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NuvoH2O is a US based company that produces water conditioning systems that convert hard water into soft water, without using salt and electricity.

The company states this is important because with their products, constant maintenance is not required.

The system is a result of many years of commercial experience and extensive market research. It guarantees pure drinking water, nice and clean shower water, and lower utility bills.

Instead of buying salt, you will just change the patented cartridge and the life of your water-based appliances will be extended to up to 30%.


The technology behind NuvoH2O products is developed in such way to eliminate the use of salts for water purifying purposes. Instead of using salt, these products use the power of citrus - citric acid - as their active component.

Not only does this technology prevent scale build up, but it also dissolves the existing scale and extends the life of your appliances.

NuvoH2O family of products consists of: Home Softener System, Manor Softener System and Manor Softener + Taste System.

Home Softener Dphb System is ideal for homes with 2-3 residents and comes equipped with the first cartridge. It also includes a mounting back plate, mounting bracket, screws and a housing wrench.

Manor Softener System is intended for households with four or more residents and comes with the first cartridge free, as well as the same additional equipment as for the “Home” variety.

Manor Softener + Taste System is a combination of softener and filter that prevents the scale build up on your appliances and removes the existing scale on them. It has the capacity of treating around 50,000 gallons of water before you need to replace the filter.

Having said that, this system comes with the first softener cartridge and carbon filter free. Not only will you save your appliances with this device, but you will also have access to a great tasting drinking water for the whole house.

How Does It Work?

As mentioned, NuvoH2O doesn’t use salts. This means that instead of removing calcium like the traditional softeners, it binds to its ions and isolates them, so they are unable to form a scale.

On the other hand, the softening system lowers the measured PH of the water and reduces or eliminates the scale formation completely through this process as well.

The main ingredient is citric acid, which is weak organic chemical that occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables. It is an excellent preservative and is used in many foods and soft drinks.

To prove that this is not a scam, the company has undergone an independent study, run by Battelle. It had the task of proving the efficiency of the water softening system. The study findings were conclusive, this system prevents the scale from forming on the water-based appliances.

Cost and Price Plans

NuvoH2O Home Softener System comes at the price of $649, while NuvoH2O Manor Softener System costs $949. The price of a third product from this family, NuvoH2O Manor Softener + Taste System is $1,499.

These are prices for one-time credit card payment, which is free of shipping and handling costs. However, you can also choose to pay in low monthly payments, if qualified through Klarna.

You can also subscribe for the replacement parts to be delivered to your home every six months, with free shipping and a 10% off the original price. On the other hand, if you prefer a one-time delivery, you will spend $69.99 on your home cartridge, $89.99 on your manor system cartridge and $49.99 for studio replacement cartridge.

Online Reviews & Complaints

To set up the NuvoH2O system you will need experienced installers. With the right tools and knowledge, you will have a soft water in about an hour, thanks to the patented technology.

Fortunately, the company offers you a professional help and a guarantee the job will be done quickly and correctly. On the other hand, filter replacement is quick and doesn’t require hiring a professional.

NuvoH2O system has the highest rating among its customers. They testify about it working exactly as advertised and recommend this awesome product to other homeowners as well.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are looking for the right filtration and water softener system for your home, you should check out some alternatives other than NuvoH2O.

For example, AquaSana offers a salt-free water softener that reduces existing scale buildups and extends the life of your pipes and appliances. However, if you compare NuvoH2O vs. AquaSana, you will see that this system is pretty robust, so you need to check the dimensions with your plumber first, to make sure it can fit in your home.

You can then go ahead and compare NuvoH2O vs. Pelican salt-free water softener. It is easy to install, saves you water, as none of it will be wasted and requires no electricity to operate.

Fleck Grain water softener comes equipped with a control valve and has a digital controller for the maximum efficiency. However, its replacement parts and component are not that durable and are made out of low-quality materials.

Where to Buy?

To place a purchase, visit an official website here , add the desired product to your cart, fill in the details and start enjoying NuvoH2O filtration system.

The Bottom Line

If you wish to drink a nice tasting water and prevent your water-based appliances getting damaged by the scale build up, save money and go for the salt-free, eco-friendly solution, then NuvoH2O is the right choice for you.

If you have any experience with NuvoH2O or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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