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Kids Casting is a company that offers a service similar to a job-hunting website, except solely dedicated to children’s casting auditions.

Casting Directors post ads on this site for acting and modeling roles for children anywhere from week old babies to 17-year-olds.

How Does It Work?

Kids Casting is not a talent agency in and of itself, instead, it offers a variety of services. As mentioned, it is a venue for modelling and acting casting calls for children.

It allows those searching for children to act or model to post their casting calls on the website. That said, price plans for these offers are not listed on the website for the public until you subscribe.

It is a simple and easy way to find roles to introduce your children to acting and modelling. The website is constantly being updated and there is a team of experts who can help users navigate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The process of searching for jobs is extremely simplified; you just apply through the site and find out if you are invited to an audition.

All types of organizations and/or artists - from directors to model agencies, talent recruiters to filmmakers to independent artists - will post their different project opportunities on the website.

This way, all the casting calls are well organized in a way that makes it simple to find opportunities for your children. Parents create a profile that properly displays their children’s talents with a photo - basically a resume.

After creating the profile, the parents, who will be notified of new projects, can apply to any projects in which they are interested in. A recruiter will review all profiles and send a message to the candidates who will be given a shot at the opportunity.

Cost and Price Plans

It is actually free to use the website itself and to become member of the service. However, this will not allow you to access all the features of the website, which require a paid subscription.

Customer Service

If you have questions or complaints, you are able to contact their customer service in a few different ways, though the website does have a help tab with frequently asked questions.

You may also email them anytime at [email protected] or call them at 1-800-981-1902.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Kids Casting generally receives very positive reviews. Many find it is an easy platform to navigate and a very good way for parents to get their children to audition for acting and modelling roles.

It is one of the best and safest options if you are looking for both paid and unpaid opportunities, as it offers new projects daily with notifications. However, while the website does have many positive aspects, it has issues similar to many online platforms.

Like many job-hunting websites, it does not promise employment. Unlike an agent, it does not search for you.

Directors, talent recruiters, film makers and anyone looking for children to act or model in their project post their casting call and from there, you have to search through the opportunities yourself.

Some of these opportunities may be fake too, as there is no way to guarantee that there are no scams on the website. There is also generally a high volume of people applying for every position, which makes it difficult to get auditions.

Competitors and Alternatives

While Kids Casting is a good option for searching for modelling and acting casting calls for your child, it is not the only option out there. There are other sites to use if you do not like the preface of, or if you are having no luck on this website.

Broadway Kids Auditions, although somewhat similar, is also very different to First off, it is intended for specifically acting, unlike Kids Casting which is intended for both acting and modelling.

It offers guidance for those attempting to break into not only theater and musical theater, but for commercials, film and other projects as well.

Where it mostly differentiates from Kids Casting is that it is not an audition database or job hunting platform, but instead, it is a way to teach children to get into the industry.

It is only available between the ages of 8-16, which will be disadvantageous to parents trying to break their children into the industry young. That said, it is a good program to use in addition to

Wilhelm Kids and Teens offers help to children and teens who want to act or model, similar to

It's an old program that is reputable - in fact, it is the cause of success for many relevant names that have been discovered, such as Natalie Portman, Peyton List and Amanda Seyfried.

It combines the services of Broadway Kids and, offering complete education and help finding casting calls. What separates it from Kids Casting is that it is less of an independent experience.

Similar to Broadway Kids, you have coaches who will help you with tips as well as find casting calls.

Slate Casting is a very similar program to It organizes casting calls and offers notices through the website for projects needing actors.

The three owners of the website are experienced in the field and seem to make it more of a personal experience than

They also offer easy services for those who are looking for children to act in their projects. However, the program is not only for children, which means that not all the projects available are geared towards children actors.

The Bottom Line

Kids Casting can be a good option for parents looking to find casting calls for their child who is a current or aspiring actor or model.

It has an easy preface but requires parents to put in a lot of independent work to search through casting calls.

If you have any experience with Kids Casting or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Kids Casting Customer Reviews

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This is a scam!
May 24, 2021

1. I chose to pay monthly payment of $16.99/month, they charged me for the entire year for $199, they charged this amount without my authorization.

2. I started applying for casting calls which it said that I had to send an email to with head shot, and full body shot of my child in order to apply. I did send what was required. I applied to TWO different casting calls, (LOL surprise dolls photoshoot, and Crayola crayon photoshoot) BOTH emails came back as Undeliverable. BOTH emails [email protected] came back as UNDELIVERABLE.

3. I called customer service at 1800-981-1902 a lady with an accent answered the call, told me that probably the casting director is not receiving emails at the moment because the casting got suspended at the moment. I got the feeling something is not right and told her I will cancel my subscription. She called me 5 times to please do not cancel.

4. I got an email to let me know since I paid for a year subscription, I will have access for 1 year to login into my account. I tried to log back in and my account has been DISABLED.