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Heavy handed demands for very personal info when they owe you money
October 5, 2023

Had Stripe as my processor for a very brief time for a side project. Stripes application from the beginning seemed more invasive than any other merchant account I’ve had over the decades. From merchant accounts with banks to payment processors such as Square and PayPal. Yet, they were the only processor for the platform I was working with, so gave them a try.

About two months into the project, Stripe got heavy handed, demanding more financial/private info from me and to literally scan my head. No processor nor bank has ever requested that, and it was unreasonable and outside the scope of a legitimate business dealing to have that requested.

Thankfully, as this was just a side gig I hadn’t invested too much time into yet, and all my customers were also with my other company, so I could dump the project and Stripes games with no more loss than the small amount of time invested.

I believe if I had played Stripes games then, it would have been one continual issue with them after the other in being paid. Once the cream goes sour, it never goes sweet again. If a company doesn’t have money to pay out what they are collecting on behalf of clients, they try to hold onto that money as long as they can and collect interest on it or some other shenanigans. Stripe is likely not as well funded or as financially stable as they try to appear.

Stripe cost us a lot of money. Read this.
June 30, 2023


1) Stripe cut our account overnight, without pre-warning

2) They never explained it properly, we only received template responses

3) They refuse to transfer our payment profiles to another payment processor. With that, they go against what they state on their website, and according to our understanding also against the law (e.g., GDPR), counting on you not suing them.

Here's the full story:

Stripe cut access to our account suddenly, without any pre-warning. Therefore, we weren’t able to process our clients' payments anymore, causing us loss of significant revenues, and upset clients. We never found out why they did that. They only sent templates stating that we’re “too risky” for them. We asked them why – we never got any more detailed information.

When telling others about this case, we learned that this isn’t unusual at all. Stripe seems to accept clients very quickly, and down the road, when you’re invested in them, they cut you access and don’t care about losses you have.

As unfair as that is, according to their terms of use, they can do that. However, what they cannot do, is that they hold your client payment profiles hostage, refusing to transfer them to another payment processor (this is important, so that existing clients can be charged automatically again in case of subscriptions). On their website, they state the opposite. For example, they state:

"We believe that our customers should own the sensitive data they entrust to Stripe, and we work hard to ensure your access to this data—even if you’re moving elsewhere. If you decide to leave Stripe for another payment processor, we’ll work with your new processor’s team to securely transfer your credit card data."

But they don’t do that, they refuse any transfer of data. Why? Again, we only got the response because it’s “too risky” for them. Maybe processing of those payments is risky, but why should it be risky to transfer them to another provider? We asked, no response.

Cutting our account is one thing, but not allowing us to transfer the client payment profiles is a different level. It goes against what they state on their website, and according to our understanding also against the law (including GDPR). It seems they count on you not suing them.

What’s especially frustrating is that they give you the feeling that they never want to sort it out. Maybe there were real issues with our account, who knows? But in the manner they deal with it, they unequivocally make clear: you’re unimportant, we don’t need to spend time on your case, and explain properly what’s going on. It’s utterly disrespectful.

You have been warned. If you still pick them, and the same happens to you, you cannot complain.

P.S.: This isn’t an anonymous review. We are Inisev Ltd., a company incorporated in Malta, and stand by every word we say.

Stripe is the worst scam
May 24, 2023
Stripe has been holding my money (6000$) since December 23rd. They walked me through receiving my first payment, said congrats, took their fees and closed my account all within 30 seconds. After chatting with support I was told i would receive my payout 120 days from Jan 11th. My dashboard reflected that saying May 12th as well. May 12th nothing happened. I sent emails that day and still have yet to be responded too. Is this place another India scam company? How is this legal? They are legit stealing money from us and I think they spent it already and don't have it to give. Let's do something

Your money on stripe accounts is not yours!
December 27, 2022

We have a problem with Stripe.

Launched a business. We were notified that they weren't ready to work with us and offered colleagues.

Colleagues wrote that within 2 weeks we can continue to use the services of Stripe and receive money.

We did what was said. Requested withdrawal of funds to your account. And we have been waiting for a response for about a month.

To our questions about when the withdrawal will be available, offers to provide additional data, the company answers badly.

Each time a different person answers. They write meaningless words - wait a little more. Without any specifics.

We have warned... that we will be forced to follow the path of complaints about the service due to such disrespect for customers. We were not answered. We ask Stripe to rectify the situation urgently.

For new users - your money on stripe accounts is not yours!

The company doesn't have a working support service!

Sincerely, I.T. Head of John Behale Trade

Used by scammers
August 20, 2022

I sold my used phone on Facebook Marketplace. It directed me to use Stripe to process the payment. I was paid, but months later the cardholder's bank requested a refund.

My phone had been delivered long ago to the requested address. Stripe deducted the money from my account, whitout my approval stating that the buyer's bank requested it. Which is bollocks. Once someone scammed me on another platform and didnt send any items, I had no way to get my money from the buyer's account according to my bank.

Terrible business experience with Stripe processing
July 12, 2022

Stripe stole $1,437.09 from my bank account by claiming that my guest said it was a fictitious payment. Please bear in mind that only $1,380.55 was deposited in my account. My guest has since stated that he never claimed it was fictitious.

I trusted stripe even though my brother had asked me to use another processing company. I run a small vacation rental business. I had used stripe to process card payments for certain guests before I accept their booking.

Stripe had processed this payment for $1,422.09 on March.31.2022 and sent me a succeeded sign. I accepted the guest and his family for a 7 night stay whose booking was gotten through

Stripe took their commission and deposited $1,380.55 into my account on April 4th. Guest left on April7th. By April 15th I received a message by stripe asking me to confirm that the transaction was legit, I was alarmed because all my transactions were either for Vrbo, Airbnb or Booking guests which they have processed in the past 1year.

I sent them the reservation with my conversation with the guest. 2 days later they wrote me that Citibank had come back to them and they were done with their investigation. So they took $1,437.09 from my account. I am so upset about this, that I had to go see a lawyer about this. I chose Stripe to help me with my billing process but they tried to bankrupt me. This matter is far from over.

Holding Of Funds For Months - Do Not Use
July 7, 2022

Do not use this company. They hold funds for months. My business has thousands of dollars being held right now for 6+ weeks with no answers from "customer service."

Tech support at less than desirable
April 28, 2022 responded with generic instructions for identity verification through its dashboard, but none of them worked. I couldn’t take a selfie with my mobile device, and as a result it closed my account after 10 days.

I emailed its support division on a daily basis, explaining I couldn’t take a selfie. replied with the same message, but none of its advice worked. I even sent screenshots of the problem, but received the same boilerplate message from

Needless to say, I’m upset the company closed my account. There is no tech support because it doesn’t listen, or worse yet understand, emails from clients.

I recommend avoid using this website, if possible.

Avoid Stripe, Fraud and Lost Income.
November 8, 2021

Be prepared to lose income because of Stripe's willingness to perpetuate fraud on the part of buyers. Scammers will look for Stripe so they can get away with all kinds of buyer fraud. In my case, the buyer purchased an item and then filed a bogus claim after receiving it.

Stripe refunds the scammers money and there is no requirement for the item to be returned. This was the one and only transaction I had using Stripe before they decided to discontinue my account because they suggested I was somehow a risky vendor. All because I decided to give them a try in addition to Paypal who I have been using for decades.

No one should use Stripe if it can be avoided as Stripe is a haven for scammers because it seems that Stripe is run by fellow scammers.

ToniO July 12, 2022

I wish I saw this before I chose to start using them for processing. They took over $1400 from my account.

No customer service - still holding my money
January 9, 2020

Do not do business with this service, you cannot get someone in support to talk to, or to help! I used them for 4 years - no issue - suddenly they are holding over $1,400 because I don't have a website - whatever - I think they are underwater financially and a scam

ToniO July 12, 2022

They also took $1437.09 from my account

Stole $2,597 from me and never gave it back!
July 19, 2017


They have taken over $2500 from me and never returned it. . The customers already received their products and I am out-of-pocket. My cost are over $2000 dollars being the markup is very small. They are trying to claim the transactions were not authorized by the customers which is a complete lie!

I recontacted all of the customers and they were kind enough to email me back stating that the transactions were authorized by them personally. I forwarded all those emails along with proof of shipping and delivery of every single one of the transactions. They claimed they refunded all the customers cause they didn't authorize the transactions!?Get this they never did! They took the money and never responded to my 15 emails.

Even if they did, why would you refund customers when I have emailed you proof (from them personally)that every transaction was authorized by them. This company is unbelievable! They are complete criminals!. I am not the only one that lost a lot of money. They are doing these to ALOT of people. I hear because they are going under. It's so scary and sad to trust someone to process your money and then have them steal it. It so wrong. fees disputes scam
January 12, 2017

My experience with stripe

the beginning.

launched a company

Went international

Built an open payment gateway that had fraud protection

the build

we used both PayPal and stripe

​​​​​no charge back from PayPal. Fraud protect system works and was sufficient in acquired information to pass any inspection of transaction via ip. listed all transactions as fraudulent based on EIN numbers. We were 100 % legit. They took over 3000 in prior sales, 1200 of which came directly out of someone's social security funds. Then they complained to the authorities about harassment after stealing this former us marines money because it threw him into a ptsd episode.

They tried to return 515 dollars of that man's money, which was returned to back to which immediately was immediately followed by his detaiNing

That man spent 2 months in jail over harassment of his social security funds being garnished illegally as was made aware of the situation.

There is now a nocontact order between that man and / ceo jon zeiger.

they still have not returned his cash, nor followed up with proper research on the business transactions which were shown as legit.

they even labeled donations from menial fundraisers from local friends as fraudulent.


If you use this company, be prepared for being robbed, and them using the fbi, and local Authorities to cover up their own illegal activities.

their game is simply to create a system that taxes the merchant literally out of business, by way of financing and product.

we know this. Personally. Due to this experience our lives will never be the same. Thanks.

we will be seeking damages.

Himalia July 19, 2017

Yes they are complete criminals!!!

They took over $2597 from me and try to claim they were on authorized transactions and the money was returned into the customers. I have to contact every customer and ask if they could stay in an email that every transaction was authorized and they did I then gave stripe proof and they completely ignored it. Get this… they never return the money to the people (who already receive their product) nor gave me my money. They just kept it!

These people will end up in jail very soon. Karma will eventually get them.

August 22, 2016

I started a gofundme campaign who are partnered with stripe my stripe account was hacked, a false bank account was created and all funds diverted to the fraudulent account. I tracked the account found the funds yet stripe refused to co operate or even speak with the bank to get the funds back and work with the fraud team on an investigation!!.

Some thing is VERY VERY VERY WRONG HERE and seriously needs to be investigated!.

Are stripe themselves involved in the missing funds?. I have learned through internet searches that I am not alone in having funds mysteriously disappear from a stripe account. Imagine when I first contacted them they basically responded there was nothing they could do! even though I told them where the money had been deposited and that it was still there!!!

Now BIG QUESTION...WHY would a company so large handling such vast amounts of public funds NOT make contact with a bank following a fraud. Do they not want an investigation? and if so WHY????

Stripe should be closed down.


stripe is fraudulent company
December 15, 2015
stripe is fraudulent company, they stuck your money for no reason, i will never suggest anyone to use this worst service, also their support is world's worst support, they don't reply emails and they don't have phone support. save yourself a trouble "STAY AWAY"
May 20, 2014
This company is the worst, they will keep your money, and never respond to any of your emails.