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CarShield is a company started in 2005 that claims to offer affordable and reliable coverage for a variety of car financial claims. 

Carshield states they understand that owning a car is no longer a luxury, as it has become a necessity, and that they are committed to ensuring that you feel protected when something goes wrong with your vehicle.  

According to carshield, unlike many car insurance companies, they do not just cover accidents, but also cover mechanical issues.

They offer a variety of services and have protected over 500,000 vehicles, all with a common goal - their client’s peace of mind. This makes them one of America’s best auto protection services.  Carshield offers a variety of services all relating to covering your vehicle. 


How Does Carshield Work?

Carshield offers a simple and personalized experience to receive protection for your automobile.  Firstly, you request a free quote, personalizing the information to your vehicle. Doing so allows for an accurate quote.

After this, you and Carshield will work on developing a personalized plan that will realistically fit your budget and lifestyle. After receiving all the information needed to make a choice, you have the option of choosing through your plans.

Cost and Price Plans

Carshield offers you a variety of different plans on every claim you make through them, with an incredible amount of flexibility. The coverage plans are extremely personalized and will depend on what you are able to pay and what you need to cover.

Customer Service

Carshield offers you round-the-clock customer service that is specific to the issues you may be facing. If you have a more general question or comment, you are able to leave a message on their website’s contact page. All you have to do is leave your email, phone number and name.

If you have a more specific issue, question or concern relating to customer service, they have specific numbers for different services you may be needing.  If you have a more urgent issue relating to roadside assistance, they have numbers for that too.

That being said, you are able to contact the following numbers:

1-800-380-2165 for United Car Care
1-800-531-1925 for American Auto Shield
1-800-492-6762 for INDS

Carshield Reviews/Complaints

Currently, Carshield has very positive reviews.  Many people find that Carshield has been a dependable agency that has allowed them to feel that their vehicle was being properly protected.

The customer service is generally well-liked too.  Not only that, it seems many representatives of the company are very friendly and helpful.

They offer plans that many companies do not - from plans on older cars, to extremely flexible price options. As a result, this fact makes Carshield a good protection company for many different people.

From needing towing because of a flat tire, to mechanical pieces not working, people have found that Carshield is able to cover a variety of claims for them, ranging from serious to less serious.

However, while the reviews are generally positive, there are some negative ones too. Although these are mainly specific cases. Mainly, the main issues that some people have with Carshield is that they would not protect the transmission of older cars.

Other people had issues with the fact that the rental car they were getting was not covered for enough time. However, as mentioned, the reviews are generally positive.

Since Carshield is running such a personal, individualized business, it doesn’t come as a surprise that you will find negative reviews that relate to very specific cases.

Carshield Alternatives

While what Carshield is doing is different from many companies that protect vehicles, they do have competitors as well.

A competitive company to Carshield is Endurance Warranty.  Endurance Warranty is another popular choice for vehicle protection by American citizens. It, for the most part, has very similar offers to Carshield.

However, it specifically specializes in extending warranties on cars, as the name suggests.  When comparing Carshield vs Endurance Auto Warranty, the latter has been in business since 1988, making it more experienced than Carshield.

However, that being said, Endurance Warranty seems to offer less personalized or flexible plans. Another alternative that you may want to consider for vehicle protection is Toco Auto Warranty.  It runs, again, pretty similarly to Carshield.

Toco Warranty allows you to bring your vehicle to any repair shop of choice to fix it in case of mechanical issues. It also promises that you will not need to make any down payments.

When comparing Carshield vs Toco Auto Warranty, it would seem the main difference is that Toco Warranty seems to offer more varying plans, which will cover less or more of your vehicle.

Liberty Auto Warranty is another example of an alternative to Carshield. This company has been protecting vehicles for over 40 years and offers extremely flexible prices, along with 6 months without payments.

However, their plans seem to be less personalized to your specific case and vehicle than Carshield’s. All of these options run somewhat similarly, with minor differences here and there.  That said, most of these options as well as most vehicle protection companies offer free quotes.

It would be best that you try and request a free quote from the different companies and get a feel for each company’s style of customer service before you choose one.  However, each one of them is good in their own way.

If you have any experience with Carshield or their services, please leave your reviews below.

CarShield Customer Reviews

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Save your money instead
October 7, 2021

If you ask my stupid advice and you have an 'old vehicle', I would tell you save your money instead of paying Carshield or Car Shield [whatever their legal name is]. If you have a 'new' vehicle apply at your own risk.

The only thing worse than a used car salesman is a used car warranty salesman. We thought we had signed up with an honest company, but it was only after we put in a claim, we realized the level of dishonesty with Carshield Canada. Disclaimer: maybe the States is different, but this review/warning is based on our experience with CarShield Canada.

First of all, the rule of thumb is to be cautious of MOST companies advertising on TV. We don’t have the time to get into that, today, for this review. It was only after we put in a claim, we realized that Carshield had two foolproof ways to get out of honouring our claim.

1. We had an old car [vehicle] and so we were not offered the package that gives you the best or better coverage. This is what we were told by one of their 'managers' or supervisors. Sorry, I didn't get a title and I have forgotten the name.

2. In their contract or at least in the contract we had, they provided coverage on only one of a multi-component part. For example, if your AC has three components or parts, they provide coverage only on one part. And get this, the part they do not cover is the one [based on probability] that usually fails the most. You do the math. That is what I call a foolproof-refuse-to-honor-a-claim system.

I wonder what tricks [or probabilities] they use for ‘new’ vehicles, but then new vehicles don’t usually need as much repairs as ‘old’ ones. So, probability-wise, the number of claims they will have on ‘new’ vehicles are already minimized. You see what they did there?

My argument is that their contract protects them from the probabilities they have designed within the contract. So, they have not done any illegal, but it is up for discussion whether or not their dealings are shady. It is for sure shady, if you are not told upfront that you are being sold a second-class contract because you have an ‘old’ or high-mileage vehicle. I couldn’t believe my ears when one of their ‘managers’ actually admitted that to us. So thanks for that tip-off.

Thankfully, if that high mileage vehicle is a Honda Pilot, you can kinda get away it, once you do your regular maintenance and what not. And now I’m thinking if we had saved that money we would have had about $1100 in our account from the time we signed up to the time we cancelled.

I am happy to say also that we have been saving our Carshield premiums since cancellation and we are not very far from $1000. And we will continue to save that money every month in our Vehicle Savings Account rather than throw our money away on Carshield Canada. Let me get it right, Carshield Canada.

You are welcome.

Ripped Off!
September 25, 2021

I was very disappointed with my coverage. I waited the required amount of time, accumulated the required number of miles and paid during those months and then took my van into my local dealership once customer service told me that my repairs would be covered.

Then, when the dealership filed a claim for the repairs, CarShield wouldn't pay for anything. I had been ripped off a canceled my coverage.

Then, CarShield called my voicemail several times a day for weeks assumably get me to continue to pay.

Carshield is not accepted by all ASE certified mechanics due to their slow or no payment.
June 29, 2021

We purchased the Carshield policy to cover our 2016 Silverado Pickup truck. We waited the required miles before you could even use the policy. After about 3 months of paying over $100 a month for coverage, we had a problem with the transmission in our truck. We lived very close to the VA/NC line, so we took our truck to Roanoke Rapids, NC for evaluation.

We were told we needed a new transmission. After visiting SEVEN (7) DIFFERNT ASC certified mechanics, including the local Chevrolet dealership, we were told Carshield does not pay the dealership in a timely manner or any where near the amount of the cost of repair. Therefore, we could not use their services.

That's SEVEN different mechanics. One company did say they would accept the coverage for the amount that Carshield would pay, but the remainder of the bill would be on us and we would not get our truck back until Carshield had paid their potion. I contacted Carshield and cancelled our policy. I asked for our money back as their claims for service were not true, but never heard anything back from them. We paid to have the transmission replaced ourselves.

NoSheild and American Auto Not Covered
May 11, 2021

After three weeks of calling carsheild and being passed to American auto shield. Witch cost 3500$ lost work time AAS found a loop hole so they didn't have to pay. Repairs cost me 2500$ more plus the 1100$ for the week of repairs. Not to mention 1500$ of policy payments. Thank nosheild and American Auto Not Covered

p.s don't waste your money put you money up and do it your self.

Save Your Money!
April 6, 2021
Big waste of money!!! I see the actor ICE-T is advertising for them. He's a great guy and a talented actor but I can't figure out why he would stoop so low as to hawk a scam company. He should call them with a fake claim and find out first hand how they operate.

Unresponsive Rip Off
April 4, 2021

Try getting an adjuster to approve your work. GOOD LUCK! My car's transmission wore out after being with CarShield 10 months. It stayed in my mechanic's shop from November to March.

First adjuster wanted detailed diagnostics performed (and only a dealership could perform those) at my cost. When the diagnostics were sent, he wanted a tear down, at my cost. When the tear down revealed mechanical damage, my mechanic stopped hearing from the adjuster.

Phone calls went unanswered, voicemails were not returned, emails received no response. After having my car out of service for 2 and a half months, I decided to pay up front to get my car back on the road.

I submitted a claim and 2 months of documentation only to be told the claim would not be honored because it had not been approved by the non-responsive adjuster.


February 17, 2021

CarShield is an ABSOLUTE JOKE of a company. DO NOT purchase their warranty, it won't cover ANYTHING that needs repair and if your contract says it's covered, they will place so many restrictions on whatever it is they need to, to avoid having to pay for anything.

I have had 3 claims that the mechanics in all circumstances are surprised that the warranty company isn't covering it.

All the mechanics also stated that when trying to call CarShield, they were hung up on multiple times and it was a bad experience for every single mechanic who tried to work with them.

One time, it could be a fluke, second time, maybe it's fishy, but three times in the row? The only 3 times I filed a claim, they were all denied due to situations and times that the repair should have been covered, and it wasn't.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMPANY, find another warranty. Don't make the mistake I did, assuming that they would stick to their word and help you out. IT'S A SCAM.

Car shield
November 13, 2020
They wouldn't pay the claim, even though we had all the correct paper of work done and oil changes done.

November 2, 2020
My brother has them as well, he had his car towed to a dealership for repair and car shield refused to pay in full, told him there was a cap on the payoff! So they'll say anything to get a sale and what makes it even worse they advertise on TBN,(Christian tv station)

September 11, 2020
I am formal customer of CarShield, just like many others I did not read, "the fine print" Like the old saying goes if it sounds to good to be true probably not. Not to go into a lot of details with my situation I had coverage on my vehicle transmission, according to CarShield but when the transmission needed repairing CarShield said that parts of transmission was not covered. In other word, GACHA!

S C A M S C A M S C A M S C A M !!!!
September 11, 2020
I am a formal customer of carshieid. Just like many others I did not read, "the fine print". Like the old saying goes, If it sounds to good to be true its probably IS. Not to go into a lot of details with my situation. I had transmission coverage on my vehicle and when it needed repairing, "the fine print" said it was not covered. In other words, GACHA! 09/12/2020

July 29, 2020







May 12, 2020
I do believe this company featured in an investigation on the show 'American Greed' on CNBC last year as being a scam and a dishonest company with questionable practices. You can DVR the episode I'm sure. These companies are exposed and then they resurface under new company names, but I am almost certain this was the company featured for running a scam. It's hard to believe that any celebrity would promote this company; ie Ice Tea and Swamy from ESPN football night in America smh.

KQuest July 30, 2020






Move on do not even consider
April 18, 2020

If I am asked about your company my response will be this:

If you are considering American Auto Shield DO NOT. I have paid hundreds of dollars for coverage and filed a clam for 299.00 and it was denied. WHY? Because my problem occurred because normal road conditions, i.e. a ROCK punctured my air conditioning condenser. The agent continued to site wording in the contract that would never warn a consumer of the potential that driving a car under normal conditions would ever nullify a claim.

DO NOT deal with these people. Their only goal is to take hundreds and thousands of your dollars and then refuse to pay up when the time comes.

I will be canceling this warranty immediately and using every voice I can muster to discourage other people from being taken advantage of by you and Car Shield including reporting your unfair claim practice to my state's insurance board.

Do Not Give Car Shield The Time Of Day
March 11, 2020
Not worth the high monthly cost. High deductibles and pushy sales team. Replace your old car instead and get a dealer warranty.

extremely pushy
January 6, 2020
the gentleman would not accept me thinkig about it just kept asking me why ....about 10 times before i hung up on him

November 12, 2019
They told me it would cover everything but the wear and tear stuff. I even paid extra to have it cover electronics. My heat goes out and guess what it doesn't cover?! Heater coils or any heating parts. The power steering pump had to be replaced and because they mess with that area it will need an alignment. NOT COVERED. Then they only will pay for after market parts and not dealer parts. I have always had extended warranties with my cars and this one is a TOTAL waste of money!!!

FrederickMack November 02, 2020

My brother has them as well, he had his car towed to a dealership for repair and car shield refused to pay in full, told him there was a cap on the payoff! So they'll say anything to get a sale and what makes it even worse they advertise on TBN,(Christian tv station)

Carshield/American Autoshield Runaround Tactics
March 26, 2019

After receiving a contract and the "Gold Plan" my vehicle was covered and after a check up by the local jeep dealership after the check engine light appeared, Carshield informed the mechanic that the service is covered under the contract for repair.

Carshield/American Autoshield was contacted in February of 2019 that the repairs were pending an authorization to begin the repair services; it has now been over a month of run arounds the authorization is still pending review by claims, then major claims, then the power train review, and then claims again to start the runaround all over again.

The numbers reflected in the advertisements constantly changes,

and when calling any of the variously provided telephone numbers, the person answering informs me that they are only a call-in service that forwards your call to American Autoshield to make the claim. Once the call is forwarded I was placed on hold for over two hours, only to be informed that they will only speak with the servicing mechanic and obtain his diagnosis of the problem to see if it is a covered repair. Then the runaround starts again with the mechanic calling Carshield/American Autoshield to provide the required car repair diagnosis, only to be placed on hold for over two hours per call attempt.

The vehicle has been at the dealership pending repairs and Carshield/American Autoshield provided a "reference number" with the runaround continuing when trying to obtain authorization to make the repair to the vehicle, with request for vehicle history reports after receiving the information the Carshield/American Autoshield representative says something else is required in order to stall with providing the authorization of repairs. As of march 25 2019 the vehicle is still at the dealership pending authorization from Carshield/American Autoshield. The two hour plus hold times is a continuing tactic to avoid customers' claims requests for covered services, but immediate vehicle quotes and coverage plans are given at time of call. The customer service clears themselves by giving excuses for Carshield/American Autoshield by saying there are telephone service problems, and reporting that many customers have reported the same lengthy call hold times of which they have no control over because Carshield/American Autoshield is not there in Missouri where the call-in service is located, they (Carshield/American Autoshield) are in Colorado with various problems resulting in two hour hold times for everyone.

I would not recommend Carshield/American Autoshield warranty to anyone, a customer could die waiting on hold after making claim for services covered on the contract. Time is valuable and Carshield/American Autoshield should be reminded of this and call the customers back who will never place them on hold for two hours because we want our vehicles repaired and will proved no runarounds.

FathiyaDavis July 26, 2019

Very helpful info, despite all the positive things being said about Car Shield in this article and TV commercial. Thanks for your honesty and so sorry for your being given the run-around by this company.

FathiyaDavis July 26, 2019

Thanks for your honesty, and so sorry for the run-around this company is giving you. What you shared makes me wonder if the info in this article and the TV commercial testimonials are fake. Hope and pray you can at least get you money back from Car Shield. What gives Car Shield?

FathiyaDavis July 26, 2019

I was considering having my elderly mother get this service but after what you shared here, I'm not so sure.

SUDOKU March 19, 2021

Thanks for saving me the heartache. I almost considered them after being ripped off by the dealer time and time again for repairs on my truck.

BryanMelan April 04, 2021

I had the same experience, but I wish I had gotten a 2 hour hold time. Instead I got nothing, no response, no phone answered. Claim not honored because I did not get prior authorization when I could not talk to anyone.