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About Spy and Survival Briefing

The Spy and Survival Briefing was created by former CIA officer and security expert Jason Hanson, who has worked for 14 years serving his country and has had more than enough life-threatening situations to last a lifetime.  He’s spent his life protecting others, which is why he’s committed to helping you protect yourself now.

In his ‘Alone and Unafraid: Patriot Defense and Survival Guide,’ he seeks to teach everyone the proper techniques to walk the streets unafraid.

Hanson himself works in person to teach citizens to defend themselves in his Spy Escape and Evasion school. Due to his expertise, he’s been interviewed by multiple media outlets and has even had a successful run on the reality show ‘Shark Tank.’ Currently, he lives in Cedar City, Utah with his family while he works on his books.


The Spy and Survival Briefing claims to be a guide for how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home in a crisis or life threatening situaution.  ‘Alone and Unafraid’ teaches you self-defense techniques, including one which only requires three moves to take down any attacker. Even if you’re not built like a boxer or a martial artist, or have had no previous training, these techniques can allow you to take control of any situation. 


Using this title, you’ll be able to access everything Hanson has learned in his years of intelligence and security. From defending yourself on the streets to surviving a plane crash, all the information is here.

How Does It Work?

There are multiple techniques in Hanson’s work, but one of the most prominent is The Trident Technique. Learn to disarm a criminal, incapacitate him or her and escape with just three moves. After about five minutes, any person of any age and build can learn to defend themselves. You’ll gain the capability not only of defending yourself, but of discovering more about the intelligence community by reading this 524-page work.

Cost and Price Plans:

Hanson is committed to teaching others his techniques, which is why he’s giving out 500 free copies of ‘Alone and Unafraid.’ Since he published his work at his own cost, he’s able to reserve copies for those that want them. When you order a copy, you’ll even receive some of Hanson’s other works, including ‘The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry’ and ‘Make Your Finances Blackout Proof.’

Customer Service:

If you’re having any issues with your book or order, you are able to contact http://pro.survival-today.info for assistance. Since this work won’t be sold in stores, contacting the publisher is the best option in case of trouble. You may also be able to search Hanson’s Amazon Author page.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Many people insofar appreciate Hanson’s works and on some of his other works, like ‘Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life,’ they comment about how easy it is to learn the techniques in the book. Hanson’s writing is organized and easy to understand, so anyone is able to pick it up and get started right away. As a practical guide, it’s simple to begin using these techniques.

However, not everyone is impressed. Many other reviewers of his work are dissatisfied with the slippery sales pitch they’re directed to on Hanson’s website and are displeased with the attempts to take your personal information. It doesn’t appear professional to some buyers and isn’t worth their time when there are many more professional options for practical self-defense on the market.

Competitors and Alternatives:

If you’re also unconvinced when it comes to Hanson’s work and website, there are other options to learn self-defense techniques. Clint Emerson, a former SEAL, has also written multiple books meant to keep people safe. His ‘100 Deadly Skills’ books even show practical images to help anyone learn. You might also look into John Wiseman’s ‘SAS Survival Handbook,’ a book meant to help you get out of any tough situation without worry.

Finally, there’s Dave Canterbury’s books, an American Frontiersman who knows what to do in any situation in the wild. His expert field guides are meant to teach anyone what to do in the wilderness.

Choose any one of these three books to learn the skills to defend yourself and survive, regardless of the situation.  Other resources include Survival Life and The Lost Ways.

If you have any experience with SpyBriefing.com or Jason Hanson's other products please leave your review below.

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Don’t expect a refund!
September 14, 2021

On 8/7/21 I ordered the Survival Food promo, plus the Soup/Stew extra that was offered. The computer acted glitchy, but finally the order seemed to finally go thru. The total was $985. That afternoon I got an email saying something went wrong with my order and I should complete it now. I redid the order.

The next day I discovered both charges were on my credit card. I immediately contacted them to explain what had happened. They were very ‘sorry’ and would check into it. They only saw one order, and that’s all I had been charged. Then they couldn’t cancel anything because it had already been sent to their producer, so if I got 2 shipments to just refuse it, and it would be sent back to them at no charge. I refused both of those extra boxes sent.

Now they only have received a box that contained my ‘free’ stuff for ordering. Not! There is no ‘free’ anything sent by them.

I have been over a month trying to get this solved, and they are still denying a refund. BTW, I have the UPS message that the pkgs were delivered.

Their system gives you that need to reorder email on all of their shipments.


March 6, 2021

I purchased a pack of 2 Tactical Spy Pens for $79 November 2020. The envelop was in good shape when I received it, no holes or tears. However, Only one pen was in the packaging. It is obvious that it was never placed in the mailing envelop.

They rarely pick up the phone when you call the contact number on invoice. I have left two detailed voice messages including my name, invoice # and phone number along with the problem with my order. I sent an email with the same info. I even spoke to a person once who said they would pass my information along to "her". I'm guessing "her" was an order processor. No response has been received as of 06 Mar 2021.

DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM SPY BRIEFING. THEY ARE SCAMMERS, i GUESS I SHOULDN'T BE SURPRISED SINCE HE WAS IN THE CIA. Brennan was proven to be a criminal I guess we shouldn't expect more from his foot soldiers.

Roxie July 31, 2021

I have gotten books and pens from Jason Hanson . Received everything I ordered and never charged wrong.

They stole my money
January 22, 2021

If I could rate this as a ZERO, I would. In my experience this is nothing short of a scam to take your money. My first purchase I got an error that something went wrong with the order and told me to order again so I did. Little did I know, it already withdrew the cash from my account before it even told me the purchase failed.

They also withdrew an additional fee for a second book and they refuse to send me the books. I called and left multiple voicemails and I sent their customer service multiple emails and they will not return any communication to me. They simply stole money from my bank account and refuse to communicate with me.

BUYER BEWARE..... For me, this was a scam and they simply stole my money from my bank account.....

Survival Food
July 17, 2020

I ordered their so called survival foods that were supposed to feed you for 2 months at a cost of 197.00 dollars. I received exactly 9 pouches of food that wouldn't last me 3 weeks...however, what was shown in their advertisement was much more food pouches than I ever received. There was nothing else...no confirmation of what I bought or was supposed to get. Unreal!

Worse yet, the company it arrived from was from a location somewhere in Kentucky which is untraceable even on the internet, so I am left with sending this scam company an email hoping to return the food I ordered and get a full refund.

Don't do business with this company...you will regret it.

Sherry J November 19, 2020

We bought this deal as well. Haven’t received it at all. I have tried to call them numerous times. Just a message machine with no return calls. I called the city hall of Cedar City and they said that they had no businesses in town with that name. I gave them the address and was told that it was an UPS store with mailboxes. Truly a scam.

April 4, 2020

I have had many charges on my bank statement:

These were all listed separately on 04-03-20.

$5.95; $27.00; $27.00; and $47.00. This is a dilemma!

Alone and Unafraid
February 28, 2020
I get the Spy Briefing newsletter emails and the book was offered. Went ahead and nabbed it up. It was $5.95 for shipping/handling and the book was free. Came fairly quick and it’s over 500 pages! Haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, just flipped through. It looks like it’s going to be a good book. Also I haven’t been charged for anything else other than the shipping and that was a few months ago when I paid.

Alone and Unafraid, be careful
October 10, 2019
I got the offer on a website for a free copy of the "Alone and Unafraid" book. I want to read the book but there is a catch. The book is free but you must pay a reasonable shipping and handling fee, The catch is that when you submit the fee with credit card info you will be subscribed to a newsletter service for a high monthly fee. I'm guessing that it will cost $39.95 per month. Carefully read the "Terms and Conditions" before accepting this offer. It could be a scam.