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My Vanilla Debit Card

I've had my vanilla card for about a year and I never had a problem registering it or any other problems, for that matter. I was surprised when I read all the bad reviews.


I ordered from Petbrosia last year and my cat did not like the food. I returned the food as they told me, but they have put me off repeatedly and have yet to refund my money. To boot, it cost me nearl


As a therapist myself, and as a person who has gone through therapy in traditional settings, I found betterhelp to be a wonderful alternative. I was matched up with a very competent and supportive th

As a merchant who wants the opportunity to address customer issues posted to this site, I find this site difficult at best. I am unable to sign up for a notification when someone reviews our site, an


a month ago i order 3 tools then i not receive my purchase,call or email not working, money back is a fantasy. stay far from this business is my idea . my next step is contact the bank for good" trans

Ninja Coffee Bar

The Ninja Coffee Bar is a new product from the Ninja kitchenware line, found online at, designed to be an at home coffee maker which claims that “coffee as you know it is about

Tinnitus Knockout

Tinnitus Knockout, found online at, is a downloadable eBook which claims to teach people an at home technique that will help them reduce and possibly eliminate their tinnitus in a

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The Magic Tap Drink Dispenser, found online at, is a new “spill proof automatic drink dispenser” that is meant to help children and the accident prone with a simple and con

Migraine Hat

The Migraine Hat, found online at, is a new health and wellness product which promises their customers the ability to relieve the pain of migraines without medication. How Does It W

Primal Force's Ultra Accel II

Primal Force’s Ultra Accel II, found online at, is a new health and wellness supplement from Dr. Al Sears, which promises to help anyone improve their energy levels, metabolism,