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eBid.net is a website that promises users a platform in which to sell goods and products in an auction format to those who are looking for unique or quality goods at an excellent price. 

How Does It Work?

eBid works very similarly to other auction websites like eBay. People are welcome to come to the website and register as a Seller and begin listing their goods or products that they would like to auction off to Buyers. 

Their website says that they offer more than 13,000 different categories for the items that are listed on their site, including choices like Antiques, Dolls & Bears, Electronics, Jewelry & Watches, Crafts, Video & Computer Gaming, and much more.

Each listed product will have a minimum bid price, which is the price at which bidding will begin, as well as a reserve price, which is the minimum price the bidding must reach in order for the auction to reach completion. 

Sellers can also provide their Buyers with a BuyNow option, which will be above both the minimum bid price and the reserve price, and gives Buyers the chance to simply click the BuyNow option to immediately end the auction and guarantee the sale of the item to the Buyer who is willing to pay that price.    

Mobile Options

At this time, eBid.net does offer their customers a mobile app on iOS and Android in which to monitor and participate any auctions in which they are involved in. 

Cost & Price Plans

Obviously on an auction website the Sellers have control over the prices they set but the Buyers have the ultimate control over the price they are willing to pay. But it is free to set up both a Buyer and a Seller account on this website. 

There are two different types of Sellers on this website, however. The first is their casual Seller, which is a free account and allows you to list your items for free, but will charge their Sellers a Final Value Fee of 3%.

Their Seller+ account is for people who sell a much larger volume of items on the website. It has an upgrade fee dependent on the amount of time you want your account to be upgraded.

The period of time you can upgrade your account begins at 7 days for $1.99, 30 days for $6.99, 90 days for $16.99, 365 days for $54.99, or a Lifetime upgrade for $99.98.

This upgrade allows you list all items for free and to never be charged a Final Value Fee. 

Refund Policy

Because this is not a traditional retail website, they do not offer a traditional Refund Policy.

The website does have protection policies in place if a Buyer fails to pay the Seller the money they owe them, in that Final Value Fees can be refunded, but it doesn’t have much to say about refunds given to Buyers who are unhappy with what they receive. 

However, this website does provide both Buyers and Sellers with the ability to provide feedback on their website about the actions of the people they have worked with on the site, and whether or not they had a good or bad experience.

This way other eBid members have an idea of what to expect when dealing with either that Buyer or Seller.     

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to speak to their Customer Service team about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by clicking on their Help link and then on their Contact Us link, where you will be able to submit them. 


In general, most people are concerned with how this website compares the gold standard of auction websites, eBay. 

If you look for articles or reviews by people who work with both of these auction sites, you’ll see a variety of differences discussed, though by far it appears as though the most commonly discussed difference between the two are the fees they charge to their Sellers.

Most people said that eBay charged their Sellers significantly more fees than eBid did, making eBid a more attractive auction site in that regard.

However, it was pointed out by some reviewers that eBay still gets more visitors and is able to generate more interest in the items available for auction, especially in certain categories. Because of this is, it is difficult to determine a clear winner between the two.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

As mentioned above, people are generally concerned with how this company compares to eBay, but certainly there are many different auction websites out there, like Proxibid.com, and many others.  

If you have any experience with eBid.net or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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eBid Customer Reviews

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Less Stressful to Sell on eBid
July 24, 2022

As a Seller :

* I have the lifetime membership. I like the low fees and able to have unlimited listings. Fairly easy to use. I like a marketplace to sell with other groups of sellers to make it a place to shop with variety.

* It is cheaper than paying $15-$30/mth for having a website.

PRO's :

Lower fees,

You are your own boss,

Unlimited listings (check the selling level you are using for any cost)

CON's :

You do have to promote your shop (just like having a brick and mortar shop)

The shopping cart is odd. Only for one shop and not across the marketplace. AND you cannot remove an item from the cart.

Would love another option of payment besides Paypal.

Buyer :

Really no problems except how the shopping cart works on individual shops.

I do get tired of new sellers that don't look into the site and complain about not having traffic. ( You have to promote yourself on social media and such) People who complain that they got a bill and that they didn't sell anything, BUT they use the seller's level where there is no membership but the premium listing that charges a minimum cost to each listing to post.

Please read the all the Help Sections before committing to the lifetime membership.

ebid.net = Scam Be Careful
February 2, 2022
THIS SITE IS A SCAM they bill you at the end of every month even if you haven’t sold anything and refuse to delete your account or personal information. THIS IS A SCAM PLEASE BEWARE

This is scam, rip off company...
December 11, 2017

This is total scam, criminal company - after Paid for Seller lifetime membership - them suspended my account 3 days ago without any explanation and refund - only received a vague e-mail say: "you account don't accepted" ?

Until today no any refund or compensation - we open a legal claim in the Court about this discrimination, criminal company! Save you time and money and avoid the Ebid.net at all cost! This is scam, rip off company...

Wallmart Win

Bob Butler April 11, 2021

This person isn't the kind that others should seek for advice.