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February 24, 2023
Complete rip off! Total FRAUD. I am a grandmother who stupidly purchased the lifetime option when my grandchild was 1. I am not able to log on or get any response. It appears you can get responses when paying for the program but not afterwards.

Suspicious activity
July 13, 2020

I commented on their post on a Facebook page called "Help My Child Learn Better" advertising for this program. I just complained about the annoying video they make you watch before telling you what their product even is. I also linked the reviews from this page. They deleted my comment and blocked me from commenting on their page.

This reading technique NOT new!
June 26, 2020

A much better and less expensive (One time home license fee was around $150 the last time I checked) program with extensive data to prove it has worked in schools all overy the country for 25 years is available at

I only mention this to point out that the reading "system" described in this program (learning letter sounds first) is absolutely NOT new.

Note: English teachers are NOT reading teachers and have typically not been educated on reading therapy (teaching phoneme sounds and blending) at the primary level. ENGLISH classes are not taught at the primary level. Teaching English (grammar and sentence structure) is completely different from teaching Reading.

She is correct in that letter sounds should be learned first, but the program needs to be much more multi-sensory (hear it, say it, trace it, write it, spell it ---all at the same time) in order to actually work (put short term learning into the long term memory area of the brain)....especially if your intention is to help your child learn how to overcome dyslexia by adapting the learning process from auditory only (most classrooms) to multisensory instruction.


D- O- G should never be pronounced as

DUH -OH(long o sound) -GUH ...there is no long o sound in right away, I'm concerned about the integrity of the instruction.

This program won't do damage, I simply doubt that it will work as quickly as claimed? however, I have not used it. Having said that...any time spent with a child teaching them to sound out words is time well spent.


April 27, 2020
I saw this online and tried their $1 trial but was shocked after recieving a bill of $37 deducted automatically on my account. The email from clickbank shows that they will continue deducting same amount every month. It frustrates me and tried cancelling the subscription, they had live chat and was directed to someone and she said she'll help me cancel it. After a while she said i wont receive billing mail again. But just now i recive another bill that they took from mu account. While I'm not even using their product. Its really heart breaking for mothers like me to deal with people whos behind this. I keep asking for refund but nobody is answering me. Time of pandemic and they keep doing this. So frustrating.

Request for Refund and Cancellation
February 27, 2020

How Can I cancel my subscription and get a refund?

My card was charged 1 week ago for the 1st month. Emailed the Admin but no reply. Thanks

RethaWeir March 22, 2020

I need urgent assistance please. I paid for the trial version and used it for a few days and then went over to the monthly payment. However, the previous login and password no longer works, and I am unable to get back in on the site. How do I get the new login?

RethaWeir March 22, 2020

I paid for the trial version and used it for a few days and then went over to the monthly payment automatically. However, the previous login and password no longer works, and I am unable to get back in on the site. I have sent several emails requesting assistance and only get an automated reply.

Amy Smith
July 28, 2019
Excellent program for beginning readers. I purchased Reading Head Start for my 3-year-old daughter last year and she still loves it. Now, after one year, she is reading between 2nd and 4th grade levels. Obviously, we have been reading together through that time, but Reading Head Start was the right choice to teach her to sound out words and learn basic sight words. And we all love the letter sounds song!

Fish or cut bait
July 17, 2019
The system may be awesome (don't know myself) but this video is a winding path that wore me out...and I'm living proof that phonics has been taught in public school for 50 years...

June 12, 2018
I purchased the lifetime subscription which states 1 full year money back guarantee. I submitted my request for refund just outside the payee’s (clickbank) refund period. So the request was escalated to the company for refund. I just made my third request within the last 2 weeks & no one has tried to contact me. There is no other contact, you have to rely on clickbank to get in touch with whoever can approve this. Clickbank automatically closes the request in 10 days, so I had to reopen the case...I can tell that getting my money back isn’t easy. I’m certain there are many reviews like mine which get wiped illegally. Anything to make a buck I guess.

PamelaPhillips Cook February 10, 2020

Just trying to understand your review. So you did use the reading system for over a year and are now trying to get a refund back, but you are outside of the warranty time? Is that correct? I wasn't sure what the complaint was? How was the program itself?

Desperate mother not wanting to be taken advantage of
March 14, 2018
This is not a review! I need feedback on this product. There are only two comments!!! This does not help. I was recently (robbed) taken advantage of online for a reading tutor for my three sons that need help. Any info or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!

KylieSmith June 12, 2018

We got duped!

GracetitiFredson July 06, 2019

My advise. If they don’t have a physical office address and phone line to contact them directly please stay away.

Download free reading videos online such as Alphablocks to help your child learn how to read with fun. It is free on YouTube.

Kathleen July 08, 2019

Anyone wanting to get their young children to read - needs to read The Read-Aloud Handbook - Book by Jim Trelease - it is a quick read - ( 1/2 the book is a reference to good books to read aloud.) I raised 4 children- I am a preschool director - and I have my masters in early ed.

I am alarmed at their claim to "cure dyxelia". Read aloud to your child a lot - let them see you reading - talk about books - read chapter books and all this is free - your local library has all you need!

SuzanneWatts July 17, 2019

I'm not buying it...phonics is not new...Show your child how often you read...traffic signs mail, BOXES...etc

February 3, 2018
I tried this program and was very disappointed. It was advertised as having videos and games but what I got access to was a website with written lessons only, no videos no games. The way the lessons were written also seem geared more toward a classroom/ group setting. If I had fallowed the program as I received it I think it would have helped but I wasn’t going to spend $297 for it. I thought what I received may have been a mistake or I was missing something so I tried to message the company through there website but was unable to do so as I would always get an error message when I hit send. So I contacted click bank (the company you pay through) and they are going to refund me the money.

KylieSmith June 12, 2018

Did you get your refund? If so was it within clickbank refund period? I requested a refund outside the 60 day period, but I purchased the lifetime subscription, which states 1 year money back guarantee. It’s now 3 requests in two weeks and no one is getting back to me...go figure.

Carrie June 12, 2018

I did get my refund but I only had the program for a month. I too had gotten the 1yr guarantee and they were good about contacting me. Did you go through the click bank directly? I went to and did the live chat and the person who helped me got me the refund right away.

Great Overall product
January 13, 2017

I bought the product back in September right before two of my children went to school. Everyday they came from school they wanted to hop on the computer to learn more because it felt like a game to them. At the same time it helped them learn to read and write. I got their report card and met with their teachers, they we're both above average in their class.

Can i say i owe it all to reading head start? Not all of it but it really helped children get a head start that's for sure.

I'm surprised people haven't commented here though. They're offering 3-day trial for 1$ for anyone who wants to try it.

Get it Here:

JGGomez February 21, 2019

where did you to get the games? I can't find them for my children. Have you done any of the lessons with your kids?

Mimi&Ibie July 14, 2019

Can't wait to read the response.

Looks to me like someone working with them.