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Peter Popoff is a minister and televangelist and the creator of, a website where people can go to get information, request prayers directly from Popoff and his team, and more.

How Does it Work?

Peter Popoff is famous for being not only a television minister, but also for being someone who promotes and offers "faith healing."

Faith healing is a controversial practice where some people believe that they will find cures for certain illnesses or diseases in prayer, rather than through traditional medical treatments.

While some faith healers use rituals for healing and some concentrate simply on prayer services, promotes the use of something it calls "Miracle Spring Water."  

Popoff promotes this water on his TV appearances and in infomercials, claiming that it can not only heal physical ailments, but the economic ailments people have as well.

This special "Miracle Water" is not being sold by Peter Popoff Ministries; it is actually being given away when you sign up for a prayer request, which also automatically puts you on the mailing list for his marketing team.

Customers who are not familiar with Popoff and his ministerial teachings can find access to his videos on the website so they can get a better understanding of the ideas and beliefs that he advocates.

This minister was famous for his ministry and faith healing abilities before, in the 1980s, and dropped off the public's radar for awhile when a skeptic exposed "tricks" that he was using at his revival, such as behaving as though he had divine knowledge regarding members in his audience, when he was really having information about the members fed to him through an electronic ear piece.

Because of his previous experiences, has a special section of their website dedicated to "Persecuted Church," an area of their site which is meant to uplift people whose faiths and religious organizations have been subject to "persecution" by outsiders.

If you have any experience with Peter Popoff or his organization, please leave your reviews below.

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Peter Popoff Ministries Customer Reviews

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A big rip off
January 15, 2023

WHAT A charlatan. just for kicks i put my fathers name for guidance, got reply that he will pray for my father and good things will come his way. the only thing my father died over 10 years ago what a charlatan and no body should listen to him. He just takes your money, beware.

Just get a job...
August 17, 2022

I can't believe people really fall for this bs. I'm so over this commercial.

QuitaMiller November 06, 2022

I was one that thought he was real but I feel like he take from the poor and make people believe he was here to help but soon as u Touch his products and send it back he sent you the flower purple leaf after he saw me that my son passed away he was five years old he sent me some rubber bands that popped and he’s like I took money from him or his son blessings my way and I lost something that was more important to me than money my son so please don’t believe Peter Popoff he is a rip off and he will take your soul from you

It's fake
June 14, 2022

This is so fake stop showing this fake mess on tv where's my miracle haven't happened in 10 years stop taking folks money

You only need God, not bogus "miracle water"!!!
July 30, 2021
Where did he get this water? From the "colored only" water fountain? The African Americans he has on this show telling these ridiculous lies seem to be the target of his ads! He needs to pray to God because he will have to answer for all of this deception he is creating. How does he sleep at night knowing what he is telling people are nothing but a bunch of lies and then he is using Lord's name in vain. Shame on you!

Upscale DrummerBradley August 31, 2023

Come on people, really? Don't be a fool for this man.