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Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
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The Harvest Right Freeze Dryer is an in home kitchen appliance which promises users the convenience of commercial quality freeze drying in their own home.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Harvest Right is the only company which has built an In Home Freeze Dryer that is truly small enough in size to comfortably fit in your home while still being powerful enough to freeze dry all the foods you may want it to. 

Their products are very simple to use as well. Customers can place fresh or cooked foods into the dryer where they will be frozen to -40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder.

After the food is frozen, the freeze dryer creates a powerful vacuum around the food, and as the food slightly warms up, the ice will turn into vapor and evaporate. 

Customers can then store their foods in Mylar bags, mason jars, or cans along with an oxygen absorber to ensure freshness until you decide to open it.

Their website says that their foods and meals can be rehydrated in just a few minutes, and fully restored to their original textures and tastes. Their website provides a full guide for rehydration of Meats, Vegetables, and even Fully Meals.

Cost & Price Plans

As a large scale kitchen appliance, freeze dryers are not necessarily inexpensive. In fact, their website shows prices which currently range from around $2,600 to around $4,100, though prices may vary.

In addition, there will be shipping charges assessed for this product, and as it is complicated and these products are very heavy, these charges are often expensive as well.

Refund Policy

Their website says that in home freeze dryers can be returned within the first 90 days as long as they have not been used, though the website is unclear whether this 90 day period begins on the date of purchase or on the date of delivery. 

Regardless, the website says that customers will not be charged any restocking fees for returning their products, however they will be completely responsible for all shipping fees, both the original fees and the return shipping fees.

Harvest Right will issue your refund after the freeze dryer has been accepted and inspected. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-865-5584 or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.  


It is not surprising that there are not many reviews for this product at this time, as there likely isn’t an incredibly huge market for in home freeze dryers at all times.

However, as far as the few reviews which are available are concerned, they all seem generally very positive about the quality of service this appliance provides.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

As mentioned above, Harvest Right claims to be the only company at this time that provides commercial quality freeze dryer in an in home appliance.

If you have any experience with the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer, please leave your reviews below.

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Customer Reviews

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Tech Support is helpful, but not free
September 27, 2023
The freeze dryer works and the food is tasty. It is not particularly quiet and the cycles are long (typically 18-30 hrs). We've had ours for 4 yrs. The first 3.5 yrs of that have been without issue. We are now replacing a part. Customer service responded within a week. I am not sure what I think of the requirement to pay for tech support after the machine is out of warranty. However tech support was helpful and the initial cost was applied to the replacement part.

Great support
September 27, 2023
I've had my freeze dryer for a little over a year and can't count the number of loads I have done.   I recently had an issue with drying and called tech support and was assigned a gentleman named Brandon. After some trouble shooting, it turned out that I needed to replace the epoxy harness.  Brandon was extremely knowledgeable and patient and stepped me through the repair.  Now, my Harvest Right freezer is as good as new!  I am happy to say that I am Very pleased with my freeze dryer as well as the support that I received! 

Just bought my 2nd Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
September 27, 2023

I have had my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer for over 2 years now and just bought my 2nd one. Here is what I like about the freeze dryer:

-It's more convenient for me to freeze dry our garden produce than it is for me to can it, plus the food keeps almost all of its nutritional value.

-My son and daughter-in-law really like the freeze dry food I give them so they can take it camping.

-The technicians work with you when there is a problem with freeze dryer issues.

I knew that when I bought my 1st freeze dryer that this product was fairly new to consumers, so I expected some bumps in the road ahead, and there were, but the technicians at HR worked with me to resolve issues. Now that freeze dryer works excellently:)

If you are thinking about buying a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer, I would go for it!

Excellent customer service
September 27, 2023
My medium freeze dryer's computer stopped working and I couldn't even download a potential fix due to the model number not showing up on the screen. I contacted Harvest Right and had to put in a ticket to have it fixed, with a bit of a long wait, especially during harvest season. Chet from Harvest Right, emailed with a possible solution. He sent me the potential fix and very clear instructions on what to do. It worked, and he was quick to communicate through email back and forth. I was so happy to be up and running again; and I also took a photo of those numbers up in the top right-hand corner of the computer screen, just in case it happens in the future. I'm so happy with the service I received; and even happier I didn't have to send it in to repair, seeing as I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario; and no Canadian Harvest Right dealer within 8 hours from home. Thanks again for responding faster than expected!

September 26, 2023
Hey, this machines are great when they want to work right. But these machines need to work right when they leave the warehouse overhead my machine says 2020 and have ran maybe 75 loads in it I am now waiting for a part from harvest right to see if I can fix my machine because I didn’t have the money to have harvest right fix my machine for me because they should’ve fixed it from the get-go.

Love the Med Pro.
September 26, 2023
I have been thinking about a Harvest Right for a while and I finally purchased a Medium Pro with Premium Oil Pump. First off sales was super easy and did not pressure me at all. Shipping was as expected (2 weeks). I have done a dozen or so loads and I have loved this machine. I have had quick customer service and technical service (user error) but very quick help.

Not happy! Wish I never purchased from HR!
September 24, 2023
Very frustrated with Harvest Right, their tech dept and customer service ppl. 2 weeks in use & machine breaks. 1st tech failed to help. Next tech not for 1 week. 2 weeks later (we was on vaca) & that tech was no help either. Was told they’d send label & box to send module back for repair. 10 days later nothing! Now my wife gets involved & is highly upset demanding a brand new module for our brand new unit. They refuse! Then promised over night label & we’d have it back the same week. Let me go back to the numerous phone calls that were promised & we never got, neither did we get the module back the ‘same week’. Harvest Right has a lot of issues. Module is back in & so far running correctly even tho most our produce is already spoiled & garden season over.

Very satisfied
September 24, 2023
Had an issue with my freeze dryer so I put in a ticket and waited for response. Next day for a response with the fix and followed instructions, it worked and I was off and running again. Later I got a call from Harvest Right to make sure it worked and things were running smoothly. Was a great experience.

Amazing product when working
September 21, 2023
I absolutely love our freeze dryer. It is amazing what I can do. But not very far into ownership and it is not working. It has already been down for a couple weeks and I now have to send it back to harvest right. I have to pay for the shipping and then they will fix it since the condenser is still under warranty. Everyone I have talked to at harvest Right is amazing. But still pretty bummed that it is relatively new and already broken.

Fully Recommended
September 20, 2023

Purchasing a large freeze drier from Harvest Right has once again solidified our belief in the quality and dedication of this company. As repeat customers, having bought several units over time, we can confidently vouch for the consistency in the performance of their products.

From the onset, the buying process was seamless. What truly stands out about Harvest Right, however, is their exemplary customer service. In an era where genuine customer care seems to be dwindling, Harvest Right refreshingly maintains a high standard. Whenever there have been concerns or queries, they have been quick to respond and are always eager to make things right for their clients.

The freeze drier itself is top-notch. Sturdy in design and efficient in its operation, it epitomizes the dedication to quality that Harvest Right invests in its products. Given our multiple purchases, it’s evident that the durability and functionality of their units are not a one-off event but a consistent pattern.

In conclusion, for anyone contemplating investing in a freeze drier, Harvest Right comes highly recommended from our end. Their commitment to quality products, backed by dependable customer service, makes them a clear choice in the market. We look forward to continuing our relationship with them and making more purchases in the future.

when in doubt read directions or call for help. Get to know your unit.
September 18, 2023
When we first purchased our Harvest Right Freeze Dryer it did not work. After some time of helpful technicians trying to help us over the phone and sending it back and forth to Harvest Right we were able to process our first batches. We have freeze dried many foods, fruits, candies and meals. Have learned how to change the oil, and even tear down the premier pump to clean it. I am very impressed with Harvest Rights Freeze Dryers. They offer many videos that will walk you thru most any questions or problems you may have. When we purchase supplies at the store we often are asked questions from interested or owners of units. I highly recommend this product for storing your food. Product is very compact and stores excellent. I think our unit was damaged in delivery. They do work very well. Get to know your unit. follow directions. look at the videos. Happy Freeze Drying.

Food security
September 18, 2023
We bought a freeze dryer from Harvest Right this year, and it came with a sealer and mylar bags. We have used it a number of times and are really happy with the results. The food comes out light and airy. Herb retain their color and smell super well. I've tried blended soups, cooked meat and chicken, stews and individual vegetables and so far so good. I wish I had bought 2 so I could do more faster.

Game Changer
September 17, 2023

When we were initially looking into buying a Harvest Right freeze dryer, it was difficult to justify the cost. But after owning one for a few years now, there’s no doubt it was worth every penny. We’ve lost count of the number of batches we’ve run, and aside from a couple of issues that were resolved by customer support, it’s been running perfectly.

The machine is very sturdy and well built, something that is not too common these days. There have been a number of software updates since we’ve owned it, making the freeze dry process more effective and efficient, as well as adding brand new capabilities, like candy mode.

We’ve had a couple issues, but customer support has been outstanding. The first issue was the screen flickering and the latch not working properly. I was able to set a time to talk with a customer service agent and replacement parts were sent out along with installation videos. The second issue was an oil leak on the premier pump which I bought as an upgrade. The problem developed 6 months after the 1 year warranty expired, which was very disappointing. But, customer support has been extremely helpful in troubleshooting the problem and finding a solution.

Freeze drying has become part of our household routine. We fill trays up during the week and add to a chest freezer. When we have enough trays (5), we run the batch.

We freeze dry mainly for 3 reasons: convenience, sweets, and long term food storage.

Freeze drying ingredients we use frequently is amazingly convenient. No rush trip to the grocery store, no wilted old basil - everything is fresh, ready to use and shelf stable! Examples are fresh basil (whole leaves), sliced green onions, ginger root chunks, diced onion, orange zest, etc. We also have a lot of chickens that produce a lot of eggs. When we have too many eggs to use in a timely manner, we scramble and freeze dry the excess raw eggs for use in any future recipe that calls for eggs (and the freeze dried eggs are shelf stable for many years). Also, we occasionally freeze dry leftovers instead of freezing them.

A freeze dryer is an amazing sweets machine. We freeze dry ice cream sandwiches, skittles, caramels, gummies, and a variety of other candies. I personally like the freeze dried version of all these sweets over the original version.

We freeze dry a large variety of food for long term food storage. Rice, veggies, fruit, noodles, taco meat, chicken, even steak.

I am very happy with our Harvest Right freeze dryer and would recommend it to anyone interested in freeze drying!

Great tech support!!!!! Very professional.
September 16, 2023
Where do I start. I developed a problem with my small unit freeze dryer. I wanted a small cuz I'm 72 years old, it's pretty much me in the household and I wanted to have something I could maneuver myself if I had to........plus I'm figuring the food I'm putting up will leave a nice legacy to my kids/grandkids plus the unit itself. So, as everyone knows, this is a busy time of year for those of us who are vegetable gardeners. I've chosen to pretty much freeze dry all my produce that I can rather than canning it. It lasts longer and is much simpler. However, my unit would not switch over to the drying mode......said I had a Mid Batch error or something like that and I needed to see #3 on the trouble shooting section. To make a long story shorter......I ended up calling customer service tech support. We first got disconnected which kinda left me in question. But Charles called me back and we ended up making the system work again! I was sooo excited to get started finishing the okra trays that I had tried to freeze dry when I got the error. BUT (and this has nothing to do with the customer service rep) when I started the system again it first started of with the freezing process (which it was already frozen cuz I had to save it to run later after I fixed the unit). I was thinkin the freeze cycle wouldn't take too long. When I went back downstairs to check on it's progress, there was a message saying that it needed more freezing?????? So I let that run its course.....about an hour. Then I was right there when it was time to change over to the drying process. It changed back to it needed more freezing!!!!!????? The pump was also smoking. Right before the unit had the "Mid Batch Failure" it was time for me to change the oil and clean the filter on the motor........which I did. Now I'm thinkin I did something wrong when cleaning the filter on the motor (was my first time doing it) so as it stands of present, I'm going to try checking the filter to see if it's okay. If it is.....I'll be calling Charles again! Lol. Be ready Charles! And thank you for all your help from the first fix.

Love, just wish HR response to issues was quicker.
September 16, 2023
If I could do 1/2 stars, I’d give them 4.5 stars. Most people don’t write reviews unless they are complaining. I’ve had some issues with my machine, but Harvest Right has made them right each time. I’m really glad that I purchased my Medium FDer. I even wish I had another one! Most of the issues that I’ve seen with HR freeze dryers seem to be just needing updates. Which is faster and easier than dealing with service. Only wish that the timely issue of getting those updates were easier and quicker. I really do love my machine!

Exceeded My Expectations
September 15, 2023
This machine exceeded my expectations in many ways; it is a solid machine made from sturdy steel, and although it requires caution and careful setup, it was easy to put together. It came with three booklets of instructions that were easy to follow. The pump has been upgraded to premium. I followed the instructions and was able to successfully freeze dry the bread test batch. Best of all there are so many helpful videos on YouTube that are important to watch besides reading the instruction booklets. I love how helpful customer service is even if I just have simple questions about a specific freeze-drying process. I highly recommend this product.

I had issues with the 2016 model and couldn’t get it to work
September 15, 2023
My system is from 2016 and they have changed a lot since then. I had issues with the 2016 model and couldn’t get it to work and the JBL pump was a nightmare to maintain. My dryer was $4,000+. Now I have to spend $700 more to get it to work properly. This model is cheaper and superior to what I bought. I hope it works after I replace a lot of things. Wish the company would offer a buyback/tradein program if unhappy with how it works.

Excellent freeze drier
September 15, 2023
I received my large freeze dryer exactly when Harvest Right said it would be delivered. It was well protected during shipment and easy to setup. I have freeze dried many meats, vegetables, and fruits. The unit has worked flawlessly and have updated the firmware at least 3 times. These updates are easy to run. I would strongly recommend this freeze drier to anyone who wants to store food for long periods.

Super service
September 14, 2023
I had received my freeze dryer and had not been able to complete a cycle. I was very frustrated. I submitted a ticket for Harvest Right support. I was very pleased with the support I received from Brandon. Very courteous, and easy to understand his instructions (new to using freeze dryer) Due to circumstances on my end, I was not able to promptly install the fix; however, Brandon continued to keep in touch until I was able to report success on my end. I was extremely happy with the support i received. I'm having so much fun with my dryer!

Effective technical support.
September 14, 2023

Purchased a 4-tray HarvestRight freeze dryer on Aug. 31, 2023. Ran five loads through the machine without a problem. The next day, the screen froze and wouldn't let me proceed. Went to the HarvestRight website and went through the software update process. Nothing helped. Submitted a service ticket through the HarvestRight website. Two days later I called the support number. With some effective help from Josh and Marc, I installed the correct updates and the machine is running great!

One thing to note is that the type of flash drive you use to install the update matters!