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CheapFlightNow is an online travel booking website found at that says their goal is to provide the cheapest flight options available in the marketplace for their customers. 

How Does It Work?

CheapFlightNow says that they offer specially negotiated airfares from many major airlines, as well as 24/7 Customer Service in finding the best routes and reservations for your upcoming trip, including when arranging plans for multi-city or even around the world trips. 

Like any other travel booking website, users that are planning a trip can go straight to their website and choose the type of category you are interested in searching, including Hotels, Cars, and Cruises.

For customers that are more interested in looking at what potential travel and vacation plans are available, you can also look for specific deals by flights or hotels of a specific continent or region that you are interested in traveling to, or by a specific airline that you know or feel comfortable with. 

Mobile Options

This website does provide their customers with the option to download a free mobile application for both iOS and Android devices. 

Cost/Price Plans

Costs and prices of flights and other travel arrangements will vary depending on your personal needs, preferences, and choices.

This website does offer regular promotional deals that feature certain dollar amounts that can be discounted from the cost of your trip, though these discounts will be applied to the additional service fees of the trip and not off the cost of the tickets or hotel rooms themselves. 

Refund Policy

Once you find the travel arrangements you would like to make and finalize them, you will have to work with the company from which you actually purchased the tickets or completed reservations to determine what refund options are available to you.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who have questions, concerns, or complaints they would like to direct to their Customer Service team can contact them by phone at 877-245-1390, by email at [email protected], or by using the website’s Live Chat feature whenever it is available. 


Unfortunately this company receives mixed reviews for the most part, but the main concern comes from the fact that the negative reviewers all detail a very similar experience in regards to making flight reservations through this website. 

These negative reviews state that they either didn’t receive a reservation from this website or they received some sort of message saying that the reservation that they requested could not be completed.

Customers then went on to use another service to book their flight, only to get a confirmation of their booking days or even weeks later.

When customers called to cancel this belated reservation, they were told they would have to pay a $50 cancellation fee, even though they felt that this issue was actually the responsibility of the company, and not themselves. 

This is an important glitch in their process that it is important to know and understand.

This way, if you choose to use their website and fail to get a confirmation of your reservation, you know to contact Customer Service right away to make all your cancellations fee free, or to simply use another service that you feel more comfortable with.

Competitors and Alternatives?

As anyone who has tried to book a flight online before is aware, there are so many other options for booking online airfare that it almost becomes overwhelming and unhelpful at times.

Customers who are looking for websites that operate similarly to this one will have many other options, including,,, and more. 

If you have any experience with CheapFlightNow or their services, please leave your reviews below.

CheapFlightNow Customer Reviews

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Heed my warning, do not use this company!!!
April 19, 2023

I had purchased a roundtrip ticket via Spirit Air thru, to Texas from Florida, the line was totally overbooked for the flight and by the time I got to the ticket counter, I was 5 minutes out for my flight.

Once the lady tried to check me in, she stated that I was not showing in the system, I was then instructed to go to another line, which now forced me to miss my flight completely. I waited in the other line for another 45 minutes. I had a schedule planned event that evening in Texas of which now I would not be able to attend.

So I called this company and told them I wanted my money back and my status in the computer system of Spirit Air which was non-existent. They denied my request and basically kept my money, as I no longer needed the flight. I was needless to say extremely perturbed and they did not care, so much for customer care.

Worthless and a complete theft of my money. Do not ever purchase from this company. Heed my warning.

Bad Customer Service
December 21, 2022

Booked a flight thru them on Spirit, Spirit cancelled my flight over a month ago. No one notified me of cancellation I didn't find out till I went into check on flight. Asked for a refund I have been waiting over 3 weeks now and still no refund. About to call credit card company to file fraudulent charge.

December 11, 2022

I just booked a flight from them noone English speaking! And they over charged me so when I tried to call back they kept hanging up in my face!!! I called 6 times and they kelp hanging up. I will never used this stupid website ever again!!!! Put people in there that want a freaking job instead of people I can’t understand then have the nerve to hang up in my face. Forget THIS WEBSITE. I will be reporting it

Bait and Switch!!!!
August 14, 2022

The flight I thought I booked was switched as it was booked. As soon as I got the confirmation I called. Of course they switched it to the flight I selected for more money!!!

I will never use this website again. SCAM ALERT!

August 3, 2022

I'm frustrated, never had this experience and frustration. Will not use this agency again. Yes, the Customer Service clerk was helpful and understanding. Took over an hour and extra $ 600.00 to get this problem solved. Which was not of our doing, but of the airline.

American Airline would not just changed it either. I understand this was not his fault, but that I have to pay fees to change a flight because of the airline changing there flight is ridiculous.

Their excuse, it's 3rd party fee, so Agency charges me fees to change the connecting flights, because of the 1st flight in this series was changed by Philippines Airline. Never again I will use a 3rd party to book my flight.

Not reliable
July 4, 2020
Could not confirm my flight. However, charged my account and now are taking their time to refund the money. 3 months,they said. Never heard of nonsense like this.

Definitely a scam...
September 21, 2018

These are a bunch of people from India taking advantage of innocent people. They give you a 24hr cancel guarantee prior to purchase, then refuse to refund you an hour later stating, "no refund, you should have read your confirmation email." I told the idiot that i purchased based on their guarantee and I agreed to that contract and that the confirmation email was after the fact and that they changed the contract to "no refunds." Do not buy from them.

If you do, you have to call them right back, give them the order# on your confirmation email, then they will put you on hold for 10 min to actually purchase your ticket, then you get the confim# to check in on your flight. Be sure to check in the airlines immediately to confirm your ticket is good. Don't wait. Good luck!

Btw: The Better Business Bureau BBB is looking for them. CheapFlights is using a bogus email, phone and address for their corporate office. Anyone has any info, please call or email them so we can prosecute them.

Missed a funeral because of CheapFlights
June 15, 2017

I booked a roundtrip flight from Philly to Chicago...I received my email confirmation...All seemed great..zA few hours before i am to leave for the airport i get a Delayed flight message...No big deal...I get to airport 5 hrs ahead of time...Come to find out that United Airlines only has my reservation!!!

Cheaptickets and was told they couldnt get me on that flight for the price i paid... they wanted me to purchase another ticket for $754... between me and my sister we called four different times and was on hold for 2 hours... and every single time we spoke to the same man that was giving us different names.... first he said his name was Kirk then he said his name was Lamont then he said his name was Rob and then finally his name was Everett...

I ended up missing the funeral because all of my money went into buying this ticket from CheapTickets.... and now I'm in a fight to get a refund... this place is absolutely terrible and I would say never to buy a ticket from CheapTickets ever!!!