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About is the online home of the record expungement and criminal record removal services of the law office Higbee & Associates, who claim to deliver high quality services for unbeatable prices. promises that all their attorneys are licensed to operate within their state, have graduated from top law schools, and have maintained great reputations within their field.

If you have a criminal record that you are looking to have expunged or removed, provides a free Eligibility Test on their website to see if you qualify for services.

After taking their brief test, you learn whether or not you’re record is qualified to be cleared. If so, will provide you with an estimate of the cost of their services, as well as a comparison of what they claim another law firm would likely charge you for the same services.

The cost of their services depends on how many cases you are looking to expunge, the type of cases, and the state or states you are trying to clear records in, but it is likely to be upwards of $1000, which they claim is only a fraction of what another firm would charge.

In addition to helping you expunge your record, for another $150 fee, will provide you with their Expedited Criminal Database Update to ensure that the leading background check companies reflect the legit changes to your record within 14 days.

If you have complaints about the service you have received, also provides a money back guarantee on their services. The details can be found on their website.

If you have any experience with this service, please lease your reviews below. 

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Excellent Service - Great Law Firm

February17, 2013

Hat's off to Higbee & Associates! I had many questions at the front end during the process and at the end. Everyone I dealt with was helpful and very professional. It took a little over a year to have my felony set aside and dismissed but let me tell you it was well worth the wait and investment. All my rights have been restored to me including gun ownership! I would recommend this firm for record clearing to anyone looking to have their record cleared up. This firm was consistent and went over and above to make sure I understood what was going on every step of the way. The client account system is state of the art and will keep you in on the "KNOW" about your case ever step of the way. No need to call every week for an update, your client account will be linked to your email if you choose to and an alert will be sent to your email when their is an update or change in your case. Thank you Mathew, Shae and the rest of the team, I appreciate all you did to get me cleared, it feels great to know that what happened 23 yrs ago from one dumb mistake is now cleared. Thanks again! Best Regards, Mark

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Keith M
Guest Is The Smartest Thing Ive Ever Done.

October23, 2012

I have had troubles in my past ,Bad decisions ,trusting the wrong people,and so on..... my personal cases that Higbee @assoc. s handled for me was bye no means easy to deal with.! They handled every detail, and followed through on ,every word they said. i am now waiting for the records on back ground checks to be updated so , i can get on with my life. i am now enrolling in college to get the education i can finally use..... I dont know where mr. Higbee and his associates came from but thank god ,they are there........ If i could give any body advice today it would be: CALL HIGBEE & ASSOCIATES / . If you dont it could be the dumbest thing you,ve ever done signed (A GUY WITHOUT A PRAYER ALMOST) THANKS KEITH M.

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