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Website: is an online distance educational website that promises to help students throughout their entire educational journey, from high school to college into their chosen career and beyond. 

How Does Work?

According to their website, many schools in the United States are overloaded and understaffed, and the high cost of college education has put a very real financial limitation on what many people can achieve. 

To make the promise of education more of a reality, state they help high school and college students earn better grades by providing exam preparation help, online courses that transfer to university credits, and expert guidance and more than fifty thousand informational articles about degree and career options.  

Currently works with more than 15 million students per month and offers more than 10,000 lessons virtually all study areas.  The lessons are designed to be short and concise, with lots of examples to help their students understand the material quickly. 

Reputation was previously known as Education Portal and seemed to be generally well liked and well respected under that name. 

They changed names to once they expanded their offerings and partnered with some additional colleges and universities. is well respected within the online educational community.

As far as their certificates of completion and transfer credits are concerned, students should always check with their university administration or their employer to make sure that the credits you receive from this website will be accepted before you enroll and spend your money.    

Customer Service

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 877-266-4919 or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Support page at 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other online programs which may work as a supplement to an existing degree program that students are a part of, including courses you may find at the Khan Academy, Coursera, Memrise, Skillshare, and many others.

If you have any experience with or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Deceitful Practice
April 27, 2024
I purchased to assist with studying for a Patho class. When I went online, I realized that for $29.99, it only allowed me access to videos, therefore, I immediately canceled the subscription. I needed practice tests to test my retention of the material, with this being said, the subscription was a waste of my monies. This was probably all within 15 minutes of purchase. I cancelled and called customer and sent an email for a return of my monies. I keep receiving an email from a Nadim that the monies have been returned to my card, the monies have not been returned to my card and my banking institution states that nothing has been processed to my account from this company. I have sent an email that requests a copy of the returned funds but they are refusing to send this information. I did not get a membership, as it was cancelled, and my monies was taken from this company

Save your money
September 24, 2022
I did not like it at all. The free trial was not free at all ($12.96) and before you know it, you might just get charged $64.85 twice. It covers a lot of information, but through videos. I did not have the time to sit through endless videos. I was hoping to get simple explanations for the problems that I got wrong. I never got that. Instead, it would bring up videos to watch about the general topic you were studying. I would suggest that you save your money and watch videos on your own.

June 23, 2022

I am very pissed off at this website, I was trying to take practice tests and watch the helpful videos so I could succeed with my accuplacer test I need to take next week so I could go to college but they decided to kick me off and try to charge me $50 to proceed. I do not agree with that one bit, some people really need help, but this is just messed up for A ONE TIME TEST, I am furious that they just want to charge you to study for once again ONE TIME TEST this is ridiculous, does not deserve even 1 star.

Don't waste your time on this site!
August 24, 2021
Complete scam. Doesn't even deserve one star. I signed up for the free trial and was automatically charged $65, I thought it might be worth it, but after trying it for a day, I realized it was useless.

Beware! Refund scam!
August 5, 2021


I recently signed up for to look at courses for my 14 yr old homeschooler. I cancelled immediately after she did not like some courses. A month later, she decide to give the AP biology course a try. I signed up and paid my annual fee to to get the discount on 8/4.

This afternoon, I found out there was a special discount for homeschoolers. Well, I selected that in the pull down on sign in, but was not offered the discounted rate of $359.99. Today, we decided to cancel after back and forth with Maurice from Customer service. I asked to cancel and for refund. Maurice told me because I had signed up prior and cancelled, I was not eligible for my refund of $595.31.

My daughter did one lesson in 24 hours and looked at a couple other courses. I told him that the policy he sent me was not even posted under the plan I selected. So for my daughter completing one lesson in one chapter it cost us $595. This is a total SCAM! Their policies are not easily found in the website and is not clear. Maurice, from customer service was quite rude. Please BEWARE of this SCAM!

Helped raise my son's SAT scores
July 14, 2021

I was so sorry to see so many dissatisfied reviews. My son wanted to raise his first SAT score. I didn't have the funds to pay for expensive classes or tutoring that cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. I paid for one month of

My son enjoyed the small tutorial sessions targeting his weaker areas. Proudly, he raised his SAT score from 1300 to 1440, putting him in the range for universities that he wishes to attend. I then cancelled my subscription. I feel this was worth one month of applications.

May 26, 2021
I signed up for a month free trial so I could begin studying for my GED but I was immediate charged $65. I probably wouldn't be too mad about it but I'm not even able to open the courses, a pop up menu appears every time I try to begin a course but there is no submit or 'okay' button so it just keeps popping up. So I basically got scammed out of $65 and they couldn't be bothered to let me study a single course...

Great site has saved me tens of thousands of dollars
March 14, 2020

I have been able to earn over 50 credits from that cost less than 33$/per credit hour and meet the ACE transfer guidelines. This is literally a tenth of what the community college in my area charges. This web site will save me approximately 28,000$ or more.

I see people have had problems with the billing or cancelation. I have suspended my subscription several times without issue. To cancel you go to Dashboard/profile/and membership

After your money; it's a pseudo scam
January 4, 2020

My wife as a teacher was offered a trial access from via her school. Sales pitch. Once your in and accept the the trial offer you have to call and cancel. does not send out confirmation emails or any correspondence.Unbeknownst to her she ended up with a monthly charge of $59.99 on my credit card. For 10 months $ 600 dollars. I called twice to ensure it was cancelled and to negotiate a partial refund as my wife did use it last 4 months. She quit using it as it wasn't particularly helpful or suitable for teaching her students. The reply from is well you took the trial offer and didn't cancel. No refunds nor did they even attempt to work out a solution. I did not request a full reimbursement ;partial as I thought that reasonable.

Stay clear of this!

ElizabethGray June 08, 2022

This is exactly what happened to me.

Not to be trusted
December 1, 2019
The content is poor but above this they charge without consent their monthly rates. Not to be trusted ever again.
November 25, 2019



ITs called a bait and switch scam, you get hooked in by a trial, then they put you on a plan and YOU LITERALLY cannot cancel your account, nor put it on hold. As they set up their business by NOT enabling you to cancel, hold OR take OFF your Credit Card details they will simply keep charging you.

I had to cancel my credit card to get rid of these slimmy business people.

NEVER Again will I join any USA website EVER.

Totally fake info
June 23, 2019
In an answer to "What is the Congressional Medal of Honor?" ch 13 states that it is an honor bestowed by US Congress for heroic deeds of bravery. It is not.There is no Congressional Medal of Honor, nor is such a thing bestowed by Congress. "The Medal of Honor" is an award for military persons for acts of bravery while performing in a military action during wartime or armed actions being committed against the US. And is awarded in the "name" of Congress by the President of the United States. That Rosa Parks was awarded the Medal of Honor is a falsehood of the first order. False news and irrational statements are the trademark of the left leaning socialist Democrats and should be disregarded by intelligent people that do have a sense of honor.

Study.Com Was Not Helpful in Passing My Certification Test
March 30, 2019
This site is very organized. It has helpful lessons, tracks your progress, and stores your previous practice tests. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do the the FTCE English test which I failed.

February 23, 2019
I signed up for a free trail, it asks me for my billing information. I fill it and receive an email telling me that I have been charged 199$, a payment I never gave my consent to. When I try to reach out to them, there is no response through their email support system and their contact no does not exist.

Credit Card Details
January 22, 2019
Asks for credit card details when applying for a free account to "make it easier for you"

January 20, 2019

I have never written a bad review, even though there have been many times that I swore I would after finding myself disappointed with a company's service. This time I feel it would be irresponsible of me not to speak up:

One of the worst experiences. I would not recommend this company, in fact I would strongly discourage anyone (and have) from using this as a resource. The billing is a huge SCAM!!! Fraudulent charges have been made to my credit card account for 6 months. I signed up for the trial period and cancelled immediately after watching one of their videos. The video itself was actually really great, but I cancelled because I felt I could get the same information elsewhere on the internet for free. I received a confirmation email stating that I did in fact cancel, that was in May 2018. I am currently still being charged the $39.99 membership fee.

It has been a nightmare trying to get a straight answer or even get someone on the phone to help. The last email I received (1/18/19) confirmed for the fourth time that my account has been cancelled; I still have not seen a dime and THEY CHARGED ME AGAIN THIS MONTH!!!!!! I have recently filed a complaint directly with my bank and hopefully they will have more luck resolving this matter.

With there being so many educational websites/resources online (many of which are even FREE!), it is not worth the trouble.

December 2, 2018


I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET A FREE TRIAL AND THEY CHARGED ME $59.99 even though I canceled before the stated deadline. I sent out an email bc there is NO OTHER WAY TO CONTACT THEM, and have not heard a response nor a refund.

Very Inconsistent Quality
July 14, 2018
I am completing a NBCT Science course which contains biology, chemistry and physics content. I sure hope the biology and chemistry content is correct, because the only thing I know for sure is that the physics portions of the course absolutely suck. They don't seem to have ANY quality control. Pretty much every lecture contains at least one gross error, and on most 5-question quizzes 1-2 questions are completely wrong.

Good Videos, Bad service
November 14, 2017
I was Begging to like this place, so much that I was about to fully recommend it to all of my friends, but the helpers are so virtually fresh, holy crap, I remember when I asked them a science question and guess what? they fully copied an article from the internet that I saw before seeking help from Even though the videos may seem pretty basic, they're better at explaining things better than helpers there.

Great site
November 7, 2016
Suits my needs. Love it.