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DailySale.com is a daily deals website that offers deals on new and refurbished items in a wide variety of categories.  

How Does DailySale.com Work?

A daily deals website is a specific kind of discount or coupon website that partners with local and national retailers in order to provide customers with special discounts or promotional deals.

On DailySale.com, new deals are launched each night at midnight Eastern Standard Time and remain on sale for 24 hours.  

These deals are often limited in the number of products available and products may sell out before the end of the 24 hour period.

If products are in high enough demand that the website decides to re-issue them for sale, they may raise the price of these items.

Customers who are interested in the deals they have to offer can go to their website, look through all the featured deals available on their main page, or you can look through the deals by specific categories, including Men, Women, Kids, Electronics, Lifestyle, and Jewelry.

Cost & Price Plans

The cost of the products sold through DailySale.com will vary based on a large number of factors, including the type of goods or service, the percentage of the discount available, and more.

They also offer free shipping on orders over $49.

Refund Policy

DailySale.com states they offer a a 30 day return and replacement policy, but it is not a no questions asked money back guarantee. 

Returns have to be authorized by the company and items must be sent back to them in the same condition they were received and in the original packaging.

There does not appear to be a refund policy for customers who simply want to return a product they are unhappy with.

If you do receive a defective product that you wish to return, you can contact them at [email protected] to receive an RMA number.

In this email, you should include your order number, the product you wish to return, the reason for return, whether the product has been opened, and whether you prefer a refund or exchange.

Return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.  It’s important to note that items sent back without an RMA number will not be accepted.

Customer Service

Customers can contact customer service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected] or by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link on the bottom of their webpage.

Daily Sale Reviews & Complaints

This website appears to have mixed reviews. 

Some customers report positive experiences and satisfaction at being able to purchase products at prices well below retail value.

However, most of the negative customer reviews reported the same experience which led to their dissatisfaction, which was their inability to get a refund.

These customers often report receiving a broken or defective product and then repeatedly trying to reach customer service in order to initiate their return, but never receiving a response or being given return instructions.

In some of the most egregious instances customers claim to have received items that were badly damaged, inoperable, or cosmetically much worse than the advertised images.  

Many of the complaints focus on some high ticket items such as Apple Watches which are sold as refurbished items and advertised on Daily Sale at highly discounted prices.  

According to some buyers the watches sometimes arrived badly damaged, with scratched screens and electrical issues such as not being able to hold a charge properly.

These customers go on to recount their futile effort in obtaining refunds.

Many customers claim that DailySale customer service reps were unresponsive and purposely prolonged the interactions to later claim that the customers missed their refund windows.

Daily Sale Inc is not accredited by the BBB, and currently has a C rating with 483 complaints on that platform.

They list their address as:

2524 N Andrews Avenue Ext
Pompano Beach, FL 33064-2112

On a positive note they do state that the company has been in business for 10 years.

Competitors and Alternatives

There are many daily deals websites as it has become an interesting and fun way for customers to buy products at a discount.

Some popular websites Groupon.com, 1SaleADay.com, and many others.

Is Daily Sale Legit?

While DailySale.com is indeed a real company with at least some amount of satisfied customers, we believe that caution should be exercised when using this site.

There is a chance that the item you’re after may not arrive in the condition you’re expecting, and that customer service may not resolve your issue to your satisfaction.

As good as the deals may seem, it might be best to stick to a trusted retailer with an established customer satisfaction record.

There are many different strategies for saving money and finding deals online.  One of the most effective may be using a coupon search aggregator such as the Honey App or Capital One Shopping.

These services scan the web for the best possible prices on items, automatically test any available coupon and promo codes, and give you an item’s historical price data.

You can also check retailers' websites for email signup discounts or take advantage of credit card offers which can lead to bigger savings especially on high ticket items.

If you have any experience with Daily Sale or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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DailySale.com Customer Reviews

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Easy order and fast delivery
May 9, 2023
Very easy to find what I need and quick delivery

Nice necklace
April 22, 2023
This is going to be a great graduation gift. Thanks!

Buyer beware
March 14, 2023

To this company refurbished means out of date. Purchased chromebook when starting it found out it was to old to get updates.

then when returning found extended service and shipping was non refundable. so in the end $70 dollar order I hope to get about $30 back.

Not worth the hassle. should have read the reviews first my bad.


This company is crooked. I ordered earrings, the product I received was inferior. First they ignored my emails till the 30 days was up, and refused a refund. I got my charge card involved, so tthy said to send them back and I'd get a refund, So I did, but still no refund, they now want a letter from the card company. So, they have the money and the earrings. I'm still working with card company to get my refund. Wish I'd read reviews 1st too.

Works quick and slick!
February 27, 2023
I’ve made numerous purchases and have had an excellent experience each time. Wish all internet transactions went as well as they do through daily sale.

Computer not completely prepared for resale
February 25, 2023
The machine arrived in good time and was in excellent shape. The only problem was that it had been owned by the Plano TX school system and was managed by them. As it stands, they can see what I do with the computer. I called them and was told to use the Powerwash app, but it appears that it has been removed from the computer. I have tried several methods to start Powerwash, but have not been able to use it.

You get what you pay for—- but you still get it
February 13, 2023

Watch arrived in better condition than expected (although some medium scratches were present on the corners and the watch was supposed to arrive “refurbished”— a little disappointed with this)

The charger this came with doesn’t work with every outlet, but it will do alright.

The essentials (functioning watch and band) were there but I’m less than satisfied with the details.

Overall though, I’m pleased. I think I was worried about this site being legit and the fact that I received a functioning watch at all was a pleasant surprise.

Ok watch, but a steal at this price. You get what you pay for.

Very affordable products. Great apps..
February 6, 2023
Cool quick service..

December 26, 2022

BE AWARE! I bought an iPad from this company and it did not work. It would shut down within minutes of turning on, even with full battery power. I contacted the company and they said that they would not take it back and that I would have to go get it fixed on my own.

So I took it to a repair shop and they tried to switch out the battery, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was the motherboard. He said that he could fix it, but it would be close to $300. So, with the cost of buying the unit, it would actually cost me more than if I went straight to Apple and bought it from them.

So I lost all that money. During that time, I also bought a set of air buds. I did not buy the most expensive set, nor did I pick the cheapest, knowing that the cheapest might be poor quality. So I bought some in the $70 range. As it turned out, they were made and sold in China, so it took nearly a month to get to me.

And when I got them, they were abolute crap. The battery lasts 1 hour at best, and they constantly loose their signal. One ear goes out all the time, repeatedly. They are absolute garbage.

And again, the company will not do anything about it. So if you like throwing your money away, go ahead and shop at DailySale

Unlikely to receive a refund.
December 21, 2022
Daily Sale ought to be put out of business. The copper bracelet does not open. If I spend money on returning it, there is no guarantee that I will get a refund, so I am losing $27.07. Perhaps the Better Business Bureau can help me get a refund. For sure, let Good Morning America know about this shady outfit.

Apple Watch that doesn’t power on
December 20, 2022
I purchased a refurbished Apple Watch from daily sale which took a really long time to ship which was already a bad sign to me only to finally receive it and have the watch not charge or power on at all. Just to make it worse it came with a watch band that doesn’t go to the watch. Upon immediately requesting a refund the same day I was informed that I would have to pay a $32 handling fee! This is absolutely unacceptable as the watch arrived to me without ever having functioned at all. It is impossible to speak to someone and nobody has responded at all to any of the numerous emails that I have sent. I would never shop with this company again and recommend that nobody else does either.

December 6, 2022
I ordered and 3 wood and got a confirmation email immediatly. Then nothing. My emails bounce back and I have no way to contact them. I will be working with credit card to get my money back. No product and no communication at all.

Condition was not what they described
November 24, 2022
I bought 2 items with protection plan from this website. When I received the items, they were not in good condition as mentioned and I try to return them on the same day but only can return the items purchased but not protection plan. Also they detect good amount for handling which is not fair. I will never buy anything from this website anymore.

November 23, 2022
I purchased a box of individually packed peanut caramel clusters. I opened them one week later only to find that they were melted and stuck together and the color of of the chocolate had turned color. After contacting customer service they asked me to send a picture which I did, their response was they are still edible. I had to send 3 e-mails about this and they wanted me to return this at my expense. Stay away.

Don't Buy from These Guys
October 11, 2022
I can't figure out how to leave a review but I bought 4 led solar lights that attach to the rain gutter. They barely light up for about an hour. One doesn't come on at all. I looked at returning these but their restocking fee is way high, and I would only get $18 back of the $38 I spent.

Sale promise and Customer Service
October 10, 2022

- 0 no rating. Receiving your product as promised is a joke. Once you have placed your order and your bank account has been debited it is a nightmare to get your product. Trying to get shipping info from their web site is a joke. Contacting Customer Service thru their website is not helpful.

Ordering Process/shipping process/product
July 20, 2022
Not satisfied about anything with this company!

Do not buy electronics from this company!
May 23, 2022
We received a non-functioning hair dryer from dailysales.com. The first hairdryer was purchased on 3/16/22 with order number 1954249. This hair dryer was returned because it did not power up. We received a replacement hair dryer on 4/8/22 with order number E-1954249-1 and this hair dryer has also stopped working as of yesterday 5/22/22. The hair dryer does not have serial numbers on it and may be counterfeit.

not happy with purache
May 21, 2022

my name is ruth cooper bought pair of i assumed gold filed earings hoop with knot near ear i know enough that if gold filed would show on some but there is no mark @ all so i assume fashion jewelry no gold amount @ all

DailySale.com is a total scam
May 5, 2022
This site is a total scam. Do not get caught. It says PayPal verified, but that means nothing, other than PayPal becomes liable to refund you and keep these thieves in business. They sent me a tracking number for some other shipment that was dated a week before my order. They have no support and no email response.

JeffreyDimov May 21, 2022

I was considering, but it looked to good to be true.

TOO Good to be true and it was
May 1, 2022
Ordered two items through this company and both sellers e-mail addresses came back with a "failure notice". Then when I checked the tracking information that to was bogus. Ordered thru Paypal so waiting now on both refunds; Buyers Beware