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TurboFlex Glasses is a company stating they use unique eyewear technology that allows the temple of your glasses to flex in any direction.

This helps provide maximum comfort and durability, allowing the glasses to adapt to the most serious stressors while retaining their original shape.  They require minimal adjustments and offer long-lasting comfort.

How Does it Work?

These glasses are made out of high-quality stainless steel and can withstand much more abuse beyond that of an ordinary hinge.

They can move in any direction, making them ideal for wearing in any work environment, and provide a super flexible fit.

There are multiple TurboFlex collections for you to choose from. One of the most popular is TurboFlex BMW, although you can also choose from 360 glasses in collections like Easy Twist, Easy Clip, and Easy Twist n Clip.

The function of these glasses are similar, but they offer different frames and styles of glasses to suit any taste or fashion preference.

The company makes it easy to find glasses that fit your prescription, budget, and style. They offer polarized clip-on sunglasses so that you can enjoy being outside without compromising adequate eyewear, as well as tips and tricks for finding the best glasses for small faces.

These glasses are both kid- and granite- tested, proven to hold up to the most challenging and abusive situations! Broken frames, no more.

You’ll find that you are spending much less time at the eye doctor having your frames adjusted than you ever were in the past with these affordable, adjustable lenses.

Cost and Price Plans

The price of TurboFlex really cannot be beaten. It's comparable to other styles of glasses, with most designs starting at $149.

Depending on your prescription and whether you need certain accommodations, such as correction for astigmatism or bifocal lenses, you could pay a little bit more.

These frames are covered by many health and vision insurance plans, FSA, and HSA accounts as well.

TurboFlex is still a relatively new company, so they are still offering regular promotions to encourage customers to sign up for rewards and prizes.

Currently, the company is offering a chance to win a free pair of frames when you sign up and subscribe to their mailing list. When you provide your email, you will be entered into one of many weekly prize drawings.

Customer Service

TurboFlex is easy to get ahold of, with active social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook. You can keep in touch with the company or submit any questions, feedback, or concerns.

The technology is available at most eye care providers throughout the country, so you can also consult with your doctor to find out more information about this dynamic product.

In addition, you can contact the customer service department at TurboFlex by visiting their easy-to-use email contact form.

Online Reviews & Complaints

TurboFlex has received thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers.  Reviewers rave about these glasses, claiming that they are “light and super strong,” and the “perfect solution” to anybody in need.

Because they can be purchased with sunclips, without rims, and with different designs, they are adaptable to any budget or style, and offer a range of functions to boot.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are plenty of other flexible eyeglass options on the market, but very few of them compare to TurboFlex. Two similar products are Titanflex and Flexon frames.

Titanflex offers frames that are designed to hold up to stressful conditions much like TurboFlex. These frames are comfortable but also designed with fashion in mind. You can purchase these specifically for sun wear or even for children’s use.

Flexon frames, on the other hand, are also lightweight and durable, but these are made out of memory metal. This unique technology allows the glasses to be bent and twisted to return to their original shape.

Where to Buy?

TurboFlex is available in select eyeglass retailers across the United States and Canada.

Owned by the Aspex Eyewear group, this company partners with thousands of optometrists across the country to offer affordable vision wear that moves with you - instead of against you.

Ask your eye doctor whether they carry glasses with TurboFlex technology - chances are, they do, since this is now available at retailers both large and small, urban and rural.

Is TurboFlex Worth It?

If you’re an active adult who is sick of constantly breaking your glasses, give this product a try.  These frames help keep you moving by offering indestructible technology.

Bent frames won’t slow you down, and you won’t be constantly visiting the eye doctor for repeated adjustments.

Instead, you’ll be able to adapt to whatever life throws at you - even if it knocks your glasses right off your face.

If you have any experience with the TurboFlex Glasses or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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TurboFlex Glasses Customer Reviews

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Nice looking frame, but prefer more robust lens retention method.
April 13, 2021

My optical clinic sold me a pair of these frames that I selected off their shelf. I'm somewhat "tough" on my eyewear frames and mentioned this to them. They assured me this wasn't a problem with these frames. I'm very satisfied with the function of the temple pieces, which are somewhat ambidextrous.

However, the method these frames use to contain the optics is problematic. These particular frames utilize some sort of monofilament material that fits within a recessed area machined into the lenses to hold them in place. This monofilament line tends to stretch enough to, in my usage, allow the lenses to fall out of the frame.

On one instance, while getting an FAA flight physical for my pilot's license, a lens happened to fall out of my eyeglass frame. Fortunately, one of the staff members there was gracious enough to replace the lens, although it didn't fit quite as well.

I like the appearance of these frames, along with their temple durability, however I won't replace these frames with another like version due to the weakness of lens retention.