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( 9 reviews ) is Experian’s leading vehicle reporting service, providing consumers with comprehensive vehicle history reports which allow them to make informed decisions when purchasing used cars. vehicle reports include the industry's only vehicle history score, which the company states empowers consumers with the information they need to quickly understand what a vehicle history report "really says about a vehicle".

How Does it Work?

The AutoCheck Score provided by takes into the Age, Mileage, Vehicle Class, Number of Owners, Lease History, Emission Testing History, Accident History, Theft and Repossession History, and Police, Taxi or Government Use.

The Score is represented by a number between 1 and 100, with 1 being the lowest possible score and 100 being the highest possible score.

But AutoCheck warns that cars with lower scores should not necessarily be automatically discounted. The low score may be due to the mileage and age of the car, but when compared to scores of cars with the same mileage and age, the score may be high.

If you are searching for a used car, has an article explaining how their services stack up vs CarFax, a similar service provider.

They say they provide the same vehicle history as CarFax, but with you can sign up to receive unlimited reports, in addition to the AutoCheck Score, and information from the US's two largest auction houses on whether the car has ever been auctioned off.

One vehicle history report will cost you $29.99. Unlimited reports for 30 days will cost you $44.99, which is less than the cost of two individual reports.

If you have any experience with AutoCheck or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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AutoCheck Customer Reviews

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Pretty good service, 3 hours and 20 mins!
November 14, 2023
I just used the service, one time payment and stopped myself from buying a crashed car that was poorly repainted. They covered it up with blurry pictures. I became aware of the bad reviews a couple of hours after I paid and I was ready to cancel the order and request a refund but they sent me the history as I was about to do that. Everything in the report checks out. I don't know about the past but in this instant they did save me.

Spreading Misinformation is Pathetic!
August 12, 2022
A mistake was made at the DMV on my title for my 2017 SS Camaro. My vehicle was branded Rebuilt/Salvage on the certificate of Title! The Experian AutoCheck report misinformation has caused me many hours of lost time and money!! It has also caused me extreme stress, and has added to my health issues! I'm left now with the burden of proving the mistake. This process takes an extreme amount of time and research to develop all this evidence!. So far my experience with Experian has been horrible!

Don't trust these thieves~!~!
April 17, 2022

Terrible bait and switch. Ask for the dollar report they sign you up and charge for a year of $25.00 a month reports. Run don't walk away from these thieves!

Don't get fooled they have nothing to do with CarFax.
November 20, 2020
They will take your money and run. There is really no difference between using and burning money. All the info they give you is easy to find on the internet.

WilliamH Dungan August 12, 2022

CarFax is horrible when they spread misinformation. You can't even talk to a person about your specific problem and their online filing for incorrect information is pathetic!!

Terrible EXPERIAN OWNED Reporting Company
March 19, 2020

They have a false report for a Severe Accident on my VIN Number. They can't tell me where they came up with this "FALSE REPORT". It appears they use offshore wannabe customer service people. That can only respond to our request with generic responses. We have sent 17 emails and have gotten nothing but generic responses.

They apparently can't afford to have a phone number to call into to get a real or knowledgeable company. Guess Experian is as good at this as they are with allowing they credit reporting customers to get they information hacked and shared on the black market.

June 19, 2019

I had my car appraised at CarMax; in which, they use AutoCheck for vehicle history reports. AutoCheck claimed that my vehicle was involved in a car accident when it has never been involved in an accident.

I notified them of their mistake and was told I have to take it up with the police department. I had already spoken with the police department, which they told me it would be ILLEGAL for me to obtain the records of the case # AutoCheck claimed I was involved in because my VIN# was not involved in the accident what so ever.

AutoCheck would not do ANYTHING to fix it themselves, knowing they're the ones who made the mistake.


To add to the insane claim, My vehicle and I were not even in the state at the time of the 'accident'.

Incomplete reports
February 1, 2019

I am currently having an issue with a local oil change business and needed my vehicle's history to contest his claims of the dealership replacing the engine a few years back. I am the second owner and so I purchased an Experian AutoCheck history report. The report looked great...NO issues not

So i decided to go to the used dealer I purchased the vehicle from and he pulled up a CAR FAX report...24 line items came back.. mostly the sell, trade in, resale etc that AutoCheck showed but also had the annual registrations and the routine services stating fluids collected(i would assume oil changes)at 6 different times.

I tried to chat with an AUTOCHECK agent and was given the company verbiage with no real reason why their reports were incomplete..

January 30, 2015

back in june 2014 i did a past history report on a vehicle I owned 15 years ago and paid them money to look up this one vehicle for me. thinking this was all find done and dandy i just found out i have been charged $18.95 monthly for the last 8 damn months.

I contacted them via online and all i was told was i must have hit the 'sign me up for $18.95 a month button. BS! I'm not that stupid. i barely make it on my income i make, so i sure in hell would not have signed up for my charge card to be billed monthly when i barely have enough gas and food to live day by day! they refunded me one month and would not work with me at all on those previous months!

they just kept telling over and over i signed up for the $18.95 monthly plan. i will be calling better business and attorney general and more to get this scam removed from the internet!!!!!!!!

Caesar Melons
January 15, 2015

Ordered 30 day subscription. Paid with PayPal. Checked PayPal to verify payment made. Payment made. Tried logging in to Autocheck website. Website does not recognize email address or password. Went to Autocheck "contact us" link. Sent email to help department. Sent second email to help. Sent third.

No response from Autocheck. No way to contact Autocheck. This company may be a post office box that collects your payment. They may collect your payment via text while on the beach.

In any case, a service that you cannot access is BLOODY USELESS. This is one of the sleazier operations I have run across.