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Henan Luxury Integrated House Co., Ltd.
May 25, 2023

Henan Luxury Integrated House Co., Ltd.

Dont buy from them they will never send your good

they are SCAM company!!!!!

Alibaba Trade assurance
January 31, 2023

I agree with the other buyers. Best not to do business with Alibaba. Their Trade Assurance is a joke. They are biased and don’t look at any evidence you provided them, although they asked you to upload the evidence.

Fake Human Hair on Alibaba
January 8, 2023


Bewarned !!!!

Fake very poor-quality products are sold on Alibaba.

Not good for vendors or buyers
November 22, 2022

Setup account and received several quotes. Placed and order with two and Alibaba suspended my account 'for security reason'.

Vendor made product, Alibaba charged me but unable to get refund or follow through with order. Alibaba customer service said they cannot reinstate the account. Had to challenge charges with credit card.

Very good source, but need a special approach.
November 2, 2022

Not my first time buying from Alibaba : Equipment , abrasives, adhesives , construction machinery , woodworking machinery , excavators , construction materials , cement , roofing , paint , fence , scaffolds , mini cranes. sawmills and more. I am a small guy but have business with largest manufacturers in China. For example their minimum order is 20,000 tons and they even sold me 1 ton for about the same price.

Human factors, trust, respect can not be overestimated. Twice they sent me container of equipment before they got payment.

Suggestions : 1 do your research on whom you have business with

2. Make sure you're ordering what you need.

3. It is a different culture and way of doing business

4. Build trust

5. Show respect and make your supplier interested in doing business with you as a person. Even if you're small like me, they always can make exceptions.

6. Do not bargain prices . They usually are already low, look for quality.

DO NOT DEAL WITH ALIBABA and Henan Luxury Integrated House Co Ltd. Or Canglong Group
October 28, 2022

Alibaba is a fraud company. I purchased an item worth CAD 200,000 from Henan Luxury Integrated House Co Ltd. They don't have enough capacity to do the engineering and production. I filed the refund application, but Alibaba is 100% biased in the case and support the seller. I checked the review about Alibaba customer care and found that they always favor the seller and close the case without review of your evidence. They have the same person review the case and make a false statement about the buyer. Then the same person handles the case and even escalates the case to the same person who deals with the higher team. They only change the name of the Alibaba representative. You never get a fair decision from Alibaba. It is a giant fraud.

DO NOT DEAL WITH ALIBABA and Henan Luxury Integrated House Co Ltd. Or Canglong Group

mb January 08, 2023

I have been scammed with fake Human Hair on this website. No one listens. The seller does not care because they know the fraud they are doing.

Despite Trade Assurance - Alibaba does not refund
May 30, 2022

I had LED lights through Alibaba Trade Assurance program. The Chinese Supplier sent me lights of much lower specifications, then I had ordered.

Despite Trade Assurance, Alibaba refused to give me refund or get the material exchanged.

mb January 08, 2023

I wish I saw this review. Be careful investing your money on Alibaba. The Sellers sell lower-quality products. I wish I knew

Beware Of Ordering From Aliexpress After They Ship Wrong Parts You Will Be On Hook To Pay For Return Shipment!!!
December 11, 2021

I ordered spare parts for my vacuum cleaner S6MaxV from ROBOROCK via Ali express Vancouver BC.

They shipped wrong parts as follows:



I called, e-mailed, and communicated with ROBOROCK and ALI-EXPRESS via their CHAT

I sent pictures and measurements of original offer and pictures of received parts showing


I started the dispute on December 2, 2021. They insist, that they (Ali-express and merchant) can not establish my claim ??!! Pics show so obviously that brushes DON’T HAVE BRISTLES AND FILTERS ARE OVERSIZED!

They suggested that either I ship back incorrect parts back AT MY EXPENSE for full refund

or they refund only $12.00! Shipping back wrong parts would cost me more than $40 by Canada post.

I suggested that they pay for return shipment and fully refund, or that just to settle, I agreed to partial refund of $45 without returning wrong parts.


“Sorry, we have not identified this problem from your proof..” Hope you have a great experience shopping with AliExpress. Best regards, AliExpress Case Management Team"

My Five year old grandchild can see the difference between picture of brush with and without bristles.


alibaba or aliexpress they are just a group of scammers
November 7, 2021

Alibaba or AliExpress they are just a group of scammers they are the bosses of scammers (sellers) without scammers they weren't rich. Unfortunately western countries do nothing

DAN December 11, 2021

Very true! I ordered from roborock, parts for my vacuum cleaner from aliexpress web page..They shipped the wrong product and requested that I ship it back and pay for return shipment!! Aliexpress are just a group of scammers they are the bosses of scammers (sellers).

August 7, 2021
Alibaba trade assurance means literally nothing. I paid over $3,500 USD for product i never received. Their customer service is horrible and trade assurance serves only the seller, not the buyer. They have no intentions or real recourse of providing solutions for buyers when issues occur with vendors on their platform. It’s a full on scam. Don’t do business with them.

July 9, 2021
Some how this company charged me for something I didn't order . Looked on line and had a charge from them TRIED at least 7 times to call them and no answer or even a call back ??? Had to make a new bank account. I have never done business with this site ?????

Joke of Customer "Service".
August 2, 2020
I also will never do business with Alibaba, their customer service is horrible. They denied my claim when I was sold counterfeit transistors. They said I had to upload a video to their website, which is hosted in China. The upload would fail at 2% even trying after multiple days on multiple browsers. I uploaded to youtube and sent them a link with explanation (I also attached many detailed still pictures). They denied claim because China blocks Youtube. China may also blocking my upload? Alibaba supposedly has US offices and you can't look at youtube there? I appealed their decision and still couldn't upload the videos after trying and trying. AVOID!

Eliya Company Scam
May 15, 2020
Our boutique hotel ordered a large quantity of napkins, slippers

LynnM July 25, 2021


Best website in the world
May 14, 2016
I'm starting to import items from china with out ever being there thanks to this website

will use it again.
September 7, 2015
Fast shipping and easy to navigate, will use again!

Unreliaable, unresponsive, and uncaring.
June 26, 2014

I have ordered six different items from Alibaba. Of these, three never arrived. Only one was as advertised, a leather guitar strap that actually came from Switzerland.

One order of guitar strings was clearly fake. They were supposed to be Fender strings but were nowhere near the advertised size or quality. The supplier promised to replace them but they never arrived, either.

Instead of ordering from Alibaba, toss your money into the street. The chances of someone finding it that actually needs it is better than your chances of receiving anything satisfactory from Alibaba.