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Tactical X Abs Stimulator
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Tactical X Abs Stimulator is a device that promises to help users lose belly fat and reveal visible abdominal muscles.

We take a closer look at this company and go over some potential red flags, analyze user reviews, and look into whether these types of products even work.

How Does it Work?

The Tactical X Abs Stimulator uses electric pulses to stimulate muscles, which causes them to contract.

The idea is that this simulates an actual workout without having to leave your house or lift any weights.

Electronic Muscle Stimulators have been around for years, often marketed on late night infomercials.

Tactical X Abs claims to be different than previous iterations by using military grade technology and offering a wide range of features and options.

Overall, there are very mixed opinions on these kinds of devices by experts.

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) devices have been used by doctors and physical therapists for years to treat certain injuries, prevent muscle atrophy, and to stimulate blood flow,

However, these devices are medical grade and regulated by the FDA.

Companies like Tactical X Abs are selling unregulated devices that are manufactured overseas directly to consumers.

There are no studies showing that these devices can do what the advertisements claim, such as help with weight loss and build muscle.

According to an FDA statement, while EMS devices may have temporary benefits on muscles,

no EMS devices have been cleared at this time for weight loss, girth reduction, or for obtaining "rock hard" abs.”  

Further, a study done on athletes found that

low-frequency (20 Hz) neuromuscular electrical stimulation training for 12 weeks is ineffective in inducing hypertrophy of the abdominal muscles in trained athletes.

Contact and Refund Information

TacticalXAbs.com lists their customer service info as follows:

Phone Number: 775-204-1037
Email: [email protected]
Address: 10785 W Twain Ave, Las Vegas, NV

Refund Policy:  TacticalXAbs.com states that they have a 30 day return policy.  Your item must be retuned unused and in same condition, and in its original packaging to be eligible for return.  

Shipping costs are non-refundable and customers must pay for return shipping costs as well.

4 Potential Red Flags

1. Deceptive Advertising  -  The claim that this device is a high-end “military grade” training tool is false.

Tactical X is simply buying these units wholesale from overseas, rebranding the generic products with their logo, and reselling them at a large markup.

Here is an example wholesale listing for this product found on the Chinese ecommerce website Alibaba.

Generic Tactical X Abs Stimulator sold on Alibaba

( Generic FES device sold on Alibaba for much cheaper )

2.  Refund Issues  -  Based on the wording of their refund policy it seems that getting a refund will be very difficult if the product does not function as expected.


3.  Signs of a Fly-by-night Company  -  While the website lists an address for this business, it is not their actual location.  

The company uses a mail forwarding service and a registered agent to appear as a Las Vegas based business.


4.  Rebrand of same item  -  This product was previously sold under the name "NextGen Abs Stimulator", using the same advertising and a similar website.

A seller will sometimes change the name of their product when the original name has received a bad reputation or too many negative customer reviews.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

Some unsatisfied Tactical X users mentioned the following issues:

  • Poor adhesion to the abdomen
  • Poor overall quality of the product
  • Reliability issues
  • No clear results

These types of complaints were echoed in reviews of similar ab stimulator devices sold on Amazon.

Tactical X Abs does have a listing with the BBB, however they are not accredited and have a poor rating due to one complaint.

Is The Tactical X Abs Stimulator Worth It?

Ultimately, we do not believe this device is worth it.  

While ab stimulators may be beneficial to some people in unique circumstances, those trying to lose weight and build muscle should stick to the proven methods of diet and exercise.

Further, although Tactical X Abs may stimulate your abdominal muscles, this will still not provide the benefits of core building exercises that activate multiple muscle groups, nor the added cardio benefits of a strenuous workout.

These devices will also have less impact on users who are overweight or have substantial belly fat, as it may prevent the electrical stimulus from reaching the actual abdominal muscle.

Finally, as a safety precaution Electronic Muscle Stimulators should be avoided if you have:

  • an electronic implant such as a pacemaker
  • any heart conditions
  • are pregnant
  • high blood pressure
  • epilepsy
  • other serious medical conditions

If you have any experience with the Tactical X Abs Stimulator, please leave your reviews below.


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Tactical X Abs Stimulator Customer Reviews

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Underperformance is the key word here
May 29, 2023
What a misleading product description. Having a number of experiences with TENS stimulation units for physical therapy applications, one is led to believe that this device will produce similar results. However, the power output of Tactical X unit is so low and ineffective that there are no words for how disappointed I am. Don't be misled - keep your wallet in your pocket!

Completely disappointed
May 29, 2023

It does not give you the choice of selecting Zero stars.


Completely disappointed in this merchandise. It’s silly that you have to constantly press the + button in order to get the stimulation you require. And on top of that the actual muscle stimulation lasts mere seconds. Definitely not worth the $79. What a disappointment. And all I was trying to do is rehab my lower abdomen.