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Walden University, found online at WaldenU.edu, is an online education institution designed specifically for working adults who want to earn higher education degrees in their programs.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Walden University was founded in 1970 by two teachers who were hoping to find a way for adults already in the workforce to pursue upper level degrees. They collaborated with a faculty member from UC Berkeley who had published a paper titled “Walden U,” and was all about the concept of a student-centered university. 

The website says that these are the same ideals that they share today when providing their students with high quality online degree programs as well as providing their professors to continue working while earning their own degrees. 

Currently students looking to attend Walden University will be able to use this online school for Certificates, Endorsements, Master's, Bachelor's, Doctoral, and more. 


Cost/Price Plans

Of course customers will need to look at specifically what kind of program they are interested in enrolling in, as well as whether or not they are eligible for any kind of financial assistance before they are able to determine exactly what a degree or certificate from this institution will cost them.

Refund Policy

This website does say that if you drop a course or withdraw from the university, you may be due a refund of tuition you’ve already paid. In most situations, if you cancel during the first seven days of your course, you will be supplied with a full refund. After the first seven days, the percentage of the refund you will be able to receive will begin to decrease, and if you withdraw from any course after attending for the first three weeks you will be unable to recover any percentage of your tuition fees. 

The full and complete chart for their refund schedule is published on their website, but this chart is not valid for residents of Maryland, North Dakots, or Tennessee. Students in these states must contact the school directly for their refund policies. 

Customer Service Contact Info

This website does publish a long list of phone numbers depending on your specific issue or question, all of which can be found on their website. They also offer some general contact information, including a phone number contact at 866-492-5336 and email contact at [email protected]


Unfortunately there are not very many reviews of this organization at this time, and those that are available are very mixed in nature. However, it does appear that the positive reviews and negative reviews seem to be drawn along clear lines.

Most of the positive reviews are from people who were getting lower level degrees or certifications who liked this university’s flexibility. The negative reviews appear to be almost all from people who were trying to get their Master’s or Doctoral degrees who complained that the professors never had the time to truly help them with thesis papers or dissertations, making it nearly impossible for them to finish their program in a reasonable amount of time. 

Another serious issue with this company is that they are part of a system of for profit universities, meaning that their primary goal is enrolling students, not necessarily providing students with everything they need to graduate on time. For profit universities have been a part of serious controversy in the last few years, so people who are considering attending this school should take this into consideration before choosing to commit to one of their programs.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many colleges and universities that offer access to online education degrees and programs that you may be interested in, such as Charter College and many others.  

If you have experience with Walden University, please leave your reviews below.

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