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They are scammers, owned by ebrands
December 16, 2022
I am not writing this review to take your visitors from your site to another. I am so sick of these weirdos. please check out this review to find out all about them. you will find out who they truly are

January 22, 2018

Scamadviser is scam be careful with this site, the last week I reviewed my sites, and 7 of 8 were ranking high, but the only one who has some issues were ranked low, then I sent an email asking for their support and response was very rude by a dude named "Nick", instead of giving me the advice to improve my ranking he only responded aggressively and making fun of my site.

Then I replied to them, but by mistake I sent on my first email my additional URL'S, and I said the country where I'm from, and today all my sites have been downgraded to risk sites, but they don't apply the same criteria, when you buy a domain some registrars offer the option to protect your personal details, and they claim that this is used normally by hackers, and if the domain age is new, then you are at risk, then all the new sites are a risk for everyone? this is ridiculous. Even they hide their personal details but they mark their site as secure.

Scamadviser is hurting small legitimate businesses
January 21, 2018

I use a 1and1 server. Because that server is out of Germany. They say business is suspicious, compromised server. I contacted them a few weeks ago. Told them I am a USA based company, My site has big name advertisers that I am an affiliate to. They would not be doing business with me if I was a scam.

And I have no personal info. on visitors, Not even a shopping cart. No payments are made on my site. They emailed me back saying it's a new business started in Dec 2017. And they don't personally look at sites. In time it may get a better rating. They show up on the top of most searches putting doubt in peoples minds that I'm not legit. There should be a way to sue them for slander!

Scam Artists Posing as Scam Advisers
May 20, 2017

I'm surprised these people are still allowed to operate judging by the number of complaints about them. They give poor trustworthy ratings to new and small businesses based on fake information. They then contact them to let them know about this poor rating. Coincidentally, two days later a company rings and wants to charge 5K to `fix' this reputation for them.

When you complain or ask to remove the fake information, they block you smear your name on their Twitter page ( I have proof of all this).

Incidentally, there is no name, address or phone number listed for this company which is the main criteria they use to shame other companies!

A bunch of scam artists, stay clear.

Smells fishy to me.
August 12, 2016

After using this website to enter in a web address (my own), it stated that it is unsafe, due to our address details etc. being private and hidden from view. So I tried other websites that test the integrity of other websites (such as my own) and I found that in all of them I tried, my website is 100% safe to visit (it's not even a shop).

I have since removed the privacy service from my domain, notified scamadviser of this, and now my results are worse than they were before?!?!?

However, when I do a 'whois' on they too have all their details hidden - no telephone, no email and no address...nothing. Weird isn't it? - A company professing to prevent potential harm to others, whilst hiding behind their own domain privacy service.

It appears that they are using an out-dated heuristics program that gives false and misleading results. Which in turn, will no doubt leave them in trouble with the law of the land, depending upon which geographical area of the world in which they are prosecuted, due to defamation and slander to many of the legitimate business out there.

My advice is to take legal action against them, should you find that your website receives negative results, when you know for a fact that your website (& hosting) is 100% completely safe.