The Rug Collective Reviews

The Rug Collective is a company that sells stain-resistant and washable rugs and runners for homes.

The products are both kid-friendly and pet-friendly and claim to withstand the continual dirt and staining that comes with everyday living.


A group of friends created The Rug Collective after a night together drinking wine.

As they put their heads together on what revolutionary product they could create, they came up with the idea for washable and stain-resistant rugs and runners.

Similar to outdoor rugs, these options come with simple washing instructions for removing spills and dirt.  With the ability to withstand liquid stains, the rugs resist most spills and keep your carpeting looking new.

The Rug Collective offers many different styles, including:

  • Distressed Vintage Pissarro
  • Alma Scandi
  • Sauville Ivory Blush
  • Distressed Vintage Chilaz
  • Vintage Tanner
  • Distressed Vintage Kendra
  • Abstract Evalina
  • Distressed Vintage Cezanne
  • Abstract Twilight

While some prefer to pair their rug with a rug pad, the company does not sell them on their website.

How Does It Work?

The company states the rugs that you purchase through them are made with specific materials that repel stains and dirt.

The carpeting is washable and comes with clear instructions for taking care of stains.  Each style has its own set of instructions for such issues.

Although each rug has different stain care techniques, the machine-washable instructions are the same.  To clean your runner, follow these simple steps:

Step One

Vacuum thoroughly and shake off all excess dirt and dust off your rug to guarantee the best wash possible.  The more dirt you can get off your rug before washing, the better.

Step Two

Place the washable rug in your washer, add in your detergent, using the delicate setting and cold water only run the wash.  The maximum water temperature should be 30 degrees Celsius / 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

For best results, they do not recommend using harsh chemicals such as bleach or fabric softeners as they can damage your rug.

Step Three

Now that the washing is complete, air-drying your rug out of direct sunlight is the best way to get it dry.  To avoid any color fading, they recommend drying your rug with the backing facing up.

Rug Collective does not recommend machine drying or ironing your rug as this can cause the rug to shrink or can damage the backing.

Cost and Price Plans

The cost of a rug or runner through The Rug Collective will depend on the size and style that you choose.

  • Distressed Vintage Pissarro - $119+
  • Alma Scandi - $119+
  • Sauville Ivory Blush - $119+
  • Distressed Vintage Chilaz - $119+
  • Vintage Tanner - $119+
  • Distressed Vintage Kendra - $119+
  • Abstract Evalina - $119+
  • Distressed Vintage Cezanne - $79+
  • Abstract Twilight - $119+

The Rug Collective offers a return policy for unused items within 30 days of purchase. It is pertinent to remember that all returns have to be in brand new condition and not washed.

Additionally, there is a $30 handling fee for the process, although exchanges are free.

Customer Service

The Rug Collective offers several contact methods to get in touch with customer service with any questions or issues.

Email: [email protected]

Online Contact Form:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

The company does not offer a physical address or phone number for communication needs.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

The Rug Collective is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), nor does it have a profile on the website.

However, through third-party sellers, the company has many positive reviews regarding the look and durability of the rugs that they offer.

Although there is a lot of positive feedback, some customers are frustrated by the customer service.  Due to the lack of options for communication, many consumers find it challenging to get in touch with the company.

Additionally, some have had issues with threadbare spots in their rugs shortly after delivery.


Is The Rug Collective legit?

Yes, The Rug Collective is a legitimate business with many positive reviews from current and past customers.

Where is The Rug Collective located?

While both owners of The Rug Collective (Bilal Tahmazoglu and Faiaz Seddiq) reside in Australia, there are staff members of the company in Romania, the Philippines, and the United States.

The company doesn’t disclose where the headquarters of The Rug Collective is located.

Does The Rug Collective hold up?

While some customers have reported that their rugs have held up over time, others have complained that they have experienced runs in the threading within hours of using it and that over time the stains don’t clean up as well.

Where to buy?

The Rug Collective rugs and runners are available for purchase on their company website and Amazon.


In addition to The Rug Collective, there are other similar options available, including:

The Rug Collective vs. Ruggable:  Ruggable is similar to The Rug Collective in that they offer stain-resistant and washable rugs. However, Ruggable’s items are also hypoallergenic.

The Rug Collective vs. offers washable options at a lower price point than The Rug Collective. They also offer 24/7 phone support.

The Rug Collective vs. ReaLife:  ReaLife is similar to all the other washable rug options, but the company offers different styles.

Is The Rug Collective Worth It?

Trying to have clean and presentable carpeting and rugs with children and pets in the house is an exasperating feat.  While you try your best to keep the stains at bay, it seems almost impossible to keep your rugs in top shape.

The Rug Collective offers a washable solution that they also claim is stain-resistant.  The company believes their “kid-friendly and pet-friendly” rugs will stand the test of time in your home.

However, some customers have experienced issues with their rugs arriving in threadbare condition.

Also, others have faced challenges in getting a hold of customer service for help.  With no phone number listed for the company, customers are at the mercy of social media and email, which can be frustrating.

Although it has a fair amount of positive reviews, the handling fee for returns and the difficulty in reaching customer service have us concerned.  With this hesitation, we can’t fully recommend this brand to prospective customers.

If you have any experience with The Rug Collective or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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The Rug Collective Customer Reviews

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Do not buy! Bad service and quality!
December 9, 2022
Horrible customer service and their return policy is misleading. The colors in the photos are not the same as the actual rug. Such a bad experience!