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dont waste your money. Poor quality and terrible service. Still waiting for items ordered over a month ago. Trying to return an item but customer service is not responding very well. A lesson learned


I gave it a try for the free week trial, and thought that the councelor might stall and ask more questions to extend my subscription. But she was great! She did ask more questions, but made me feel li


I will sucide as yhese people took away 12000 rupees from my account due to which i cant even buy food if i die i will write a note on your name betterhelp and then you will be destroyed i dont even h

I live in Bakersfield California and my wife and I became members about 6 months ago. I have found Nextdoor to be a wealth of community and big and small business information. You can buy /sell or gi


Feel free to lend your money to this seller, I guarantee slow repayment and no items. I quote 2 weeks after my inquiry email: "You will be refunded within a few days." Thank god I used paypal. is the online home of Tailor Brands, a company which says their goal is to provide individuals and small business owners with simple and affordable logo designs.  How Does It

ezpz is the online home of ezpz, a company that has created high quality all-in-one placemat and plate combinations that promote self-feeding in toddlers and children with disabilities. is the online home of Society6, a company which says their goal is to “foster an international community of incredibly talented creatives” and provide them with a way to sell

True Key by Intel Security

True Key by Intel Security, found online at, is a new software program which promises people the ability to “sign in without passwords” using fingerprint or facial recognition.

The Diabetes Free System

The Diabetes Free System, found online at, is a video presentation and a new guide from Dr. David Pearson which promises that anyone can completely cure their diabetes within just 1