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Mannatech is a leading developer, researcher, and marketer of glyconutrients in the form of Mannatech Vitamins and products. 

Mannatech Inc was founded in the early 90's and is based out of Coppell, TX.  The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ and is considered to be a mid-cap Corp. 

Mannatech Inc now operates in a variety of countries around the globe including the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, and the UK. 

The company's products include vitamins and supplements headed by the flagship product Ambrotose.

Product and Ingredients

The full Mannatech Inc product line has grown to include a wide variety of nutritional supplements, topical creams, and weight loss products.  These are all sold through a Multi level Marketing system.

Their product research focuses on developing supplements that aid with nutrition, immune health, weight loss, skin care and much more.

Through their efforts with Glyconutrition they offer targeted nourishment for your cells via plant based ingredients. The supplements are derived from real food to provide your body optimal nutrition.

They have even developed their proprietary Real Food Technology® solutions; a unique method for extracting the most bioavailable nutrients from food-based products.

Their dedication to research and innovation is supported by over  $50 million in investments and has resulted in over 100 patents in major global markets. Mannatech has also produced and published clinical research and trials for their products.

Popular Supplements

A few Mannatech standout products would have to be Ambatrose and the TruHealth fat loss system.

Ambatrose - Sold in several variations is essentially a powerful supplement providing Immune, digestion, and mental focus support.  Making use of Glyconutrients from plants and aloe vera to help fight the effects of environmental toxins, age and bad eating habits.

TruHealth Fat Loss System features the Truplenish shake.  A plant based meal replacement formula that boasts  vitamins, minerals, probiotics, Glyconutrients and over 20 grams of protein.

It is Free of: Gluten, Soy, Dairy, MSG, and Artificial colors/sweeteners.  It is designed to support weight loss by acting as a reduced calorie meal replacement that still keeps you satiated while meeting all nutritional needs.

Customer Support

Mannatech offers a 180 day satisfaction guarantee on their products, and if you are not satisfied you can request a refund. 

If you have any questions you can reach staff members by phone at (800) 281-4469 or submit an online inquiry through their website.

Mannatech Business Opportunity

As with all multi level marketing companies you have an opportunity to become an independent associate start your own business.

You can then begin selling directly to retail customers and also build a downline of other associates to exponentially grow your business. They offer a comprehensive backend featuring training, marketing tools, and support.

If you are interested you can signup and receive your welcome kit which will explain the way their compensation plan works and best practices for success.

Some people choose to pursue this is a full time income stream while others simply sign up to just take advantage of the discounted products.

Online Reviews/Complaints

There are many positive reviews for Mannatech products however some may seem too good to be true in regards to the curative powers of the supplements.  While many do enjoy health benefits becareful of anecdotal accounts claiming miraculous recoveries from serious diseases.

You should take supplements to help you lead a healthier life and if you have any kind of serious conditions consult with a healthcare professional first.

Competitors and Alternatives

Similar companies to Mannatech include Immunotech and USANA

All are multinational companies that offer business opportunities alongside their flagship product lines.

If you have tried Mannatech products please leave a detailed review of what items you took and how they affected your health.  Likewise you can describe your experience with the business side of the company.

If you have any experience with Mannatech or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Mannatech Customer Reviews

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March 5, 2017

Ambrotose is an Excellent product.

Husband victim of crime... shot in head... mega doses of Ambrotose was given to him in ICU through feeding tube. He has recovered more than they predicted he would. The doctors said he would have to take anti seizure drugs the rest of his life.... NOT....he has been on Ambrotose & no seizures. That was over 9 years ago!

We took Ambrotose previous to this just for the overall benefit.

January 16, 2017
I was in chronic pain for three years before starting Mannatech supplements, within a year energy was up, pain was down by 90% and colds or flu doesn't last more than two days. If I go a day without, I feel like I want to die. They have double blind placebo controlled human clinical trials, so as a pharmacist, its reassuring for me

January 10, 2017
Your review of Mannatech is very much out of date and incomplete. I have been with Mannatech for 23 years and it has been a very successful venture for me. If you are going to have material like this on the Internet then get it up to date.

April 24, 2016
I have been on Mannatech for 4 weeks now - I was on antidepressant, prozac and drinking alcohol daily starting midday some times - I went on 4 products and from day one I stopped taking all forms of medicated substances and am amazing - each week I go better and better - I am in such a good place in my mind and will continue for sure - feeling strong and very hopeful!!!

February 9, 2016
I have recently started using the catalyst tablets , been helping with controlling my energy levels during the day .... will definitely recommend the product to anyone who has energy and fatigue issues. When I work out I utilize the the Empact pre workout solution and can really feel the difference been two months now and feeling great.... Products do work !!!

June 7, 2014
I absolutely love firm and emprizone. ...both were used on my sister's legs when she had squamous cell carcinoma. Her tumers started going away...the oncologists said he had never seen anything like it... she also did hydro tx and used a charcoal poultice on her legs.....her family did not want to go through the bother of doing all I had begun for her tx program....instead they insisted she have her leg amputated. much pressure. ..she wanted to stick with our program....she buckled under the stress...gave in...had the a mputation and died 14 months later from mets to bone and lung! What a wasted shame! !!

September 22, 2013
I have been taking these products for 3 months including advanced ambrotose, osolean, vitamins and glycoslim. Now I can see my health condition has been improved. I have lost 8 pounds by taking protin shake. I also look younger and never get sick as well as other people who commented here. Thanks to Mannatech, I was glad to find that there is a company who has a mission for helping kids with malnutrition. I mean how many for profit companies can really help children continuously?

May 5, 2013
All I know was that I had PCOS and also had a bleeding disorder which had me bleeding constantly for 7 months. 2 months after taking twice the recommended amount this started to abate, 9 months later there is no trace of it and my periods have gone completely back to normal. I did nothing different except take this as I heard t had helped people in similar positions.

February 25, 2013
I started taking Mannetech 5 years ago. All I can say is I LOVE IT!!! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a health choice regiment. I take Plus, Ambrotose and AO. I feel good everyday and notice I am never sick. I am 45yrs old no health issues at this time.

October 23, 2012
I take the probiotic/prebiotic supplement and have seen incredible improvement with my digestive tract. Quite honestly, though, other companies may have equally quality probiotics. I just prefer Mannatech because I can take the supplement as a powder with food (most probiotics have to be taken on an empty stomach). As for the other Mannatech supplements, quite honestly, the price is prohibitive. I'm also so tired of hearing my friend and her mother give me constant sales pitches about Mannatech, regurgitating what they're taught to say, that I am really sick of hearing about the company. But I am very grateful for the priobotic/prebiotic. It's about the same price as other probiotics, and now I can eat chocolate and mildly spicy foods again! So, Mannatech may be scamming in some areas (I really don't know), but the probiotics are the real deal.

September 13, 2012
Who writes these reviews about mannatech. It is overpriced garbage. The placebo affect is in full force with people who claim these great results with this product. Most people are smart enough to not get trapped into paying money to this company and it over zealous associates. I am in Heath care profession and no one I know uses supplements from mannatech.

August 21, 2012
Have used Mannatech products for at least 8 years. Got off of it one time and was sick every other month with sinus infections, etc. Needless to say, I got back on Mannatech and have never looked back. There is no need to took elsewhere for vitamins. Mannatech products are some kind of magic!

July 15, 2012
At Aaron in Melbourne. I am analytical and for my own analysis, I say that the product gave me about 30% more energy. In my opinion. It could have been 14%, heck, maybe 46%, I dunno. But, it was more than slight. It was enough for me to really notice it. And not getting sick. I have to say, maybe there's some other lifestyle change that reduced my number and longevity of sicknesses. But I can't think of any other change in my life except I added the product. So, yep, let's just say there's a chance of 100% error in my analysis. It doesn't change the fact that I started using the product, and all things being equal, I felt 30% more energy and didn't get sick. So try it for yourself, and don't judge me by my own opinion.

Science is a discipline which is evidence based
November 2, 2011

So when you make a claim you should be backing it up with a study that supports it. This is especially important when you are recommending an expensive product to someone desperately seeking hope that they can cure a condition. Taking advantage of vulnerable people is unethical.

Second, all the associates of mannatech clearly have a conflict of interest. So you especially need to be backing up your claims.

And also, people (mickjayess, Seattle WA) talking about the effectiveness of mannatech products, by claiming they give him “30% more energy and 50% less illness,” (which is ridiculous!! How do u define illness and how can you claim you get specifically 30% more energy? Maybe you think saying you are “analytical in nature” before you say this actually backs it up???) before they put up an ad for “the 7 iron laws for successful forex trading” doesn’t exactly give a good impression of people trying to sell the stuff...

July 28, 2011

I am have been a nurse for 30 years and I have never seen anything that can help someone to improve his health faster than glyconutrients. The pharmaceutical community has attempted to gag Mannatech Associates so that the word cannot get out. After all, if people get healthy this will reduce their market share/profits.

The results you achieve are in direct proportion to the severity of your conditions and the number of servings you take. My health and my son's health has been dramatically improved by giving our bodies the glyconutrients necessary to have proper cell-to-cell communication.

July 10, 2011
I give the products 5 stars. My parents take AO and Sport supplements by Mannatech. I take both, but only one capsule per day. So I take AO one day, and a Sport the next day etc... Neither me or my parents are distributors. Compared to any other nutritional product on the market, these rate at the top. Sure, there are several other products that I rate excellent as well. I simply choose only to take excellent products for my own health. There is NO cure all, but the AO is wonderful. It reduces the number of illnesses I get per year. I am analytical in nature, so in my opinion these give me about 30% more energy and 50% less illness. AND I'M ONLY TAKING ONE CAPSULE A DAY!!

May 16, 2011
my bf was diagnosed with psoriasis and he has been taking maanotech stuff. I have to say If not that stuff his outbreaks would have been worse. i was taking stuff from Pharmanex that stuff is yuck... esp diet shakes .. it is drained not filling just ewww their original formula was much much i am thinking of trying Mannotech.

April 7, 2010
I have been an associate for 11 years and have found their products excellent. I rated your review only fair as if you want to inform your readers you need to keep your reviews up to date. The investigation by the Texas AG filed in favor of Mannatech which alone says huge positive things about the company.

June 23, 2009
I have religiously used Ambrotose and PLUS since 1997, when I was diagnosed with Melanoma cancer. Because I am totally sold on it, I would like to find someone to network with in the North Alabama area.

June 8, 2009

We were told about Mannatch by a friend who is a nurse. She had gotten the products for her mother who had cancer and just raved about them.

We got the products for my mother who was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I believe these products helped my mother tolerate her chemo treatments as well as help her appatite. Not to mention, gave her the strength she needed to go through everything else. She was only given 12-18 mos. and survived for 3 yrs. So I believe the products helped her.