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GOLO Weight Loss, found online at Golo.com, is a weight loss product that promises users a way to reverse their insulin resistance, a health condition which they claim is responsible for many people’s weight gain. 

How Does GOLO Weight Loss Work?

Insulin is one of the most important hormones in your body and directly affects metabolism, weight gain, aging, and your overall health. Insulin resistance has been believed to cause premature aging and increased metabolic age. 

According to Golo.com there are over 100 studies supporting the safety and efficacy of the GOLO Release dietary supplement. 

Additionally, they claim that studies have shown that those people taking the GOLO release pills "lost significantly more weight, inches around their waists and lowered their health risk markers" to a greater extent than those subjects taking a placebo.  

However, the company website only contains links to the PDFs of these studies so it is unclear if these studies have been peer reviewed or accepted by any respected scientific publications.

Ingredients and Side Effects

Unlike many other many other weight loss drugs, the GOLO insulin resistance supplement does not rely on caffeine and stimulants.

Instead, GOLO states it's release pills are and all-natural plant-based formula containing containing 7 plant-based ingredients and 3 minerals.

The website claims GOLO Release is "made in the USA in an FDA certified facility".  However, the FDA  states it does not “approve” laboratories or manufacturers

So while a GOLO facility may have been inspected by the FDA, the claim that it is FDA certified seems misleading.

The ingredients used by this product include: Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium, Rhodiola Extract, Inositol, Berberine Extract, Gardenia Extract, Banaba Leaf Extract, Salaretin, Apple Extract, Vegetable Cellulose, Rice Fiber, Stearate, Silica.

Cost/Price Plans

The GOLO Weight Loss program comes with the ‘The GOLO for Life Plan’ eBook and the GOLO website membership when you purchase a bottle of GOLO Release for $49.95 (discounts for larger orders) with free shipping included.

Refund Policy

Golo.com states that their Release Dietary Supplement comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, and customers who are not satisfied with their purchase can return it for a full refund within 60 days.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact a representative with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 1-800-730-4656, by email at [email protected], or by filling out the contact form at Golo.com

Online Customer Reviews & Complaints

At this time it appears as though there are mixed reviews for this product outside of the reviews on the company’s own website.

Additionally, many of the positive reviews that are available for GOLO are from partners and affiliate websites, which makes it difficult to assess the degree of bias included in each review.

Amongst the negative customer reviews complaints claim that the Release Pills have done nothing to help with weight loss and in some cases people have put on weight following the GOLO protocols.

Some believe that any weight loss on the program is strictly attributed to the aggressive caloric restrictions they recommend, and that their diet plan is nothing unique, echoing basic healthy guidelines that most people are already familiar with. 

Others reported having negative side effects to the pills such as Acid Reflux or diarrhea.

On the other hand, proponents of GOLO, who have experienced success with the product, claim that the naysayers did not take the correct dosage or did not follow the program correctly.  

Ultimately, it’s very difficult to judge diet programs based on anecdotal evidence as everyone’s weight loss journey is unique and what works for some may have opposite results in others.

This is why it’s important to consult a professional before undergoing any kind of supplement regimen especially if you may have had negative reactions to herbal/weight loss products in the past.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are many other products on the market which promise to promote weight loss as well as supplements which promise to lower your blood sugar or improve insulin resistance.

However, if you believe you are having a problem with your insulin levels you should speak to your doctor before beginning a supplement regimen.

Outside of an actual medical need to regulate your insulin, you can avoid taking supplements and try a sugar detox instead to lower your cravings and control your metabolism.

Some other popular diet plans that people compare GOLO to include:

GOLO vs Noom - Noom is a weight loss app that focuses on creating behavioral changes through positive reinforcement.  It is generally well reviewed but requires you to log your foods throughout the day.

GOLO vs Keto -  The Keto diet forces you to make a drastic shift in eating by severely restricting/eliminating carbohydrates from your diet.  Forcing your body to rely on fat stores for energy can have great weight loss results but comes with its own set of challenges.

Does GOLO Really Help With Weight Loss?

While GOLO is based on sound principles of addressing insulin spikes and managing your metabolism, it’s difficult to fully recommend this program.  

While any Diet that promotes whole foods instead of processed and encourages exercise is going to have at least some results it’s unclear how effective the GOLO Release Supplement is.

In the studies commissioned by GOLO to prove its efficacy the participants who showed positive results were taking the supplement in conjunction with an exercise and Diet plan, making it hard to narrow down exactly how big of a role Release played in their success.

Further, while GOLO may help you reach your desired weight goal and maintain lower blood sugar levels it’s still a calorie restricted diet.

So unless you commit to lifelong behavioral changes it may be an unsustainable long term solution especially if you include the cost of the supplement.

If you have any experience with GOLO.com or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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GOLO.com Customer Reviews

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A waste of time and money.
May 7, 2022

A waste of money and time.

Tried Golo for 3 months and lose 0 pounds.

It didn't help with energy or carve of appetite as advertised.

Save your money.

Loosing 10-15 pounds so I can have the gastric sleeve surgery
May 2, 2022
Hello my name is Vanessa I purchased this product about 30 days ago trying to loose about 10-15 pounds and I lost nothing, it also stated that it would curb my craving for sugar and it didn't. It is false advertising at its best. I took it just the way it stated and ate the food recommended. I lost money and I'm on a monthly income so I can't be throwing money around like that, I purchased the product because of the advertisement of the product.

TravisStarbuck May 04, 2022

My Name is Travis and I started this with my spouse. She is taking the pill that came with the recipes and I only eat what is allowed on the diet. I am losing about 3 lbs. a week and she is losing about the same. My blood sugar went from spiking to 180 after eating to 140. We are also exercising more. To be truthful, we purchased a cookbook and a system that created a structure that we both don't mind following. I do like the recipes and so does she. I am not a big believer in the pill that came with it. I believe the caloric restriction and the increase in exercise is the reason for the weight loss, the pills are a waste. I have lost 25 lbs. and I have been on this diet for 8 weeks.

Doesn’t work!!!
April 26, 2022
I bought this supplement in order to quickly lose 10 lbs. Instead, they made me intensely hungry, bloated, depressed and I gained weight instead!!! They also made me feel very weak and tired!!! I’ve never been so disappointed in a product as this one!!!

Didn't work for me
April 21, 2022

Did absolutely nothing for me except help me sleep better. I tried it for a few months with my first order. Nothing really happened, but I decided to continue to see if it would take a while to start working. My stomach remained completely swollen. I lost no weight.

I stopped taking it last week and my stomach is not longer swollen. I have two and one half bottles from my second in order and will trash them. Don't waste your money.

Don't Purchase - Waste of Money
April 21, 2022

I would rate the product less if I could. I initially purchased a bottle to give it a try. It seemed to help so I purchased a few more bottles. But, then I started having side effects.

When I wrote to the customer service contact I was given, they say standard answer - They will only refund the first order within 60 days

It all comes down to restricting your calories for any diet to work.

Misleading Website
April 20, 2022

Do not buy anything from Golo. Their website is confusing and misleading. If I could choose no star I would have. My mother spoke with 2 representatives and she CANNOT get a refund. She only wanted to try it for a month and they charged for a year. Again do not trust and/or purchase anything from Golo.

Where is my product?
February 27, 2022

I placed an order over a week ago, they charged my credit card and I never received a confirmation. Please let me know if you are sending me the product because you got my money...

Golo stinks!
February 18, 2022

DOES NOT WORK!! Don’t waste your money $$$ this product is poor and a big scam if you follow a low carb high protein diet you can have success.

Don't buy it
February 10, 2022

Didn't work like it was supposed to. I called and they said because I ordered and returned the pills before I wasn't eligible for a refund. Seems the golo release is the exact same pill from before. All they did was change the name of the drug. Big scam.

February 3, 2022
Golo messed up my stomach and it's not been right since I took this product...8 months later.

GoLo is working for me!
June 20, 2021
I've been taking Golo since January this year (2021 it's now June 2021, 6 months) and I have lost 50 pounds total so far. I haven't changed my diet, I don't exercise (I am more active though) and I don't follow their meal plan. First 5 months I only took 2 pills, 1 in the morning

MaryhelenMelnick August 24, 2021

I have been on the Golo diet plan for several months. I take the release. I have lost tons of inches and about 120 pounds.

AndreaMartin September 21, 2021

Really? Wowww that is awesome Veronica. I am slowing down a little with mine then. I am going to do just one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Did you do the 1 pill in the am and one in the afternoon or night? Congrats to you also Maryhelen. Man if I could lose 100 I would be so happy. Good for your both. Did it cause you headaches the first week? I have Hashimoto's hypothyroidism and I don't think my meds are turning to t3 making it hard to burn fat and lose weight. I also think I have the insulin resistance. Sure hope it works.

JamesH March 28, 2022

Please folks don’t do this to yourselves. I took it for 16 months trying to walk it to the letter. It didn’t do a dang thing. I ate 1200 calories a day and rode bike 5 miles a day. I’m 5-10 , 230. After 16 months I’m 5-10 223. I’m 61 and my doctor just laughed when I told him.

TheresaY Dillard May 12, 2022

I beg to differ cause without golo you would have lost weight eating 1,200 calories a day and riding your bike for 5 miles a day. no shade intended but this cant be true.

It's a diet
April 16, 2021

It's nothing more than another diet. I just got the kit shipped to me. They give you several booklets to read to educate you on eating a good balanced diet from the 4 main food groups 3 times a day. The booklets are full of encouragement pumping you up to do this. They give you a balanced diet plan with tiny portions to eat at meal.

Anyone would lose weight following this. For example you get 3 ounces of protein at a meal. That's like 2 bites of meat or 1 egg. Don't do this if you're not ready to diet with small portions.. And be ready to give up certain foods forever. They say that you won't be hungry doing this. I wonder if the pills will cause any weight loss with them alone or following this plan with double the serving sizes. I plan to find out.

Nothing remarkable about this product
June 24, 2020

I initially ordered 1 bottle of this product last February but only took 1 capsule per day.

At first I felt it was helping curb my appetite and I shed a couple of pounds but then realized that since I was in the process of moving and was in high motion preparing for my move, my additional activity was the reason for this outcome.

However, in May and after my move and given the virus working remotely I decided to try the product again. This time I purchased 2 bottles and much to my disappointment I did not feel that the claims of this product were accurate. I was taking at least 2 and sometimes 3 capsules per day with no results.

In reviewing the ingredients, there is really nothing remarkable about this product and I feel that their claims and advertisements are overly exaggerated and hyped-up.

I then requested a return authorization from customer service for the unopened bottle but was refused, claiming that the 60-day guarantee starts with your first order.

In essence I had already passed the time frame for requesting a refund based on my order in February. Most companies would be willing to work with the customer under these circumstances. Unfortunately, GoLo is not one of those companies.

I cannot recommend this product.

KathyLynn August 21, 2020

You are supposed to faithfully take 3-4 tabs a day

ShannonMartin August 17, 2021

I have faithfully taken 2 tabs with every meal, I follow their meal plan to a T, and I exercise every day. I have given up all fast foods and all processed foods. I drink tons of water and I feel like I am gaining weight with this stuff.

It works!!!!
January 30, 2020

I have lost 1 lb a week which is fine because it teaches you to balance healthier ways of eating. You just have to quit eating processed foods, stop fried foods, stop shoveling sugar. It’s quite simple, change your unhealthy habits for better choices.

It works.

Better to lose slowly and develop good habits instead of wishing for some scam miracle diet like low carbs. Your body needs complex good carbs (fruit)

RhondaSmith Shepherd March 28, 2020

so if you are doing all of this you don't need a supplement to help in the weight loss.

SusanSchletz April 16, 2022

Agreed !

October 22, 2019

I promised myself I would never ever fall for another magic pill. But I did.

I read all the positive reviews at Golo.com, that surely they are paying for. I took for 2 weeks. Gained 3 pounds and had the worse acid reflux. I have a stomach made of iron and never to I suffer with acid.

When I finally decided enough is enough is the night I started throwing up and could not stop. Then I saw it....the capsule my body was trying to eliminate. No wonder the product was not working and I had acid reflux, my body struggled to digestion the capsule.

When I called the company the report, the lady was like "you are probably allergic to one of the ingredients or you are detoxing.

I said do you think someone should check it out as to why my body could not digest the capsule? She said "you will be fine" and we depose of all open bottles sent back.

Well does that mean the bottles returned that are not opened are mailed back out? Not sure and I guess if they don't care I don't either. I just hope I get back my money without a hassle.

BTW...if has been 4 days not taking the "magic pill" and no more acid reflux....hum....

Save yourself the disappointment of believing in another scam and 10.50 to send back the product.

Donna January 30, 2020

Maybe you are allergic. I'm taking Release and my digestion is so much better. No acid reflux

ShannonMcAdams May 21, 2020

I'm up 2 lbs after only a week on it, cutting sugar, skipping one meal a day AND I have constant diarrhea. Not that I had the greatest bowels before but this is insane! I'm not even through half a bottle. I wont be opening the 2nd bottle. The ingredients looked like junk (snake skin oil) and I guess I was right. This does nothing to modify insulin levels. Try to get jardiance or some other type 2 diabetes med and you will probably have a better experience. I can cut calories down to 1,000 a day and still gain unfortunately.? I was really hopeful this would help. Instead it made it worse. Best of luck to all those still looking!

Ana July 13, 2020

Shannon, thanks for sharing your experience. I'm going to ask my Dr, see what she recommends. Hopefully you find something that works for you.

DianeCutting January 15, 2021

Sounds like the making of a good class-action lawsuit against the company for false advertisement. I'm glad I'm reading these reviews because it changed my mind about ordering the product.

JeffreySteencken March 04, 2021

Same here!

JudyWilliams July 08, 2021

This actually works, I am over 65 years old...and believe me I have tried many diet fades...But GOLO, Honestly works

Just follow the guide lines ..and you will be amazed as I was...

Strange reaction
April 4, 2019

It didn't do anything more for me than I've done on my own in the past through a low carb diet with increased exercise.

What it did do for me is give me a strange reaction. After taking it for about a week, I started getting pins and needle type pains under my skin, first in my legs, then on my shoulders, forearms, thighs and so on.

I stopped the product and it went away in a day or so. Stared it again and the symptoms came back again. Stopped and they went away.

So not sure if it is from an allergy to one of the ingredients, of something else, but I did stop taking it for good.

I am trying the 60 day full refund policy and will let you know how that works and if I successfully get my money back.

CaMarsh June 09, 2019

That could have been niacin. I get that reaction when taking some supplements.

Made my flat tummy a fat tummy!
March 29, 2019

I usually do not leave reviews, but this product really ticked me off!

I've been doing exercises to flatten my tummy and they were awesome! It's basically an isometric exercise I saw on YouTube. I had a flat tummy in a very short time and was feeling great about the results!

So my sister shows up one day and says she bought this program but she hadn't tried it yet and since it came with 3 bottles, she shared it with me.

So I've been dropping pounds fairly quickly by basically what I call the "POVERTY DIET". I can't afford any junk food and ration what food I have after my husband died recently.

So I thought great I can curb my hunger and lose weight faster. Well I've only been taking the RELEASE for less than 2 weeks and I noticed that my tummy looked a bit bigger 5 days ago, so I thought oh no, and took it all 3 times instead of the 2 times daily that I'd been taking it.

In the last 3 gays my stomach has grown 3 sizes bigger! Are you freaking kidding me? I've already suffered enough, now I have to detox to make sure and remove what ever it is that caused this to happen!So on top of all the other crap I've been through I have to start all over again.

If I could, I'd drive to your company take each individual gelcap out of the bottle and throw them in your faces !

I wish I could, but I'll settle for making a truthful comment on here and let everyone know DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

BarbaraAnzellotti March 31, 2019

You poor thing! I feel so bad for you. You really have gone through enough. I am so sorry about the loss of your husband. That alone is so sad and I sympathize for your pain. Thank you for posting your review though because it will help a lot of people and they won't have to deal with the garbage that you did. I am trying to find a good diet plan for my husband and myself and it's not easy. I don't want gimmicks, pills, drinks, etc. All I want is something balanced and healthy. Something that will help us lose weight and keep it off. The great American dream, right?

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that there are people that feel bad for your pain and hope that things get easier for you as time goes on. God bless you dear.

DonnaEdwards Bartley December 28, 2019

I have used an app called MyFitnessPal. I lost from 225 to 176 in about 6 months. The app is free but there is a pro version available. You do have to be dedicated because you have to enter everything you eat or drink as well as any exercise you do. But I can tell you, it works. It also made me self aware by allowing me to see exactly how many calories, carbs, sugars etc I was eating. I originally started the app in 2012 and had maintained the weight loss but recently I have gained about 15 pounds back and am about to restart using it again. I am 58 year old female just for the record. Best of luck to all who struggle with weight issues since I truly and am right there with you.

GayeStone January 19, 2020

Yours has been the most helpful comment. Thank you.

TTwoHarleygirl March 10, 2020

Thank you for your honesty. I am researching this for a friend who asked me for my opinion, and your posting has helped me give him a summary of my decisions. Thank you again. I wish you the best.

Moka Blu May 02, 2020

I'm SOOO CONFUSED. IF your stomach was already flat, why did you feel the need to consume GOLO? Why mess with something that was already working for you?

Moka Blu May 02, 2020

LuLu Comer, I'm SOOO CONFUSED. IF your stomach was already flat, why did you feel the need to consume GOLO? Why mess with something that was already working for you?

doesnt work
February 3, 2019
I absolutely wasted my money. After a month my stomach seems bigger.

Moka Blu May 02, 2020

I'm SOOO CONFUSED. IF your stomach was already flat, why did you feel the need to consume GOLO? Why mess with something that was already working for you?

September 15, 2017

My first order was the Original formula and it worked great.

I liked the diet plan and love making a pot of super fuel food for the week. Worked very well. But then the company changed the supplement formula. It was supposed to be New and improved?

I continued the diet plan with the new supplement formula and it has changed. The old formula had something that made me not crave eating all day. I was satisfied all day. Felt very normal.

Now with the new formula I am back to craving sugar, bread and everything else. I don't know what happened but the product changed. It makes me sad because I thought I had found a great product.

Good luck to everyone else.

VickiKirk Smith September 16, 2018


Do you think this was kinda like a Bait and Switch?

They gave you something in the beginning that worked and made you want to buy more and then it didn't work, but you thought maybe a bad batch or whatever and you'd try it again only to find it didn't work. Maybe that is how they lure US all in. Thanks for your review/opinion

Don't Waste Your Money
September 9, 2017

Look, all you need to do is a low-carb diet.

GoLo is telling you to do that, but they're also trying to sell you some completely bogus vitamins, which you don't need (just go to CVS and buy any multivitamin, if your concern is vitamins).

The GoLo.com people are losing weight because they're in ketosis due to eating low carb, not because of the dietary supplement GoLo.com wants you to buy.

Go low carb for free and don't waste your money on GoLo.com!

RobertM Lothrop December 15, 2019

what a bunch of crooks