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Guide to Lenders

They are advertising Loan Sharks. If your credit is below 680 expect an offer of 15,000 with a whopping 35% on a 3 year note..... They advertise good loan companies. But put pillagers out there. Ple


The original FREE 2 hour seminar tells you just enough to get you hooked. We were told we would learn everything we needed to know about flipping and receive their funding information and all the tool

Bought 2 shirts in early September, been more than two months and received NOTHING. Rubbish customer service said they would refund, but up to date still nothing. These people are thieves!!!! DO NO

This site ( ) tries to get the project money from both . Client and the developer ,,,,,,,,, Although my last Job is fully completed and finished ,,,,,,,, does not allow

Dollar Shave Club

I joined DSC because I liked the concept of not having to be concerned about keping an adequate supply of blades on-hand. I started with The 4X model. Frankly, I am still not convinced that I like th is a website and company who describes themselves as the most comprehensive database of camping sites on the internet, as well as a place where private land owners can use their land to ea

Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach, found online at, is the creator of what they describe as “the world's only intelligent writing tool,” the AtomicWriter, which will help anyone create audi

Growth Geeks

Growth Geeks, found online at, is new company that works to connect freelance marketers with business owners that need one-time or short term marketing services from talented workers. is the online home of MakeSpace, a new storage company that promises people an easy, convenient way of storing your items which will include pick up and drop off.   How Does It W is a financial company that promises people access to financial solutions like short term personal loans which can help people meet their needs when circumstances become tough.   How