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Too soon to tell. Question...?
May 22, 2021
I can’t rate this company as I haven’t used them yet. Is it a scam? I don’t know. All I want to ask, has anyone who signed up getting the price reduced to $4,943 because this co was also going to sell their current timeshare? If not, then we just got scammed. If yes, then my review right now is strictly for the company’s sales pitch.

Marcella J July 26, 2021

I paid the same amount you did. This was about 2 years ago, and I do believe I got scammed, no sale of my timeshare as they promised. Marcella J

Great Customer Service and It Works
January 23, 2021
I have been a satisfied member for a year and even with the pandemic they get me places that my wife and i loved. As far as the gifts people offer those things in Mexico and Hawaii for years. The product works. If you want a free gift then just stay home. If you want to travel cheap and in style they are the real deal.

January 20, 2021
So many of these vacation companies and nothing but complaints. They obviously work on commission since they start out high priced and gradually lower it until someone bites. I call BS since they told me that they were salaried employees. Maybe try fool another, I'm not a sucker.

Harry K April 06, 2021

So you don't own a membership?

December 3, 2020
I'll just confirm the negative reviews here. Didn't know the company we were meeting with, small and out of Arizona. No way they are owned or affiliated with Hilton, or were they owners or originators in the travel industry. I think they are a group of traveling sales people, preying on people's curiosity, greed and FOMO. Absolutely a waste of time.

November 25, 2020
Does anyone know of any way I can recoup my money. I joined in January and haven't used them once. Not only can I get a better deal thru Costco or; Primo is very limited in what they offer.i really got suckered for $6 000.

October 27, 2020
My wife and I attended a presentation today. I cannot yet verify whether Primo is honest or not, but their style of the presentation reminded me vividly of the high pressure salesmanship we experienced during time share presentations. We never purchased a time share either.

October 7, 2020
I disputed on my credit card. I contacted bbb and attorney general office. Both organizations cannot get through to primo. They won't return calls. We are thinking of small claims court but I'm sure they won't show up. And we were stupid enough to sign a contract.

I thought what they had to offer had value
October 2, 2020

My wife and I went to the presentation just yesterday. Great presentation. Great idea. But financially not in the cards for us right now. It seems they take what I would call a passive-aggressive high-pressure approach. To many, it may seem to be deceptive but I realized going in we were probably going to be the low-end prizes. No surprise there.

I don't blame them I blame the American consumer. When an insurance salesman shows up at our door trying to get us to buy something we need we tell him/her to get lost. But when stores send all those salacious coupons and flyers in the mail offering things we don't need, we jump into the car (well not so much anymore with amazon), and off we go thinking we got a deal. They are simply taking an approach that works and is commonly practiced in our culture. Can't fault them for that.

We are basically telling them to take that approach. And to be fair I thought what they had to offer had value. If I had the means I might have taken the jump. But our western capitalist marketplace culture says those of greater means (no matter how obtained) get to live better and those of lesser means get to eat the table scraps and play with the toys they throw away. If you don't like it change it or move on. As for me I am going to have a cup of coffee and harvest from my garden.

October 1, 2020
Primo is a complete scam!!! What they said in the presentation wasn't true. An example: we looked into an Italy trip. They basically priced out a bus trip with gate 1 travel. The price was basically the same as I found if not more. The flight was awful. I had specifically asked about villas etc. they don't answer calls. We were suckers!

August 28, 2020
Same as all the rest. Scam!!!! Got the cruise, airfare (both cost to register with fees and taxes so that cruise will end up costing about $800.00 or more. Then the hotel card of course that seems to be useless and a $5.00 walmart card. Total waste of time. Started at $11,000 and got down to about $5,000 at the end. Total scam. Stay away.

34timmyg1 January 20, 2021

I'm so excited to spend my $5 Walmart gift card. How about you guys??? hahaha.

It was a great presentation
August 13, 2020

My wife and I attended this event last night just to try and get free stuff. It was a great presentation and they are darn good at salesmanship. However, their services and costs was not applicable for our lifestyle. Point is I took the chance for free stuff. Unfortunately, I don't have thousands to throw around whether I lose it or not in a possible scam.

Thus, I can't ever complain about something I was never really apart of. If I walked out of there with nothing free I made the choice to go. I have nothing to complain about with this company, because I chose to put myself in that position. In the end, they took nothing from me other than my time that I volunteered to them.

August 1, 2020
Have you reported them?? I think that they should be reported, and I plan to do so to the Better Business Bureau and blow up Social Media to warn others. Went yesterday.

January 17, 2020
They knocked our price down to 4945 and we were told to not tell anyone what we would pay. We were told they gave us a discount for being a veteran and it was the lowest in the room. As soon as they said don't tell anyone the red flags went up. Also told us if we didn't sign that night it would be full price. That's a lie also. Look closely at their site and you will find these packages at discounted prices also. Nothing but a typical high pressure sales presentation.

January 17, 2020
We have traveled more now than ever. These guys are the best at getting high-end resorts for good prices. We use to stay in hotels and motels. Now beautiful condo's for the same price or less. Best part no extra person charges. Seems like many are not happy that are upset at something they have not purchased.

34timmyg1 January 20, 2021

you must be an employee of primo

We had to decline
January 11, 2020

We went yesterday... we weren't even told what was being offered on the phone. We did get that paper that said we won two prizes and a Walmart gift card, so why not let's go and see what it is. Turns out they wanted us to buy into a vacation planning service.

It offered high savings and sure those numbers are impressive. Reality though, no family can afford to take three vacations a year for that full savings. They want $11,000 ( knocked down to $4995.00) up front .. no credit card, no installments nothing. We had to decline, we are redoing the outside of our home and pool this summer ( priority).

So they gave us the free a cruise slip and airline slip as well as Walmart gift card. Just the fees on the paper for each puts you at over $700.00 ( between registering the “ free” gifts, frees per person etc ) I can only imagine trying to book and the other fees they would add on. So for the $5.00 Walmart gift card we got, well played Primo.

I'm sharing this everywhere. They accidentally sent me home with the sheets with the numbers for the winners of the truck, cash iPad etc. I bet no one wins it...

I think if they re-did some things it may be a good service, but trying to pull stuff like this isn't cool at all. Not to mention the more I look this company up, the more bad experiences and reviews I find ..

Sales people were nothing but direct and professional
January 11, 2020

Has anyone doing all this page complaining even USED the actual membership? I've read about 8-9 complaints complaining about the gifts that it clearly states you have to pay the taxes and have blackout dates. Bashing a company that you're clueless on is disgusting. My wife and I bought this back in September in MN.

Yes they start the price off at $11000, and yes they do over a program for $4943 but it's only good for 5 years! A trial membership, we opted to do the Platinum because we have way more than 5 years left in November we went to Fort Lauderdale and stayed in a 3BR condo that was gorgeous and it cost us $434 for the week and saved $1835!

The sales people were nothing but direct and professional in our eyes and the few of you on here whining need stop being babies. Read the invitation on the back of the letter! People these days are so negative it makes me sick. Everyone makes fun of millennials but us Baby boomers as a generation are a bunch of whiners sometimes! Sheesh!!!

It was tempting
January 10, 2020

We just went tonight and same thing, ours was down to $4995.00 though... The fact there is no installments and just cash up front is what threw me off. We legit bought a home last year and it was a complete remodel... we did inside this past year and are doing all outside this summer... so up front fee of $5000 just wasn't in the cards.

Once they realize that, it's here's your 5.00 gift card and vacation cruise ( which the guy told us will be a inside cabin with probably bunk beds). thanks but no thanks.

I'm glad we agreed to not do it... it was tempting, and the guy who presented was very nice though..

January 7, 2020
Love this company, been with them for 13 years been vacationing with them with my entire family. Vacations are easy to book, with great savings! Customer Service is very good. My experiences have been good! I would recommend 5 Star for sure. Greg. R. and family

January 3, 2020
My husband and I joined last month and just booked a vacation in Cabo for March/2020. What is such a bad deal when people buy timeshares for thousands and we pay much less and get a week for 700.00. That's $100 per night! rack rate the same place 350 per night. Yeah, run stay away. Seriously? 4 more trips or so we have our money back and can take more than one week a year.

December 12, 2019
Went to primo network adventure presentation. Starts out at. $11000. They brought the price down to 4943. Signed on and they said no refunds. Got home and looked at the contract and they have a 10 day refund policy. Huge red flag. Discrepancies between presentation and contract. I emailed to back out and long story short salesman hung up on me. Another representative called back and they say they won't charge us but we will see. Very rude customer service if you want to cancel.