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Active Advantage is a membership program for, a fitness and lifestyle website that offers and number of services and benefits including discounts on fitness equipment and meal delivery.

How Does It Work? has worked to be a one stop shop for people who are interested in finding and registering for races, team sports, and recreational activities.

They also provide access to online training programs, nutrition and fitness tips, and a community of like minded individuals.

Active Advantage is their membership program that provides people with discounts on thousands of event registrations, 15% of their GearUp deals, free training plans, free entries to different events all over the country, and discounts from "active lifestyle brands."

Cost/Price Plans

Customers can purchase an Active Advantage membership outright, or they can choose to participate in their free 30 day membership trial, which is provided to people who use to register in participating activity.

Right now the annual membership is priced at $64.95, which they describe as less than $6 per month for full access to their benefits.  

Mobile Options

Currently this website has mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices. 

Refund Policy

This website does not mention any Refund Policies in regard to their membership program, but they do offer detailed instructions for how to cancel your membership if you decide to do so.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to speak with Customer Service about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 866-561-0647 or by email at [email protected].


This membership has mixed reviews, with most of the negative reviews coming from users that didn't understand the details and billing practices of the company when they were signed up for the trial offer of this membership and were surprised by the annual charges.   

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are other websites whose goal is to bring together communities of people with similar interests, especially if those interests are sports and activity related, but not all of these organizations offer the registration discounts provided by this company.   

If you have any experience with Active Advantage or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Active Advantage Customer Reviews

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I need full refund from this deadly component!
December 22, 2022
I ordered four bottles, I went in for labs and the results came back my platelets were off the chart! If Dr. Grundy would have stated blood clotting or a diabetic I wouldn’t have purchased any. I had a bypass and can’t afford clotting as well as a diabetic. I have been having problems and it wasn’t until last night making connection. This product could have killed me, my platelets caused concern for having a stroke. I called that number and it’s busy or ring and hang up!

Free trail scammers
September 26, 2022
They scammed me into a membership when I bought a partnership product. The customer support made the email process very difficult. All around terrible experience.

Run in the opposite direction! Not worth the headache.
April 30, 2022

This is the most disorganized, mismanaged, overpriced ticketing platform I have ever experienced in over 30 years of producing events. I should have come to trustpilot/BBB/yelp before considering this service for my race registration.

It has been over 6 weeks since my event concluded and they have yet to get it together enough to send a check or EFT for the revenue generated from my event.

All this after charging all of my registrants, including ones that I refunded or canceled for whatever reason, $2.50 per registrant, and giving me the run around.

What an absolute nightmare it has been trying to work with them.