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ProstaGenix Review: Does it Work?

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ProstaGenix is a product whose creators state its aim is to provide men with the most potent prostate supplement possible.

The company that makes ProstaGenix, Verified Nutrition LLC, makes a variety of health supplements, vitamins, and dietary products.

It is a prostate supplement that promotes a healthy prostate, increases urinary flow, and reduces the frequent urge to go to the bathroom multiple times a day.

It reduces the frequent urge of night time urination and reducing the inflammatory molecules in the prostate that cause problems with blocking your urinary tract.

How Does it Work?

The main product is one of the most potent of all prostate supplements on the market, as ProstaGenix is the only prostate supplement to include BetaRexin.

BetaRexin has been proven in multiple clinical trials to be a successful formula to help promote the flow of urine, and reduce inflammatory molecules in the prostate.

The formula is designed with the highest dosage of beta-sitosterol, and a polyphenol blend that has been shown to help with prostate help.

The other ingredients are composed of a mixture of 11 vitamins and minerals that have shown signs of improving prostate health.

The product has been known to show signs of improvement within two weeks, but most people will see the improvements within 30-45 days of ProstaGenix use.

ProstaGenix is not a prescribed drug, and is a dietary supplement, with all the ingredients in the compound meeting all required FDA regulations, and no contrary effects when mixed with other medications.

The mixed sterols found in ProstaGenix have also shown to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in the body, when combined with diet and exercise.

There is no known side effect to ProstaGenix, and it is 100% safe and only contains natural ingredients. All ProstaGenix is laboratory tested by independent researchers.

Customer Reviews and Complaints

Online reviews from aggregate sites have been mixed. One review claims that men who have tried other brands for prostate health have had much more success with ProstaGenix than the other tried brands.

They claimed that they were impressed by how fast they felt the product to work, with an average of around one month or so.

They were also impressed with having no side effects seen from taking the product.

Another aggregate site individually reviews all the ingredients that make up the compounds in ProstaGenix, to put it to the test of if it claims it can perform like it should.

Their complaint was that there was only one of the top ingredients for prostate health (beta-sitosterol) found in ProstaGenix, and that by excluding pygeum, rye pollen extract, and saw palmetto, they were missing on optimizing the product.

This, however, was not a claim made by doctors, just reviewers, and we don’t know how that would influence ProstaGenix proprietary blend.

Another complaint was its high cost and difficulty to find in local stores.  The bulk of ProstaGenix come from online directly, or through online retailers.

Overall the user reviews for ProstaGenix are highly favorable, with many men saying it has absolutely changed their life, and they would highly recommend it to anyone with aging prostate difficulties.

Cost & Price plans

ProstaGenix is sold in either a one month, three month, or five-month supply.

The three-month supply, as well as the five-month supply are heavily discounted with instant savings, to ensure that you take advantage of getting the best results with the product.

You can also opt-in for rushed shipping, to make sure that you get your product much faster, at a premium cost.

Where to buy ProstaGenix?

ProstaGenix is sold online through their own website at

Return policy

There is a 90-day guarantee return on all ProstaGenix supplements, to back their product with a heavy guarantee is a great measure to show that the owners believe in their product.

The 90-day return policy is hassle free, 100% free of any charge.  The contact information is located prominently on the front page of their website, with a visible number to call.

Competitors and Alternatives

Super Beta Prostate

Super beta prostate is a dietary supplement that is made with compounds such as beta-sitosterol and vitamin D, to help promote a healthy prostate and a less frequent urge to urinate.

The pill contains around 250mg of beta-sitosterol, and 600mg of mixed sterols, and helps promote a good night’s sleep by not waking you up to go pee.

It’s formula is much less potent than ProstaGenix, and contains about half the beta-sitosterol count, and half the overall sterol count.

It also does not include betarexin, which is found in ProstaGenix, but does have a high amount of user reviews, and a high amount of prostate promoting minerals in it.


Flomax is a proven supplement that helps promote urinary symptoms that are associated with BPH (enlargement of the prostate).

Flomax is a prescription drug, that must be prescribed by your doctor, and can reduce symptoms of BPH in just one week.

It works by relaxing bladder neck muscles and muscle fibers in the prostate, to help make it easier to urinate. It is in a class of medication known as alpha blockers.

It's a great medication if you are having immense trouble urinating, though as a prescription drug, there are many more side effects that need to be taken into precaution vs ProstaGenix being a dietary aide.

Prostate Regain

Prostate regain is made of a powerful blend of 13 nutrients that are proven to work in aiding in prostate support. It helps improve urinary control and improves bladder emptying.

Its main ingredient is rye grass pollen extract, which is a known supplement that is used in promoting the improvement of prostate function. The reviews are solid for prostate regain, and has much of the same minerals used in most prostate health supplements.

The Bottom Line

There are many great supplements on the market that are used to help promote prostate function.

The reviews show that ProstaGenix is one of the top competitors in the space on non-prescription based prostate inflammation researchers.

When choosing the supplement that is best for yourself, look at all the careful reviews, and ingredients, so you can decide for yourself which one is best suited for you.

If you have any experience with ProstaGenix, please leave your reviews below.

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ProstaGenix Customer Reviews

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May 14, 2024
This product is a hoax and it has no positive effect at all as the advertisements claim it to be. When I tried to return the unusual part, I was told that the return period expired; so I'm stuck with a dozen bottles.

Doesn't Work, Guarantee Is Worthless
May 7, 2024
Purchased the 5 bottle supply. After going through 3 bottles, rather than the miraculous recovery, my problem became worse. I called to access the guarantee and discovered that the guarantee is a lie. They attempted to get me to change from the recommended 3 pills to 1 in the morning then 2 at night. It soon became quite obvious that this guarantee is just a branch of the scam. I began taking a supplement I've used in the past and got some improvement. I understand that supplement get different results from different users, but not honoring a clearly stated guarantee is indicative of a scam. They've got a lot of positive reviews, but based on their dishonest in terms of the guarantee, I suspect the positive reviews are creative fiction as well.

Really Good If You Take It Consistently
January 18, 2024
I have been taking this stuff for 2 years now.......When I run out, I run to the bathroom 2-4 times a night. When I take it (you have to take if for a few days after you miss a few days) it goes right back to 1-2 times a night......sometimes I even sleep thru the whole night without getting up.......I am for this product!

Take just prior to eating food.
September 24, 2023

I have been using it for about 3 years and can not rate it highly enough. It does only need to be taken once a day and works best before eating a food which will help it absorb into the body.

I actually ran out for about a week and that was the worst week i have had for years as for going to the loo at night.

This made me realize how effective the product really is. My Doctor has been amazed at my result in the 3 years using the product.

For me....a waste of money. I gave it a very good try.
September 9, 2023

I took Prostagenix for three months and it did absolutely nothing for me.

It has loads of rave reviews on the internet.

Maybe I was ones of the ones it did not work for.......but it was useless for me. Zero positive affect. Waste of money.

TomDongo September 09, 2023

And my condition got much worse. In the three months I was taking Prostagenix three times a day I doubled my trips to the bathroom. Tom D.

i have been using PROSTA GENIX for about 2 years and it has really helped me.But this experience with NINELIFE has got me shocked . Please help.
July 23, 2023

I ordered the PROSTA Genix online thru NINELIFE

but the Delivery did not arrive. I believe it is a fake site . Can you assist . We paid for a 3-pack. see below.

Donvio D

From: Donvio D [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Thursday, 6 July 2023 1:06 am

To: Vijay Madhavan

Subject: Re:[## 862715 ##] New customer message on 18 June 2023 at 1:46 pm

Dear Vijay Madhavan,

Thank you for contacting us.

Currently, the order is in transit to your destination.

Please note that the tracking status of the order will be updated by the courier company as the order moves towards its destination.

I request you to please allow some more time for the status to be updated and the order to be delivered to you.

The order should be delivered to you within next 7 days.

If there is anything else I can help you with, please reply to this email and I'll be happy to help.





Order: NZ-NL#14230 (NineLife - New Zealand)


ProstaGenix Multiphase Prostate Supplement -3 Bottles- Featured on Larry King Investigative TV Show - Over 1 Million Sold - End Nighttime Bathroom Trips, Urgency, Frequent Urination.


Don't Waste Your Money.
September 26, 2022
Took the product for 30 days. During that time my symptoms of enlarged prostate not only didn't subside, they got worse. Unfortunately or coincidently on purpose the window to return this product closed at 29 days. Don't waste your money on this worthless product.

GrahamFenwick November 22, 2022

I asked my Bank to investigate ProstaGenix to see if it was a fraud

GrahamFenwick November 22, 2022

and it was !! Keep away folks !!

Removal of key ingredient Sitosterol
August 18, 2022
After 4 years of ProstaGenix use I started to notice a decline in its performance. Just wasn't working as well. On a hunch, I checked the ingredients list and found that the 1000 mg's of key ingredient, Sitosterol, that used to be present in Prostagenix is now absent. There is now 0 mg's!! Since Larry King's passing, evidently his successors are slashing costs and raising prices too. Very shameful. I have switched to a competitor that has the 100 mg's of Sitosterol I am looking for.

Bowel problems and price
April 22, 2021

Having tried other supplements with limited success I was hopeful of Prostagenix but it's been no better nor worse for bladder issues but does seem to have caused minor bowel problems.

Also, it is quite pricey so when this bottle is done, I'll go back to what I was using before

Nothing happened
September 25, 2020
I believe I got a bit carried away with Larry King's remarks. I ordered 3 months supplies but realized at the end of the second month that it had no effect at all. I was still going to the toilet 8 - 10 times a day and 2 or 3 times at night and suffering from leakage. I arranged to send back the third container which was unopened and was told that I would be refunded. The only thing about that is that I had already paid £20 for delivery and had to pay £10 to return the container. So there you are I am £30 down for nothing!

August 12, 2020
Great deception and lie! After 45 days of using this product I did not see any help! Lie they 90 days money back guarantee! They returned to me just $80 I pay $110

April 25, 2020
Used this product for a month, one bottle, noticed no difference in what is it supposed to do. I see Larry King is part of the marketing of this produce, LOOKS LIKE A BIG SCAM. I suspect they will say that you have to take bit for months or years.

100% Iron Clad Money-Back Guarantee
December 19, 2019

The 100% Iron Clad Money-Back Guarantee doesn't seem to work. My bottle of ProstaGenix cost 40.16 pounds, but I only got back 22.51 pounds. the guarantee states:- 5 If you don't see all of these results with ProsataGenix, we insist you return the unused supply for a full refund, with no headaches or hassles.

Order ID: 9E520CBF2D

September 16, 2019

I was reluctant to try another prostate pill as i have tried numerous others with no results. I got my first bottle of prostagenix and after a week i was feeling real results... i was not waking up as often so was sleeping better and also had an improved flow .. wow .. i'm amazed... it really works.. going to definitely keep taking it .. Thanks ProstaGenix

David T

Kingman, Arizona

June 26, 2019
I have been taking prostagenix for 5 months. I was getting up 4 to 5 times a night and I am still getting 4 or 5 time a night. It is like all of the other prostate produces I have tried. It is just a scam to get your money! Larry King you should be ashamed of your self. I bought this because I thought I could trust you?

Dylan April 25, 2020

I used ProstaGenix for a month, saw no difference on using them, seems to be another Scam, and Larry King must be making money from this Scam also

didn"t work
May 6, 2019

I was using Super Beta Prostate and it was doing pretty good. I listened to the Larry King add and thought what the heck. I tried it and sent the second bottle back. My nightly trips more than doubled. Larry King should stick to whatever else he does best.

As far as I'm concerned he is advertising the wrong stuff