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CDI College is system of institutions located throughout the provinces of Canada which claim to be educational and professional training facilities that prepare students for a future in the workplace.

How Does it Work?

CDI College is a for-profit university, which is a type of post-secondary learning institution that has been multiplying over the last few years. 

According to CDI College’s website they offer a wide variety of diploma programs and have over twenty different locations.

When choosing an institution of higher learning, one of the important things you should look for is “accreditation,” the process by which a third party evaluates the educational program and makes sure that it meets pre-determined standards. 

In both the United States and Canada, this third party must be approved by the government's Educational Department.

Being a Canadian school, in order for CDI College to have accreditation, they must adhere to specific guidelines set out by each individual province where their campuses are located.

Controversy Surrounding For-Profit Schools

Unfortunately, as the attendance rates of for-profit universities have risen there have been reports  that some for-profit colleges and universities have mislead their prospective students into believing they are fully accredited.

The reality then turns out to be that only some of their diploma programs meet standards for accreditation while others do not, or sometimes the schools claim accreditation from a third party which is not sanctioned by the country's Educational Department.

Thankfully, it is possible to conduct your own research to determine whether or not a collegiate program is considered accredited. 

Using the website of the Council of Ministers of Education Canada, you can choose the province in which you are planning to attend school, and from there discover which schools and programs are accredited, and which are not.

Since many employers will not acknowledge or accept your degree or training certificate from an unaccredited program, making sure that you are attending an accredited program is necessary to protect the time, money, and effort that you invest into obtaining a college diploma.

If you have any experience with CDI College or their programs, please leave your reviews below.

CDI College Customer Reviews

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Worse than Trump University
September 22, 2022
As a former student, it was the worst education I could ever think about. All they care about is money, terrible teachers and bad environment. I regret ever going to that college and wish no one make same mistakes I made.

September 19, 2022
I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy, these guys made me pull a student loan which I didn't even receive, not sure if they think I got the money but I got jack, they locked me out of the courses till I have them my student loan then just dropped me completely, fast forward a year they say I owe them 14k than 10k than it's going to collections cause I got nothing out of this college but debt, these guys are hard to reach and it's on purpose I feel like it's all just a pyramid scheme.

Teacher's behavior was inappropriate
September 19, 2022

I took Medical Office Assistant course in 2020 at Winnipeg CDI location. The teacher was not polite with students, besides, she was showing racial bias in the classroom (for example, discussing student's skin color), which is inappropriate for the teacher.

When some students complained to Administration, nothing changed. They do not protect student's opinion and rights. I would recommend to stay away from this college!

Do Not Study Here
September 15, 2022
Worst Educational Facility you may consider. 17,000 spent on a program, outstanding GPA and performance in the program. It has now been 6 months after graduation and I still don't have a job. The skills taught at this facility DO NOT equip you for your future.

Over-promises, Under-delivers. Over Priced For Quality Of Instruction
September 2, 2022
CDI College over-promises and under-delivers. Most of the instructors for the Accounting & Payroll Administrator program don't know the topic they are teaching. Several of the instructors were new to Canada and only read from the PowerPoint slides. Anyone looking at continuing education would be better to go to a different college or get their education online from other reputable course providers.

CandiHaines September 07, 2022

I do agree with you. I am in this program right now. The payroll course was supposed to start Monday, Sept 5, It's now Wednesday, Sept 7, 5:30 pm, and nothing. Plus no replies from the college. I tried to reach out to the college a couple of months back with no replies or call back until they requested my book fees of course. My sister was interested in taking the same course but I recommended she go to a provincial college. I do not recommend this college.

Very grateful for CDI, Teachers and Staff!
July 29, 2022

I really want to thank CDI College Brampton, their instructors and staff, for being a support through all my courses, building up my career. I want to give a special THANKS from the deepest of my heart to: Kavanagh, Rosaleen; Kaur, Loveneet; Al-Qawasmi, Mousa; Qawasmi, Younis; Kalsi, Yash; Sohail, Mahwish (In sequence order of classes I have taken so far) YOU ALL ARE THE BEST! Also I am very grateful that I have an excellent person as an Assistant Director of Admissions for CDI: Nidhi Vats, she help so much through all my path.I repeat again how grateful I am with my beloved teachers YOUNIS, YASH, AND LOVENEET, your are the best!!! Thanks so much for all your time and help!!!!! Stay the way you are and keep the passion you have!!!

monalisa August 30, 2022

Fake review, clearly it's obvious this is the instructor or administrator writing this. Authorized thieves, the entire nation knows about cdi!!

No one will even take CDI college students
May 30, 2022

I started CDI college in April of 2021 from the start it was a joke I paid 22 grand to take the addiction support worker... for a price of 2200 books you don't actually get a book in your hand you get the books from the computer... I finished my online training in March then it was time for my practicum for 300 hrs that you yourself have to basically find on your own... please let me tell you most places I contacted will not accept CDI college students.

Please do you're research on CDI college and the lawsuits and lack of help and proper education. I finally found a beautiful place of practicum at Emma's house where I worked my butt off for my practicum I got a raving review and was missing some hours due to 2 deaths and covid. Not once did CDI college check on me or ask how I was making out. I asked for my ID 5 times with no response. The amount of

turn over of staff tells you how atrocious that place is I believe I had 4 practicum coordinators while I was there. So I finished my practicum when I was done Emma's house called CDI and they accepted my hours twice. I got a email by the way 3 weeks ago asking if I even started my practicum that's how smart they are? I call and ask when I would receive my diploma the practicum coordinator reassured me I was good.

Then on Friday May 26th 2022 I get an email from the practicum coordinator that they won't accept my hours stating I only had 70 hrs? And they told me to go find another institution to finish my hours I already have after saying 3 times they accepted my hours. He couldn't even call me he emailed that too me... stating his boss said no...

In the meantime it's been a month since I finished and got a full time job with nothing to do with CDI as no one accepts CDI students they once again never contacted me for a month... I am reaching out for people to be aware of CDI college Calgary south campus... Please do your homework on that school... All I can say is shame on them...please help me.

Doplayz June 02, 2022

I'm about to enroll in cdi and I didn't pay the $160 yet but after reading your experience, I might just not go there at all. Is there any better option to get AES certification?

Doplayz June 02, 2022

Also, was it only in Calgary that you were having trouble with CDI or is it in every location?

JenniferDill June 16, 2022

I am currently enrolled with CDI college and am experiencing the same unprofessionalism, teacher turnover, no teacher responding, and no staff responding to inquiries. They take the student loan money and run with it.. Perhaps the course of action would be to file complaints with our provincial and federal student aid departments...

HeatherHawkins June 19, 2022

I feel you on this. I wish i had never registered. Now I'm in debt and still no prospects for a job...

CDI Must Be Stopped! A lot of lives have been affected with their Scam!
May 26, 2022

I am overwhelmed with all the bad reviews! In fact I am so disappointed with CDI they do not care about their students. They only care ABOUT THE MONEY! How did the Canadian Government approve this? I'm currently a student . We're left behind with out a teacher online for a course. Nobody's dared to inform us (student). The last teacher we got was replaced the last minute. The school asked us to download 2019 version of a software and gave us 2021 data files to work with? We're left in the dark and with no teacher online how are we suppose to survive??? Can anyone help and bring this case to the attention of the authorities to take a look and investigate this college?

HeatherHawkins June 19, 2022

We need to do something to get our money back. This isn't right or fair to put good people in debt and not give us an education we can use.

TammyLefebvre July 13, 2022

Hey I’m a student right now with CDI and am looking at starting a class action lawsuit and then blacklisted from student loans. If anybody is interested please let me know.

AlinaZagi July 18, 2022

CDI College should be sued and their diplomas, bachelors, certificates should all be banned. How dare they create a fake college with no up date education and steal students’ money like that? How dare the Canadian government allowed such schools to be running in Canada and how dare they allow dental assisting program at CDI to be accredited, especially since they don’t teach the students anything there properly and accurately. This is illegal, It’s a lie when they say that Canada has one of the best educations in the world, Truly pathetic. This Canadian school system had educational assistants in elementary schools and high schools who would physically and emotionally abuse children with special needs and they would not do anything about it and I live in BC. Thanks so much, Canada.

SunshineR August 03, 2022

I was scam CDI BC same way told call by a coordinator act as Director of the college liar . I am professional experience employee for finance was trying to find university license course . Which was scammed by the coordinator rush to sign all document mention no worry if osap not approved you may withdraw the class any time with no charge .

Once I learn from the government regulation that this not appropriate course and college for license they wrongly provide me information less than 2 week was force to attend the first session as soon as earlier which was not in the planned was only for advise for the course .

11 year experience professional was wrongly advise for the first time in an Canadian education instituted and they I withdraw cancelled all after 2 days call like harassing owing them for 2 week $4287 which is total illegal, base on legal advise we when through the detail and recording of class only 0.5 % in 37 weeks it kind assist the class they have more than 5 days technical issue no access their system.

This BC CDI college should banned closed forever . Their are rule

SunshineR August 03, 2022

Their are rule Legal for Consumer protection , Ombudsman and legal advise for student who was wrongly abuse by college in financial and other way . Should Bann STOP this college. if all student follow legal action . specially don't go firs time they are polite it kind tied sale non fiduciary action to push student in wrong path without a good credential . University has never charge this amount of money for first session . It big SCAM . Should be Closed and refund all wrong charge toward student .

CDI makes me have daily suicidal thoughts
May 4, 2022

If I could give 0 stars I would. This school has ruined my life. I don't have the energy to even go into my list of complaints because I've been fighting for over a year now. Let's just say that the only thing I have achieved from CDI is a useless diploma (which I don't actually ever get to see or show employers) huge student debt, a bad credit score, no employment and daily thoughts of suicide. Don't do it!!

MorganWarren August 27, 2022

I just did my orientation at cdi college and I'm leaving before I pay them anything because I'm not taking any chances

don't do it
April 16, 2022

The law course is poorly presented and formatted. Instructing is minimal. Although I received good marks, there was zero feedback.

Two thirds of the way through, I was told that I was not funded to the end and they wanted another $2,000+. A month later they wanted an extra $7,000+. I told them no.

RRR April 19, 2022

i literally am 100 percent positive they could not care about the students. All they care about is pocketing the student loan money and then leaving you hanging. Im going to file a lawsuit.

TammyLefebvre July 13, 2022

Please let me know who you use as a lawyer.

UnHappy August 20, 2022

I would love to get in on that too, this school is a joke

Do not go to CDI College
April 6, 2022

The school is so bad I can't even give it a star rating I wouldn't even give it a one star.

They are disorganized most of the time the online courses are not completely available on the first couple of days you're supposed to be working on the course.

When you try to get help or support there is none. trust me I've made many phone calls to the student resources and I use that term lightly and been put on hold or told that's not their Department to deal with and moved on to another department and not gotten answers.

Some of the teachers are good but a lot of the times trying to get a hold of them is almost impossible. Do yourself a favor go somewhere else.

A very bad college
March 16, 2022

This is the worst college I have worked in. They are so disorganized. Their education is not up to the mark. And, their management treat teachers as if they are their servants and they are sweet to you when they want favors from you but they are disrespectful to their employees.

Students should not join this college. It is very disorganized and the education is very poor. They just want your money.

AdamLabonte September 15, 2022

And do not forget the TEACHERS are atrocious

Don't attend CDI
March 12, 2022

I contacted CDI to take business administration, and all they tried to do was sell me on a course I didn't want and even after I said no they put me in that course anyway, than it took three months to sort out, and by the time was in the course I was supposed to be in I was so far behind I ended just dropping out.

IT IS A SCAM, don't enroll here! They are completely unhelpful, incompetent, and don't care, and this huge mistake of going to cdi will have to be paid off your years.

AlinaZagi July 18, 2022

I hope one day someone will call the police on that pathetic, fake, illegal college. I hate Canada for calling themselves one of the best countries in the world to have good education, when really it’s a lie, because they allow these private non-accredited colleges to run in Canada, which was not even created by the Canadian government and it is not well officially recognized in Canada.

February 28, 2022

I went to Winnipeg branch of CDI in 2021, Medical office assistant program. The teacher was not polite, sometimes mean and had racial biases. The teacher's comments were inappropriate. It was a sad and traumatic experience. This place is not good, especially for racial minorities.

A place to rob your money. Run, don't walk RUN away from this place.
October 20, 2021

This is by far the furthest thing from a college. It is a place that sucks you in with false promises, dead dreams and frustration out of this planet. The teachers do try their best but the tools they are given are far and few between & unfortunately the teachers do not last long.

The class I am reviewing is about 5 months in and currently on its 4th teacher. They had to merge the night and daytime class teachers into both to pick up the gaps where there was no available teacher. The admin staff have also switched roles or left in some cases and the only thing this place is quick at is collecting money for books that aren't even the same as others in the same class.

I strongly recommend you google this place and read every single review... They are not accredited and there is a good chance you will not be able to get a job after completing your course. They are much more expensive than other places that can offer you much more. Stay away from this place no matter what... Trust me it may be the best decision of your life.

Hopefully this place gets shut down before the screw over many more individuals just trying to better their lives.

Jane February 28, 2022

Agree with you 100 %

Cheryl August 18, 2022

Totally agree.

Waste of Time and Waste of Money
September 25, 2021
You have to study by yourself all day and all night they don't care. The real problem is their Diploma or any Certificate they give you doesn't work in Canada. They don't have any training with any company or industrial too. YOU ARE on YOUR own to STUDY.

Do not attend
July 29, 2021
IF anyone has gone to CDI and has a negative response to their college please email me kandikay8 (at) so we can discuss as I attend and am not impressed with how wrong this school is, they do not teach you properly or have qualified teachers.

T.Arthur September 07, 2022

Hi. I'm looking for a few others who would help me to create a very loud, very saturated social media platform and campaign as well as investigate what can be done legally to compensate us .. please let me know if it is something your interested in .

DO NOT go to this Scam College
July 27, 2021
Do not go to CDI or any of the other colleges owned by Peter Chung. He does not hire qualified instructors, computers and other equipment is not up to date, his staff don't receive raises, and you basically teach yourself. He also doesn't issue student refunds required by law unless forced to. He recently bought a $42M house in Point Grey in Vancouver for CASH. This is where your money goes...into his pocket.

Kandi July 29, 2021

can you email me please kandikay8 (at)

Kandi July 29, 2021

I would like to talk to you about this.

HeatherHawkins June 19, 2022

WOW!! wish I knew this before I signed up for the course,

T.Arthur September 07, 2022

Please contact me if you are interested in gathering others joining together and creating such a loud voice over social media and investigation as well as legal action for compensation. My email is riedlinger.todd at gmail dot com phone 5874325542

Ban CDI from Canada!!!!
May 27, 2021

Hi, so basically im Legally blind. I was promised accessibility and there isn't any. Teachers didn't even know i was blind, despite i did all the paperwork. I failed cyber security due to it, and the fact i was told a Chrome book was good enough to pass the course. 

The dean at CDI Surrey told me i could choose an easier course. So i went back to Burnaby to talk to my rep who said that I could change campuses for graphic design. The dean didn't like that and stated i had to stay in the same Campus. And was told its stay at the Campus or lose my student loan. So I'm forced to be in a class, that i need accessibility in. 

The class has both IT techs and web and mobile design development from different stages. The teacher often ridicules me, often rude, compares me to other expectations from within the class. She won't even allow me to use a larger font or my own screen reader, or its disruptive. Applications that are used, she doesn't help to set it up for accessibility until 3 days before a course ends.

And tells me to download apps that has no accessibility in it. Within the Web and Mobile course, Photoshop and illustrator software are not provided by the school, so we need to use free trials to do our course work with. Content for homework, and exams have massive spelling errors and hard to read. In CA-PTQRS, the progress checks, i can't hand in on the portal. There is no spot for it, so i have to email the content. She doesn't even mark my work in a timely manner. 

I even asked yesterday how do you do the coding for keypad letters for my assignment, only to be met with, oh its not needed. Its easy to do so, just forget about doing it. I wanted to know how for future references as in Java, i need to make another ATM machine. 

This sums up some of the issues, that im having.

AlinaZagi July 18, 2022

Canada has a lot of bad schools and physically abusive employees. Canada truly disgusts me,

June 5, 2020
CDI college Scarborough staff are very friendly, kind and helpful for my enrollment, academic assessment, and my OSAP application. the instructor is very knowledgeable and very patient to answer our questions.

AlinaZagi July 18, 2022