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Ecosia is awesome
May 9, 2019

I love what they're doing, they aren't a scam they actual plant trees around the world,

They put an extra ad when you search something and use the money from the add to plant a tree.

You can also buy there merch and 100% of the money goes to planting trees!!

They even use servers powered by solar energy I don't get why everybody doesn't use them

Minor Problems
May 8, 2019
This is an amazing source for people who want to help out the environment but don't know where to start. However, I ran into a pretty major problem involving images. There is no filter on any of the images it shows you when you search, meaning you can get any picture from any site as long as those keywords are in the tags. When I typed in "Connor and Taylor" (as in Connor Kennedy and Taylor Swift) and went to images, some disturbing stuff came up. And by disturbing stuff, I mean porn. Graphic images that children should not be shown. I would suggest putting this in schools but this is a major NO as long as this still occurs. If they fix this issue, it'll be golden, but for now, I have to stick with three stars.

Ethan May 09, 2019

They have added filters now, the same ones as strict, moderate and off

Ethan May 09, 2019

They do have a safe search system, I believe it's turned off at first though, either that or I turned it off, they have strict, moderate and off

dear Ecosia
April 24, 2019
i think Ecosia should also be allowed in schools because then students could all use it

FortniteGamingYT April 26, 2019

I already have the extension and it works great! Its so freaking cool how i'm helping the ecosystem while being on my computer!

ka763 May 04, 2019

I think Ecosia should be in schools, too. In fact, I just asked my principal.

ka763 May 04, 2019

I think Ecosia should be in schools, too. In fact, I just asked my principal.

It’s Camren Bitch May 08, 2019

Actually, this is a terrible idea because of one issue. I went to search "Connor and Taylor" and what came up was not Connor Kennedy and Taylor Swift. Long story short, it was porn. There is no filter on the images searches, and this is a beyond huge issue.

Ethan May 09, 2019

Camren, Go into the settings then Safe search and change it to either Strict or Moderate

Keep it up!
April 8, 2019

Sitting at my desk and at the same time "planting" trees, it seemed impossible, I hope that it's legit because I freaking love the idea!

As fast as other browsers on the internet, Ecosia is doing so much for the environment. And I think that I'm more conscious now about trees, plants and else. Keep it up, guys!

i dont think its fake...
April 5, 2019
it works just as good as google would. I almost wish that Google or another big internet browser would do this. Based on the research that I have done this thing is pretty legit. They have a youtube channel where they show the areas that ecosia has effected.

TysonMemes May 03, 2019

But, Yandex is the Russian Google, thus making it better.

Love it
March 26, 2019
You can put in chicken nugget without lag so I'm happy

CUP OF TAE:3 March 28, 2019

chomP chomP

CUP OF TAE:3 March 28, 2019


Seems Legit
March 26, 2019
It works perfectly, easy to link to chrome and the searches are just a s fast as Google, seems like a great cause, spread the word!!

Works for me
March 23, 2019

I added this to my browser and so far i haven't had any issues. It might even be faster than google .

I like the idea of helping a not for profit company fulfill their goal. This is an easy way to do it. As other reviewers have said not sure i believe they are actually planting that many trees as quickly as they say. However, since i am having no issues with the browser i am not worried about that. ?I have also gone to the website and read some of the stories about their accomplishments and he reason they are doing what they do.

good but something is fishy
March 21, 2019
its works just as good as google. but is seems almost impossible the amount of trees being planted. someone needs to plant each tree also its very odd that a tree is planted almost exactly each second. also the rate of trees being planted has not gotten faster as more people use it and there is no intervals where it slows down or speeds up its always the same speed. somethings not right.

Chloe March 26, 2019

I think that the "one tree every second" is not the amount of physical trees planted immediately. Ecosia donates money from ad clicks and searches to organizations that plant trees. So the counter reflects that Ecosia has received enough revenue to plant one more tree, which it will eventually donate to fund planting said tree. The physical planting doesn't happen each second, but the collection of revenue does.

I like it
March 19, 2019
Basically it works the same as any other browser but it also plants trees and doesn't sell my browser data. And even if it doesn't plant as many trees at it says it does the browser itself isn't hurting anyone so why not just use it? It feels better to be giving back to the environment by searching for stuff on the internet.

Works Great, Counter is Legit
March 15, 2019
Works the same as Google, so fine by me!

Perfect but odd
March 4, 2019
I use it every day and it is perfect and I love it but as another review said it's odd how the counter goes every second.

Pretty cool
February 26, 2019
It is basically like Google but they help plant trees and that is awesome. But like another review said the counter does seem a little weird with how it is exactly every second.

February 15, 2019
This program is absolutely amazing. I was so glad to see when we hit 50,000,000 the other day! Now, we're already at 50,155,500 as I'm writing this. It's an outstanding search engine with such a meaningful purpose. I share Ecosia with my friends and family all the time! I'm even writing an essay on it for my college assignment this weekend. #choosethetrees

Something is definitely off
February 9, 2019
The thing throws me off about it is the trees planted counter because it is so obviously timed. Originally it just went up one every second, completely regularly 24/7. You can literally close your eyes, count and manage to keep up with the time (tried and tested, by the way). And now its gone up to two per second, every second without fail. Once again, you can close your eyes and keep up with it. Whether Ecosia as a business is a scam or not, I don't know but I'm telling you right now that counter is bullsh**t.

SusanPalmer March 04, 2019

It could be going faster because of growing popularity and exposure.

Human278 March 13, 2019

it is probably based on a daily estimation and counts every tree for that day to look like it is constantly moving

Loving Ecosia
November 20, 2018
I've been using Ecosia as my search engine, both at home and work, for about a month and I'm loving it. I'm always dubious about moving away from Google but Ecosia have been at least as good. And it's just brilliant to know that I'm adding a bit of light to the world every time I search with them - rather than having a little pang of google-guilt!

I Support the Principle
October 5, 2018

They give financial reports (salaries/operating costs look very modest), they identify the projects where they send funds, including the amounts.

If it's a scam, then they have made it very easy to trace the money & get shut down. Personally, I think they are the real deal.

Hopefully this will make the bigger Search Engines wake up and think a little more long term than simply impressing shareholders with Q4 profits.

Looking forward to seeing Google get bought out by Ecosia after they have planted a billion trees.

There's an app
September 18, 2018
I have found that I don't get as great results with ecosia, so I don't use it on my laptop, but I did download the app on my phone so that I can search less important things (like fact-checking things in a conversation, or just pulling up photos of a famous person that came up in conversation). When it comes to more critical searches, I use google on my computer.

Tree planting projects & Funding access
July 16, 2018

I would like to know how Ecosia choose their tree planting community projects. African countries do not seem to be represented much. Who can access Ecosia funding for a tree rehablitation project?

Their website only deals with the serch engine initiatives. I would like o know more about the individual tree planting projects Ecosia are undertaking.

RicardoDa Cunha October 21, 2018

Perhaps consider a morally outraged internet pile-on? Maybe accuse them of racism? Thanks for reading

SusanPalmer March 04, 2019

They work with locals in different areas, primarily where the people are burning and cutting down trees to spread awareness in those places about the damage they are causing

Love the idea, but hard to use sometimes
May 18, 2018
I agree with another reviewer that the lack of Boolean operators is frustrating. I rely on key word searches for my work, so I often have to go back to Google. However, I will keep using Ecosia simply because I like the principle behind it. Just please add Boolean operation!