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CarShield is a company offering a range of vehicle service protection plans, stating they are one of the most popular extended car warranty companies doing business since 2005.

The company claims to protect its customers from costly auto repairs, no matter how new or old the vehicle is.  They have service plans designed for every stage of automobile ownership.

Below we take a look at their coverage options and help you answer some popular questions, most importantly whether this service is worth it or not.

How Does CarShield Work?

CarShield offers a simple and personalized experience to receive protection for your automobile.

First, potential customers request a free quote, personalizing the information to their vehicle.  Doing so allows for an accurate quote.

Next you and CarShield will work on developing a personalized plan that will realistically fit your budget and lifestyle.

Once you're enrolled you can reach out to their claims department in case of any mechanical issues with your vehicle, including emergency breakdown.

If the issue is covered by your plan, CarShield will pay the mechanic directly and you’ll be responsible for the deductible and any overage charges.

This business model provides protection for customers when their vehicle is past the coverage terms of their existing warranty,  or for those who've decided to prepare for worst case scenarios with an older high mileage vehicle.

This sounds simple enough, but potential customers should be aware that CarShield plans come with a variety of important caveats.

Almost all online complaints about CarShield come from customers who never fully read their service contracts and are disappointed to find that an expensive car repair bill is denied by CarShield.

CarShield Plans and Coverage

CarShield plans include a variety of services, including 24/7 roadside assistance, choice of mechanic for repairs, courtesy towing, and rental car eligibility.

Unlike a dealer purchased car warranty, CarShield offers you a vehicle service contract.  The main difference being that a 3rd party (called an obligator), such American Auto Shield, administers your protection plan.

This allows CarShield to offer 6 different protection plans with a variety of options, and allows for repairs to be made at any dealership or repair facility certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

If you want the highest level of coverage the Diamond Plan will cover the following items:

  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Drive axle(s)
  • Transfer case
  • Air conditioner
  • Fuel delivery system
  • Fuel pump
  • Starter
  • Alternator
  • Power windows
  • Water pump
  • Fuel injectors
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Electrical system
  • Instrument cluster
  • GPS
  • Factory audio
  • Radiator
  • Wiring harness

The lower priced plans cover fewer items allowing you to select the level of coverage vs price you want.

In your contract you will also have a detailed breakdown of what CarShield does not cover.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sheet metal
  • Hoses
  • Trim
  • Weatherstripping
  • Lighting
  • Spark plugs and wires
  • External nuts, bolts, or fasteners
  • Parts that have been modified or altered
  • Wear-and-tear components such as brake pads and air filters
  • Damage caused by acts of nature, collision, vandalism, or lack of proper maintenance
  • Auto repairs that have been made without pre-authorization from a CarShield claims representative
  • Misuses such as racing or off-road driving
  • Tampering with the odometer
  • Pre-existing mechanical issues
  • Damage from a non-covered part

It’s important to truly understand the potential implication of some of these exclusions.  

For instance, one online review that we found detailed a situation where repair of a covered part was denied because it was deemed it failed due to a fault in the external fasteners.

Extra Benefits:

If a qualified repair is quoted for more than 4 hours of labor, CarShield will offer up to $40 per day for a rental vehicle.

*Additional Notes of Importance*

If you’re thinking of signing up for CarShield to deal with impending repairs, be aware that the company has a 20-day/500-mile waiting period, along with the aforementioned clause against covering pre-existing issues.

When it comes to the actual repairs, they state that part replacement may include new, used or remanufactured parts of like kind and quality.

Cost and Price Plans

To get the true cost of your plan you have to go through the full process of getting a quote.  However, on average, the cost of a plan is between $99.99 and $129.99 per month.

The obvious key variables will be the plan you choose, vehicle make and model, and mileage.

In general, Car Shield offers competitive prices when compared to other popular extended warranty companies on the market.

Customer Service

If you have a more general question or comment, you are able to leave a message on their website’s contact page. All you have to do is leave your email, phone number and name.

If you are ready to get a quote you can call 800-277-7170.

For more specific issues, questions or concerns relating to customer service, they have specific numbers for different services you may be needing.

1-800-380-2165 for United Car Care
1-800-531-1925 for American Auto Shield
1-800-492-6762 for INDS
1- 866-222-7869 for Roadside Assistance

CarShield Customer Reviews & Complaints

Positive Reviews

We found a range of customer experiences with CarShield from online customer reviews.

There are many positive reviews with customers stating that the company is dependable and allows them to feel that their vehicle is being properly protected.

From needing towing to mechanical breakdowns, some people have found that CarShield is able to cover a variety of claims for them, ranging from serious to less serious.

Customers cite that CarShield offer plans that many other companies do not - from service plans on older cars, to extremely flexible price options. 

They also get decent marks for customer service and people seem very pleased with the service when everything goes right.

Negative Reviews

On the other hand there are a lot of complaints and customer service horror stories detailed in many angry reviews.

In general most of the bad reviews come from instances where customers were unexpectedly denied coverage, were not happy with their reimbursement totals, or their mechanics had difficulties obtaining payment from CarShield.

The company has an F rating with the BBB and, on that platform, they have a rating of 1.4/5 stars from an average of 1,421 customer reviews.

From reading those negative reviews you can see instances where using CarShield can be frustrating and not seem worth it.

Many complaints pertaining to serious high dollar repairs described a difficult process full of bureaucratic pitfalls.

In some cases claims adjusters will require detailed maintenance records & receipts for your vehicle in an attempt to prove pre-existing conditions or blame the breakdown on a lack of routine maintenance.

Further some unhappy customers found that CarShield doesn’t distinguish the difference whether the lack of routine car maintenance comes from the vehicle's current owner or previous owner.

Other people had issues with the fact that the rental car they were getting was not covered for enough time.

One important detail to keep in mind is that the company relies on a “nationally recognized labor guide” to determine repair rates.  If your mechanic’s rates and labor hours quoted are above that, you will have to pay the price difference yourself.

Another issue that customers raised is that some mechanics refuse to work with CarShield, precisely due to some of these additional issues they encounter when trying to collect payment.

On a positive note, it does appear that CarShield has an active customer service team that replies to online complaints, albeit not always with what customers want to hear.

CarShield Alternatives

While what CarShield is doing is different from many companies that protect vehicles, they do have competitors as well.

CarShield vs. Endurance Warranty - Endurance Warranty is another popular choice for vehicle protection by American citizens. It, for the most part, has very similar offers to CarShield.

However, it specifically specializes in extending warranties on cars, as the name suggests.  When comparing CarShield vs Endurance Auto Warranty, the latter has been in business since 1988, making it more experienced than CarShield.

That being said, Endurance Warranty seems to offer less personalized or flexible plans.  Another alternative that you may want to consider for vehicle protection is Toco Auto Warranty.  It runs, again, pretty similarly to CarShield.

CarShield vs. Toco Warranty - Toco allows you to bring your vehicle to any repair shop of choice to fix it in case of mechanical issues and promises that you will not need to make any down payments.

It would seem the main difference is that Toco Warranty seems to offer more varying plans, which will cover less or more of your vehicle.

CarShield vs. Liberty Auto Warranty - This company has been protecting vehicles for over 40 years and offers extremely flexible prices, along with 6 months without payments.

However, their plans seem to be less personalized to your specific case and vehicle than CarShield’s.  All of these options run somewhat similarly, with minor differences here and there.

It would be best to request a free quote from the different companies and get a feel for their style of customer service before you choose one.

Is CarShield Worth It?

Buying a used car can be a risky endeavor and people want assurances that their investment will be protected.  CarShield provides those assurances, but keep in mind that they are a for-profit business.

Their service contract is designed in a way where they will put the burden of proof on the customer and their mechanic to show that costly repairs are due to mechanical failures and not due to neglect.

If you’re confident that you can clear those hurdles, then one of their extended warranties may be a good bet on a high mileage vehicle.

It will also help to thoroughly read the CarShield service contract and ask as many questions of the sales rep as possible to ensure that you understand all of the terms and conditions of the service.

If you have any experience with CarShield or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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CarShield Customer Reviews

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Carshield buy your car parts like there professionals, not the actual car shop
January 26, 2023

Lousy, Carshield decided to find their own car parts. Meanwhile, your car is sitting in a lot days. The actual shop had the parts I let them put it on, instead of Carshield, I had my car back less than an hour. I didn't get any support from carshield at all and I haven't saved no money.

They find every excuse not to pay for fixing my car. I have towing with my insurance already and phone company. This company deserves a bad rating. Mad mother of three
January 24, 2023

Car Shield is the worst provider of car warranty services. They have a load of exclusions for things they are not going to cover. They advertise that they cover over 6,000 parts and that is a lie. They list over 6,000 parts they do not cover, so the only way they will pay is the motor or transmission falls out of the car without other components failing.

This is the worst Auto Warranty insurance in the country, choose someone else, Don't pay for this crock...They don't care about people, my daughter is on her last leg (on dialysis) trying to care for her two children and pregnant sister with no car. Join me in suing this company. They owe us better coverage, a better description of what they do cover and better service.

Zero stars - They won't cover your repairs
January 19, 2023

To be clear, I am not even giving them 1 star, but because this site requires that I pick at least 1 star. This company does not even deserve 1 star.

I have a 2016 Smart ForTwo Pure. It has less than 50,000 miles on it. In December of 2021 I decided it would be a good idea to get a repair warranty to cover anything that went wrong.

Fast forward to January of 2023. My car displays a warning "Transmission malfunction. Visit workshop". No, I'm not paraphrasing, that was the exact message. Given that this car is build by Mercedes Benz, and that I purchased it, after leasing it for 3 years, from a local Mercedez Benz dealership, I had the car towed to their service department. I followed Car Shield's instructions, and gave the service writer my Car Shield contract documents. He said that they would diagnose the problem, and then submit the repair recommendation to Car Shield for approval.

Two weeks later, after I had to agree to $400 worth of more diagnostics demanded by Car Shield, Car Shield denied the claim. They refused to cover it because, apparently, the "dry clutch" (this is an automatic transmission) was the cause of the failure and the clutches are not covered under their Diamond contract (for which I have been paying $137 a month).

The cost to repair would be almost $12,000 dollars, which I cannot afford, and which is more than double the blue book value of this car in good condition, Not to mention I still owe $3,000 to the bank on the car. So now, I have a useless vehicle. I am out more than $400 for the diagnostics, and I have to dispose of the car.

Uncooperative Customer Service
January 6, 2023
I called CarShield to cancel my policy as I no longer needed it. (I sold the auto). I was given options and subsequently a hard time when I kept telling them I no longer needed it. Finally, after informing the very persistent and annoying customer service rep that I had someone also listening to our conversation, she cancelled the policy. I do not recommend this company!

MAG January 13, 2023

Wow! After reading all the reviews I am definitely NOT going to buy this policy. Thanks to all of you for the warnings. I hope more people take the time to do their research.

They Suck! Hands Down For Customers And Shops!
January 6, 2023

I am an auto repair shop in Las Vegas. Currently I have 4 claims on going. I can't get anyone to call me back, and when I do they put us off requesting insane requests. I've had vehicles in my shop over 1 month and still don't have a proper claim going. I'm ready as a shop owner to stop servicing this company!

December 29, 2022
Carshield is a ripoff filed three different claims with them all 3 were denied took my Tahoe to my local Chevrolet dealer and informed the service writer I had carshield he informed me hey didn't accept it since carshield had a 100% claim denial rating with them cancelled my policy and the crooks still hit my bank account for a payment had to dispute with my bank and get my money back carshield is a rip off !!!!! They deserve negative stars but that's not available

December 27, 2022

I purchased not one but two warranties from CarShield at least two years ago because I was impressed by the actors and the sports personalities that they used to push their products.

About a month ago my car had an issue with the engine and when I contacted them to inform them of the issue, it took them a while to get back to me. Then once they contacted me, I was told that it could be fixed and they gave me about 8 locations to contact.

When I contacted these locations, I was told that they did not do that type of work. I called CarShield and spoke with a representative who stated that they are not aware of what these locations practice as far as fixing cars.

I replied then why would you recommend them if you didn't know what they do. Sounds a little strange to me so I asked to talk to a supervisor. No help there either. She played the part of being concerned by trying to call the places while I was on the phone but with no success.

She said that she would call me back the next day and I am still waiting. They are a scam and I am disappointed at the fact they these actors and sport personalities who I look up to are out here helping scam people along with common folk making it seem like they are best and scamming people out of their money.

I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau to seek assistance. This is just wrong. Since they make you place a rating, I put one star but i would have preferred to put nothing.

stole my money
December 22, 2022
I’ve been with Car Shild for over two years … today I checked my banking account they withdraw $159 unauthorized which they were only supposed to withdraw $79 tomorrow which is Friday….I called them to figure out the problem they could not help me I read them a zero because you should not be able to withdraw funds out of anyone’s account without authorization they basically stole my money

MEPCO CAR SHIELD May not be as reliable as the commercial says. I will update this tomorrow when I get my bill. More to follow!
December 13, 2022

I just took my car to get fixed because the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT was on. I was told they have to replace 3 injectors and my bill will be 1,098 dollars. The garage just informed me that this is not covered. When I bought this policy; I was told that I would pay $99 no matter what the cost. Did I get ripped off when I bought this warranty? I will find out later when I call them.

More to follow!!

Waste of time
November 30, 2022
Warranty is no good unless you allow the motor to be completely torn apart. That is of course an out of pocket expense. When the cause is verified, and the inspector already said it wouldn't be, the claim is denied and you have a torn up engine that won't be replaced. I cancelled this coverage and would not recommend it to anyone.

Car shield is a scam.
November 30, 2022
I would rather give them no stars. Car shield is crap. I've been with them for about a year. And I needed a new motor, they wouldn't pay for the whole thing so I had to pay half and they won't reimburse me my money for the rental. DO NOT GET CAR SHIELD THEY ARE A SCAM.

MelvinGadson November 30, 2022

I also agree Cars Sheild is not a very user friendly company. I have attempted to file a claims at the dealership and a local certified mechanic shop for my 2014 Jaguar. I was either completely denied or partially denied, Regardless, they find reasons not to pay claim or make it extremely difficult to claim accepted. I found a great shop and they refuse to have anything to do with Car shield because of denials and lack of payment. I would advise folks to look elsewhere to avoid frustration. Life is too short for the crap they put you through.

November 20, 2022

I have been with car shield for over a year. Never used them. The one time I needed them they totally let me down…

First of all I tried to claim my refund from a tow. I still haven’t received it because they made it so difficult to get it refunded back with their paperwork. I have Aaa also; got my refund right back no problem. Then I took my car to one of their people to get fixed. They didn’t cover the brakes because of my plan, and I’m paying $108 a month, and the company didn’t do a great job. Had to take my car to my original dealer.

I felt like if I am having problems getting the tow money back, I can’t imagine what would happen if I had to get my car repaired . Now if you get to the point where you got to get what ever a motor or transmission you need a new car.. I am sorry that I did and spent so much money in this and got nothing in return! Beware!!!

ClaudiaLenarz November 30, 2022

They've had me pushing papers for three weeks now only to tell me I have to tear my engine completely apart to diagnose, and of course that's out of pocket.

Do Not Buy Car Shield...
November 14, 2022

I've been paying CarShield for about a year now. And when I need car shield, they tell me that they don't cover that part. What a scam, takes peoples' hard earned money and kick em to the curb. I'm going to tell everyone that will listen NOT TO BUY CAR SHIELD IT'S A SCAM...

ClaudiaLenarz November 30, 2022

100% scam of a company.

Red Mesa Fox
November 10, 2022

I have a 2017 ram 3500 diesel 4x4 truck at 116,000 miles it went into limp mode and started to shift strange. I called car shield and they said take it to a shop they recommended. They checked it out and the transmission was not working properly, car shield took over 2 months to approve the transmission change.

So got the first one in and it did not work, took another month to get the second one. So all together I was out a truck for 4 months, I keep calling the mechanic keep calling to get nowhere I ask if they could go 4 months without a ride then they got a bad attitude.

I would not recommend them do your homework look it up on bbb and find out for yourself.

ClaudiaLenarz November 30, 2022

They keep wasting time so customers will give up.

transmission replacment
November 5, 2022
Hello, I am Martin Cleckley a former customer who got a junk transmission put in my 09 h3 hummer that car shield provided which has been slipping since it was put in by Bower Chevrolet and car shield refused responsibility of where the transmission came from and the part I had to pay for I still have my paper work of the repair

ClaudiaLenarz November 30, 2022

I can see how others have had the same problem as me. Waste of time and money.

Bunch of Losers...
November 4, 2022

Car Shield Sucks and I will be taking them to court to shut them down. So get ready you're done...

ClaudiaLenarz November 30, 2022

please let me know if you have any luck, I will join you.

Car Shield Sucks
October 31, 2022

They don't cover everything they say, also towing is only up to $100.00 and the car rental is only if the repair is longer than 4hrs but the time that you'rE waiting for parts does not count, and they don't cover all of the labor. so, don't believe the stars...

ClaudiaLenarz November 30, 2022

They're a rip off, scam and don't cover what they say.

This company is a scam! Honestly did not want to give them one star
October 21, 2022

There is no need to give this company a rating they are as big scam. I purchased my insurance December of last year. I had no problems with my vehicle until recently which on October 3 I put my car in the Mechanics cause I saw it leak oil.

On October 5 they called me and said to me to send in every single receipt from the past 12 months to make sure I didn’t do or alter anything to my engine which I Have on October 6.

Finally I got a call about October 11 to see if I can do a teardown, if I do the tear down and they find that they do not cover it I will be responsible to put my engine back together which I told them All right do the tear down.

on October 13 my mechanic called car shield saying that the teardown has been done what do we do to after that, and they keep on notifying them in 24 hours you’ll get a response which I assume I would get a response on Friday which would be the 14th. Never got a call so I waited until Monday, never got a call which was the 17th.

So I took it in my hands and I called CarShield and asked them what is going on with my claim and that was October 18th. They said I should be getting a response by 3:30 that day, no one called me until 345 and told me they declined my repairs.

When I said why the agent told me one thing and when I called the next day there was a list of things of why they declined it and I told him why did he just tell me that.

At the same time I called the Mechanics that same day, they have no idea why they won’t cover everything. I said they called me Monday and told me that the previous agent quit. I got a new agent and he needed pictures of my engine to determine if they would proceed to repair or decline it so that’s what she did.

On top of that my mechanic also sent me every single email that was sent to CarShield. And in the contract it says that they cover the things that were covered on my car and they still denied it because they said there was carbon oxide around my pistons which my mechanic says that happens that’s the reason why you have the insurance it’s not something that you can maintain regularly if you don’t open your engine every three months or every year.

So I decided to fight this company even though I am out of a car and now I have to purchase another car because the cost of my car to get fixed now is about $10,000 and that’s including my rental that they did not want to cover the labor and the parts .

However I I did call them on October 19 and talk to customer service the young lady was very nice and respectful she basically told me what was going on and I did explain to her that the agent did not explain all those things to me and I told her I’m very upset and she personally said to me you’re lucky that you got a call in 20 days after you put your vehicle in the mechanics there is people waiting for months which I was very shocked about.

She personally said I understand your situation you need to dispute your claim and then hopefully they can realize what they’re doing wrong and I was like why didn’t the agent tell me to dispute it she says they don’t like people disputing their claims they were hoping that people would just let it go.

So I am spreading the word that car shield is not the best company that they quote from 2005 to have as an insurance for your vehicle if it’s broke down for parts and everything else like they quote.

I have called the business bureau about CarShield and they basically told me that they were classified as an F. I asked them why have they not been closed down and they said because no one proceeds to fight them.

ClaudiaLenarz November 30, 2022

They don't pay

They lie and don’t pay
October 18, 2022

I signed up for car shield in April of 2019, at $99 a month. My payments were made by auto payments every month. I never filed a claim.

Then in March of 2022, my car developed a ticking sound in the engine. I took it to a qualified dealer who diagnosed lifter and valve problems. They filed a claim with car shield and put me in a rental car while they waited for permission to fix my car.

Car Shield made the dealer jump through hoops for 6 weeks, asking for the whole engine to be taken apart and then photos sent and then proof that my regular maintenance was done according to manufacturers recommended schedule.

Over and over again. Then after $5,000 of a repair bill, including car rental fees, they paid $1,000! They are crooks who should be charged with false advertising

ClaudiaLenarz November 30, 2022

horrible company

Don't Do It!
October 12, 2022

I had a HORRIBLE experience with Car Shield. I had been told that they covered several things that had come up with my car. I called to verify that what was the problem was covered and was told YES. However, Car Shield DENIED every claim that I submitted! I paid out a LOT of money to fix the issues. I was informed that Car Shield requires the mechanics to use "remanufactured" parts. The one part was my AC compressor. The remanufactured part only comes with the "clutch" attached. Car Shield would cover the compressor but not the clutch, therefore, the claim was denied *this was the second time because they suggested that I have another diagnostic done at the dealership). If I had put the money into my savings instead of paying it to these deceitful people ~ I would have been able to get my car fixed. Don't waste your hard earned money with these people!


ClaudiaLenarz November 30, 2022

yep They're scammers