Particle Face Cream Reviews

It’s so important for everyone to take good care of their skin, especially their face.  If you've noticed your skin looking worse for wear lately, with wrinkles or dark spots suddenly showing up, then perhaps you're looking for a skin product that can help.

Particle Face Cream is a cream intended to fight aging and keep your face moisturized and looking young.

How Does Particle Face Cream Work?

Particle is a men’s face cream packed with powerhouse ingredients specifically designed to help with anti-aging.  Their team of experts in men’s skincare did extensive research for 2 years until they found the perfect formula.

This moisturizer includes a scientifically backed blend of ingredients that get to work quickly and effectively with long lasting impact.  Many of the ingredients, like Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, and Glycerin are moisturizing and deeply soothing.  Lactic acid is known for gentle exfoliation and helps to improve natural moisture and skin texture. 


Coffee Seed Extract boosts collagen production, and stimulates skin regeneration, while hyaluronic acid maintains that collagen synthesis over time, and hydrates the skin so it can hold more moisture.

These are just a handful of the ingredients that make up this powerful anti-aging face cream for men. With regular use, Particle claims to:

  • Help reduce wrinkles
  • Alleviate eye bags
  • Help remove dark spots
  • Soothe the skin after shaving
  • Moisturize the skin
  • Nourish the skin with Dead Sea minerals

How to use Particle Face Cream?

This all-in-one face cream intended to combat aging specifically in men.  Just like women, men need very specific skincare products to maintain elasticity and tone as they age.

However, a man’s skin is thicker than a woman’s, thus making it harder to penetrate and meaning that regular products on the market aren’t always best for men.  Particle has curated the perfect blend of ingredients that ensure it’s a perfect fit for any man.  Because this cream is made with only the highest quality ingredients, it works on all different skin types.

First, thoroughly cleanse your face, ensuring it is clean and dry.  Then, just squirt a dime-sized amount of Particle onto your fingers. Massage a thin layer across your entire face, ensuring you cover your forehead, under eyes, cheeks, nose and chin.

Use this moisturizer morning and night, and you should start seeing the effects. Each bottle of face cream lasts approximately 2-3 months.  In addition to the Particle Face Cream, you can also use their face mask, face wash, hair shampoo and body wash.

Cost and Price Plans

Particle Face Cream is $69 per unit, but as low as $43 per unit if you buy 3 bottles together (totaling $129).  Purchasing multiples allows you to save up to $78 dollars.

Additionally, there is a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee, so if you don’t see results in the first few weeks, you can send it back up to one month after purchasing.  You’ll also get free shipping across the U.S. with your purchase.

Customer Service

Particle has a page within their product site dedicated to customer support and FAQs to ensure your questions are quickly and easily answered.  While there is not a customer service phone number, you can email [email protected] to quickly share feedback or ask personal questions.

Online Reviews/Complaints

The company's website has nearly 1500 reviews, averaging out to 4.9 stars out of 5 – incredible customer feedback.  There are many testimonials from happy customers who even shared their photos to show improvement from the products.

Their listing on Amazon also has over 300 independent reviews, with 4 out of 5 stars. 55% of those ratings are 5 star, indicating many happy customers and men who have found Particle Face Cream very effective.

There have also been many mentions in the press about Particle, including in Consumer Health Digest and Unfinished Man highlighting the effectiveness and ease of use of the Face Cream.

Competitors and Alternatives

Many skincare brands have begun exclusively targeting the male market.  Their products aim to remove any stigma from men purchasing skin care items, this is evident in their advertising campaigns, product names, and package designs.

Some of the leaders in this new wave include Brickell Men's ProductsTiege Hanley, and Bravo Sierra.  

Is Particle Face Cream Worth It?

If you’re a man looking to fight aging, and want a product tailored specifically to you, then the answer is yes.  Particle Face Cream combines high quality ingredients into an easy to use, all-in-one moisturizer made to penetrate and improve your skin, fight wrinkles, eye bags and dark spots to look years younger.

And if you are not satisfied after those first weeks, you can easily return the product no questions asked, thanks to the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  Particle Face Cream is a solid choice for men wanting to update their skin care routines.

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Particle Face Cream Customer Reviews

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It's good...
March 24, 2021
It's been only a week, and it's already toning my eyes and forehead. Very Happy. 53 years old, never used any products like this before.