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About Silver Bullet Hose

Who doesn’t love a perfectly manicured garden? If you’re hoping to grow the most gorgeous lawn or vegetable patch on your block, you need to keep it well-watered.

However, a traditional expandable garden hose can be a real pain to work with. Even if it’s fully retractable, you may have problems with leaking, damages, or kinks.

Not anymore. The Silver Bullet Hose is here to change the way you water your plants - and this as-seen-on-tv is far more than just another gimmick.

What is Silver Bullet Hose?

If you’ve ever seen the commercial for the Silver Bullet expandable garden hose, you’re probably wondering - is it any good? To be fair, it’s easy for an actor to pretend that the hose he is using is of a high quality, but when you invest the money in a hose, you want to make sure it’s actually going to work.

We’re here to tell you - it sure is. The pocket hose Silver Bullet manufacturer is known as one of the most amazing hassle-free hoses. An expanding hose, this retractable hose requires no winding, no coiling, and produces no muddy wet messes. It is super lightweight and is lead free, so you can use it for drinking. It does not kink and is an expandable garden hose that retracts on its own.

Made out of strong, durable materials, it has an outer casing that resists snagging, tearing, or wear. It reduces the likelihood of leaking with a re-engineered inner tube and an innovative  connector protector design. It is a compact size so it stores easily.

When you purchase your Silver Bullet Hose, you can choose from several different options. The deluxe version is a 75 ft hose that comes with a free turbo shot jet nozzle. You can also purchase a 50 ft hose or a 25 ft hose. The company offers countless buy one get one free options so that you can get a hose to keep and a hose to gift to a loved one.

This hose is lightweight and has a kink-proof design. To use it, all you need to do is turn on the water and the Silver Bullet will expand into a full-size flexible hose. Turn off the water when you’re done watering, and the hose will shrink itself dry. Its compact design makes it perfect for storing in a drawer or to take camping.

Cost and Price Plans

If you visit the Silver Bullet website, you can access a unique limited time offer. When you purchase two hoses, you can get two 25 foot hoses for $19.99 plus $12.99 for a second hose and $7.99 for shipping and handling. Plus, you get two free turbo shot jet nozzles with your purchase.

Competitors and Alternatives

When you are shopping for the best garden hose, you’ll likely have a lot to choose from. There are thousands of popular hoses on the market, each designed to suit a particular need. There are metal hoses, rubber hoses, plastic hoses, and hoses that can reach over 100 feet or more in your garden.

However, if you are looking for durable hoses, there are two other names to consider besides the Silver Bullet Hose. The Brass Bullet and the Zero G Hose are two popular choices for consumers looking for affordable, zero-kink hoses.

The Zero G Hose comes in several different lengths and styles. These hoses are abrasion, puncture, and leak-resistant. They’re easy to maneuver in drinking water safe. The biggest difference between the Silver Bullet vs. the Zero G hose is in the retractability. Unfortunately, this host does not expand or retract, so it does not have all the space-saving capabilities of the Silver Bullet Hose. However, it’s relatively affordable and comes in four different lengths.

The Brass Bullet Hose is manufactured by the same manufacturer as the Silver Bullet Hose, Bulbhead, under the Telebrand trademark. Another popular as-seen-on-tv product, the biggest difference between the Silver Bullet vs the Brass Bullet is in the size of the hose. This house is a bit bigger and is more multipurpose. It is made out of biaxial braid micromesh fabric and is incredibly convenient to use. It offers all the retractability and anti-kink features you will find in the Silver Bullet Hose, too.

Does Silver Bullet Hose Work?

The Silver Bullet Hose has good customer reviews across all platforms. Although you shouldn’t leave water in the hose to avoid bursting, it works well and offers a good flow of water. Customers report that you should not use this hose with a pressure washer or any other flow with more than 80 PSI. This can cause leakage and damage to the hose.

Otherwise, reviews are positive. The hose is an inexpensive option, and because it is available in so many different sizes, it can be used in a wide variety of settings. It is lightweight and easy to move, manage, and fold.

The only other complaints related to this product have to do with its functionality without a nozzle attached. It has a tendency to spray all over instead of free flow, so it’s recommended that you always use it with the included free nozzle.

Customer Service

This hose comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This lifetime warranty covers damages that may occur with any hose. The Silver Bullet Hose is manufactured by Telebrands, a popular manufacturer of as-seen-on-tv products.

You can reach Telebrands by contacting them at their mailing address in Fairfield, NJ. They also can be reached at the customer service phone number, 1-855-668-1655. There is also an order tracking feature on the website so you can figure out when your Silver Bullet Hose will reach you.

Where to Buy?

The Silver Bullet Hose is available from a variety of retailers, including Amazon, Home Depot, Bed Bath and Beyond, and WalMart. Of course, you can always purchase the Silver Bullet Hose directly from the manufacturer, too.

Is Silver Bullet Hose Worth It?

If you’re looking for a low-cost hose that will reduce the amount of hassle and time you spend watering your garden, the Silver Bullet Hose is the one for you. This product is not only easy to use, but it’s easy to store. With an affordable price point and a no-questions-asked guarantee, it’s definitely the hose you should consider buying for your lawn and garden watering needs.


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