Investment Rarities Incorporated Reviews

Investment Rarities Incorporated states they started in the 1970s as a precious metals company when very few people were interested in gold and silver, but now they have grown to one of the largest precious metals companies in America.

How Does it Work?

According to their website,, they have sold and delivered over two billion dollars in precious metals coins and bullion. Their most popular coins are the one ounce Eagles and the $20 Double Eagles, among others.

In fact, the popularity of the silver Eagle coins has led to some websites promising access to a free silver Eagle when you go to IRI to begin purchasing gold and silver, however their website does not mention any such deal.

In addition to their coins and bullion, they also sell silver flatware. Their flatware service includes the ability to either match or replace pieces or entire place settings of your existing flatware set. If you are looking to order an entire set of silver flatware, they offer both brand new sets as well as estate sets.

If you do decide to purchase precious metals through Investment Rarities Incorporated, they promise that what you buy will be what you receive. The website promises all shipments will be screened, counted, and carefully packed.

Your order is guaranteed to be as it was represented online, and will be both insured and bond protected until it is officially in the hands of the purchaser. And all items come with a guarantee of authenticity.

These guarantees and protections are intended to help ensure that their customers are happy and satisfied with their orders, so there are no complaints or issues once you have your gold and silver in your hands.

Once you have received your precious metals order, IRI recommends that you keep your order in a safe deposit box, a private vault, or a home safe.

If you have any experience with Investment Rarities Incorporated or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Investment Rarities Incorporated Customer Reviews

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Great customer service
February 22, 2022
A big thanks to Pam Lovett. She was a big help to me, very efficient and very good to work with. She even got me a better price for my sale then I expected. The customer service was great, I would like to recommend Pam Lovett.

Excellent company. Excellent information
May 3, 2021
The Newsletter is superb. I wish many people could be reading it. The service has always been good. Absolutely no problems.

Top Notch
November 2, 2013
I love how well informed the staff is here. They take a little long to ship, but other than that I love this company. Newsletters are the best.

August 7, 2013
I bought from a Demitri a couple years ago. I called in and asked about their prices. I never bought silver before. He honestly explained that they are not the cheapest vs internet companies which makes sense. He then informed me that once in a while he can get in Silver Eagles and Morgans at good prices and if I was willing to be patient he would love to have the opportunity to do business with him. I was amazed of courtesy, intelligence, and ethics this young man showed. A week later he called me and found me a great deal on the coins. I told him I was honored to give him my business. Buy from these guys. Service is paramount and Demitri had it and immense knowledge in silver markets.