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Costway is an online retailer selling furniture, home goods, appliances, pet supplies, and other goods for the home.  The company has a long retail history and has steadily grown to be a top player in many global markets.

Costway began by selling branded merchandise on Amazon and eBay, but since 2015 has been operating at, shipping goods from their own international warehouses.

By relying on their own supply chain Costway is able to offer free standard shipping on all items with no purchase minimums and guaranteed fast shipping.

How Does It Work?

Costway operates as a central retailer for a large variety of product manufacturers that sell their products through and under the company's brand.

Once in the Costway ecosystem, goods can be sold across several online channels such as Amazon, Ebay, or Walmart and are  are shipped directly to customers.  This system comes with its share of pros and cons for sellers.

By having warehouses in the US and Europe Costway can serve a large population of customers.  Further, by taking over the supply chain for individual sellers they have concentrated the shopping experience to one website, making for a more efficient sales process.

On the other hand, this massive undertaking has sometimes come at the cost of customer support.  By having to deal with each supplier's various products, providing quality customer service and product support has proved challenging for Costway.

Another major challenge is maintaining quality control standards across such a wide array of products and suppliers.  This has resulted in a wide range of Costway reviews from customers, everything from glowing feedback to furious complaints.

Understanding the limitations of their business model, Costway has recently navigated to having much of their products be ones that don’t require servicing, such as basic patio furniture.

Refund Policy

A detailed outline of the company’s refund policy can be found on their website.  Most goods qualify for a 30 day refund period.

If you're unsatisfied with your purchase you will have to send qualifying items back in their original packaging.  For most items you will be issued a prepaid return label.

Costway states that without the original packaging you will be charged a $45 fee, per item.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to speak with Costway customer service can do so using:

Costway Customer Reviews

Unfortunately Costway receives poor reviews from some unhappy customers, all of which seem to be regarding the poor quality of the products themselves, as well as the unhelpfulness of Costway customer service.

Costway reviews reveal that customers sometimes receive damaged, poorly constructed, or non-functioning items and then have to spend time working with customer rep to solve their issues.

Many customers who received damaged furniture or products missing critical components have had a difficult time having their issues rectified.

Some customers stated that when they attempted to return a product, or call to complain about products that broke soon after they were delivered, they found the response they received unsatisfactory.

Other customers simply had difficulty getting customer service to follow through with a speedy resolution in getting the right parts sent out to finish assembly of merchandise.

Currently Costway has a D- rating with the BBB and 356 complaints on that platform.  This is not great but should also be taken in the context that this company claims to serve 10 million customers per month.

In some cases Costway representatives offer small financial compensation lieu of fully replacing damaged furniture.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many online discount retailers so customers will have many other opportunities to find the products they are looking for, but they will want to take the same caution looking for reviews of these retailers.

There are also many boutique e-commerce furniture companies popping up including Inside Weather Furniture, Madison Seating, France and Son, and Thuma Bed

Some of the major players also include WayFair and Amazon.

Again, most online retailers have at least some complaints, partly due to the fact that they're serving such a large number of customers.

It’s important to do your research and make sure you can get customer support for your purchase should you need it.

Is Costway a Good Brand?

In recent times most goods we buy are manufactured overseas, so we’ve come to expect a lower standard of quality from items purchased online vs locally.

In regards to Costway, while the overall customer reviews are mixed, you may luck out and score a discounted item that will last, or you may be among the many customers who are left with defective goods and a customer service headache to deal with.

Even if you are shopping for budget goods it may be a good idea to order from brands that have a local presence in your city.

The ability to have a physical place to go to and speak with a real person in case something goes wrong can prove beneficial.

In our opinion it would be best to limit the use of Costway for non-technical items that are easily assembled and won’t require ongoing maintenance or support. 

If you have any experience with Costway or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Costway Customer Reviews

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No Customer Service, BEWARE!
February 5, 2023
I have made several attempts to the customer service dept. and many weeks later, still waiting. Customer service is nonexistent, and this business is one to stay away from.

Fast delivery
December 1, 2022
Extremely fast delivery, it was a great experience. Thank you so much!!!!

November 29, 2022
Unit works well. Easy to install but the instruction manual could use some fine tuning. My unit arrived with the condenser severely dented but it didn’t affect the operation of the unit…it’s just unsightly. Customer service was okay except for the fact they advised if I kept the unit with the dents they would refund $150. Still haven’t received $150. The unit works well though.

Delivers on their promises
November 21, 2022
It was here within a week and was just as expected-even better. Great material, sturdy and is perfect for our Sunroom. I will definately shop with you again.

Good selection and a reasonable price.
November 12, 2022
I wanted to get this umbrella for next summer, so I haven't used it yet. But I am happy with the color, size, and delivery. I look forward to using it next year.

Pation Rattan Rocker
November 12, 2022
This rocking chair was very easy to assemble.

Terrible Customer Service. Won't stick to advertised prices.
November 11, 2022

This unit came highly reviewed and performs excellent. It's just unfortunate that it has to be purchased from a company with such terrible customer service.

The item was sold out when I went looking for it on the website, so I signed up to be notified by email if/when the unit came back in stock. I got an email a few weeks later saying that it was back in stock and advertised a large discount! The original price of $174 had a big line through it and the new price of $139 +free shipping was being advertised in the email notifying me that the item was back in stock. I was incredibly excited!

I clicked on the link in the email and was directed to the item's page on their website, except the price was listed at $169. A whopping $5 off. I double checked the email I received advertising the price of $139+Free Shipping, and it was only 4 hours old. I assumed this must be a mistake, so I emailed their customer service and received this response: "Thank you for contacting Costway Customer Service Team. My name is Amelia and I will be more than happy to assist you today. Our product is adjusted according to the market price and our warehouse inventory. The price could be different and updating every day. You can register on our website and contact us after you register, we can send you a $10 off coupon for you to buy the item. Kind regards, Amelia"

What a terrible response. What terrible customer service. What a terrible way to run a business. If your advertised price is what brings me to your website, then you need to stick to that price. You can't sucker me in and then change the price once I'm here.

servicecostway November 14, 2022

We're sorry that our products did not satisfy you.

We will provid better products and services in the future.

If you have any questions, please forward your question or concern as well as the order number to our customer support at [email protected]

We will solve your problems as soon as possible

Kind regards

Costway inc.

November 11, 2022
Very happy with quality and look of the chairs and also loved that they did the payment plan option.

Affordable and friendly
November 1, 2022
I received my order as expected. I contacted customer service and they were very quick to respond. They answered my questions and followed up to make sure everything worked out with my purchase.

servicecostway November 14, 2022

Thank you very much for your praise.

We are dedicated to providing better products and services to our users.

Welcome back to our website again.

Kind regards.

Costway inc.

Great company to order from
September 14, 2022

I recently got a toddler table and chair set from Costway. It came very quickly and was very easy to assemble. I am very pleased with the product. It is perfect for my grandson who is 2 years old. I have purchased from Costway in the past. I got an air conditioner. I have had the product for over two years now and have never had any issues. I think Costway is a great company and will order from them again.

servicecostway November 14, 2022

Thank you very much for your praise.

We are dedicated to providing better products and services to our users.

Welcome back to our website again.

Kind regards.

Costway inc.

Consistently great products! This wet/dry vac is sturdy, lightweight, yet very powerful!
September 3, 2022

I loved the patio furniture set I bought from Costway and have continued to buy items for our new home from them because I’m always leary at such great pricing deals- but Costway continues to never disappoint!

We needed a wet/dry vac and have tried several big name brands in the past and have been underwhelmed to say the least. I cannot say that about this machine! It’s large enough to do the job, yet very lightweight and easily portable.

Also, it’s very sturdy at the same time! We have used it for all kinds of projects the last few weeks and nothing slows this thing down! No more dusting/wiping down baseboards with a broom- one quick pass with the hose and they look good as new! It also cleans my car with better suction than the car wash ones and I don’t have to spend any money or leave my home! It’s thin enough to use as a vac or mop under short furniture, and it even had no problems soaking up a drenched patio rug in about one minute!

Easy to assemble- definitely my new favorite all around household cleaning machine! Oh yes, it also blows the debris off my sidewalk after mowing! This is my 4th item purchased from Costway and I’m very impressed. I will update my review if that changes.

servicecostway November 14, 2022

Thank you very much for your praise.

We are dedicated to providing better products and services to our users.

Welcome back to our website again.

Kind regards.

Costway inc.

Great customer service
August 30, 2022
I am very happy for the customer service received as we had issues with the unit we ordered, but they always responded quickly to my emails and provided solutions as possible. Thanks for taking care of the customer

Wonderful Products, Great Customer Service
August 25, 2022

I have many COSTWAY products I have purchased over the last 3 years. Each purchase has been a great experience. The product quality, fast shipping and customer service has always been a positive experience. Recently I purchased a cordless leaf blower. My Grandson really enjoyed using our COSTWAY leaf blower while helping us with yard work at our cabin. This blower is a wonderful light duty blower that still gets the job done.

I found this @costway online, shipping was lightening fast. It was refreshing to see the simplicity of this unit upon opening the box. I pulled it out, attached the tunnel to the blower, attached the battery and went right to work testing the blower. It has made my life so much easier! I no longer grab the broom to sweep the walk or the garage. I have a walkway at the back of our house that consists of cement pads set in tiny stones. The dog tends to throw the stones onto the cement pads when playing, the COSTWAY leaf blower easily blows them off for easy cleanup. Yard debris such as leaves, small sticks and grass can be easily blown away.

I am amazed all that I can do with this unit. My only suggestion is to purchase an extra battery, battery life depends on the variable speed setting chosen on the blower. The blower speed is very easy to change with your thumb while blowing. I highly recommend this blower. Electrical Cordless Leaf Blower with Battery and Charger - Costway

Looks nice and works as advertised
August 10, 2022
This is a great cooler and powerful for its size! My husband and kids love it for extra cooling when they are doing house projects, etc. the remote functionality is also a plus because I have tried a smaller desk size version of another brand in the past and it doesn’t compare and did not have the remote. You can adjust the settings from the control panel or remote and the power is impressive. Worth it for us!

Still Waiting!!
August 9, 2022
I placed an order through Target for bunkbeds from Costway that was supposed to be delivered on 8/8/22 and I just confirmed with Target that the shipping label was created on 7/30/22 but nothing else. There is no movement on my purchase and all they can do is send an email asking why is this taking so long. I have not received any updates from this company in way, shape or form.

Great customer service
July 14, 2022

I had sent an email in regards to an issue with the patio furniture I had ordered. Costway replied immediately asking for photos and offered to look into it. I was able to get the furniture together (with some help and adjustments) when I let them know that they offered a small refund for my troubles. Amazing service.

Good Price
July 6, 2022

I like Costway. I had a few purchase experiences, got some kitchen supplies and baby stuffs. The mixer and air fryer I bought had the lowest prices online even compared to Walmart when you apply their coupons. And I have been using them for few months now, still good.

They do not honor their warranty!
June 20, 2022
After 12 days the ice maker stopped making ice cubes. Yuri from costway just kept sending me stupid messages trying to stall me, hoping I just get tired of them and go away without a refund or a shipping label to return their junk! Never shop at costway again. No warranty and they sell junk!

Do not trust this company
June 1, 2022

Without posting a lengthy boring review, all you have to know is this company can not be trusted. If you change your mind and want to cancel, even within thier own protocols, they will delay until delivery. Then they will bribe you to keep it... unbelievable. And don't use PayPal to process it because you have no recourse. You use credit card instead.

Shipping of our item
April 29, 2022
I have not opened the boxes yet, so this review is just about the speed of receiving our order. We got an email within 24 hours projective the time frame. It actually arrived before the projected date, and about a week after we ordered. We're very pleased with this shipping.