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Don't Use, Stay Away From Proxibid
February 11, 2023
If I could give proxibid a 0 rating I would. I've had multiple programs over different auction companies that use proxibid. The latest issue resulting in me making proxibid delete my account. I bid in a 7-day auction on day 3 and was outbid right away at the time. So, I went on bidding on different items trying to win one. Eventually I was the high bidder on one of the items I wanted. Then somehow 4 days later right before the auction ended the person that was the high bidder on 3 items for most of the week was able retract all their bids. I get notified of this right when the auction ended, and I'm left stuck with $1,100 of items that I wasn't even the high bidder of when I bid on them. I spent most of the next day between proxibid and the auction company PISSED OFF and trying to figure out how they allowed that to happen. No answers from proxibid and they basically said not their problem. I WOULD NEVER USE PROXIBID FOR ANYTHING.

October 10, 2022

This site is a TOTAL scam.

They supposedly tried to contact me about my win (they claim Friday Saturday and Sunday) because I had the wrong card number on file. When I got the text and email FINALLY, Monday, I immediately replied, apologized and explained our area was destroyed by Hurricane Ian and we had spent the past week trying to salvage anything we could.

I asked where an invoice could be paid (because there was never anything shown as bought in my account so I assumed I lost the time) and verified the cost and shipping cost to send all together, and got a rude text back about how they won't let me pay for my item and blocked me on the site. I literally got NO email OR text about the payment supposedly needed until late Sunday night-early Monday morning. I have NEVER in my life seen such unprofessionalism

Also, every reply they give on BBB and other sites is a total lie. And a sad attempt at saving face. All over the internet there are reviews and posts about this site being a scam. All those people can't be wrong.....there isn't ONE POSITIVE REVIEW about this place ANYWHERE. BEWARE

There are sooo many other auction sites nowadays, do yourself a favor and stay FAR FAR FAR AWAY from this scam of a site!

Buyers beware
July 14, 2021

My recent experience on proxibid, has been one of. my way or the highway and I tell you one thing one day then another when you need the help. (If you need to remove or lower a bid, please contact us directly. Bid adjustments are not only time sensitive but, in many cases, we may need to contact the Seller to confirm our ability to remove or lower the bid.) writing by proxibid.

Some of the employee are very helpful and try to help. Some not so much. In proxibid you are guilty if any happens your always the looser do not think for one minute they are on your side. You are guilty to proven innocent and even them you have to proof yourself when you did nothing wrong. They do not care about the hard earned work you put on making your list a placing bid on items you are interested in this. They do not care about you what so ever.

So my advice take every precaution. To protect yourself. Because any claim against you true or not will be held against you.

January 26, 2021

Buyers beware! I bid on an item in one of their auctions. I won the bid (power washer worth at least $500) for only $10! There was NO RESERVE on the item. I had also won another item.

I was informed upon pick up that the seller was not going to sell me the power washer because they wanted more money for it. BUT THERE WAS NO RESERVE!

So I said I would not be picking up the other item I won, as the power washer was what I really wanted.

So they black listed me from Proxibid.

Proxibid stated their understanding but said they would only stand by the buyer regardless. There are better auction companies out there! Look at the reviews for Proxibid... there are many many many comments like mine.

GiuseppeVazquez July 14, 2021

Prohibid only protect sellers. I went thru a similar citation after never having any problems. They were never on your side. Brought a 3D printer for 50. Was worth around 300. And they did not want to give it to me at pick up. Also another item a snowsuit. I had to pay the guy and he went back and brought it for me.

October 3, 2020

No stars. Bought merchandise seller never contacted me on after a few days instead told proxi I didn't pay. Gave me two days to respond or get black-flagged. Did immediately and still got black flagged even after the auction house I bought from said they were moving to different building and they were in chaos.

But year watch yourself with grading at first coins I bought were half the grade stated. Proxi does not watch their sellers only the buyers. Screw this place. Then I went to delete all my info and could not.

Coin purchasing on proxibid
May 15, 2019

Perhaps the worst place to buy coIns on the internet. A total scam and ripoff. At the same time that the seller boldly and in bright colors shows the "grade" and "value" (which are total BS), they then in the small print say they are not responsive for any grades, and do not allow returns. It is a total scam that proxibid allows their sellers to boldly advertise grades and at the same time deny responsibility.


GiuseppeVazquez July 14, 2021

Gate 5 auctions. They will take your stuff you wont resolve anything.

Buyer beware
June 13, 2017
Buyer beware. if you have a legit dispute and the seller sends you a defective product, proxibid reps won't allow you to start a dispute. This website is a scam.

GiuseppeVazquez July 14, 2021

This is true.

Be Carefull
January 18, 2017

Always check out "TERMS and CONDITIONS" and if you see this RUN AWAY!!!PLEASE READ: At the request of the auction company, this auction permits bids to be placed by the auctioneer, an employee of the auctioneer, or the seller or an agent on the seller's behalf. While Proxibid's Unified User Agreement prohibits this behavior, in accordance with UCC 2-328, this auction is permitted to engage in this activity by providing this clear disclosure to you, the bidder.

PLEASE READ: This auction company has requested and been granted access to see all bids placed including any maximum pre-bids. This auction is permitted to engage in this activity by providing this clear disclosure to you, the bidder.

DIXIONS Auctions is the worst. I never bid on their auctions Cheeters.

Tony May 20, 2017

I purchased several items for $700-$800. During the auction via live chat I questioned the specific auctioneer (Omega Auctions) regarding the authenticity. They replied that if they were not as represented they were returnable but shipping was on me. I was good with that. The items arrived and all were fake. For example, while they appeared to have petina, according to a local jeweler the watches all supposedly from late 1800's were cheap reproductions. Then the three supposedly authentic Nazi knives all had "China" stamped on the blades. I called ahead to Omega, was told to return them, did so as advised, then via email and recorded voicemails (proof retained) confirmed that Omega returned the items to the original owner and got the money returned to them. Omega, advised me the money would be in my account within days. I have this via e-mail and voicemsil. . It's thee weeks later and I have yet to see a penny returned to me. The auctioneer (Omega) won't answer their phones. I reached out to Proxibid for help and was told...sorry, you're on your own! They have greater influence and leverage over these organizations but won't even try. Like other similar sites and administrators involved in such transactions by which they are paid, I feel Proxibid need to vet these orginzations better. Like eBay, PayPal, Amazon etc. they need to have recourse built into their agreements with these organizations when such circumstances exist. According to Proxibid, they do not. At this point, I haven't the merchandise nor the refund...I'm on my own!!!

Dana January 18, 2019

Should you have issues with a seller on Proxibid, it is advised to work directly with Proxibid customer support to file a dispute. Once the dispute has been worked with a seller directly it is difficult for our team to provide assistance.

October 17, 2015
I love this company and make a lot of money with this company. The best companies are Auction USA and Auctionwholesales at There are many more and proxibid is weeding out the losers. The one thing people need to understand is this is not ebay or amazon. You have to put on your big boy britches on or big girl britches. No whiny baby's aloud. Proxibid in not for the faint of heart. With that said if you are in retail you will come out smelling like a rose over all. . I hope this helps

GiuseppeVazquez July 14, 2021

I believe you could make money also lose money. It would be nice if it was equal. They always take the auctioneer side.