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HomeServe USA is an independent home repair service plans provider that covers services for plumbing, heating & cooling or electrical repairs.

The company states that they work with 600 partners throughout the US and Canada and that, since 2003, they have provided their services to over 4 million customers.

How Does HomeServe Work?

According to their website, more than 64% of consumers do not have the $1,000 on hand that they need on average to cover an unexpected, emergency home repair.

HomeServe USA points out that many people believe that when there is a problem with their sewer or other home utility piping, the repairs are the responsibility of the utility company or the city in which they live.

Unfortunately, many times this simply isn’t the case, and the homeowners themselves are responsible for these repairs which often end up being in the thousands of dollars to fix.

The goal of HomeServe USA is to provide their customers with a home service repair plan that will cover the repairs not covered by insurance or by the utility companies themselves. 

Their website says that they offer affordable plans which provide repair service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with all repair work being done by local, licensed, and insured technicians with a $0 deductible and a one-year guarantee on all covered repairs.

Cost/Price Plans

The website is very clear that in order to determine pricing, customers will need to submit their personal residential zip code to the computer and see what kinds of plans will be available in their local area. There, you will be able to see the costs of the different kinds of plans that you may want to purchase.

The website does say, however, that their plans can be as low as $4 per month, though it appears that they charge their fees annually rather than monthly.  

Refund Policy

Unfortunately this website does not appear to offer their customers any information regarding the opportunity to cancel their service and to receive a refund.

Generally speaking, most companies that offer their customers the opportunity to pay month-to-month without long term contracts will not provide a Refund Policy, and those that ask customers to pay for memberships annually may offer a policy that will provide a refund of fees paid as long as the service is canceled within the first 30 days.

This website does not indicate either of these approaches, so concerned customers will need to speak to a company representative regarding what policies, if any, they have regarding refunds.      

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to speak with Customer Service about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 855-336-2465, by email at [email protected], or by using their website’s Live Chat feature whenever it is available. 

HomeServe USA Reputation

Though this company does appear to have positive reviews from the few customer reviews which are found online, Consumer Reports actually conducted a review of HomeServe USA and similar emergency repair service plans and concluded that most consumers should avoid these types of paid plans. 

Their report does reference a lawsuit filed against this company for misleading customers about the nature of some repairs and whose responsibility certain repairs were. HomeServe USA did not admit wrongdoing but they did choose to settle the lawsuit. 

The reality, according to Consumer Reports, is that homeowners who have home insurance are better off simply taking the money they would pay into an annual plan and saving that money in a savings account to put toward repairs only after they know for a fact that the repairs are not covered under their home insurance plan.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

As mentioned above, there are different companies that offer similar services, but specific companies will be different depending on where you live and the type of coverage you hope to invest in.   

If you have any experience with HomeServe USA or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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HomeServe USA Customer Reviews

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dont get near home serve
December 3, 2022
I checked my bank account today and home serve had got $65/58 cents out of my account somehow, and they sent the paper work to a different addrest across town to some one I never knew.

I guess ask them for all kinds of water repair
November 11, 2022

I have had HOMESERVE for a few years I thought since it said exterior all would be covered, wrong. I had a drain leaking well when the plumber came out he said it wasn't covered. It was external, insurance companies say anything to cheat you but 1 good thing the plumber wanted $4,200 HomeServe said $700.

plumbing repair not fixed
October 20, 2022

I called for a water leak in my house the tech came out within 24 hours and stood in middle of living room said he could not repair anything . the leak is in second floor of plumbing. he never even looked at pipes. since then home serve gives me a bunch of bs about water needs turned off and bunch of other stuff.

I have used this company for 5 years always satisfied till now if no resolved on Thursday oct. 20 cancelling all my plans this fly by night company used to be reliable not any more. I will speak to upper management very displeased with service right now been waiting a week for a repair.

Money down the drain
October 17, 2022
I paid into 3 Home Serve plans over a period of years and recently cancelled all 3. On Sept 22nd we found sewage in both bath tubs and were unable to flush toilets or run water without it getting worse. Needless to say I wanted it fixed as quickly as possible and called my plumber. He came in a couple of hours and snaked out our sewer drain. This helped but didn't fix the problem. I called HomeServe and spoke with a very sweet lady, Julie, who told me that I should have called them first. She was very nice and promised that I would be contacted soon, probably that evening. She repeated it twice. So 4 weeks later I've never heard back and have completed a sewer line replacement.

Sounds fishy
October 14, 2022

I do not know if they are legit or not, what I DO know is that I was sent information about a plan that cost $5 a month, so I *thought I signed up for it.

Then I received a follow-up letter saying the $5 plan was not available any longer, but I could sign up for a $5.25 a month plan. Ok. I'll bight.... *Thought I signed up for that plan.

Then, you guessed it!! Got another follow-up letter that said the $5.25 plan was not available any longer, but "guess what!! we have a $5.49 plan you can sign up for!!"

Sounds freaking fishy to me.

Great disappointment
October 12, 2022
I thought it was a very good idea to have protection against water/sewer leaks but they have spent a lot of time conjuring ways not to pay. Be very, very cautious before contracting with this company. They are in the business of figuring out how NOT to pay claims. Their reason for denial was false but I had no recourse.

Document everything with this company.
October 5, 2022

The blower on my furnace went out. Home serve sent a heating company out to supposedly fix the problem. INSTEAD, the heating company comes out, 1. they drill a hole in the CO exhaust of the furnace.

Then the service man turns to me and says, "You have a CO leak in your furnace. You're going to have to shut it down and buy a new furnace. " I said, "you just punched a hole in the exhaust pipe letting the CO into the house.

You made the leak". He said, "Look we just want you to be safe. But because you have a leak we can't fix your furnace." I said, " you made the leak.". He said, "Home serve can give you a price on a new furnace and we can arrange financing for you."

I said, " So your plan all all long was to come here, and damage my furnace so you could extort money from me for a new furnace. And then TAKE MY HOUSE?"

He picked up his tools and walked out, without saying a word. So home serve came into my home. They damaged my furnace. Then said that my furnace, which they had damaged, could not be worked on.

And they are ALL Christians doing this. They lied. They broke my furnace. They attempted to EXTORT money from me in a scheme to try and take my home from me.

I will say that what I have written here are my own experiences, with home serve and are not meant in any way to be looked at as empirical statements about home serve or any person or persons associated with home serve.

But I am going to refer this matter to the BBB, the state AG office for Ohio, and the Justice Department, citing that I believe that home serve is operating with the intent of extorting money from home owners, while at the same time attempting to position home owners where they must give up their home to home serve because of extortion and unfair business practices.

While I cannot certify, at this time, that what I am experiencing is empirically true. I must say that I would advise that anyone doing business with home serve, 1. tape all of your calls with the company. 2. Have an audio recorder going at all times while they are on your property. 3. Photograph everything they do. No matter how slight. When you find anything that is either illegal or inappropriate, contact the BBB, and the state AG for your state. And conctact the Justice Department. document your appointment and service call fully.

Home Serve claims to be Christian. So how do they justify lying and cheating and stealing homes to be something that Jesus would do or support? Do not openly trust home serve. I trusted them, and they broke my furnace and then claimed because it was broken that they were not going fix it. When they broke it.

Horrible Company!!!
July 29, 2022

This is my first time with Homeserve for Central Air Cool Plus plan., supposedly the best plan!! They claim 24/7 available for service.

My Ac unit shut off completely yesterday, Thursday. I called right away and was told by rep the only time a tech could come to my house was TUESDAY, 5 DAYS LATER!!!

I saw this is unacceptable as we are seniors and it’s 90 degrees out. All he could say is "I’m sorry Ma’am but all techs are busy and not available till Tuesday."

I am dropping them for any Ac coverage and cancelling our Heating services.

I’d rather call a service HVAC company in my area, which is what I’m doing now!! They know how to take your money but are completely unreliable!!

LindaCockerill September 14, 2022

Do not be taken in by this company. I have had Home Service service for years on everything. The one time that I have to call them with an emergency, my water heater leaked and flooded by house on a Saturday and they didn't call me until the following Wednesday.

They send someone to install a water heater that was supposed to be covered and the company tried to pad another 1200.00 onto what Home Serve was paying them.

Do not use this company, (Plumb Pro) from Goose Creek. These guys are out to rip you off. Home Serve is a gimmick to get your money. They have several local contract companies in this area working for them and this company is not to be trusted.

They will not get anymore of my money. I bought this service because I am a 77 year old widow on Social Security and thought they were reputable because they are affiliated with Dominion. Boy was I wrong. Do not give them your money!!!!!!! The whole world is about $$$$. What happened to honest businesses????

LindaCockerill September 14, 2022

They don't work on weekends either... Their emergency service starts on Monday

LindaCockerill September 14, 2022

I'm taking them to small claims court to get a refund on what I have paid them

My Experience with HomeServe
June 17, 2022

SCAM ALERT!!!! I've had this service with home serve for number of years and just until recently June 15th 2022 I had an air conditioner failure so I call home serve and paid the $50 for the service charge.

After paying the service charge fee of $50. I was instructed that I will be contacted by contractor or by home serve on the next day for work to be done on AC unit. June 16th 6:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. no contact whatsoever from contractor or home serve.

At this point I attempted numerous phone calls to home serve to get this issue resolved. I was told that there was no one in my area that can service my AC unit. WTF at this point hot frustrated and angry.

I never received a call from anyone to to resolve this problem. So be aware of this company Home Serve USA that have you paid premium every month of $16.95 and a service charge $50 and never show up or contact you.

After attempting to contact the office of the president at Home Serve I was denied. It's a SCAM!

Be cautious of the service provider
June 8, 2022

The homeserve plumber that visited my home my home on 7 June 2022 left about an inch to an inch and a 1/2 of sewage in my guest room shower. And after he left the problem still was not resolved and I had to call the plumber agency for a different plumber to correct the problem that the original plumber did not resolve.

I do not know if there's a place to post a picture of this filthy shower on this review but I'm willing to share it with anybody.

May 11, 2022

If I could give them a zero, I would. I called on 2/2/22 because I had a sewage backup in my basement. I was told they had 12/24 hours to get back with me. this was not acceptable because we couldn't use the water nor flush the toilets.

After insisting that this was an emergency, the call taker changed it to critical. A plumber contacted me but offered an appointment on the 7th and said this was their first available appointment. This was not acceptable. I call HomeServe back. They behaved as though this was their only plumber, and they made no attempt to locate anyone else.

I asked to file a complaint. The call taker supposedly started the process and told me someone would get back with me. No one every did. I had to pay out of pocket to get the sewage problem repaired.

Someone from the "President's" office contacted me after I filed a review with the Better Business Bureau. This person went back and forth with me, even seeming to question whether snaking out a sewage drain was covered under my contract but eventually agreed to reimburse me.

Then she stopped communicating with me, will not return my phone calls, nor respond to my emails. And, I was not reimbursed for my out of pocket expense. This company is the worst. They are taking your money for coverage and failing to provide service. They should not be allowed to continue to operate in this manner.

What's the use of having a paid contract that is to provide emergency water/sewage coverage, if the company does not honer the contract. And HomeServe has done this apparently without any repercussions.

Waste of Money
April 28, 2022

I had a kitchen sink strainer that was leaking water under my sink and needed replacing. I've been paying $7.89 for years now thinking it would be covered. I called Home Serve and a plumber called me and different times he could get here. I called Home Serve to make sure it was covered. It wasn't. I decided to look at the exclusions and was shocked. They basically cover nothing expensive or hard that you would want a plumber to fix. The only thing it covered was snaking a few drains. Doesn't even cover repairing pipes breaking due to freezing. It's a waste of money, other plans cover more. I canceled it. Make sure any plan u have with them you read the exclusions part good.

ThomasCrown June 06, 2022

They also charged my Credit card $25,00 For what I canceled in about 2 hours when I found out my repair wasn't covered and no plumber could come that day. They told me I wouldn't be charged. No one ever showed up and my recent credit card statement shows a $25.00 charge for Homeserve. Im calling them in the morning and making a complaint if its not removed.

April 19, 2022

They installed a new water heater that worked for 6 weeks. after that, no hot water and Sulfer smell when hot water tap is even turned on. When he came back, I told him(a teen) that I have well water and need an aluminum anode rod put in. he said he never heard of that! When asked what anode rod was in, he looked it up and said it was a coregard sacrificial anode. I looked it up and they can be magnesium or aluminum. also, in the troubleshooting part of their manual, it says to turn it up to 140 degrees from 120 and that should help. He said he wasn't allowed to. He said I needed an electrician. Hours later, I have hot water (for now) but the smell is horrible which is not an electrical problem! Stay away!

WFMN April 27, 2022

Never had an experience with them !!!!However!!! As a engineer [retired] when I read their mail to the area I live at , I found they have a problem/// they don't know what they are doing / saying etc I live in an area in brodheadsville / the homes in my area all have wells/they are telling people that they need protection for the pipe lines that go from pohopoco drive to their property and need to replace them should they fail and would have to pay for the repairs not true!!!! Sounds like a fraudulent company to me beware !

WFMN April 27, 2022


If they can't solve something so simple
February 13, 2022
I requested that they fix an electrical contact because it was not working and I needed it to connect the Christmas tree lights since November 2021 and the technician came until the end of January and the last thing is that he could not fix it, I still have the problem in February and no one has been able to come to solve it, it is incredible that they can not solve something so simple, I can imagine the problem in which people with more serious problems would be found or are found.

Office of the president of this company doesnt even respond!
February 10, 2022

Terrible, couldn't get furnace fixed because no local contractors will work with Homeserve as they do not pay the contractors. 5 contractors called every single one said the same thing..NO WAY! WONT TOUCH IT!

Homeserve hasn't responded to anything and its been 6 days since I called for repair, filed with BBB and demanded full refund of contract money from day 1 when it started almost 20 years ago!...BEWARE TOTAL SCAMMERS and they don't care..Their office of the president wont even call me back!

Very Dissatisfied.
February 7, 2022

I have been a long time Homeserve customer, however that will change. in the past two years they have sent sub standard technicians to perform routine preventative maintenance on my boiler. As a result, it has cost me the inconvenience of extra service calls. Their technicians are not qualified and unprofessional. Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Don't waste your time and money.

You would be better off with a local plumbing & heating outfit.

Denied claims and reimbursement checks
January 24, 2022

Made a claim in 2019 on a sewer line that leaked. I have the sewer line coverage. Homeserve sent their own Plumbing Co out and he described the leak slightly different then what they cover so I was denied.

I called them back with a description and their own wording in the contract after the job was complete. They gave me a reimbursement check. Never take a reimbursement, make them pay the contractor.

Had another claim they denied and said I had my one reimbursement. I cant believe the Louisville Water Company allows Homeserve to partner up and put their bill on the water bill. I canceled and will look for another Insurance Co.

Horrible service! Dont Use
December 20, 2021

If i could give them 0 stars i would. This company is so heartless and inhuman, they have absolutely no compassion.

My boiler stopped working in 25 degree weather, i called homeserve to have someone come fix it on the same day, they wouldn't give me an appointment until the following day, after making a fuss they agreed to send someone to fix it on the same day.

I was 15 mins away from home when they called and the technician refused to wait. After calling the company again the representative was very cold hearted and dismissive. The supervisor took 4 hours to call back, and with a very nonchalant "i don't care" attitude basically said there was nothing she could do.

I am very disappointed at how inhumane these people are to leave someone in a freezing house at 25 degrees outside and refusing to wait 15 minutes when i was suppose to get a call that they were on the way. Homeserve claims to have "emergency" repair service which is a lie!

All they care about is getting your money and not providing the service on their website. I would rather pay more for another company that's compassionate than be left out in the cold by homeserve!. HORRIBLE COMPANY

full investigation and Repair
August 12, 2021
we called the home serve to change the thermostat and instead he damaged the system and I have no A/C and replaced my old thermostat that was working and installed another one simple as we asked but he damaged the system because he did not know how to install it. What a shame it is 100 degree and I regret calling you I am requesting a full investigation. thanks

Big Scam, Impossible to get Customer Service
July 8, 2021
Worst scam out there. Helps them selves to your accounts without any instruction for cancelling. You're out of luck if misfortune happens within 30 days of policy. Customer service line is evasive and only wants to upsell.