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Ollie Dog Food is a brand of dog food whose business model emphasizes quality dog food with readable ingredients delivered monthly.

They state that something that really makes them stand out from the rest of the dog food companies out there is their personalized “meat algorithms” which we’ll get to in a bit.


Ollie ships their dog food straight to your door and surprisingly, have quite varied selection of different recipes such as Healthy Turkey Feast, Hearty Beef Eats, Chicken Goodness and a plethora of other adorable recipes.

All recipes are made with a wide range of healthy ingredients made with a blended diet of meats and vegetables that cater to a dog’s dietary needs. On their website, you can find both the ingredients and nutritional information.

Now those are just some of the readily available recipe items that Ollie provides, the real magic comes from their personalized doggy dishes.

How Does It Work?

The customization process is quite simple. First, you send Ollie information about your canine companion. The information they’ll need can range from size, breed, age, how picky they are, weight etc.

Every dog has their own dietary needs and preferences and what’s cool about Ollie is they take it all into account.

Then the next three steps are simple, they make your food according to the information you sent about your dog, they give you the options, you get to customize your meal plan, and then they send you enough dog food to last the month.

The food they send is microwavable and can be left in the fridge to stay fresh for longer.

On top of that, their boxes are all recyclable with provided instructions on how often you should feed your dog and when.

Cost and Price Plans

Ollie is a pretty well-priced dog food delivery service, a lot better than buying dog food from the grocery store with starting rates of only a couple dollars a day.

Be cautious however as other deals Ollie offers an increase in price by a large margin, so if you’re looking for the lowest quality product they have, the lowest price is what you’ll get.

Still, in term of quality they remain relatively consistent with all then you’re still going to get a good deal regardless.

The biggest advantage when it comes Ollie is a money back guaranteed policy. If you (or your dog) don’t care for the product then Ollie promises to refund the first box you get.

Before getting your subscription, make sure you start with your 50% off trial first to save that bit of money, because there’s always the chance you might not be satisfied with Ollie, in which case you’ll know at least you didn’t spend the full price.

Customer Service

If you have any direct questions directed towards Ollie you can to their website where they have an interactive online representative that can answer all your questions.

You can actually message a representative in real time which is something that’s pretty neat when you visit the site.

If you want a refund on your first Ollie box you can simply by contacting their number or email.

Customers can call them at 844-88OLLIE or 844-886- 5543 and email them at [email protected] or [email protected].

Online Reviews & Complaints

Reviews for Ollie are fairly positive with customer satisfaction being quite common across the board.

The only issue some people have had with the product is the fact some of the food delivered cannot be properly digested by the dog with food content consistently appearing in dog’s stools undigested.

This was only an issue reported by some, however, with a majority praising Ollie for its exceptional customer service and food quality.

In addition to Ollie’s visually appealing boxes and properly portioned food supplies, there are multiple accounts of picky dogs eating dog food provided by Ollie.

In short, the product does a good job of selling itself to its consumers and it’s quite evident that the customer reviews for this product reflect that.

Competitors and Alternatives

Pet Plate is a successful competing brand to Ollie that works on the same principle of delivering quality dog food on a month to month basis.

They’re similar in that they also provide a personalized meal plan and they include a money back guarantee policy as well.

They also provide similar rates for smaller dogs and pretty great customer service. The only difference between Pet Plate and Ollie is that their first trial is only 35% off rather than being the whole 50% off.

Farmer’s dog is another door to door dog food delivery service that personalizes your dog’s meal plan.

They also have similar rates and similar foods to offer, but again they differ in the first trial coupon in that they’re only 20% off rather than the whole 50%.  They boast however their veterinary praise and how healthy their products are to their doggy consumers.

Fresh Pet is a little different in that they aren’t a door to door delivery service.

However, they do have a significantly larger variety of different products then either Pet Plate or Ollie. Plus, not only do they provide food for your pup, but your feline friends as well.

Although their brand may be similar in quality to the door to door delivery services, their food pet brand is not a delivery service and have different a pricing.

Where to Buy?

To set up a subscription service, simply go to the website and it will provide you with instructions on how to get started.

All you’ll really need to include is some personal information such as your address, zip code, etc.

If you have any experience with Ollie Dog Food, please leave your reviews below.

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Customer service needs great improvement.
September 24, 2022
I find this food to be quite costly. The company makes their own calculations re: the amount of supply sent for a specified length of time; if my dog ate what was being sent, she'd become a cow. Although the wet packets are sent frozen solid with dry ice, customers aren't allowed to return them even at own expense & overnight. Maybe my awesome dog loves this food but customer service gets a big thumbs down from me