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Nano Sparkle Cloth Review: Legit or Scam?

Reviewopedia staff  -  Updated:  July 12, 2023
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The Nano Sparkle Cloth (formerly called Nanomagic Cloth) is a scratch remover cloth for car scratches, stains, dirt, and other blemishes.

According to the manufacturer, it is made with nanotechnology and infused with mineral oil and metal powder, helping to create the best cleaning medium.  

The company claims that their cleaning cloth combines microfiber with the ingredients listed above for a revolutionary clean.

How Does the NanoSparkle Cloth Work?

Unfortunately you will not find any detailed explanation of how the cloth works on the company’s website.  

The only information they provide is that the unique combination of mineral oil and metal powder is supposed to have incredible results and on any car scratches.

These kinds of claims seem too good to be true and when we talked to an automotive expert about how to remove scratches from a vehicle this product was never even remotely mentioned.

The only thing that microfiber towels were recommended for is in the application of actual scratch removing products sold in major auto stores.

Cost and Price Plans

If you’re interested in buying the product, you’ll pay $29.95 for two clothes (technically a buy-one, get-one-free offer) with additional discounts available if you make a larger order.

  • If you buy 2 you get 3 free for $59.95
  • If you buy 3 you get 4 free for $89.95
  • If you buy 4 you get 6 free for $119.95

You can also activate an additional $5 off coupon if you try to exit the billing page without ordering anything.

Customer Service lists their contact email as  [email protected] (previously [email protected]), and their phone number as 1 (205) 662-2633 (previously 1 828 615-4525).

The company has mailing addresses in the UK, Canada, and Australia listed on their website.

The company claims to offer a 100% 90 day money back guarantee on the Nano Sparkle Cloth.  

If you're unsatisfied with the product you must first send an email to customer support and they will provide you with instructions on how to return the items and obtain a refund.

Their website states that you will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for the return, and that shipping costs are non-refundable.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

While there is zero negative feedback on the company's own website,, there are mixed reviews from other sources, including Reviewopedia.

This particular detail causes us to wonder whether the Nano Sparkle Cloth is actually legitimate.

It’s hard to rely on customer reviews when you are evaluating a product if there don’t seem to be any reviews offering up any kind of criticism of the product whatsoever.

Since the Nano Sparkle Cloth is not sold in any other stores except directly from the manufacturer, there are limited channels for complaints to get published.

However after being sold under two different names for enough time, there is now enough online feedback to more accurately judge the product.

According to most online customer reviews the Nano Sparkle Cloth does not work as advertised with many complaints stating that it did not remove the slightest of scratches and in some cases made the situation even worse.

Furthermore, there are also issues with customer service, with some buyers claiming they weren’t able to receive refunds or never received the product to begin with.

Competitors and Alternatives

When you are trying to get scratches out of your car, there are several alternatives to the Nano Sparkle Cloth that you may want to consider.

One of these is the California Gold Scratch Remover, a product sold by Autobarn.

This product, manufactured by a company named Mothers, is meant to work on any kind of finish. It can remove surface scratches and restore high mileage paint.

It’s a polish, so you’ll want to follow up an application with waxing to properly seal and protect your car.

Another popular alternative is the 3M Auto Scratch Remover.

3M offers all kinds of products for automotive and household use.  This scratch remover, offered by a reputable brand, is guaranteed to work when applied to a microfiber cloth and then your car.

It’s combined with a polish so you’ll have a shiny surface to gaze upon when you're finished, and it’s also easy to apply.

Finally, you might consider the Meguiar’s G17216 Ultimate Compound.  This compound can eliminate paint defects, oxidation, water spots, and other kinds of blemishes that might appear on your car.  

It’s one of the few professional-grade products that are available at a reasonable price.

NanoSparkle Scam?

If you take a minute to read the reviews below it’s pretty clear that this product should be approached with caution if not altogether avoided.  

In addition to the negative online reviews, there are many typos and aggressive sales gimmicks used throughout the site - mainly to create a false sense of urgency and scarcity for the product.

Ultimately, as some of our readers have pointed out, if a scratch is below the surface of your car’s clear coat you won’t be able to rub it out and may do more damage trying, it may need to be sanded and repainted.  

Lighter scratches can be removed with any name brand polishing compound.

If you have any experience with the Nano Sparkle Cloth, please leave your reviews below.

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Stay away complete waste of money might even cost you a new paint job
June 7, 2024

Garbage fake product

will do damage to your paint anything to good to be true is just a fake fraud . since there is a 100%refund contacted my bank to dispute charges a product this much of a scam is not going to refund anything and they want you to pay for return postage what a complete scam

Just dispute the charge with your credit card company
May 31, 2024
Note to all above: Just go to your credit card account online and dispute the charge. You WILL get the charge reversed. The banks who are very cooperative want to keep your business. Don't waste your time calling the company. The banks have entire departments that deal with this.

May 26, 2024
The worst product I have bought !!! It does not work.Makes it worse

Nano Scam
May 17, 2024
Absolute waste of money. Taken for a row with the video ads. Won't even give it one star- unfortunately required. Is a refund possible or would it cost me !

Company Lies
May 13, 2024


This product is useless. I ordered directly from the company, was told they were waiting for an order and I would recieve it in 2 weeks. I cancelled the order and asked for a credit. They tell me they issued the credit but never did. Got a cloth from a friend and it is did more damage than good. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!

May 1, 2024
I just tried to purchase this and they put my paypal on auto pay, they advertised this as $14 for two clothes and then billed me for $40 (SCAM)

Dee May 08, 2024

I also noticed that at the "buy one, get one free" rate, they indicated that the price for one was $14.97, then when I got to the checkout section, I noticed that the price was totaled at $38.95. When I reviewed the price summary, it included one cloth for $29.95. (There were other associated fees and taxes added to make up the $38.95 total.) I just thought it was strange to go from $14.97 to $29.95. I couldn't understand the cost, so I opted out of the purchase. I'm glad I'm seeing these comments. Now, I'm glad I didn't make the purchase.

KCB May 12, 2024

I do not work for nor an I affiliated with WD 40. You'd be amazed what it will do to minor scratches! Don't use too much and keep it refined to your scratch. I use it all the time by spraying it into a paper towel or rag and wiping the scratch. Some times the scratch disappears and other times it returns. I guess it depends on the severely of the scratch. Kevin

Its a rubbish product.
April 26, 2024
DO NOT USE THIS CLOTH on your car as in my opinion it has made the scratches worse. So where the cloth was used it made more scratches. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONY !!!

Bad business ~Scam
April 20, 2024
Negative stars accidentally ordered this product on 4/8 and it took 10 long business days to get a refund just to turn around on 4/20 to be charged again for something that I did not want. This is a seriously bad business practice I have filed a better business bureau report. I cannot afford to sit around and wait for money to come back to me.

Dee May 08, 2024

I definitely don't blame you for feeling this way. What a headache!

April 7, 2024
I bought 2 and was supposed to get 3 more and the total cost should have been about $38.00. They charged me @101.81 and I cannot contact them about stopping this sale.

Dee May 08, 2024

Man, that sucks!

Don't Ever Buy This Product
January 2, 2024

I purchased this product for $50 dollars and decided to keep it until I needed to use it. Well to my horror, I had some marks on the side of my driver's side which I got from parking sadly, and decided to use the nano cloth. I followed the instructions perfectly. The marks removed and I was so excited, but over the next few days, it had totally stripped my paint on the section I used with the cloth.

Due to this I wrote to the company, and also provided photos requesting them to come up with a solution to what the nano cloth had done to my car. Well surprisingly I received an email back stating that as I purchased the item more than 90 days ago, they were not prepared to refund my money. Obviously the company sales person who wrote back to me failed to go back and see what this cloth did to my car. How dare a company just wipe their hands from something this bad, and not offer anything to rectify this. I would NEVER suggest you buy this product. Not only that, but the company clearly isn't interested in solving what I think is a huge issue that this so called wonder cloth NANO SPARKLE did to my car.

Grace from their company then sent an email asking me to review how she went. What an absolute joke. My review will now be posted to every website possible and I will also be taking this matter to consumer affairs.

Carl March 08, 2024

I bought 3 cloths, recieved them a week ago, tried it on some scratches on my black Lincoln, it turned the paint hazy. I will either have to repaint the panel, or wet sand and power polish out the marks. Do not use this product, it does damage. Product is from China.

Dee May 08, 2024

That's awful!

SCAM - Be Cautious!
November 7, 2023
This product did not help the scratches on my car. In addition I ended up with a $19,00 subscription for “COUPONS”! Who pays for coupons - SCAM!!

Panico78131! February 29, 2024

Sad to be scammed.

July 17, 2023

I ordered this product on June 15/23 and as of today July 17th have not received the product and no response from their support team, very poor way of doing business, just must be a big scam...

PeteAguilera April 16, 2024

Count your blessing that u didn't receive the clothes. They don't work and could cause more damage to the clear coat! This company should be shut down. They sell snake oil..

Total scam, trying to find a BBB to file complaint
July 12, 2023

Why do I have to give it 1 star? It doesn't even deserve that! Under no circumstances buy this product. I used it on my Mercedes and not only did it not work, it ruined my hood. I brought it to a body shop and thank God they were able to buff it out instead of repainting it. It cost me $96 to get repaired and when contacting them, they said they don't cover that. When I tried to leave a negative post on their website they didn't accept it. Server down. At the end of the article it said the positive responses were from actors, so here I am pleading to the world not to buy this product.

July 11, 2023
All the reviewers in the ad come from well known Norwegian cities and towns with e.g. "ø" in their names. That is plausible. But how come that all these persons have English names? It is ok with one English name like Ashley since my cousin got that name when she married. But all of them? The chance for this is one in a billion.

Zoe October 10, 2023

The same Names (Ashley, etc.) appear to live in German towns in the german version of this product ...

July 3, 2023

I was totally disappointed with this product. The cloth did not come close to living up to its intended purpose. I wish would have saved my money!

Jeff Burkey

RT October 15, 2023

I was worse than disappointed. The results were so BAD that I had to take my car to a detail shop just to have them bring my car hood back to the condition before I used this product. In other words; I was happy to just have the scratches back minus the discoloration around the treated area as a result of using this product.

Oooops should have read these first
June 19, 2023
Bought the product taking advantage of the multiple discounts. Using the cloth for over an hour resulted in me being very tired and the scratches still there. Better to use one of the legitimate products mentioned here previously. Rubbing compound does a better job for just a few dollars. I don't recommend this product at all!!!

Bob May 11, 2024

I bought this, as advertised on AOL. CLEARLY NANOSARKLE is a scam. It does not work and sites where this is advertised should shut the ad down. NANOSPARKLE is crap!

If you own a Black car don’t touch them with a barge poll!!!
June 3, 2023

Had to put a one star, it wasn’t worth that!! No option for a no star award ! Pity ! Don’t waste your money...

I was looking for something to remove a few tree scratches and what looks like scuffs. I bought the car with them on, nothing dramatic, me being finicky, should’ve known better.

I saw a few reviews which seemed quite positive, so I ordered it, they came, looking nothing like what was shown on any of the videos.

I followed the instructions to the letter, and it clearly wasn’t working, in fact it made it worse, didn’t remove even the minutest of little scuffs, scratches or anything else all they did was dull the paint work, certainly for a black car it’s a definite no no, lesson learnt.

Product made more scratches
May 8, 2023

Did more damage to my paint job! Do not buy, total scam!

Realistic expectations not disapointed.
March 9, 2023

I bought and used on wife's Jeep overland. Although not perfect it did remove most minor scratches.

As they advertised and common sense would tell you, its not a miracle cloth. If the scratches are deep past the paint into the metal that's body shop time.

However with most brushes against shrubs etc, it works nicely. If your exwife keys you, its police report time not nano time.

Complete Scam. Another Chinese Made ripoff.
February 1, 2023

Stay away from this complete farce. You will be wasting your money. It doesn’t work even on minor scratches.

Typical made in China product only worse. At least some Chinese manufactured products work for a little while before they break. This doesn’t work at all. It’s a complete sham.

McSwayn February 19, 2023

Thank You. This review saved me from from making a fool out of myself with my Auto Body Man. To top it off, I would have made things only worse. Ultimately, screwing up my car, costing me more money and complete humiliation. Thanks Again.