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Totally Disappointed!
February 20, 2024
Totally disappointed! Did not deliver my request on the specific date even though I ordered a week in advance to assure delivery date. Terrible customer service. I would never use this company again and I suggest you don't either!

Should be a 0. Do not order from this company
February 18, 2024
Consider this a cautionary tale for anyone considering Just Flowers for their floral needs. I'm utterly dismayed by the abysmal service I received when ordering a funeral arrangement from them. Despite assurances, the flowers arrived late and looked nothing like the $250 arrangement I ordered. Adding insult to injury, the accompanying note was replaced with a cheap envelope stating a "greeting card shortage," containing a folded piece of printer paper. When I attempted to address my concerns with customer service, they argued that the flowers delivered looked like a cross, despite photographic evidence I provided. I requested to speak to a manager to address this, but instead of assistance, I was put on hold, only for the representative to hang up on me. Upon calling back, I once again had to leave a voicemail. This matter remains unresolved. Contacting the company is nearly impossible; after enduring 5-minute hold times, calls are consistently redirected to voicemail. Save yourself the trouble and avoid Just Flowers at all costs. Their lack of competence and empathy is shocking and unacceptable.

May 27, 2023
Do not order from this place, or from just flowers, which apparently are interchangeable. Mother’s Day flowers kept getting postponed, until it was looking like the Wednesday after Mother’s Day might be the day they would be delivered… Or they may have been postponed again. At any rate, I canceled the order and demanded a refund. I have yet to get that and I have been on the phone with their customer service three times now, they keep telling me that they issued the refund and are blaming it on my Discover card. Basically they are saying they issued the refund on the 17th, and if I have not received it nine days later, it is my credit cards company’s fault not theirs. I am looking into how to report them because this is BS.

Incompetent Company - DO NOT USE!
May 21, 2023

I ordered flowers for my Mother. The flowers were supposed to have been delivered the day before Mother's Day, but this company is so incompetent because of the following:

-They tried sending the flowers to the wrong address on purpose

-They claimed they would contact the local florist to see what the issue was, but never got back to me

-They claimed the flowers were delivered to my Mother, but my Mom never got them

Don't use this flower company! I told them to either give me a full refund and they failed to do so!

NEVER use this florist
May 20, 2023
I ordered flowers for my 102 yr old mother- I thought it would be a decent arrangement for $85. It turned to be a vase with green filler, fern, leaves and an occasional flower. I recommend anyone use a different florist.

Avoid this Site, Don't fall prey to the Yes we can, as they Can't
May 17, 2023
Stay away from this site. On a busy day, such as Mother's day they accept orders they simply cannot deliver. They send no notification that the flowers are not delivered when committed to. They simply point to the fine print several days later with a "gee we are sorry" form letter

May 17, 2023

What a horrible horrible company. How can you have a flower company with NO compassion and NO customer service. I had a Mothers Day order that still has not been delivered. I called several times a day and finally got a supervisor who promised delivery the next day.

Well that was two days ago and still nothing. Then they tell you to text them and that text message says they are too busy helping others try again.

A flower place with No Compassion who would love to take your money and order but not take care of your actual order. Stay the heck away.

Do Not Order From Here!
May 1, 2023

Not even a 1 star. They never delivered flowers to my nephews funeral. They sent me a text 20 min before the funeral saying they wouldn't make it. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE. They do not care. They told me that funerals were top priority. LIES

DO NOT USE! Will substitute whatever cheap flowers they want
April 12, 2023


Was supposed to have lilies, gladiolas, Eucalyptus. But what was delivered looked like something you could buy at the grocery store for $9...carnations, a couple roses, a bunch of greenery.

Not a single flower shown in the picture on their website was in the arrangement my relative received. NOT ONE.

They claim they have the right to substitute. But if you're going to substitute EVERY single flower, why even show pictures, just tell ppl to give you money and you'll send whatever.

After I complained, they offered to refund $10. I spent $80 and they delivered a cheap garbage arrangement. Highway robbery. Horrible company.

Not a reputable company
April 5, 2023

We wanted to send flowers to a family member after a death in the family.

Placed the order, no problem. The next day, received an Email stating there were no drivers so the flowers could not be delivered as expected but stated they would be delivered the next day. The next day, we received the same Email again. We called and had to cancel the order because they could not say when they would be able to deliver them.

This is no way to run a business and will never use or recommend them to anyone.

April 2, 2023

The arrangement was absolutely nothing like what I paid for. They substituted everything and then said it was the same arrangement. It was not the florists fault.

The pic on the website did not match what they told me was the description of the arrangement that they gave to the florist. I pointed out to them that this is fraud,. And they kept insisting that they filled the order with flowers that were of equal value and that the florist filled the "recipe".

Customer service seems to be made up of people who do not live in the US even though the company is based in California. I asked why they didn't contact me if they couldn't fulfill the order. I would have cancelled the order if they couldn't fulfill it. They basically want your money any way they can get it.

They don't care about their reputation or that their customers are being scammed. They offered me $8 instead of a refund. I felt insulted. I ordered these flowers for a dying relative. I wanted her to have beautiful flowers to look at while she was suffering.

They really just don't care. They just want your money. To top it off they will text, email, and phone message you to death but not actually address the issue. They say they care and want to help but they just accuse the customer.

Do Not Order From Justflowers
March 7, 2023

DO NOT BUY!!!! I repeat Do Not Buy from this company. March 2023, went online for florists in the Fort Myers area and purchased Iris of my Eye which is a bouquet of Iris’s only. What was delivered was NOT what was ordered. In fact, it was a completely different arrangement that did not have any Iris’s at all. I contacted JustFlowers and was told they have a substitution policy. I said that someone should of contacted me to let me know that they did not have an arrangement of Iris’s to offer. Instead they delivered an arrangement that looked like flowers were bought at the supermarket and stuck them in a vase. It was so ugly and I was embarrassed that a family member received such a horrible arrangement. The cost was $44.99 and Manager said that she would reimburse me $15. I told her that she needed to reimburse full amount due to not receiving what was ordered. She replied that if I wanted a full refund that the arrangement that was delivered would have to be picked up – that is no word of a lie. Please DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. Look on the Better Business Website to which there are terrible reviews for JustFlowers

Horrible company, horrible customer service
March 1, 2023

I searched specifically for PURPLE flowers for my daughter-in-law and found a picture of a beautiful arrangement of ALL purple flowers. I placed the order and anxiously waited for the flowers to be delivered. My DIL sent a picture of the delivery and much to my dismay and disgust, not only was there only ONE purple flower in the arrangement of mostly PINK flowers, but there was one AWFUL brown sprig of something dead in the middle of it all. Their solution was to refund the service fund portion of the bill ... totally unacceptable when they dropped the ball that badly.

I had to file a BBB complaint to get them to work with me at all. When they called my phone and I answered, no one was ever on the other end of the line. When I ignored the calls, someone with a very heavy accent who spoke extremely fast (so it was impossible to understand the message/phone number). It took 3 days of them blowing up my phone before I could finally understand one of the messages well enough to return the call.

I will NEVER use this company again, and I suggest no one else use them, either.

Horrible experience
February 18, 2023

I ordered flowers and balloon to be delivered to my daughter who is away at college for February 14, 2023. I wanted to do something special for her because she suffered a major loss a few months ago. The flowers never arrived. Call Customer Service was initially told florist said flowers were not delivered, when asked for a refund was told she was having difficulty hearing florist when call

and in the same breath the customer service rep told me unable to reach florist. So many lies not sure what to believe, but the fact remains flowers were never delivered. Asked if I wanted a Valentine Day arrangement delivered 4 days later. Really. Unprofessional on so many levels. Was never called or emailed about flowers issue with delivering flowers. Now being told someone will call me regarding refund.

People don’t trust this company
February 16, 2023

I ordered flowers over the phone on Feb 13th I talked to customer service on the 14th and asked them if my flowers would be delivered they assured me they would do at 6:30 pm I get a text saying they can’t be delivered. I called customer service and John said he would find out what happened and get back to me in 10 minutes it’s been 2 days and 12 hours and still no follow up. Their customer service is horrible they have an automated message saying text us for faster response well that was a crook of bull. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY they are not trustworthy.

Avoid at all costs
February 15, 2023
Terrible experience. They messaged me same day that they couldn't complete the order.  I called and have spent 45 minutes on the phone. I told them the new delivery date wouldn't work because the recipient wouldn't be home.  They just kept trying to push the order even though I said no. "What if we gave you a 5 dollar discount?" NO!  What am I supposed to do about the recipient not being home? No one can receive the flowers.  So now 45 minutes has gone by, still on the phone, still hasn't been resolved.  What a joke.

Just Flowers, just sucks
February 15, 2023
It’s Valentine’s Day. I ordered flowers from just flowers, got a text then a call from them to say they weren’t going to deliver.

Didn't meet my expectations, cannot recommend to others.
December 28, 2022
I was very disappointed with the floral arrangement I sent. When I saw the picture of what was received compared to what I ordered, I was actually shocked. It looked nothing like the expensive flowers I had ordered. After much communication with the company, I was offered refund for one stem and the expedited shipping charge. Everyone who has seen the pictures agree this was nothing like what I ordered. The expensive flowers in the ad were replaced with cheap filler flowers.

Didn’t receive order
December 23, 2022
Awful customer service. My order was for a birthday and was set for same day delivery. Two days later when I called to cancel order the representative kept talking over me and offered me a $5 refund if they could deliver order three days later. Representative said she couldn’t cancel and had to place me on hold, after 15 minutes I hung up. I won’t use this company again and do not recommend.

Sales fraud
December 17, 2022
I spent almost $100 on a order and they failed to send or have delivered the arrangement that was depicted when I sent pictures of the arrangement received which did not include a vase or a card, as promised. Over a series of 4 escalations the company and a manager repeatedly argued , spoke over me, refused to listen and became very antagonistic and disrespectful, and suggested that the recipient had mental health issues, and they refused resend the flowers originally order or to refund the money. It’s a clearly sales fraud, I formally worked on the florist business, and I’ve never observed a more unprofessional company. I recommend calling your credit card company if they have defrauded you.

FereshtehMalekfarnoud December 21, 2022

How many thousands of times should I subscribe just flower.com ? How much do I tell you not to send an email? How ignorant are you? You are disturbing. I have been unsubscribing every time for several years but you keep sending stupid emails, this is the last warning or I will sue you.

CarterHall December 23, 2022

Wish I had read this sooner, awful service.

DeborahBrooks December 28, 2022

I feel the same way. The customer support is just really bad, exactly as you described.