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SCAM - beware!
May 6, 2024

SCAM! They will print a shipping label and send you the tracking information but the package will never show up as “shipped”. If you inquire, they will repeatedly delay by blaming the USPS. We are now fighting to get a refund and disputing the credit card charge. Their emails are from Brisbane and their mailing address is a PO Box in TN. Several other reviews have the same problem. Wish I had investigated more before purchasing. Text that follows if from on if their responses to no delivery after a month and tracking shows not yet shipped. “USPS has recently undergone significant internal changes that are affecting their scanning and sorting processes within their network. This has led to instances where there are delays in scan updates, and packages are delivered without further tracking information.

We understand your frustration and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. Your patience and understanding during this time are greatly appreciated. Rest assured, we are closely monitoring the situation and are actively working to ensure the successful delivery of your package.”

Good floor
November 30, 2023

I just got the Tapfit system in medium a few days before black friday. The floor is really good- it is great for me to practice my tapping on. I have not tried folding it yet but it does roll up really easily which is great. It is light weight which i appreciate too.

The dances on the app I have not tried yet but I did order DVDs and they are really easy to follow. I prefer DVDs than app access. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase and I’ll probably buy another for my daughter for christmas. Thank you

Work a treat for me!
November 6, 2023

The taps fit well on some Skechers pull-ons that are comfortable. I just leave them on there so that I can do the work-out at a moments notice. Really enjoying them.

Sometimes they can be hard to put on - so I found that leaving them on my shoes is easy for me. But I really love them!

Good to mix it up!
November 6, 2023
I really like this product... I have had it for about 3 weeks now and my daughter does it with me. Really enjoying it & a great way to do something together too. I think the tapfit taps are a pretty comfortable fit for me. I just wear my sketches. Recommend.

Loving It! Thanks
July 3, 2023
I bought TAPfit recently and got it in about 2 weeks. I am really enjoying it - customer service replied in about a day to my enquiry. I find the videos on the app easy to use and it broadcasts to my TV so I can do it in my lounge room. It's easy enough to follow - I just wish that sometimes they'd do longer workouts because they're all less than 20 minutes a day. Although I could do 2 a day to be honest. But other than that, loving it and really worth it! Highly recommend!

May 21, 2022
Terrible product. Shoes, floor are horrible and DVD does not work. Got no reply from trying to contact them and the return was a bogus PO Box so you could not ship. STAY AWAY!

May 19, 2022
Scam...scam..scam...fake reviews. ..cheesy products false advertising...some of order never came. No way to return

This is a scam company stay away.
April 26, 2022
I wish I had seen this site before I ordered mine tap map which is completely worthless it's slippery I was on it for 2 minutes and it was scratched up and the paint was removed it is not solid wood as they claim. I paid $75 for it I'm going to talk to my credit card company now.

Do not order!
March 19, 2021

Like so many posts I have paid and not received the item. I ordered this item on 2/7. I’ve received two responses regarding my inquiries into shipping status. The responses are contradictory and misrepresent any intent to ship. I’ve been given “online” access for my pain, but not a solution to either receive my “kit” or cancel my order. I don’t want an online product- I want what I ordered. Now, like the other posts, I have read the fine print and it will be pointless to even try to return (when/if I do receive).

This appears to be a scam. Do not order!! Save yourself $ and hassle.

AdeleLeopardi March 26, 2021

OH NO! It's too late for me. They also got my money and have not sent the product. I wish I had seed this post before. Ive been ripped off.

ReneeEzelle March 28, 2021

There is no way to contact them. Yet, they sent an email to me requesting to update my credit card information. I replied to the email and requested to cancel my subscription. Got a message back which said no such email. The second time they emailed me requesting to update my credit card information, I just reported it as spam.

Going to make a report to the Better Business Organization. Perhaps that will stop them from scamming.

Delivery time LOOOONG.... did NOT receive all items promised!
March 5, 2021
I could not wait to get my package.... they start the 30 day challenge immediately; yet I did not get my package until AFTER the 30 day challenge ended and then it did not include the floor which was to be in my package! What good is a 30 day Tap Challenge with no taps and no tap floor????? I have not even looked at the videos yet... hope they won't be a disappointment too. I have contacted the company again... this time to let them know I did not receive the promised floor. I am hoping I am not looking at another 30 plus days to get it! With the price of this program, the delivery service should be a LOT better!

So disappointed with Tapfit
February 25, 2021
I am very disappointed with TapFit. I was really excited when I ordered my Platinum package and I have emailed them four times now to find out where my package is and they refuse to respond. I am supposed to start my 28 day program March 1st and I don't even have the equipment. Put out a lot of money for nothing.

October 20, 2020

I ordered and paid for the deluxe system including a mat, taps, DVDs, etc.

I received one package which I believe was supposed to contain the mat, but was instead completely empty.

Tapfit purposefully does not have a phone number you can use to contact them.

Tapfit was responsive to my first e-mail stating they would investigate the issue. However, since that first exchange, they have refused to respond at all, or issue a refund.

Given these practices, I am concerned that this company is a fraud.

Love This Program!!
September 29, 2020

I have been doing Tapfit for 3 months now and I am loving it! I love the taps - they slip over easily- and they're so much fun! I find I want to get up and do it every day and it's one of the only things I've been able to stick to.

Plus the workout videos have really uplifting music and the moves have been easy to follow for me - even though I've never danced before!

Thanks so much Tapfit!!!

Poor quality product
September 26, 2020

I love the concept...sadly the quality of the product is incredibly poor. The floor is cheap-think, slippery, leaves scuff marks and not big enough to move around. The over shoes are ill fitting, have a horrible tap sound and are awkward. The videos are poorly made and worthless. But worse than all of that, their customer service is deceptive. This is a SCAM!

I emailed my complaint and said I wanted to return the product. I promptly got a response, filled out the form and was told I could sent it back.... but I read the fine print. I inquired about the contradictions in the fine print that would have resulted in me not getting a refund even though I was approved for a refund via the customer service email. That’s when the responses from customer service stopped. I emailed several additional times with no response.

I think they wanted me to return the product. Then they would have used their “fine print” to not give me my money back and resell the product I returned to scam someone else. Don’t buy this product! I’m not the only bad review on this company. I should have done my research before I bought! Buyer beware!!!!

Poor Customer Service, Double Charges each month
July 30, 2020

It took 3 months to receive my order, but I was charged for the monthly membership that entire time. In addition, my credit card was charged twice a month for the service. When I emailed the company to cancel my order and membership, they continued to charge me twice a month, and didn't cancel my order.I'm now having to fight them for all of these charges with my insurance company

When I finally received the tapfit shoes and board I tried it out. Immediately the board scuffed upon use, a bunch of white marks on a black board. Poor quality. Terrible, corrupt company.I will never order anything from Facebook again.

June 17, 2020

I really wish I could review the product however I cannot seem to get my order. I ordered this on May 17th and was told it would be 14 days. I then emailed 14 days later to check the status and was told it would be another 14 days. I once again waited 14 days and emailed to check the status and once again was told it would be 14 days. I am not over a month out with no product.

While I understand the issues with Covid-19, I also know that I have ordered a ton of bulk PPE items for my essential business and received them in less time it has taken to get some tap shoes and a tap floor.

It would be nice for TapFit to reach out to me instead of me having to contact them about my status. If your order from them good luck getting your items. A very disappointing way to begin a relationship with a business.

Improved Restitution -Terrible Experience with this company so far
January 24, 2020

I am posting an update to my original January 24th review because the company finally contacted me regarding my last email I sent them posted in my previous review. Here is the email one of the co-owners sent me in response:

Hi Darlene,

I wanted to touch base with you regarding your TAPfit order. We recognize that we had issues in the past with our customer service experience and we have just started with a new customer service team who are getting up to speed and are proving to be much better!

I saw that we shipped you a floor and some taps but you ordered the TAPfit Starter kit with a floor upgrade. I have arranged for a TAPfit Platinum system to be despatched to you to apologize for your experience with us.

We had some issues with this ordering process and the website you placed your order through so we have since restructured our website and our ordering system to ensure a better experience for our customers. We are a family-run company and still getting our bearings with eCommerce and online retailing, so I do apologize that our experience with you was not satisfactory. I have also upgraded your membership so you can view all of our workouts online through the Platinum membership tier. Please let me know if you need any assistance with logging on to the online portal.

I would love your feedback on the membership site. We are always trying to improve and offer our customers the best experience so please let me know what your experience is and how I can better serve you and our TAPfit customers.

Thank you so much and have a great day,



TAPfit Director

m: 61423203714

e: [email protected] // w: TAPfit.com

If you are someone who has previously had an issue not yet resolved, I would recommend you contact Fiona Johnson at this email. The company did follow through. I immediately received the online workouts they promised right after the email and I just received the full kit in the mail yesterday with another floor, taps, DVD's, arm band and welcome booklet. I amended to 4 stars from 1 star because I still had to go through the unfortunate experience but I am very pleased with the program now that I have it. I enjoy doing the dance routines very much. It's definitely a new motivator for getting moving. And I have received timely emails regarding any I have sent since Fiona contacted me so it seems their new Customer Service Team is indeed an improvement. Can't vouch for the updated website ordering system. Hopefully going forward, all new customers will have a better experience. At this point, I recommend giving it a try.

January 24, 2020

I want to love it but so far have had a terrible experience getting everything we have ordered. My description for this review is to post the email I just sent to them about our experience and lack of customer service:I need to express my dismay with our whole experience thus far with your company.

I saw an advertisement for Tapfit on Facebook back end of November. I loved the idea of it. I love dancing for exercise and loved the idea of the sound of tap to motivate while doing it. So I suggested to my husband I would like it for a Christmas gift. At the time there was a special for $99 that included the tap shoes, the floor and the DVDs. The first time he looked at the offer link it was there. He went back a week later and the same link no longer brought him to the offer but just to the Tapfit site which is not very user friendly for trying to place orders. He emailed the support at Tapfit.com email asking how to place the order. Someone emailed him back with a link that only provided him with the shoes to order. Another link provided the floor separately. Nothing else was provided. He placed the order for those two items separately because there weren’t any other options or help available. That was on December 5th. Once you place the order, there is absolutely NO confirmation that the order went through and of what you ordered. Nothing saying you will receive an email confirmation like every company I have ever ordered something from does. The only way he knew the order was placed was the charges to our credit card for $47 and $87.

The shoes showed just before Christmas in a clear plastic bag in a box with no packing slip, not one piece of literature in the box, just the shoes in a bag and no floor. So my husband emailed asking about the status of the order. No response after several follow ups. Then when he finally received a response after 3 tries just to say it is being looked into. No further contact. So he contacted our credit card company to contest the $87 floor charge. The charge has not been credited to us yet.

After he gave me the tap shoes at Christmas and relayed his terrible experience, we then went in after Christmas, on December 28th and tried again to order the floor and DVDs (because the other one never showed up to this point and there is no communication whatsoever about shipping or expected delivery). This because when my husband first went into the website to order the whole package, nothing was clear as to how to order so he did it piecemeal. Once again, credit card is charged $114 for the floor and DVDs, no confirmation of order. All I got after hitting enter was a return to the home page. No thanks for your order, nothing that confirmed the order was even placed, not even at the end of ordering, and again no email, just the charge to our card. We cannot find any customer service number and have asked in email several times for one or way to contact someone other than the email address that we get no confirmation from when messages are sent. To date we have now received 2 floors (only need one) and NOT the DVDs. Again, these products were in a box, no packing slip or literature whatsoever. Just the floor in each box and no DVDs. Have emailed once again that we haven’t received the full order and the history of that is below in this email. A week has gone by, again, no follow up from your company. Not feeling anything good about this product or company through this whole difficult experience which is so disappointing because now anytime I see the ad which constantly comes up or see your Tapfit Facebook page that should be motivating, it’s all disheartening. I very much want to enjoy the experience of what is advertised but so far we have paid out $248 and all we have are two floors (only need one) and one pair of shoes-absolutely nothing else.

I just looked up on the internet to see if there were any videos showing some of the exercises and a QVC video came up . Don’t know when it’s from but the point is that video was of course advertising the great deal they had on Tapfit for just $97 when it’s normally $148. It included the floor, shoes, 6 DVDs, over 80 online videos and all the ads pamphlets and booklets in the box with the items describing what product is and benefits, tips, etc and whatever else would be in them. For $248 and a boatload of aggravation and no customer service, I have two floors and a pair of shoes with no instruction provided, no getting started guides and workout guides, no online anything. For a company that is supposedly touted by all these tv networks and as they said on QVC, exercise dance routines provided by celebrity choreographers to many stars, I have zilch.

I want someone at this company to rectify this. This whole process has been so poorly handled from the start and so disappointing. Even if I can’t have the $97 deal, which is now in effect for the NEW YEAR sale I expect to get everything that comes with the $148 that was the package at the time that we tried our SECOND ORDER. Again, there has been NO customer assistance when we have tried to communicate on how to get the packages so the fact that we ordered things individually is all because of the links provided by your service rep and no way to ask about those once we received them because no one responds. We need a discount credit issued to us in some form. At this point, I would like to receive the DVDs, some online videos and the instruction guides for the now NEW YEAR price of $97. So we should get a credit of $151 back to our credit card. I am well aware that we finally received the first floor as well but how on earth am I supposed to return that and get my money back when there is NO sufficient communication with your company. I am not putting that in the mail and expecting that it’s getting to you and you are refunding me with no proper communication when a company is taking orders and peoples money.

I am sending this hoping one more time that someone will care enough to resolve this issue, not just send a packaged response of this is being looked into and will get back to you “shortly”.

Love it!
March 5, 2016
I am a tap dancer and was so excited to see that there was a tap dance workout system for me to try! It is a fun way to get active and reminds me of zumba a bit when it comes to the workout style... I love all types of dance workouts. TapFit definitely works me hard and I love the way I feel when I am finished!