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Recent Reviews From Customers

Weather w reviewed

They canceled my account after six months with no reason, 20 days have passed and they are keeping my money. This is a fraudulent company.

Dante S reviewed Zeba Shoes

They are correct they are very easy to put on and take off the problem with them is they are heavy and because of that uncomfortable to wear for long…

Jeff reviewed

I have purchased hundreds of dollars worth of HVAC fans, ducting and tools from over the past 12 months and found their prices to be below most. Products were…

Mabelline reviewed The Farmer's Dog

I need to CANCEL my account but can never get through to the company. The phone number (646-780-7957) never works -- that they don't even have an 800 number should…

Dan reviewed

I have been using this site for about 6 months. It has really helped me to be able to see all aspects of my money during retirement. I can also…

Robert N reviewed

Your review is thorough. The value of this vehicle is substantiated by your data. However, so many factors are involved in the value, I feel the value is negotiable. Perhaps…

Biss reviewed

This outfit is a fraud. I had many books downloaded and when I went to retrieve them for reading, I got a message saying the book was just loaned and…

Consulting G reviewed The Motley Fool

Motley fool in my opinion is full of speculative advice. I have yet to see any advice with real substance behind it. I suggest one steer clear of this nonsensical…

Zena reviewed

*I will keep updating this review, read other reviews as they are caught in several lies and respond very nasty to that as well* very dangerous place to spend your…

ProFXtrader M reviewed IFC Markets

Smooth transactions, if type of spread is chosen wisely work can be done plus commissions are quite all right

Danna M reviewed 4Patriots

I have ordered a number of survival foods and equipment from 4Patriots. To date, there’s nothing wrong with any of it, and I received it quickly and well packaged.

Lisar reviewed

Never order perishable food from increases the cost of food items they sell for vendors when you order to cover the cost of FedEx shipping. You pay a…

PeeBee reviewed Shapr App

Sadly I've met a ton of scammers on Shapr. After being scammed - I started to ask for more proof. I am in NY - and ironically the majority of…

PhilipEd reviewed

Please know that the people operating this business and website: #1) continue to use UNDERHANDED and FALSE communication tactics to make themselves appear legitimate, #2) manipulate every communication to make…

Cgrandmashop reviewed Ultimate Pet Nutrition

The pups absolutely love these treats! They sit by the door knowing they are getting one of these special treats.

Rickey reviewed

These crooks will withhold your deposit if you do not gamble it all. Been waiting 10 days to receive my deposit back while they investigate me. It’s truly unbelievable. Will…

Jesse reviewed Nexgen Ceramic Spray

They are a scam, when you buy their product they start charging you $13 a month for some bullshit vip subscription

Constance L reviewed

The process was very user friendly. The results were delivered timely and the cost was minimal.

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