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GOLO Weight Loss, found online at Golo.com, is a weight loss product that promises users a way to reverse their insulin resistance, a health condition which they claim is responsible for many people’s weight gain. 

How Does GOLO Weight Loss Work?

Insulin is one of the most important hormones in your body and directly affects metabolism, weight gain, aging, and your overall health. Insulin resistance has been believed to cause premature aging and increased metabolic age. 

According to Golo.com there are over 100 studies supporting the safety and efficacy of the GOLO Release dietary supplement. 

Additionally, they claim that studies have shown that those people taking the GOLO release pills "lost significantly more weight, inches around their waists and lowered their health risk markers" to a greater extent than those subjects taking a placebo.  

However, the company website only contains links to the PDFs of these studies so it is unclear if these studies have been peer reviewed or accepted by any respected scientific publications.

Ingredients and Side Effects

Unlike many other many other weight loss drugs, the GOLO insulin resistance supplement does not rely on caffeine and stimulants.

Instead, GOLO states it's release pills are and all-natural plant-based formula containing containing 7 plant-based ingredients and 3 minerals.

The website claims GOLO Release is "made in the USA in an FDA certified facility".  However, the FDA  states it does not “approve” laboratories or manufacturers of dietary supplements. [ 1 ]

So while a GOLO facility may have been inspected by the FDA, the claim that it is FDA certified seems misleading.

The ingredients used by this product include: Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium, Rhodiola Extract, Inositol, Berberine Extract, Gardenia Extract, Banaba Leaf Extract, Salaretin, Apple Extract, Vegetable Cellulose, Rice Fiber, Stearate, Silica.

Cost & Price Plans

The GOLO Weight Loss program comes with the ‘The GOLO for Life Plan’ eBook and the GOLO website membership when you purchase a bottle of GOLO Release for $49.95 (discounts for larger orders) with free shipping included.

Refund Policy

Golo.com states that their Release Dietary Supplement comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, and customers who are not satisfied with their purchase can return it for a full refund within 60 days.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact a representative with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 1-800-730-4656, by email at [email protected], or by filling out the contact form at Golo.com

GOLO Customer Reviews & Complaints

At this time it appears as though there are mixed reviews for this product outside of the reviews on the company’s own website.

Additionally, many of the positive reviews that are available for GOLO are from partners and affiliate websites, which makes it difficult to assess the degree of bias included in each review.

Amongst the negative customer reviews complaints claim that the Release Pills have done nothing to help with weight loss and in some cases people have put on weight following the GOLO protocols.

Some believe that any weight loss on the program is strictly attributed to the aggressive caloric restrictions they recommend, and that their diet plan is nothing unique, echoing basic healthy guidelines that most people are already familiar with. 

Others reported having negative side effects to the pills such as Acid Reflux or diarrhea.

On the other hand, proponents of GOLO, who have experienced success with the product, claim that the naysayers did not take the correct dosage or did not follow the program correctly.  

Ultimately, it’s very difficult to judge diet programs based on anecdotal evidence as everyone’s weight loss journey is unique and what works for some may have opposite results in others.

This is why it’s important to consult a professional before undergoing any kind of supplement regimen especially if you may have had negative reactions to herbal/weight loss products in the past.

Does GOLO Really Help With Weight Loss?

While GOLO is based on sound principles of addressing insulin spikes and managing your metabolism, it’s difficult to fully recommend this program.  

While any Diet that promotes whole foods instead of processed and encourages exercise is going to have at least some results it’s unclear how effective the GOLO Release Supplement is.

In the studies commissioned by GOLO to prove its efficacy the participants who showed positive results were taking the supplement in conjunction with an exercise and Diet plan, making it hard to narrow down exactly how big of a role Release played in their success.

Further, while GOLO may help you reach your desired weight goal and maintain lower blood sugar levels it’s still a calorie restricted diet.

So unless you commit to lifelong behavioral changes it may be an unsustainable long term solution especially if you include the cost of the supplement.

If you have any experience with GOLO.com or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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GOLO.com Customer Reviews

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Stomach/digestive problems
February 5, 2023
I took golo for a week and got severe cramps in my ribs then my stomach would growl and the cramps would subside. Would wake me up at night, I’d have to hold my breath till the growling ended then have to eat for it to go away. Ate more often than usual for this pain to end. I’ve stopped taking golo for over a week and still have issues but not as severe.

Avoid this program. Big rip off.
February 4, 2023

Reverse Health charges customers in a recurring basis. I was charged although not using the service. I asked for refund and explained I had lost my job. They only refunded me half even though I had not opened any downloads. Bad business practices.

No customer service. Buyer beware
January 30, 2023
Order was easy, but had the wrong shipping address. Tried to call. Was hung up on after 30 minute waiting time. Written three times no response.

Understanding there is no magic pill for weight loss.
January 29, 2023

Save your money and don’t buy into the many TV ads as I did. Do your research and read the medical professional’s opinions on the Golo Release supplements.

The diet is simply a common sense way of life. Giving up processed foods and consuming only whole natural foods is what most physicians recommend. Coupled with moderate exercise and activity has always been the truth for weight management and overall health.

The only useful benefits of the Golo plan is the Smart card (included) and the recipe booklet that I paid extra for. You have to weigh and measure everything when common sense portion control is all you need.

There may be some ingredients in the Golo Release supplement that are beneficial but there’s nothing proven that is tried and true. Loosing weight and inches is difficult and requires life changes, commitment and discipline. It’s as simple as that. Good luck to all who desire a better quality of life and better health! Sincerely, KCCS❤️

Misrepresented waste of money
January 29, 2023

Waste of money as an effective supplement. Does nothing. To lose weight you need to follow their diet - you can follow any diet without wasting your money on the capsules. I'm infuriated every time I see their commercial.

Does GoLo affect the liver?
January 16, 2023
I am very concerned as to whether GoLo may effect the liver. I've been taking GoLo for about a week now and my stool has lightened up in color. Liver problem create light stools which can mean that your liver is not functioning correctly. I can not find any medical papers to verify my concerns.

Gallbladder pain
December 21, 2022

I took GoLo for 3 months. I began having severe pain in my gallbladder daily. I’d never had issues before. I began vomiting and would have diarrhea when this pain continued. After almost going to the emergency room several times, I decided to see if GoLo could be the reason. I stopped taking it for a week. The pain went away. I took GoLo again and by the evening I was in severe pain again. I stopped taking it completely and I’ve never had this pain again. I will never take this again or recommend to anyone.

I’ve tried to research side effects but GoLo only has glowing reviews on their website, which is very suspicious.

Lizzybett February 04, 2023

I too have had the same issues. I have never had a heart burn, I have been very heathy. Started taking Golo as directed and by the evening i would have sever pain and vomiting to the point i had to go to emergency to rule out heart attack. It took three episodes to correlate that Golo was the issue. I'm sending the rest back.

Doesn't work
December 6, 2022

Did great for a week and a half. The weight melted away rapidly and I dropped 15 lbs. Then every day on the scale, the weight started going up as quickly as it went off. I am right back where I started and have been continuing taking the pills before each meal. I am diabetic and could feel the sugar levels dropping which would have been good for keeping my A1C lower.

But now it went way up also. Very hopeful when starting and very disappointed shortly after. It only seems to work a week and a half and then quits. I called Golo and followed their recommendations, but the weight kept going up. Very curious that it worked at first and then acted like it was placebos.

December 3, 2022
Waste of time and money. Regardless what you hear this is unproven and there is nothing of any value to it. With exercise and diet there is no difference and that's what's required with this with exercise and diet you can take a common vitamin

Don’t waste your money!
December 2, 2022
I tried GOLO—it is a waste of hard earned money. I didn’t lose a pound. I don’t doubt people lost weight on this diet, but it doesn’t have anything to do with what they are selling. If you start a low carb diet and eat the small portions they recommend, you can’t help but lose weight. People are fooled into thinking it’s the pills. I couldn’t find a way to rate them on their site.

Diarrhea and no refunds, shameful!
November 30, 2022
GOLO and their diet has done nothing for weight loss. BUT, more importantly, I had severe diarrhea for 4 days forcing me to a clinic. I stopped and started GOLO to be sure that was the cause. I did not sign up for a GOLO subscription, all purchases were made individually. GOLO WILL NOT REFUND after your first purchase, even though the purchases are independent of each other. The customer service was absent once GOLO had the money. BE AWARE of their (non)refund policy, it's a speedy lesson learned!

Communication rating zero.
November 28, 2022

I have tried to contact the customer service dept. But I keep getting cut off. I wish to return the second shipment that I did not know was coming. But no one will answer my calls, I do not know where to send shipment back.

Johnnie [email protected]

I do not recommend it it does not work
November 28, 2022

I've been on golo for a month. I have not seen any results. I followed the meal plan took as directed I work out it seems like since I've started taking it I gained weight so I do not recommend this to anybody. Not sure what else I could be doing differently but I will be discontinued taking it I will try something else

November 13, 2022
I’ve taken it for a week and it gives me intestinal cramping. Stopping today.

Lizzybett February 04, 2023

The same here.

Didn't do anything for me
November 11, 2022
Didn't do anything for me. I got heartburn and felt bloating every time I took it and didn't lose weight. The only thing that seems to work for me is the keto/atkins type diet.

RuthPerez November 28, 2022

I've been taking it for a month as well and I have not seen any results I've actually gained weight taking this

Not as advertised
November 11, 2022
I wish I had not ordered the golo plan. Once I opened the planThe 1st thing I saw was that The recipes seem to be plant based and immediately wanted me to order their Super foods kit and ads for a bunch of other things. I am a meat eater I'm not looking to become a vegetarian. Maybe they release pills will be helpful but if not, I will not reorder. I think their TV ad is very misleading.

RuthPerez November 28, 2022

Their TV ad is very misleading I've been on the golo release now for a month and I have not lost any weight I work out eat healthier but I'm gaining weight I'm discontinuing immediately

I gained 12 lbs
November 9, 2022
I tried this for 3 months. I did not loose a single pound. After 3 months I weighed 12 lbs more. BIG SCAM.

RuthPerez November 28, 2022

I have also gained weight taking this I'm discontinuing it immediately should have never wasted my money

Do not waste your money
October 27, 2022

Do not waste your money. I tried golo for 6 months. I watched everything I ate, exercises daily, golo did nothing but take my money. I followed the directions and nothing.

I still exercise daily and watch what I eat and can maintain my weight.

SharonJones October 31, 2022

Dont waste your money Never received.....

Unable to contact in order to cancel future orders or return new bottle.
October 26, 2022
I lost 1 pound after being on GOLO for one month. I give GOLO one star because they are impossible to communicate with. They asked me to put in my email address and then indicate they don't recognize it. There is no number to talk with a human and no way to cancel. I am going to block them on my AM/EX card, once I can talk to a human there! Don't buy GOLO. D. McGrath

no weight loss caused rash
October 22, 2022

I purchased hoping to reverse pre diabetes weighing myself showed I lost a few lbs then increased weight by 5 lbs,

Also developed a rash that I didnt previously have Not worth the price or all it promises that doesn't deliver very disappointing