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Dr. Marc Micozzi is a physician, medical anthropologist and epidemiologist who markets a number of books and dietary supplements through his brand, Smart Science Nutritionals.

Author of almost 300 articles in medical literature, Dr. Micozzi has been able to provide alternative therapies that are natural and work better than mainstream medicine. 


Dr. Micozzi sells his heart attack prevention and repair protocol as a 4-hour course that is broken into 45 easy to follow lessons. The course offers many benefits and it is simple to read and understand. 

It enlists the most cutting-edge techniques and natural remedies for avoiding heart attacks and stroke. The natural and complementary solutions offered will also help in clearing your arteries from harmful plaque, lowering your blood pressure and more. 

It includes secrets (such as tribal secrets), recipes for natural power washes and gives you the name of the vitamin and spices that will help you greatly slash your heart disease risk. Some solutions are said to work in just hours.

Cost and Price Plans

The full course is valued at $4,000, but you may acquire Dr. Micozzi’s Heart Attack Prevention & Repair Protocol course for only $189.

At times, a special offer may also be presented for future annual medical breakthroughs at half the cost of the original price ($94.50)

Customer Service

The product is backed up with a money back guarantee of thirty days. With no questions asked, you may return the product for a complete refund if it has not helped you resolve your heart troubles.

If you have a question or concern or wish to get a refund for a purchased product, it is necessary for you to go online to the main website. There, you will find contact information to help resolve your issues.

For general customer service questions, you may call 1-800-682-7319 or 443-353-4398. Alternatively, you may also fill out a contact form or chat online with a specialist.

Online Reviews & Complaints

You must always look for extra information on your own about any product you wish to purchase. That said, online reviews about Dr. Micozzi and his heart prevention course are slightly on the low end of the scale.

However, it is deemed that though he is not a fraud, his course should not be marketed as a miracle. The solutions that are offered may very well help patients with heart issues, but it cannot cure them simply by following the material.

For those that wish to complement their medical intervention, the course may very well provide health benefits. It also does not hurt to try other solutions and possibilities when you are confronted with a serious illness or heart condition.

Competitors and Alternatives

Competitors and alternatives abound when it comes to promises and medical research or discoveries that supposedly lead to cures. For instance, John Muir Health has classes and programs regarding Heart Disease Wellness and Prevention.

Besides classes, they also have Cardiac Conditioning, which, they claim, is to help anyone who has been diagnosed with a heart disease to recover quickly.

Similarly, Stutter Health has programs like Dr. Micozzi’s protocol as well. It teaches you all you need to know about how to reduce your risks of heart disease. They have specialists as well, which allows people to be even more well-informed.

Some examples of their programs include Heart Smart Classes and Low Fat Living for a Healthy Heart Class. Besides that, they also offer diagnostic services as well, in order for you to specifically pinpoint what kind of heart condition you have.

Just like all of the above-mentioned, the Corazones Sanos Program - Healthy Hearts Program also works the same way. This program helps those who already have heart issues, or those who are still at risk. As a matter of fact, there are at least 250 people who are enrolled here.

Where to Buy?

You are able to purchase Dr. Micozzi’s Heart Attack Prevention and Repair Protocol by going on the website here. You may also place an order on the following number: 1-800-292-5808.

The Bottom Line

Heart disease has taken an unfortunate common precedence over the human population. 

Heart issues such as blood pressure, cholesterol and failure are due to a variety of factors. Poor lifestyle choices can also be blamed, like leading a sedentary life, or eating fast food frequently. 

Other causes for heart disease may arise from faulty medicines, or nutritional imbalances from artificial chemicals and/or additives. Battling these issues is no small task and is quite costly at that. 

Though promises are made and a money back guarantee is offered, it is necessary to do in-depth research to determine if this course is right for you.  Sometimes, online surfing will lead you to the same information, for free.

On the other hand, purchasing the Dr. Micozzi Heart Protocol may be best for those who cannot or do not wish to do the extensive research for themselves.

Either way, taking care of your health as soon as possible is the best way to help your quality of life and reduce potential risks.

If you have any experience with Dr. Marc Micozzi or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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