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Impossible to reach someone
March 18, 2024

They advertised NMD sneakers 4 days ago @$23. When I tried to purchase with all codes &;discounts it was $76.

No one to contact, no explanation, no reply, no working phone to speak to SOMEONE! 4 tries via text, phone, etc. NOTHING !

Brad's Deal Scam
April 30, 2023

I got scammed by them, luckily I got my money back through my credit card company after Brad's Deals quit responding after 4 months of no show.

Slippers said "Clarks" NOT
November 15, 2020
Got the Slippers which were advertised and pictured to be Clarks - they were not, different soles and not Clarks printed on the inside, definitely a knock-off! Disappointed! Won't fall for the lower price and not genuine article!

JaystunnStoneHeart October 30, 2022

Brads deals is a scam website set up to help stalk people. They spoof your emails and spam your email. Report it ASAP

October 16, 2020

I placed an order with Brad's Deals.

Never received it.

No one to contact.

Whoever Brad is, need to stay in his basement!

Rubique Jewelry
January 7, 2020
Ordered earrings on Dec. 12th. Took my money but did not receive them.

Don't trust them!!!
July 14, 2019
Got a chromebook so i could use it for school and just to watch prime video. instead i got the chromebook which was outdated and not working properly, always crashing on me. i didn't get a warranty for the laptop and now i want my dad to get his money back. that is the only thing from that website that makes me mad. other things are a lot better like my shoes.

Rip off
April 10, 2019
I ordered three weeks ago ,you deducted from my bank account and I have yet to see my item that I ordered. No way to contact anyone .

TomSandy Sparlin January 07, 2020

Same thing happened to me!

Pet supplies
February 14, 2019
My dog, Fritz, was upset because he saw his new bed, but never got to sleep in it. I ordered a medium, was charged for a medium, and was shipped a small. I have tried to get someone to call me concerning this situation, but to no avail. This afternoon I will call my credit card company to see if they can help me. This was my first order and will be my last if I don't get satisfaction.

Access To numerous sales!
September 20, 2017
Great site to find tons of sales! I don't know what I did before Brads Deals. Essential part of my shopping experience. Plus it's FREE! I get great deals almost daily. Brads Deals has introduced me to some great sites, that I now frequent. I highly recommend this site to anyone that shops (unless you have a shopping addiction).

Brad's Deals Is Essential
September 19, 2017

I have found many great deals on "Brads", and I always recommend

it to friends and family. Super deals and super info.

September 15, 2017
Got the best deal on Timberland boots! Plus free shipping!

Great place with quality product!
September 15, 2017
I'm going to see about investing into a website like this or even open my own site. Don't know how you don't, and whatever It is, you got It.

Very pleased
August 10, 2017
The variety and deals that are sent to me are absolutely amazing.

Brads deals
July 20, 2017
I love brass deals, while I don't always buy something, the deals are awesome. I look forward to there email every day.

May 26, 2017
I've ordered several things through Brad's and I've been very pleased with my purchases.

I use Brad's Deals several times a week
May 21, 2017
I like the deals that are presented and often find those I follow up on. They have never proven to be unfounded. This site is especially useful for birthdays and the holidays. I have also found websites presented with deals that I now have a direct relationship with.

Possible Scam
December 28, 2016

I only gave a 1 because 0 wasn't an option.

Purchased a comforter set through Brad's from JCPenney on 12-27-16... Setup an account with my email address and password including my phone number.

Hadn't received a email confirming my purchase so I went to the JCPenney website today, 12-28-16, to check on the order status... JCPenney did not recognize any of my information nor did they recognize my phone number to confirm an order. I did not write down any order number because it said I would receive a confirmation email.

I checked my bank account and sure enough there is a debit for a purchase that appears to be taken from JCPenney.

Where is my money really??? Where is my ordet...Does it even exist?

Will be watching my credit very closely and trying to figure out how to get my money back.

If by chance I really do get the order I will be glad to revise my review.

Courtney Omell March 07, 2017

Hi Amy, we're sorry for the delay on this response to your review as we are just seeing it. We do apologize for the issues you had with JCPenney. Your order and money is always taken by the retailer whenever you find deals through our website. We do not collect financial or shipping information. However, when there are issues like this, please email us at [email protected] and we can reach out to the retailer on your behalf to get you some answers. To clarify, we are here to tell you about great deals and to help with any problems you have when ordering, but all orders are placed through the retailer directly. Again, we apologize for the issues and we hope you were able to get this resolved with JCPenney.

Thanks Brad!
October 12, 2016
I love this site - I always shop here for Black Friday deals and get the daily newsletter. I've never had an issue with customer service or a coupon code not working.

Courtney Omell March 07, 2017

Thanks Chris! We appreciate your review :)

One cannot contact Brad's
October 10, 2016
I have a problem with a seller that was on Brad's Email, Tanga. They shipped items that I didn't order and they want to penalize me w. 15%. I wanted to report to Brad's so called Help Center. I typed my text in the form that I located, but when I pressed SEND it comes back w. a message stating: "The change you wanted was rejected.Maybe you tried to change something you didn't have access to." There is no phone number, no contact info on their website. They claim to carefully select the companies that offer sales through them. If this experience is relevant, I find it hard to believe. After encountering terrible customer service from one the companies that they put up on their sales lists, this is adding insult to injury.

Courtney Omell October 19, 2016

Hi Sue, we received your complaint via our email address at [email protected] as well and we are still looking into the issue with our help page form. We apologize that you had trouble contacting us as that is not something we ever want to happen. We are also working with Tanga to resolve their order mistake. Thank you for letting us know about the problem.

false advertising
December 26, 2015 offered a $10 deal on 48ct LolliZ Gel Pens but when you click on "Get it" you're linked into where the product is sold for $15. It's a matter of principle, when they advertise a deal and we go to it right away but it's not there.

Rebecca Lehmann September 28, 2016

Hi Selendra,

We're seeing this comment much too late, but I wanted to leave a response anyway, both for you and for those who may find this page in the future. I hope it is helpful.

Amazon changes their prices very fast, which makes it tough to post deals for them. It frustrates us, too. I'm sorry you seem to have gotten caught up in that. As soon as we become aware that a deal is no longer available, we always expire it. The last thing we want is for our readers to be frustrated.

The best thing to do when you're having trouble getting the price advertised in one of our deals is to leave a comment on the deal itself so the editor who posted it will be notified and can look into it right away. We also help our readers troubleshoot deals on our Facebook page and by email at [email protected].


Rebecca from Brad's Deals