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Little hitlers
March 29, 2023

Customer service department is the worst in the business. They treat paying customers like dirt with their gestapo attitudes. I will never buy another item from here again.. I'm done.

As a Company you need to look after your customer.
December 22, 2022

Not happy with their Products. Bought a pendant for over £700 that they said worth over £2000, I was told it only worth under £200. I have sent it back. Sorry I can’t give them any stars as I was treated as a criminal and they are the first company that I have to wait for days before my returns are refunded. I am still waiting.

Labradorite bracelet
October 24, 2022
Design AUP060 Labradorite & Pearl Bracelet. I knew I would adore this bracelet, & I wasn't disappointed. Very delicate, Labradorite small stone sparkle in the light. Absolutely beautiful.

Fake items
June 20, 2022
I purchased four rings from them in 2017. When they came they looked superb and genuine. However after using for second times all of them got faded. When I contacted the customer care service they sent me free silver chain as a token of their gratitude to buy from them. But it also broke in just one use. Beware of this company. You should buy at your own risk.

Quick delivery
May 12, 2022

Arrived quickly, stunning ring never seen pink diamonds like it, so pink normally a lot paler.

Telling customers that they are losing money
August 23, 2021
Presenters are claiming that they are losing money and selling products at cost.

Absolutely awful. Don't waste your money.
November 18, 2020



They write their own reviews FYI.

Absolute rubbish products and terrible customer service. We dealt with a Laura Imms and Patricia Doyle who were incredibly unhelpful and insincere.

I work an office job and has this engagement ring for 4 months before it bent and the stone fell out which they claimed to be accidental damage they would not cover in their warranty and I was to claim from my home insurance!

Stay away and save yourselves the disappointment.

JamesRackley March 19, 2021

If you damaged the ring then that's your problem and does not come under any company's warranty.

July 15, 2020
Fraudsters. I bought a yellow diamond yellow gold small quantity designer ring in May and returned it June 15 (30 days ago). It was smaller and less impressive for the $700 than it looked online, looked like a child's ring. They have had in in their warehouse in NY since JUNE 15 and won't give me my refund. In fact they charged the 2nd payment 6 days later and another one is coming. I've emailed multiple times and they blame covid, short staff whatever. I've been buying online and jewelry for 22 years and its never taken this long for a refund. I just filed a claim with my bank and am reporting to the BBB, AG, anyone I can find!

ChrisLipscomb July 15, 2020

I am sorry to hear of your issue which is very different to the service I have encountered in the UK. I have spent nearly £4000 with Gemporia over the last three years and never had a problem. They gave a 5 star Trust pilot rating in the UK and are a firm that is largely owned by the employees. If you have a fair complaint, I would persevere as there is nothing to be gained by Gemporia in having someone such as yourself complaining all over the internet.

Stephanie August 24, 2020

I've been waiting on returns from 5/05. They just processed my 5th split pay. However, two returns from June have been processed. Go figure!

Stephanie August 24, 2020

I am still waiting for refunds from returns received 5/05. They just processed my 5th split payment. They have processed two of my returns from June. I'm starting to wonder if they aren't processing refunds in order to have cash to buy other jewelry due to the lock down at their factory. The claim that the NY return facility was on lockdown was false per their employee and research from the internet

quality gone down the pan prices now unaffordable
August 7, 2019
in the past i have bought from gemporia endlessly, usually happy with my purchases but especially happy with the prices i paid. nowadays i cant't afford to buy from them as their prices have sky rocketed, you wouldnt mind so much except the quality of the items has seriously gone downhill, I'm sending more things back than keeping down to them being badly put together. it takes ages to get your money back as apparently they only have one member of staff to deal with the hundreds of returns they must get. i am currenly waiting on refunds for two items, theyve just been lying in their warehouse for a week now, when i receive the refunds thats me finished with gemporia, theyve got too greedy

Great quality, great service
April 14, 2019

we have been buying from Gemporia for many years now and never really had any problems. The closest to a problem we had was when a gem popped out of a ring, but they fixed it and returned it with absolutely no fuss. But that was once out of dozens and dozens of purchase.

Fantastic quality, great prices and first class customer service.

Excellent service and good quality jewellery
January 12, 2019
Having personally bought 7 items of jewellery from Gemporia over the last 6 months for my wife, I can honestly say that their customer service has been superb and the jewellery itself of a good quality. The purchase risk is mitigated by the fact that you can always return any item within 30 days and get a full refund for whatever reason.Yes Gemporia's marketing is slick and their presenters are trained in using enthusive language to make sales but most jewellery retailers play games with our emotions and typically work on higher margins than Gemporia. Whilst the grade of gemstones may not always be the highest, the look of the jewellery is generally lovely and you will only have paid a fraction of the price that many pay for similar jewellery. We must not delude ourselves, jewellery is not an investment. It is a fashion statement. How much you want to pay for a fashion statement is up to you but Gemporia is unlikely to let you down too much as their products are usually good value for money.

LC July 15, 2020

Nope, they've had my return 30 days and are still charging me.

Better off bypassing these crooks and go straight to Jaipur vendors
September 25, 2018
After being treated like I was a bad person for returning a broken item and having been harrassed by the gestapo call center managers, I refuse to ever have anything to do with this unethical company in the future. I believe everything Victoria has said about their tactics. I have had a much better experience and quality product by going straight to the Jaipur vendors that are located on the web. Good riddance to these jackal gem jigalows at Gemporia!!!!!

GiuliaKhawaja March 19, 2022

Very surprised to hear you had better quality from India! You really have to know who you’re buying from in the sub continent. I ordered an item which said it was genuine sapphire. It was not.

catherinehurst September 17, 2022

I use to buy and my friend did she spend loads she took her items to jewelry shop and they are not the quality that a normal shops have its a lot less the gold

Use common sense
September 5, 2018
You usually get what you pay for, just use common sense. I've been buying for the past two years and love every piece I've kept. If I haven't loved it then it's gone back. Never had a problem with delivery or returns. Large rubies are very expensive if they have few flaws and I wouldn't be able to afford them. The majority on Gems are filled... This is always mentioned on screen (f) after the description, nothing is hidden. I've never had a problem.

July 12, 2018


Master Fabricators
June 5, 2017
As someone who worked for Gemporia in the United States before they declared their bankruptcy (which came as a shock to us), I can tell you that I have seen all the jewelry up close and personal and it is sub-standard quality. As a host I was told to hold jewelry in a certain way as to hide any defects. On several occasions, stones fell out of the jewelry while live on air and the camera had to cut to another image to avoid showing the terrible quality. When I questioned whether this was right, I was told that all jewelry has flaws, even the high-street jewelry and that I should just "spin" it to their advantage. I am still somewhat new to the jewelry selling industry so I believed them. As far as how they run their business, they are master fabricators. They ruined my life and the lives of so many others who invested their time and money into working for them. I highly recommend you spend your money elsewhere instead of giving it to a company that depletes mines and then moves on to another location leaving the citizens of that country with empty mines and no more work, which is precisely what they did to the US laborers and what they will continue to do to others, including their customers.

PatsyBennett December 12, 2017

I have purchased a lot of jewelry from Gemporia through the years. I started buying jewelry from them in 2007 and I am stile buying. Recently I purchased a beautiful 5.8 carats pink lIIakaka Sapphire ring for $!!9.00 try getting that in the US. I got it in Sterling Silver although I do have many gold pieces. I purchased a gem tester several years ago and their jewelry always passes the test. The quality of their gold and silver is excellent. You get some outstanding buys on their live auctions on the website. That is where I do all my purchases because of the great deals. Certain gemstones always have flaws unless you pay are rich and can afford very expensive large stones, emeralds and rubies are a good example. Gemporia always gives you the specifications on each stone, this is required by law. located in the box below the name of the item under details, just click on the name of the stone it has a arrow at the end of the name of the stone and It displays all the information about the stone including if it has flaw, its size, if its a diamond it has the grade, what type of treatment if anyf etc. Unless you pay a fortune for it, most stones you buy from a jeweler are heat treated. Heat treat is common to enhance the color it is a common practice among all jewelers.treated, etc. U S jewelers would love to keep Gemporia from selling in the US because they have a markup of around 300%. The person above Victoria Wish a past employee, must be a disgruntle employee or doesn't understand or know anything about advertising. You always hold your jewelry in the light to show it so it will catch the light and show its sparkle which shows off its quality. Jewelry stores have special lighting above their jewelry in display cases. You always pick the prettiest stone to show off but I will say 99 times out of a hundreds the stone you get is as pretty as the one you purchase.. This company is getting a bad rap here. I don't understand it. Best prices in the US for quality jewelry. Every piece of jewelry I have given as a gift has left the person I gave to amazed and it comes with a certificate of authenticity that gives the statistics on the metal and gemstone. Remember US jewelers have a monopoly here with ridiculously inflated prices. Now the average person can afford a beautiful piece of jewelry. Give it a try before you judge them and see for yourself. I am just a middle class person loving my jewelry. Oh, and the remark about Ebay having equal jewelry below is the stupidest remark I have ever heard. Gemporia sells real gemstones if they didn't, they would have been closed down years ago. Their home is England. The Company name is The Genuine Gemstone Company. Europe has always had access to many varieties of gemstones we never heard of. They give you a 30 day money back guarantee and its real or they would have been sued by now. I have returned a couple of pieces and got my money back. I buy real jewelry at fake jewelry prices!!! Give them a try and see for yourself. Don't believe the fakes who give them the negative reviews. You won't be sorry! They have all prices of jewelry depending on what you can afford. From under twenty to thousands of dollars. Spend some time on Gemporia to learn how everything works, they are on 24 hours a day. I have received every piece o jewelry I have purchased from them within a week. If it goes over a week call them something went wrong in the mail. Oh a tip when they have last in stock sale if you can afford the item and love it get it. Why did I take the time to write this because? I want them to stay in business in the US. And keep putting money back in the communities that they buy gemstones from. They are well established in Europe and many other countries already and have been for years.

Chunka Change September 25, 2018

I wouldn't listen to anyone with a last name of Bennett about anything involving Gemporia. My experience tends to lean towards what Vicki is saying and many others about how they have been dishonest in their business ethics. I won't ever buy from them in the future just based on how they treated me. I am a disgruntled ex patron of I have been much happier purchasing from other auctions and vendors. Good riddance to Gemporia!!!!!

Chunka Change September 25, 2018

Sounds like a sales pitch from a stock holder....buyer beware.

ChrisLipscomb January 12, 2019

The indignation of some of the writers on this site astounds me when the reality is that the whole jewellery business has survived for decades by offering jewellery at massive mark ups often sourced in dubious ways. I have personally bought many items from Gemporia and I have never had any issue. The prices have been very low and the products lovely. If you don't like it, get your money back. Many leading jewellers are decidedly less enthusive with their money back guarantees. Ultimately, we delude ourselves anyway if you think jewellery is a good investment because it's not. Gemporia simply reduces your financial exposure by selling their jewellery at the lowest possible prices. This may be a "stack em high and flog em approach" but so what if you like what you get!

LC July 15, 2020

That is why JTV is my primary.

Steve Bennet should know
December 4, 2016

I am so very angry. I have just seen Vicki Carr sell a

Mongolian Andesine ring IN A DEAL for £39.99.

I paid £29.99 for the identical item a few days ago.

How can they treat their customers in this way ?

Laurielaurie May 13, 2021

If they sold the same item for less,if you get in touch with them they will honour the difference.I believe its a credit towards another purchase rather than cash.That being said most companies dont do that.

Very Poor Quality at Expensive Prices.
November 21, 2016
This company sells substandard so called "jewellery" at inflated prices. I used to buy from them but there was a problem with nearly every piece. I found it embarrassing when friends finally told me that stones had fallen out of the pieces I had given as presents. I too have bought jewellery which for the poor quality was vastly overpriced. If you want cheap jewellery Ebay is a far better option with similar pieces in which the stones are better quality and the setting secure at a much better price.

Don'the buy from them!
November 19, 2016
They do not fulfil their orders. I have been fobbed off now for nearly three weeks since I ordered and they lost my parcel. If your a purchasing a gift for an occasion then don't, you won't get it in time or at all. Stay clear off them and shop elsewhere.

November 13, 2016

I think Gemporia is legitimate. I've had every bad experience but they've always come through for me. First, a package I received with a white gold diamond ring was tampered with and the ring was gone when it was delivered. I contacted Gemporia and they didn't charge me for it. Second, I had a stone fall out of a Zambian Amethyst Ring made of silver and a stone fall out of a diamond ring made of silver. Both of these items were replaced and sent to me free of charge. Third, I've returned an item without including my information in the return package. Gemporia was able to track the item and issue the credit.

To me, their gold rings and chains are excellent. If you want a flawless diamond ring, then you'll have to pay top dollar for it. But for me with everyday wearing, my gold diamond rings from Gemporia have held up. In fact, all of my gold pieces have and I would say 80 percent of the silver pieces too. I love the quality of their items and I've spend over $5000 buying jewelry from them. I'm not a housewife, but I'm a person who prefers buying real jewelry over the cheap fake stuff at department stores that will most likely fall apart within the year or cause me an allergic reaction.

This company is a scam
October 21, 2016

They do not stand by their sales policy, absolutely worst customer care I've ever dealt with. Products are not good quality, and they do NOT follow their sales terms at all. I will never even look their way after they did bunch of tricks on me and my account.

When tried to leave review for them, their review site and vendor are fake - my constructive criticism and low rating review never made it for the online users to see. Tried it several times - no luck.

It is disgusting that a company as such is allowed to operate in the US..