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Just Flowers, found online at JustFlowers.com, states that they have a long success record for providing their customers with high quality gift baskets and floral arrangements with the highest level of service and satisfaction.

How Does Just Flowers Work?

Most people are very familiar with the process of finding and order cut flowers online, as online florists arrange their offerings into very basic categories to help their customers quickly find what they are looking for. At JustFlowers.com these categories include Birthday, Occasions, Flowers, Roses, Gift Baskets, Sympathy, Plants, and more.

Cost/Price Plans

JustFlowers.com has a wide range of products that you can choose from, so their prices have a wide range as well. Products are categorized in prices from under $50 to over $100, depending on what you order.

Customers should always keep in mind that these prices do not include choices for personalization, like vase choices or gift wrap, as well as your personal instructions for delivery. 

Refund Policy

JustFlowers.com does not really have a Refund Policy, but they do offer a guarantee which says that customers who are not completely satisfied with their order should contact them within 7 days of delivery so they can offer you an item in exchange. If for some reason they cannot offer you a comparable item for exchange, customers will be issued a store credit. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact their Customer Service team with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-716-7559, by submitting them directly to their website through their Customer Service form, or by email at [email protected]


Unfortunately JustFlowers.com we found that has many vocal dissatisfied customers who list their complaints, ranging from problems with delivery to problems with customer service when they tried to get assistance with their problem. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other online services available that specialize in providing their customers with flowers and sometimes live plants as well, including ProFlowers.com, Teleflora, FTD.com, and many others.  
If you have any experience with Just Flowers or their products, please leave your reviews below.

Just Flowers Customer Reviews

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Unsolicited emails
November 4, 2021
I wouldn’t use their service if even free. No matter how many times I have tried to unsubscribe to their unwanted emails, they have harassed me for years. I hate this company

They Can't Deliver What They Promise !
October 13, 2021


It's amazing - All the reviews on "Just Flowers.com" are wonderful! Not a single one posted on their site lists anything but 4 **** - what happens to those of Us who have been terribly disappointed, failed to get any satisfaction & at most, a $15 refund, regardless of what we paid? I still haven't gotten it -more lies!

I placed an order early in Sept - 4 days in advance -not only was it not delivered on time (2 days late), but they couldn't even send WHAT I ORDERED, EVEN THO, I was assured, no problem! A POOR selection of daisies & fillers, was what was sent! WOW ! I could have picked up a far better bunch of flowers in the grocery store for 75% less money. Talk about being embarrassed by this poor substitute of a gift!

I needed to send them a picture (how? when she doesn't have a cell phone & no cameras were available -our word as a customer, is not acceptable? This is a company that touts "we are committed to customer satisfaction". I have never been so poorly treated - reporting them to BBB -did little - BBB needs to do a more thorough job before allowing them to advertise their rating. They have plenty of complaints for poor delivery, inadequate substitutes, etc. Do not use this company . They DON'T deliver what they promise!

Stay AWAY, Do Not Order!
October 11, 2021

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I placed an order for a plant garden, on Fri 10/08/21, to be delivered the same day for a funeral, which was held on Mon 10/11/21, service began 11:00am. I noticed my order was not in sight, checked with funeral home mgmt, order never received. I went to check my order confirmation email and noticed an email from Just flowers, today's date at 11:03am, advising problem with order & could not deliver. Well nice freaking time to tell me, during the service!!

So disgusted, I agreed to have order sent directly to the residence. Told them this is not over! After the funeral had rcvd 2 phone calls & emails about the order. I followed up with calls to customer service. They said I had to speak to manager. Then no mgr available, they'll call back. 

Finally received a CB, manager was going to charge me full price! I said no, this was your fault not mine. He would only discount up to 15%, said that's all he was allowed. Told him to cancel the whole order.I'll pay half that price of nearly $80 & it will be delivered locally by a professional business. I will keep a check on my CC bill for the refund!! 

NEVER AGAIN!!!!! I think the BBB needs to recheck this company's credibility & score them properly.

Do Not Order From Justflowers.com!!!!
October 6, 2021

I am livid!! I ordered a beautiful standing easel and paid extra to have more flowers put on it and I ordered a banner plus paid the extra fee to have it delivered before 1 pm. Well over $200! They kept calling me to change the delivery date!! I told them it was for a funeral that was scheduled for one day at the funeral home, not some kind of party!

Well, when a family member sent me the picture of what was delivered, I was shocked, mad mad, hurt and embarrassed!!!! It was a small garden plant!! This order was called in days in advance and when I called the local florist they said they received the flower request one hour before the service was ending. I have been dealing with the same person at justflowers about it and she keeps giving me a different name, joy, desiree...

When I'm talking to her and asking questions she gives me the silent treatment and acts like she can't hear me. I am asking for a full refund and all they want to give me is $15!!! I am so sick to my stomach about this! Very hard lesson learned and too much anguish and hurt!! I give them no stars at all (but I had to click on one to process this)! They are heartless and stealing money from people that are trying to send flowers to their beloved friends/family!!

Didn't deliver and lied about it 3 times.
September 13, 2021
Constantly moving date of delivery, and then just didn't deliver. How can people be so callous to not send to a funeral? They claim to have 4.5 star reviews but I think that is all part of the scam.

Velma October 06, 2021

Do not order with justflowers.Com!! They are a scam! I ordered a beautiful easel arrangement with a banner

Don’t order here
September 3, 2021
Placed an order and never received it. I called over 8 times. No one could help. They put me on hold over and over. Also paid to have it delivered before 1pm and obviously that didn’t happen either.

Disappointing, poor arrangement of cheap flowers
July 25, 2021
I ordered a veteran’s red, white & blue sympathy basket for my brother- in- law’s funeral who died on Memorial Day 2021.Did arrive on time but it was a puny disappointing basket with literally 7 cheap carnations , 2 white pompoms of sorts & a scrawny light blue bow. I could have bought one from a street vendor in my neighborhood much nicer, but delivery was Missouri. 90+ $$$. What a joke- do not waste your money!

GenaBlair August 12, 2021

Don't use Just Flowers! Ordered online an arrangement "Cremesicle" which was ORANGE and WHITE as the name suggests with an orange bow. Delivered a mixed arrangement including pinks and purple with a small white bow in a bud vase. They play it off as part of their substitution policy. Wish I had looked at their ratings before I ordered.

TeresaEnglish August 14, 2021

Definitely do not not not order flowers from this company. I spent at least an hour searching for the perfect arrangement to send as a thank you. Well...I saw what was delivered and I was sooooo embarrassed. What was sent had zero resemblance to what I ordered. Requesting a refund was a joke. The loophole is...On their web page they state they can substitute any flowers to get the flowers delivered on time.

What I ordered was so very nice. What was received could be compared to weeds out of the road ditch placed in a beer can. I paid $63,73. No refunds, the reason they get by with this is that most people do not see what was delivered. Like me they assume what they ordered was sent. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Do not use this company who does not care what gets sent as long as they are paid.

Delivery NEVER Happened!!!
July 9, 2021

This company is DREADFUL!!! I ordered a plant for my daughter’s 50th birthday paid extra for balloon and expedited delivery!! It was ordered 2 weeks in advance. The plant was NEVER DELIVERED. Days later I spoke to 4 bogus Customer Service reps plus a Manager…. NO RESULT!!

I have called my bank to put in a fraudulent charge on this HORRID DISGRACEFUL COMPANY!!!!


May 23, 2021
I ordered flowers for my step mother and its been a week since the original delivery date, I have reached out to them twice with NO RESPONSE. This place is a scam.

Never ever order from JustFlowers.com!
May 16, 2021

I ordered flowers to be sent to my my mother for Mother's Day. At no time when I placed my order did the site let me know that they could NOT fulfill my order.

They took my money (over $100). On Mother's Day, I received a text that my order would be delayed to Monday 5/10. On Monday 5/10, I received a text that my order would be delayed to Tuesday 5/11 (no explanation). On Tuesday 5/11, I received a text that my order was delayed to Wednesday 5/12 (no explanation). On Wednesday 5/12, I received a text that my order was delayed to Thursday 5/13 (no explanation).

On Thursday 5/13, I sent an "inquiry" because that is the ONLY way you can communicate with the company, demanding that they cancel my order and refund my money. On Friday 5/14, I received a text that my order had been "further delayed." I sent an email to customer support demanding AGAIN that they cancel my order and refund my money. NO RESPONSE.

On Saturday 5/15, I sent ANOTHER email demanding they cancel my order and refund my money. STILL NO RESPONSE. I have just filed a dispute against the company with my Bank to retrieve my money. RIDICULOUS and I will NEVER EVER use this company again and I HIGHLY recommend that you do not either!!

Doing the right thing and making sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else
May 14, 2021
Ordered a product, it was never delivered and company took my money. Looks like a law suit to me. If this happened to you, it could be a bigger law suit...

May 13, 2021
Ordered flower for my daughter on May 7 to be delivered May 9 today May 13 has not been delivered, haven't contact with status of order. I called put me on hold 1 hr. then then a woman hang up. Very disappointed about the service. Make me think this is a scam.

Lacking Credibility
May 12, 2021
Order flowers for mothers day along with balloons and a stuffed bear. Received a text that flowers will be delivered on Monday. Received the flowers but none of the add ons. Called the flower shop that delivered the flowers and they stated all they received was the flower order. Called, text, emailed main customer service with no response. Customer service is lacking credibility.

No delivery, just take your money
May 11, 2021
Ordered flowers on April 30th to be delivered on May 7th for mother's day. I was sent a message that they would be delivered on the 10th, well guess what not delivered. This company truly sucks. Never, Never use them. I learned my lesson the hard way!

This is a scam
May 11, 2021


I order flowers for my mother for Mothers Day last week. Delivery was suppose to be fore Friday. Received an email on Saturday stating that they tried their best but my order could not be delivered and will be delivered the following business day. Monday I received the same email. On Tuesday I received a cancellation. I tried to call customer service but a person is non exiting. I had to leave multiple messages. Nothing.

Horrible - Disappointed is an understatement
May 10, 2021

I ordered flowers from this website on Friday 05/07/2021 for Mother's Day- Main reason they stated they could do same day delivery - That night I get an email that it wont be delivered until Saturday.

On Saturday nothing and no messages. Sunday night I received a message it wont be delivered until Monday. Now I just received a message that it wont be delivered until Tuesday. I have emailed twice, left 2 message on the website and called and left several messages with no response whatsoever and can never get a live person. They have already charged my card. Even when calling to place a new order it tells me they are too busy and it hangs up on me.

IN my entire 40 years I have never left a bad review for a company. This company ruined my Mother's Day for my mom who I could not visit this year and now is 4 days late in delivering my flowers with no confirmation that they will even deliver. This company is a joke.

Also my order was 90 some dollars - I just want to cry. I have a very limited budget and went out of my way to make this day special for my mom and now they have taken my money but wont deliver the flowers and do not care about rectifying the situation.

At this point I will be leaving bad reviews on any website I can find so people are aware to not waste their time, money or energy with this joke of a company.

ShawnaAudet May 11, 2021

Reading your review made me relive my own experience with JustFlowers. Like you, I ordered flowers for my mother on Mother's Day. They never arrived. JustFlowers took my money and ran. I sent them over ten emails asking for them to give me my money back but they did not reply. I tried to phone them but it is impossible to get a live person and they ignore my requests asking them phone me. This company is a complete scam. How can we stop this company from engaging in fraud?

customer service is poorly lacking..
May 9, 2021
justflowers.com: i ordered flowers for mothers day delivery and still waiting. called custommer service numerous times no response. Compay is not what they advertise. Want all my $ back.....e

Terrible delivery service and worse customer support!!!
May 7, 2021

Do NOT Buy from this company. They have terrible delivery service and even (if you can believe it) WORSE customer service. I ordered early on a Monday for a Tuesday delivery to the home of a person coming home from a severe surgery. They charged me just fine, but didn't deliver my order!! I called on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (today) and got (after 30-45 minute hold on the phone) the same answer: "Please hold and I'll check your order.....(4 minute wait)....yes, sir, your order will be delivered TOMORROW (!!) Guaranteed....and I'll send you a discount in the email."

NOT!!!!! I'm still waiting on a refund, a delivery, or at least an apology.....BAD NEWS!!!!

Poor quality arrangements, and customer service
February 18, 2021

This company is the most unprofessional I've ever dealt with. I ordered what should have been an arrangement of ASSORTED ORANGE flowers for $163. What was delivered to my dear friend were yellow and red roses that were thrown into a vase by presumably a 3 year old. Different colors, different fillers, no ribbon, etc.

To make matters worse, JustFlowers' customer service offered to credit me $10. This when they didn't even have an explanation as to why my Invoice/Order reads "Sunset Rose", which is a $64.99 corsage. Spent two days asking to speak to a supervisor/manager and kept being thrown around, and promised I'd get a call back. Never happened...until I posted negative reviews on social media.

Customer Service Manager/Supervisor, Theresa called, only to insult me further. She's in the wrong line of work...rude, condescending, and arrogant. It's no wonder they have all the disclosures to cover their asses... They can substitute everything and anything....and bring you scraps. Better off at Fresh Market...huge variety of gorgeous roses $16.99 / dozen.

December 10, 2020
I've asked four times for them to stop sending me promotional emails, and they keep emailing me every day. Please don't support companies that break the law and violate ICANN Spam regulations.

Gina November 04, 2021

Same here, I have unsubscribed so many times over years! I filed a complaint with the BBB..I hope others will do the same.