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Harvest Right Freeze Dryer
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The Harvest Right Freeze Dryer is an in home kitchen appliance which promises commercial quality freeze drying at home.

How Does It Work?

According to their website, Harvest Right is the only company which has built an In Home Freeze Dryer that is truly small enough in size to comfortably fit in your home while still being powerful enough to freeze dry all the foods you may want it to. 

Their products are very simple to use as well. Customers can place fresh or cooked foods into the dryer where they will be frozen to -40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder.

After the food is frozen, the freeze dryer creates a powerful vacuum around the food, and as the food slightly warms up, the ice will turn into vapor and evaporate. 

Customers can then store their foods in Mylar bags, mason jars, or cans along with an oxygen absorber to ensure freshness until you decide to open it.

Their website says that their foods and meals can be rehydrated in just a few minutes, and fully restored to their original textures and tastes. Their website provides a full guide for rehydration of Meats, Vegetables, and even Fully Meals.


It is not surprising that there are not many reviews for this product at this time, as there likely isn’t an incredibly huge market for in home freeze dryers at all times.

However, as far as the few reviews which are available are concerned, they all seem generally very positive about the quality of service this appliance provides.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-865-5584 or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link.  


Cost & Price Plans

As a large scale kitchen appliance, freeze dryers are not necessarily inexpensive. In fact, their website shows prices which currently range from around $2,600 to around $4,100, though prices may vary.

In addition, there will be shipping charges assessed for this product, and as it is complicated and these products are very heavy, these charges are often expensive as well.


Refund Policy

Their website says that in home freeze dryers can be returned within the first 90 days as long as they have not been used, though the website is unclear whether this 90 day period begins on the date of purchase or on the date of delivery. 

Regardless, the website says that customers will not be charged any restocking fees for returning their products, however they will be completely responsible for all shipping fees, both the original fees and the return shipping fees.

Harvest Right will issue your refund after the freeze dryer has been accepted and inspected. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

As mentioned above, Harvest Right claims to be the only company at this time that provides commercial quality freeze dryer in an in home appliance.

If you have any experience with the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer, please leave your reviews below.

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Customer Reviews

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We love our Harvest Right
May 27, 2024

Harvest Right Medium 5 tray

(which we named Frost Vader).

We purchased our Medium 5 Tray Black freeze drier with premier pump

direct from Harvest Right on 2/12/24


I knew nothing about freeze drying foods or food preservation prior to our purchase, but thankfully to a very intuitive menu on the machine and lots of information being shared among YouTube videos, we were up and running in no time. We are currently on our 16th batch inside of 3 months.

I can see how this machine can be a valuable addition for anyone looking for food preservation and meal preparation.

We were stuck on which size to buy, for us (a family of 3 and 1 dog) we choose a medium, which we have no regrets on the size. (but be sure to order extra trays)

Our primary use was to freeze dry homemade dog food – and then any of our food next, but we are having so much fun experimenting with what can go in the freeze drier it seems like its running all the time and we are constantly asking ourselves - Do you think that will freeze dry well? I could see us adding another Medium to our current set up in the future.

The process from ordering to delivery and set-up could not have been simpler. We are extremely happy with our decision to buy a Harvest Right Freeze Drier. If you are on the fence – Do It! You won’t regret it.

Frustrating and Expensive!!
May 27, 2024
I've had a vacuum issue and called technical support. After weeks of following the experts recommendations I still had no result. I had to find the solution on YouTube and after I fixed it, now I have a freezing issue. Back to Youtube, because now they are charging 45$ to speak to technical support.

Love the freeze dried fruits.
May 16, 2024
I recently began using Harvest Right freeze dryers. It’s been An interesting journey so far. There’s definitely a learning curve . But once you get past that, it’s like smooth sailing . I love the way fruits and veggies taste after freeze drying . It’s been a game changer in my business . Oh my customers, love it as well!!!

May 16, 2024

I have an Extra Large Harvest Right machine and LOVE IT!

I had the pleasure of working with Brad Cox at Harvest Right when I thought I had a problem with my machine.

Turns out the machine was fine and it was just the demister on my pump. He knew his stuff, had great follow up,

HE LISTENED TO ME (Extra Kudo Points) and was very courteous. This customer service rep is a true asset to

Harvest Right.

I love this company, this brand and am looking forward to my next machine very soon.

You can trust the company, trust their product
May 14, 2024
Nothing but good things to say about my Medium Pro 5 tray Harvest Right Freeze Dryer! I wish I'd gotten started sooner...I'm 79 and always learning....and this miracle worker is saving my energy, reducing the physical work of canning/freezing, not to mention freeing up valuable freezer space, and reducing the number of canning jars on my shelves. I have quite a few jars of my bone broth that I'm going to freeze dry and when powdered....it will free up all that space where those jars were sitting! Maybe I'll store ice cream or candy in their place! This is so much fun, but admittedly a little frustrating too. It takes a while to accomplish complete dryness, and I'm in a hurry to get more done...patience isn't one of my best virtues but I'm learning. Very few things are on the "can not do" list while the "I can freeze dry that!", list is very long. Customer service can make or break a company and HR knows how to provide A+ service...even if you're only thinking about getting one, they welcome your questions! You are encouraged to call for any little thing you are concerned about, and when you do you are met with someone who is so patient, friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable. How often do you get that response? With HR, it is every single time. If you are concerned about food security in a seriously decomposing society, or saving money by not wasting food, or needing yet another freezer because you've run out of freezer space, or maybe looking for an income producing opportunity, look no farther than Harvest Right. Seriously, don't wait. Just do it.

Excellent Product and Service
May 13, 2024

I have be using my small 4 shelf Harvest Right freeze dryer since February. Most excellent design, functionality as well as form and fit. High quality ! Worth every penny.

Additionally I had to call the Service Tech several times because I had operational questions. Each time I was greeted with someone who was able to not only answer my questions, but was patient and kind.

A truly top notch product with superior service. What else could a customer ask for.

Thank you John T. and Harvest Right.


Great forFood preservation
May 11, 2024

My husband and I had our eye on a medium Harvest Right Freeze dryer for over a year. Finally we made it happen this past Christmas 2023.

We had watched multiple YouTube videos, learning from others through their trials, errors and the process of getting used to the machine. I’ll be honest though,

I was still intimidated at first, but Harvest Right made it so easy and convenient. We are now able to save food long term we would have otherwise thrown out and wasted. It’s also added that additional method of preservation for our family to preserve food from our garden. We’re so glad that we made this purchase.

Well made and Freeze drying works
May 9, 2024

The Harvest Right Freeze Dryer is simple to use with an intuitive menu. Customer support is not outsourced and is prompt.

Freeze Drying is energy intensive but allows saving food with resorting to canning. We have solar power and tend to freeze dry on sunny days.

Properly freeze dried food when rehydrated, has the taste and textured of a freshly cooked meal. Saving meals is great for camping and emergencies. Not having to refrigerate is a blessing. Just about any food can be successfully freeze dried.

Low vacuum error
May 7, 2024

Hi I've been an owner a little over a month. I had great results. I love Elsa! My FD.

I had an issue with low vacuum. I called customer support and talked with Brook. She sent me to Landon.

I gotta tell you he was great. Stayed on the phone with me whilst I tried different things. He was very patient with this old woman.

Needless to say, he had me up and going. I just ran a flawless batch and I am again super happy, knowing I can have stable food storage. Push start and follow the instructions.

Thank you Landen and Harvest right for having great personnel like Brooke and Landon.

Game Changing (an Enormous Step Beyond Common Dehydrating) and, Great Tech Service
May 7, 2024


We bought our medium, four tray freeze dryer with the Premier vacuum pump October, 2021. Since then, we logged a few thousand hours of freeze drying time.

We never cease to be impressed with the results we get from our dryer. For example:

(1) Unlike using our high end dehydrator, the freeze dryer fully dries food, allowing storage for years longer.

(2) The freeze dryer dries food without destroying many of the qualities of the food (e.g., asparagus was a huge success in the freeze dryer, but a total disappointment in the dehydrator).

(3) Foods re-hydrate and are indistinguishable in appearance and taste, from frozen. Shrimp, for example.

(4) We live in farming country (orchards, row crops), so things that we would have had to pass up on before can be freeze dried for later use, without taking up valuable freezer space.


When I ran into a minor problem, early on, the Harvest Right agent who handled the problem was not only a pleasure to work with, he solved the problem quickly and efficiently.

In our situation, we did not experience any down time. That was because of Harvest Right’s policies, and it’s agent’s help.

Now, a few years in, I had a processing failure (mid batch heater failure). In response, I performed common sense checks of things like wire and plug connections. Also, I relied on the abundant resources on line to test the heater relay to determine if the pads were heating.

Because the simple things checked out (e.g., the involved relay was working (PERHAPS intermittently) and trays warmed), a deeper dive into the system was needed.

I put to writing my findings, bit the bullet and submitted a ticket. As before, a Harvest Right agent was quick to respond and offer solutions I’m confident will get us back in the saddle.

In preparation of needed repairs, I pulled the back and top panel. Looking the machine over, I am impressed with how well thought out the design is. It's obvious the machine is a nice compromise between efficiency and practical. It appears no small amount of thought went into making it as easy as possible to track down and isolate problems. I’m reminded of the convenience of a console stereo from back in the day, BUT with benefit of system components that can be replaced. For example, dryer’s boards are well laid out, labeled and, relatively, accessible.

SIDE NOTE: I used my label maker to label wires according to the board labels, so can remove and re-install wires easily and with confidence (after checking my work five times ;).

Good job Harvest Right, and the agents, without whom nothing could be accomplished in its name.

A Newfound Necessity
May 6, 2024

Whether you're a homesteader, novice gardener, or someone that simply wants to no longer waste their food, this is a must have.

I opted for the small pro version, and though I will surely grab a larger version down the road, this small freeze dryer works wonders. Thr upgrades Harvest Right has implemented since its original design has made the ease of use a breeze, provided more space (in the small at least), and made everything much more enjoyable through each phase of the process.

The digital touch screen is beautiful, and now, with updated software, I have specified candy settings to have freeze dried candy in just two hours or less. My kids go crazy for freeze dried ice cream sandwiches, "skittles", and "starbursts" (all the healthy brand versions).

As someone who has a small farm, most notably with our chickens, you usually find yourself with too many eggs. No more letting them go to waste or dealing with "water-glassing" with buckets full of heavy water and eggs. Now, we freeze dry the seasoned raw (or cooked) eggs, leaving behind a shelf stable product that will last 30+ years (make sure to seal in food-safe Mylar bags with an oxygen absorber!). Simply amazing.

One thing that I would like to add, is how great the Harvest Right team is. I had what was more of a new user error moment, and started to think my system was malfunctioning or faulty, but after a quick call to Harvest Right, they walked me through what was normal and what wasn't, as well as a reminder to remain patient through the phases of freeze drying (pre-freeze, freezing, vacuum freezing, drying). I followed their instructions and I am as happy as can be with this machine. Long story short, they're amazing and you're only a call away to try and remedy an issue or concern with your freeze dryer.

I will update you all at the one year mark!

Harvest Right Freezer Dryer - Customer Service
May 4, 2024
I purchased the medium Harvest Right Freeze Dryer from Tractor Supply in April 2023. My reason for this purchased was to not waste my plentiful garden harvest. I initially struggled to get the information I needed to fix minor issues I had in setting up and getting good results. I contacted Harvest Right initially and they helped me update my software to the current version in May 2023. Harvest Right does have a website, but it is not very user friendly. A lot of the videos I watched were for older models and not the model which I purchased. The set-up information that comes with the freezer dryer is simple, but not super helpful if you have any problems. Once I got things set up, I was able to successfully use my freeze dryer and had good results. In October 2023, I started having Additional Freeze Time Needed errors. There is no information anywhere on the Harvest Right website or anywhere else that addresses this issue. I was frustrated and didn’t get back to trying to resolve the problem until March 2024. I tried to figure it out myself and then finally contacted the company in April 2024 since it was still under warranty. I sent a couple of emails and then after a week, I received an email to verify my warranty information and then a 15-minute call was scheduled with a technician. The technician was very kind and patient with my frustration. He had me do some tests and then sent me some videos so I could try to determine where I may have small leaks that was causing the Additional Freeze Time Needed error (or vacuum error). I reviewed all these videos and then went and purchased the self-sealing silicone tape and silicone to try and fix this myself (no they don’t have anyone come out and help you – even when it is still under warranty). I then attempted to get the back panel off. Four of the screws were totally stripped and would not come off. When I called again, I was sent some additional videos on how to remove stripped screws, which were not helpful. My son, finally took a Dremel and made the hex crews, regular screws and we were able to get the back panel off. (I had to find a video online – because the one I was sent wasn’t for the model I had and the panel removal was totally different.) I was able to seal all leak points and get a good result. The technician did follow up with me until I was able to complete the needed fixes.

Excellent Customer Service
May 3, 2024

I was having problems with the freeze drier not completing its cycle. My wife and I did troubleshooting and nothing seemed to work. Then I called HarvesRight customer service.

Arlette with HarvesRight emailed me back the next day and set up a time when we could talk. She called me, as scheduled, and we reviewed the problems. Turns out it was a software problem. Arlette walked me through how to update the software. The freeze drier worked perfectly after that. She also followed up a call a couple of days later to see how everything was going.

We have run 2 full batches of fruit and it’s working perfectly. I’m very thankful for a company who stands by their product! Thanks Arlette and HarvesRight.

Transformed my Kitchen into a Food Preservation Haven!
May 3, 2024

At first glance, the freeze dry machine seemed a bit daunting, but let me assure you, it's a game-changer! The instruction guide, online YouTube tutorials, and social media support groups were a lifesaver. Once I got the hang of it, the possibilities were endless.

I can choose exactly what foods I want to preserve and at what quality level. But perhaps the best part is how it helps combat food waste. Instead of watching leftovers, fruits, and vegetables go bad before I can use them, I simply freeze dry them! It's like pressing pause on their expiration date.

Caution: this may become your new favorite passion, and before you know it, you'll be freeze drying everything from leftovers to your neighbor's surplus zucchinis. Prepare to have your every thought and moment of free time consumed by the endless possibilities of freeze drying. But fear not! Should you find yourself uncontrollably obsessed, remember there are social media support groups for this addiction. Embrace the madness and freeze on, my friends!

HR review
May 1, 2024
These machines are finicky buyer beware they take a lot of time to get running right and there is maintenance on these machine. I have had for 7 months and have not had a successful run on my second machine from the factory.

Worth it!
May 1, 2024

Freeze drying is a whole other level of…

Freeze drying is a whole other level of food storage and prep. Amazingly easy process.

Little trouble figuring out extra dry time as I am a new to it. 1 batch taught me lol

The oil in the pump was a little difficult to regulate. Pouring it in the level didn’t show until it was over full. Made a little mess over next few batches. But customer service was spot on with helping me assess and manage oil levels. Thanks Norman! I am very happy that is spent the money on this machine. Great for my homesteading needs!

Great product, easy to work with customer service
April 30, 2024

I have had my freeze drier since 10/22 and have used constantly. I have a garden and green house and have canned and froze produce for many many years.

My husband is a very successful hunter and fisherman which I also canned and froze. Now we preserve all of this with the freeze drier and it turns out great, using our imagination to create all kinds of things.

We have 7 grand kids that really enjoy all the speciall treat bags. My 11 year old grandson has even joined in the process.

Don’t know how we got along without it.

We just recently started having problems but customer service has been great to work with.. It was frustrating that I was asked for my receipt even though I had registered at time of buying. Have no idea what happened to my receipt.

Have a feeling that farm/ranch store iwe purchased it from sold us an old product.

Fun and Life changing!
April 27, 2024

Ive been running my medium pro almost non stop since ordering 7 months ago! It's a breeze to learn; very user friendly. It makes great healthy snacks for my family, and eliminated the need for us to purchase another upright freezer for food storage. I highly recommend this!

I do have one regret: that I didn't order the large for my family of 6! I can't make snacks fast enough, especially freeze dried fruit! But do keep in mind that the large machine is not only one extra tray but the trays are considerably bigger. This means things take a bit longer to prep, dry and package. So in the end, I'm content with the medium for now and will probably upgrade as my family grows. I won't hesitate to order another Harvest Right!

A few tips: prefreeze everything, it saves an incredible amount of time. (Most of my fruit/veggies/me runs take 36-40 hours) And join some harvest right groups on social media or YouTube, they're full of amazing tips and recipes.

This machine has been the best gift I ever got myself or my family. 7 months in, and I'm still having a blast! I've had zero issues with hardware or software. I did have one minor user error but YouTube helped me fix that (slow vacuum leak) in minutes and at no cost. Harvest Right is awesome!

Best Food preservation ever!!!
April 26, 2024

HR freeze dryer is the best kitchen “tool” we have ever purchased

Was packaged superbly

High quality & value. Easy to use

Best tech and support, like talking to your best friend

Harvest Right is prompt & helpful in answering questions on the phone

Fast Service when needed

Machine was easy to set up even though it is quite heavy

Is not super quiet when it runs, but we have it set up in our kitchen for convenience

Good manual, tools & supplies came with the machine

Customer service is great
April 26, 2024

You will not be disappointed in your purchase! Everything you need comes with your dryer to start you off.

My experience dealing with Quintin at Harvest Right was good as well he is always willing to help through email or by phone. They call back quickly if you end up leaving a message. The dryer is great but there are times when you have questions with a sophisticated machine like this is.

My experience dealing with Harvest Right directly was awesome! I had many questions which they answered thoroughly.

I had waited a long time before I decided to purchase a Harvest right freeze dryer. I really wish I had done it sooner. The prices I feel are fair for what a quality product this Dryer really is. The staff was helpful and my freeze dryer came on a pallet in a reasonable amount of time.

When I had questions about set up, they again were very helpful and kind. I love my Harvest Right freeze dryer. Anybody that is thinking about purchasing one I highly recommend you do it sooner than later.

Start freeze drying now. So much of the food that would spoil like fruits,eggs,buttermilk are great in the freeze dryer and you don't have to wait until later to use them because they taste great right out of the dryer. Ice cream is a house favorite as is any fruit that we have made. If you ever have left over pizza that’s great too. Cut it into small squares and they make great croutons on salad and soups. I suggest you get the biggest one you can for your space that you have the difference in price isn't that much. I really hope if you were sitting on the fence about purchasing one that this helps you make the choice to buy one.