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The Dividend Machine is a guide for individuals interested in dividend stock investing.  It was developed to explain the concept of dividend stocks and how they generate high returns.

Bill Spetrino, the author of The Dividend Machine, has a background in accounting, teaching, and investment consulting. He describes his success as having generated a portfolio of dividend stocks to earn money every year; thus using a long term approach to investing instead of a, quick gain, short term investment

He believes the way to build savings for the future must also be accompanied with the ability to achieve a steady stream of income simultaneously. Unlike typical securities, you can sell dividend shares at your own discretion. There is also information describing how investing in municipal bonds is a way to earn income that is tax free.

The Dividend Machine explains why dividends are less risky than stock appreciation investments. The later of the two is open to greater losses with the potential for no future comeback especially in the instance when the investor is forced to sell the stock.

By subscribing to Bill Spetrino’s investment guides, you will receive $350.00 worth of materials for only $99.00 per year. This subscription includes 12 months of financial newsletters, a copy of his “World’s Greatest Dividend Stock” report, and full access to a library of archived data and reports.

You can sign up on their site for a risk-free four month trial subscription to The Dividend Machine; however there is a $1.00 commitment fee which can be paid by credit card. Additionally, you may obtain a full refund for monies paid if you cancel within 60 days.

Complaints have been surfacing online regarding some misleading verbiage in regard to the risk-free trial. Subscribers have experienced the same situation when trying to cancel; each of them found charges applied to their credit card after cancelling their subscription. In fact, some of these individuals had incurred multiple charges with no explanation as to what the charges were for.

The questionable business practice that comes to play is the initial $1.00 fee necessary to subscribe. Speculation of acquiring credit card numbers to make unauthorized and unwarranted charges is portrayed in online reviews.

All in all, paying for newsletters is rare, especially when the cost is high; $99.00 per year seems a bit steep.

The free trial isn’t free if payment for $1.00 is required to subscribe; requiring credit card payment for $1.00 seems a bit odd and is not common practice, especially because merchants charge fees for credit card processing.

If you have any experience with The Dividend Machine or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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The Dividend Machine Customer Reviews

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best newsletter
March 8, 2021
joining dividend machine was the best thing i every. i have been with him for about 3 1/2 years and in February 2021 made it to the big M. with a combination of some of my picks but mostly Bill Spetrino picks. He is the best money maker i know.

Steve March 31, 2023

Spetrino's newsletters are superb. He tells you why he picks what he does and there is an archive of all his past newsletters which includes all of his past recommendations so you can verify what he says. I've been with him since 2012.

Best Financial Service Out There!
February 3, 2021

I started with The Dividend Machine over four years ago and have doubled my money thanks to Bill Spetrino. 2020 was a chaotic year for many, but it was my most successful year ever because I went hard when he told us to on one key, very well-known company that got hit particularly hard early on during COVID.

Stick to the selections, the buy prices and his coaching via monthly newsletter, weekly update and podcast, and you’ll do just fine. It isn’t easy mentally to place 5-6 figure trades otherwise; and the success you’ll realize is light years ahead of your target-date retirement mutual fund, which is probably so diluted with overvalued and underperforming stocks; and the good ones are what, only 2-3% of your portfolio? No thanks!

The keys to success are to have patience and concentrating on conservative, dividend-paying stocks and allowing those dividends to automatically compound (hence, “Dividend Machine”).

Good Luck!

Trump Nut Job
November 8, 2020

The Dividend Machine's Bill Spetrino does weekly podcast that are nothing but pro Donald Trump and tobacco stock propaganda. Spetrino is a typical blind Trump apologist who relishes the lies, the self promotion and the rhetoric that Trump's tweets. His stock picks are basically suitable for a grandmother on a fixed pension to draw little dividend checks.

His favorite stocks currently like Altria, British Tobacco, and Philip Morris are all from a bygone era. He says value stocks have been out of favor because he picks dogs that are just dying and moving sideways at best. If you want to hear a bunch of conservative propaganda from a person totally out of touch with reality..........Bill will be perfect for you.

PaulMeyer August 07, 2021

He makes me a ton of cash...why would I care about his politics...

November 22, 2019
How many things can you find in this life besides death and taxes that are guaranteed? Those who have found the bible have found something that is guaranteed. And those who have found The Dividend Machine have found something that is guaranteed. Look at the results. Not a single loss in the conservative portfolio since inception, and many over 100%. Losses in the insignificant't aggressive portfolio have been insignificant't. Half of the guarantee is in using the time-tested superiority of dividends and compounding to generate returns. The other half of the guarantee is in the singular talent and dedication of Bill to be the best at his trade and to share his brilliance with his clientele. I have been trying to multiply money for 40 years and Bill is the best I have encountered.

An Intellegant, no nonsense, Stock investment expert BUDDY!
February 2, 2019
I started investing in stocks in 2013 under Bill Spetrino’s Dividend Machine counsel. I now own nearly 20 stocks with several having earned over 120%, many over 60% and only a few setting at a temporary loss of under 10%. The last time I calculated my overall stock earnings was 3/19/18 and my overall return was 78.1%. I couldn't give Bill Spetrino's Dividend Machine a higher recommendation. Even though my total Stock value recently took a major 43% loss in value, it is now rapidly rising back and even at it's worst point I was well ahead of what I would have had without the Dividend Machine.

Mr. Smien
September 27, 2018
Would’ve never bought into this. My uncle, however, tried it and shared some of Bills picks with me. The newsletter is a diamond in the rough.. tremendous stock picks and investment philosophy from the head editor Bill Spetrino. Try it and just cancel if you don’t like it. Once you’re subscribed you can see the news letters track record. Out of 60+ recommendations only 4-7 losers and most of the losers came from the over supply in oil (oil stocks).

Great Advice
August 25, 2016
The review above hits the nail on the head. I have been a subscriber for less than a year and my portfolio profit has already increased very well with no negatives. Bill is easy to understand and I love his podcasts and newsletters. My son is new at this and has followed Bill for many months and has also profited from his advice. I have subscribed to a few other newsletter in the past and this one far surpasses all of the others.

What do you want?
February 19, 2014

What do you want for your investing advice? Do you want someone who will charge you a fee on not only your gains but also your deposits? Then avoid The Dividend Machine. Do you want advice from someone who may or may not be doing for themselves what they are recommending for you? Then avoid The Dividend Machine. Do you want a professionally managed portfolio that will perform pretty much the same as an indexed mutual fund or ETF? Then avoid The Dividend Machine.

If instead you want to pay one small annual fee for no BS advice, straightforward recommendations, steady positions, clarity, and peace of mind from a guy with a remarkable track record investing in exactly what he is recommending, the subscribe to The Dividend Machine. You will consistently outperform just about everybody else and understand exactly why.

Lukas Leys December 01, 2014

This sounds like paid advertisement, so please ignore.

Ted Wagner December 01, 2014

I was not paid to write the above review. I looked around extensively at multiple investment newsletters and then I paid my own real money to subscribe to The Dividend Machine. I never met the author and I have no relationship with Newsmax. I took the advice offered, although I admit I didn't stick to the percentages recommended for each stock. For example, I put a lot more into Apple than was recommended. I stick by everything I said in this review and if you are determined to be suspicious in your ignorance about it's truthfulness or integrity, then so be it. Just understand that it is not your job to rob other people of the opportunity of benefitting from this newsletter. They are allowed to think for themselves.

Ted Wagner December 01, 2014

Oh, and by the way, rather than simply dismiss the review and The Dividend Machine, perhaps you could suggest an investing newsletter that you have found remarkably beneficial? I'd love to hear about it.

Paul McMullen March 01, 2015

should be titled paid endorsement.

Ted Wagner March 02, 2015

Please read my response to the last guy who accused me of this.

Maybe it is my fault for wording my review the way I did. Maybe it comes off sounding like a polished endorsement from a shill. My bad. That said, I get it. Nowadays, the internet being what it is, you cannot trust anything. I am the same way(unless it is something I really want to buy, like for example a Yuneec quadcopter set up for FPV, then I believe every positive testimonial I read and discard all the negatives as coming from miserable people unhappy with their failed lives ;=)).

Anyway, I have decided to deconstruct what I wrote so that anyone else who reads it might come to a different conclusion:

The first paragraph is sort of a summary of the frustrations I had experienced when I was having my money professionally managed. I used a firm out of Indianapolis who charged me a percent of my assets as their management fee. The fact that they were charging me a percent on what I was depositing each month and that this % of a large number killed the actual performance of the investments they had me in was not lost on me and and I got progressively pissed off. The other thing is that I never knew where they were investing their own money because they would not provide a straightforward answer to the question. My wife is good friends with a financial adviser who readily admitted that she was mostly/completely in cash when at the same time she was recommending all kinds of mutual funds to her clients. This also disturbed me because I felt like the guys making the recommendations for me were not taking their own advice. I was also asking myself why I was paying management fees for a portfolio that did no better than an indexed fund. Shouldn't I be outperforming the market if I am paying the smart guys to pick the right investments? FYI, I stayed in this situation for 10 years, so I was not making a rash decision after 1 bad year.

Enter The Dividend Machine. I do not even remember how I came across it. I paid $109 for a 1 year subscription in June of 2013. I took the advice recommended and just waited. Did I know it was going to be a good deal? Nope. The truth is, I also joined Bill Spetrino's investment forum called BIO ($400) and after watching all the back and forth there for a month, I finally felt confident enough in what he was thinking and why he was thinking it, to make the jump. The other thing that bears saying is that these stocks are where Bill invests also and makes his money. I really appreciate that kind of transparency and the fact that he has skin in the same game he is recommending for me.

In thinking about it more, in a sense I have been "paid." In the 18 months I have been taking the advice offered in The Dividend Machine, I have made 23% return on my investment. This includes one stock that has been pretty slow to move called Nuance (NUAN) and one that has done terribly (Transocean - RIG)because of the drop in oil. I expect RIG to rebound when oil does, and I haven't sold it, so it is a paper loss of about 40%. even including that stinker (which I only weighted at 5-8% of my portfolios), I am still up 23%.

Finally, if you don't believe me, read Mark Hulbert's opinion on the the Dividend Machine newsetter. The Hulbert Financial Digest has been tracking the recommendations made by newsletters and their results for over 2 decades. No, I am not going to tell you what he said. You can look it up or pay for the information yourself. Suffice it to say that he is very positive on TDM and please don't go calling him a shill also or you are just going to look bad.

I hope this helps. Good investing.

Marc Laverdiere May 01, 2015

GREAT STUFF TED I CONCUR...I've made more money through Bill's recommendations on my own than ANY PROFESSIONAL has ever made me with TDM!!!

Paul Oncale July 06, 2016

You must not have followed his advice the last 14 months. Both the Dividend Machine & Inner Circle have been disastors. Almost all of Spetrino's recomm,endation have been losers--big losers. It looks like he merely has fallen in love with several stocks & disregards what the earnings have really done.

Ryan February 27, 2017

I joined Bills' newlestter in December 2015 after reading his book. I made the initial investment into my portfolio of $2000 to see what would happen. Unfortunately, the beginning of 2016 sucked, and ALL my picks with Bill dropped 20 - 30%. This was quite disheartening, but I listened to all his podcasts and understood his philosophy that selling when a stock goes down guarantees a loss. Bill's stock picks are based on A LOT of information, and he doesn't pick fly-by-night companies, but solid and long lasting companies. Here I sit, 1 year late, and 6 of the 8 stocks are up literally 20 - 40%. The other 2 are just a bit below my buy price, but I am holding on as Bill's research on these companies is second to none. NO, I am not a paid rep from Bill's company just giving a fluffy type of review.