided to cancel my involvement with GOLO.

They made it as difficult as they could to cancel my subscription to their products; it took days of their run-around to get rid of them. My experience in total: steer clear of GOLO.

Sugar pills
September 25, 2022

I have been taking them for six months and have not lost one pound.

Pills are waste of money.
September 23, 2022
I have been on this diet for a little over 60 days. I have followed instructions and maintained serving sizes as they recommend. I've lost 6 pounds. This is all from going by the diet plan. The pills they sell that say they curve sugar cravings has done nothing for me. That was a waste of money.

Stay away. Rip off
September 17, 2022
I bought the pills. Took 3 times a day as prescribed and followed the diet plan and gained 10 lbs at the end of the 30 days. What a rip off. When I contacted GOLO about this they said it was impossible. They didn’t even do something for me.

Best diet on market for insulin resistant people it WORKS
September 14, 2022

I always thought I had insulin resistance I gained 20 lbs during Covid. I began Golo a week ago and it’s not just a pill it’s a balanced diet and in one week I have lost 5 lbs!

It works for me but you really need to follow the diet guidelines for protein carbs veggies healthy fats! Once I got my balance back I feel better have more energy and am loosing weigh !

No sugar people if you expect the pill to do all the work NO you need to want to loose weight and change your eating habits too! I give it 5 stars! It’s amazing I used to always eat like this till Covid then ate too many processed foods and gained 20 lbs now I am down 5.

Another 15 to go and I am at my goal and back to eating healthy ! My bkft today was two hard boiled eggs a piece of sourdough toast with a tsp of butter ! And no watching tv while you eat! You have to want to change too it’s not a magical cure in a pill you have to do your end too ! 5 stars golo !

Doesn't work
September 13, 2022

This does not work, I gained weight on it.

Golo Sells Your Info
September 12, 2022

Omg they keep selling my email over, and over. Want to be inundated with stupid emails, sign up.

Waste of money
September 12, 2022

I didn't lose not even a pound! And they say

Full refund in 60 days. I return the items and it shows they received the items and I haven't received my refund . Not even a email !!!!! Don't buy waste of money. SCAM!!!!

Poor Customer Service Rep
September 10, 2022

I purchased GOLO several years ago but never found a spot to write a review, and with family issues my memory wasn't jogged until I saw the commercials popping up again.

The sad thing is the product actually started working. Unfortunately I started experiencing nausea when taking it. I called customer service, and here is the reason for 2 stars, and I'm being generous here.

The woman answering Argued with me. saying it was not one of their known side effects. It wasn't possible, I was wrong it was from that. Yeah, OK lady different things affect people differently and I was just hoping for pointers about how and when to take it other than what is on the packaging.

Her answer to that was "well, if you'd follow the directions you wouldn't have that problem because it's not our product."

I hung up on her and stopped taking it, the nausea went away but unfortunately the weight came back. A nicer rep and I'd have continued taking the product perhaps until I reached my goal.

Doesn't work
September 5, 2022

I wish I never purchased a 3 month supply. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY. I did not lose weight but I did gain weight. I'm warning all potential users. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Golo probably won't publish this review . AGAIN DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY, PLEASE.

Weight gain using Golo
August 30, 2022

Following their guide and using their product I gained 4 lbs. That should not have happened. I contacted the company to request a refund.

I'm extremely disappointed.

Gained 5 lbs in three weeks
August 28, 2022
I’ve been walking 3.5 miles 6 days a week, recording my food and no snacking and in three and a half weeks have managed to go up 5 lbs. I changed my foods to no “lite” foods and 3 complete meals a day. Very depressing!

August 27, 2022

Bought 3 months, It MIGHT curb appetite, but it is really a scam b/c they are all about changing your eating habits which you can do w/o Golo. I won't reorder.

Health problems now
August 26, 2022
I have always been healthy all my life, my only problem is that I thought I was "fat", overweight yes. Now since taking GoLo I have not lost any weight but I have developed problems with my liver, it's inflamed. Is GoLo the problem? I don't know I have read the ingredients and it does not seem like they would do any damage, but here I am with a problem that's life threating after taking GoLo. Please stop companies like this that lie to people and cause irreputable damage.

Golo's benefits
August 26, 2022
I guess Golo not only helps people lose weight, but also gives people new hair styles? At least, all the commercials show new hair styles. Amazing!! Good going, Golo!

DeeTuggle September 09, 2022


August 25, 2022

Golo is a ripoff. I didn’t lose even 1 pound. A total waste of money

It's no magic pill, it's only a diet
August 24, 2022

Waste of money. You could take a vitamin and go on the suggested low carb high protein diet and lose weight. It's a lifestyle change there is no magic pill.

Does not work
August 21, 2022

Golo does not work. I lost nothing!

Bad Customer Service
August 10, 2022

Hello, just joined Golo this morning and found the program not to be what I was looking for. I reached out to them concerning a cancellation which they immediately canceled my program, I also requested a refund since I was not there even an hour on the program.

I have tried all day to get my $69.00 back. Who can afford to give $69 away on something you will not be using. I found the company very greedy to keep my money. I could understand if I was out a week on the application, but they cancelled me on the same day I brought the program.

I am very disappointed with the customer service provided. If they treated me like this, I can't imagine the program would have provided better customer service.

Mary Gonzalez

Richard September 22, 2022

You have 90 days to dispute any item if paid with a credit card. A lot of people don't realize this.